7-Balancing Nationalism and Sectionalism

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					          7. Balancing Nationalism and

Key Points: Dealing with Differences

 Construction begins on the Erie Canal (1817)

 U.S. acquires Florida from Spain (1819)

 Missouri Compromise is agreed to: James Monroe is reelected

 Lowell textile mills open (1820)

 Jim Beckworth travels west with a fur-trading expedition (1823)

 John Quincy Adams is elected president (1824)

 The Erie Canal is completed (1825)

 John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both die on July 4 (1826)

 Andrew Jackson is elected president (1828)

 The Indian Removal Act is passed: Nat Turner leads slave
  rebellion: William Lloyd Garrison begins publishing The Liberator:
  Joseph Smith establishes the Mormon Church (1830)
 Chief Black Hawk leads Sauk in rebellion against the U.S.: Andrew
  Jackson is reelected (1832)

 The first strike in the Lowell textile mills occurs: National Trades’
  Union is formed (1834)

 Martin Van Buren is elected president: Sam Houston is elected
  president of the Republic of Texas (1836)

 Grimke sisters lecture on the evils of slavery: John Deere invents
  the steel plow (1837)

 The Cherokee begin to travel the Trail of Tears to the Indian
  Territory: Fredrick Douglas flees to New York City (1838)

 Charles Goodyear invents vulcanized rubber (1839)

 William Henry Harrison is elected president (1840)

 Utopian society is formed at Brook Farm: Vice President John
  Tyler becomes president when Harrison dies (1841)

 Samuel Morse sends the first long-distance telegraph message:
  James K. Polk is elected president (1844)

 Brigham Young and the Mormons found Salt Lake City (1847)

 Dorothy Dix campaigns for public hospitals for the mentally ill:
  Seneca Falls women’s rights convention is held: gold is discovered
  in California: treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the U.S. war with
  Mexico: Zachary Taylor is elected president (1848)

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