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                          Renewable Energy Workshop:
                         Pop Can Solar Heater Workshop
Important Tips:
   Try building a pop can heater before you run the workshop
   Prepare parts of the heater that will be constructed before hand
   Encourage experimentation

    Time       Activity &
    (may                                                           Description                                           Materials
            1. Preparation       Set up the space, chairs in circle                                                   Chairs
                                                                                                                       Info table,
5 mins      2. Arrival           Participants arrive and are instructed to sign-in, put on name tag, take             Sign-in sheet
             Warm,               applicable handouts, etc                                                              (if desired)
               welcoming, fun                                                                                          Name tags,
               vibe                                                                                                     markers
5 mins      3. Welcome and       Opening remarks:
            Opening Activity      o Introduce workshop facilitators
             To begin to         o Review agenda for workshop and outline the objectives of this workshop:
               connect as a      This workshop will introduce participants to the concept of solar air heating
               group               using pop cans. Each step required to build a heater will be demonstrated
             To clarify what      and participants will be encouraged to have a hands-on experience. It will
               the training/       also educate participants on the consequences of increasing carbon gas
               workshop will       emissions and how to take action in their life in order to reduce the effects of

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            cover and              climate change.
            objectives of        Housekeeping [Bathroom, snacks, encourage questions throughout, etc.]
            workshop             Icebreaker Activity
                                  o For more details, check different icebreaker activities included at the end of
                                      this section.
5 mins   4. Introduction         Ask participants and discuss: „What are renewable energies?‟ and „Do                Very helpful
          To introduce            common renewables seem too complicated and expensive?‟                              to have a
            the topic            Introduce the pop can solar heater as an alternative way of heating a space          pre-built pop
                                   that can be built with common materials.                                            can heater
5 mins   5. Climate              Talk about how renewable energy reduces the effects of climate change.
         Change                   o Discuss specifically about heating our homes in the colder seasons
          To teach how           o Brainstorm additional application of a pop can heater
            the topic relates
            to climate
30       7. Group Activity       Assemble a small pop can heater. To do this in only 30 minutes, you need to         General
mins      To learn in            prefabricate some of the components. Assemble the wood box, and have all             Step-by-Step
            more detail           your pop can columns cut, cleaned, caulked and painted. Use some spare               Guide to
            about the topic       cans to let people engage in cutting, caulking and painted. Switch those             building a
            (how it works,        “practise” cans out for the pre made columns when assembling the unit. (see          Pop Can
            how to apply          General Step-by-Step Guide to building a Pop Can Solar Heater, for more              Solar Heater
            etc.)                 details check out the links to different versions with detailed directions)
10       8. Reflection and       Reflect on the workshop                                                             Pens/pencils
mins     Action                   o Ask people to share their experiences of the activities/this workshop, what       Pledge
                                     they learned                                                                      Cards
                                  o Do they feel inspired to save energy? Was the objective met? Why or why           Evaluation
                                     not?                                                                              Forms
                                  o Questions and comments
                                 Action Statements
                                  o Hand out Pledge Cards and ask participants to write down one thing they
                                     will do to save energy more.
                                  o Ask participants to fill out evaluation forms

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