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									AP Statistics Course Planner
1 Semester:
Unit I: Exploring and Understanding Data (Chapters 1-6)
Time Frame: First 5 weeks of School

Week 1
    Chapter 1: Intro to Stats
    Chapter 2: What is data?
   Chapter 2 Quiz
    Chapter 3: Describing and displaying categorical data and introductory discussion of
   Chapter 3 Quiz

Week 2
    Chapter 4: Describing and displaying quantitative data
   Chapter 4 Quiz

Week 3
    Chapter 5: Summary statistics for quantitative data and outliers
   Chapter 5 Quiz

Week 4
    Chapter 6: The Normal model and the effects of linear transformations to data sets on
       summary statistics
   Chapter 6 Quiz
Week 5
    Review and assessment of Unit I
   Free Response Problems from old AP Statistics Tests
   Unit I Practice Test
   Unit I Test

Unit II: Regression (Chapters 7-10)
Time Frame: Weeks 6-9

Week 6
    Chapter 7: Displaying and describing scatterplots, and analyzing two-variable quantitative
       data, correlation, and coefficient of determination
   Chapter 7 Quiz

Week 7
    Chapter 8: Analyzing two-variable quantitative data, least-squares regression, and slope
       and y-intercepts

Week 8
    Chapter 8: Residuals and residual plots
   Chapter 8 Quiz
    Chapter 9: Outliers and influential points
   Chapter 9 Quiz

Week 9
    Chapter 10: Transformations to achieve linearity
   Chapter 10 Quiz
    Review and assessment of Unit II
   Free Response Problems from old AP Statistics Tests
    Unit II Practice Test
    Unit II Test

Unit III: Collecting Data (Chapters 11-13)
Time Frame: Weeks 10-13

Week 10
    Chapter 11: Simulations and random numbers
   Chapter 11 Quiz

Weeks 10 and 11
    Chapter 12: Designing surveys via various methods, bias in surveys, and randomization
      and representative samples
   Chapter 12 Quiz

Weeks 12 and 13
    Chapter 13: observational studies and experimental design (control, random assignment
       of treatment, replication, placebo and blinding, blocking and matched pairs, confounding
       and lurking variables, statistically significant difference)
   Chapter 13 Quiz
   Free Response Problems from old AP Statistics Tests
   Unit III Practice Test
   Unit III Test

Unit IV: Probability (Chapters 14-17)
Time Frame: Weeks 14-18

Week 14
    Chapter 14: Basic probability principles including complement, independence, and
      mutually exclusive
   Chapter 14 Quiz

Weeks 14 and 15
    Chapter 15: Addition, multiplication, and conditional probability rules
   Chapter 15 Quiz

Week 16
    Chapter 16: Random variables, expected value, standard deviation, rules for
      transforming, and combining random variables.
   Chapter 16 Quiz

Weeks 17 and 18
    Chapter 17: Geometric and binomial probability models, and Normal approximation for
       the binomial
   Chapter 17 Quiz
   Free Response Problems from old AP Statistics Tests
   Unit IV Practice Test
   Unit IV Test
   End of 1 Semester
2 Semester:
Unit V: Inference for Proportions (Chapters 18-22)
Time Frame: Weeks 19-22

Week 19
    Chapter 18: Sampling distributions and Central Limit Theorem
   Chapter 18 Quiz

Weeks 19 and 20
    Chapter 19: Confidence intervals for one proportion
   Chapter 19 Quiz

Weeks 20 and 21
    Chapter 20: Hypothesis testing for one proportion
   Chapter 20 Quiz
    Chapter 21 Type I and Type II errors and power
   Chapter 21 Quiz

Week 22
    Chapter 22: Intervals and tests for two proportions
   Chapter 22 Quiz
   Free Response Problems from old AP Statistics Tests
   Unit V Practice Test
   Unit V Test

Unit VI: Inference for Means (Chapters 23-25)
Time Frame: Weeks 23-25

Week 23
    Chapter 23: Confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for one mean
   Chapter 23 Quiz

Week 24
    Chapter 24: Confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for two means
   Chapter 24 Quiz
    Chapter 25: Confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for matched pairs

Week 25
   Free Response Problems from old AP Statistics Tests
   Unit VI Practice Test
   Unit VI Test

Unit VII: Inference for Counts and Slope (Chapters 26-27)
Time Line: Weeks 26-27

Week 26
    Chapter 26: Chi-square goodness-or-fit, Chi-squared for homogeneity and for
   Chapter 26 Quiz

Week 27:
    Chapter 27: Confidence interval for slope and hypothesis testing for slope
   Chapter 27 Quiz
Review for the AP Statistics Test
Time Frame: Weeks 28-30
    Practice Free Response Problems from old AP Statistics
    Practice work from the AP Test Prep review book, including a sample multiple choice
       portion of the test
   AP Statistics Test (1 week in May)
   *Those students who do not take the AP Statistics Test will be required to take a AP Statistics
   Final Test in class at the same time

Cumulative Project
Time Line: Weeks 31-36
Cumulative year-end project: Students design a study, collect and summarize data, analyze data
using statistical inference procedures and computer software, make a class presentation, and
submit a written report.

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