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         F O R C U L I N A RY A R T S A N D


(Top to bottom): Hospitality management class; Chef helping
BIC culinary student; BIC hospitality student; Culinary Arts Center lab
      P                     assion
Final dinner presentation

      I F YO U H AV E A

           F O R A C A R E E R I N C U L I N A RY A RT S
                                                 Hospitality career options
IF You have a passIon – to create, to InspIre, to succeed – It Is

what drIves You to create culInarY works oF art or ManaGe

FoodservIce/lodGInG BusInesses. It Is what MotIvates You to

provIde others wIth coMFort. It Is whY You crave to learn More,

and what InspIres You to do soMethInG You love. BIc understands

Your passIon; BIc has It too. BIc wIll share the accuMulated

knowledGe oF dedIcated FacultY and staFF wIth You.
                BIC IS here to InSpIre you
Baltimore International college (BIc) was created for students who are passionate about

culinary arts and hospitality management. BIc’s Baltimore campus is at the center of Baltimore’s

cultural hub, which can provide students with local, national and international foodservice/

lodging opportunities. From the college’s practicum programs at the virginia park campus in

Ireland, to the state-of-the-art culinary laboratories and classrooms in Baltimore, Maryland, the

college has created an ever-evolving center for culinary arts and hospitality management where

you will learn every day.

  Baltimore Inner Harbor               Hospitality career              Bay Atlantic Club

A u n I q u e I n d u S t r y d e m A n d S A u n I q u e e d u C At I o n

at BIc, you will learn more than how to cook or provide management for foodservice/lodging

businesses. BIc’s class sizes are small and nurturing, so you can expect individual attention,

and be inspired by students and instructors who are just as passionate as you. the college

offers 12 programs including Certificates, Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees to

prepare students with the experience, knowledge, and passion to succeed in the culinary and

hospitality industry.
                                                                             BIC’s Baltimore Campus: The Culinary Arts Center

BIC’s Ireland Campus: Virginia Park and the Park Hotel, Open to the Public
         I                            nnovative
                                           Wedding cake demonstration at Culinary Arts Center

Pumpkin cake with chocolate topping

                                           Live cooking demonstration at Culinary Arts Center
                             S C h o o l o f C u l I n A ry A rt S

         At the School of Culinary Arts, the College chef instructors prepare students for careers filled

         with challenges, creativity and personal satisfaction. In addition to teaching food preparation,

         BIc students learn the fundamentals of operating a commercial kitchen and principles

         of business. the college’s programs give students the right skills for every step of their

         career development.

         In addition to BIC’s all-encompassing certified culinary programs, the College offers

         12 degree programs including Certificates, Associates, Bachelors, and Master’s degrees.

                                            AreAS of Study

C e r t I f I C At e S                       A S S o C I At e S d e g r e e S     BAChelorS degree

Professional Skills in Cooking               Professional Cooking                 Culinary Management
Professional Skills in Cooking and Baking    Professional Cooking & Baking
Professional Skills in Baking and Pastry     Professional Baking & Pastry
                                                                                 mASterS degree
Professional Cooking
Professional Cooking and Baking                                                  Master of Science in International
                                                                                 Hospitality Management

                Students in Garde Manger class                      Culinary Arts Center cooking lab
                    S C h o o l o f h o S p I tA l I t y
                   BuSIneSS & mAnAgement

the school of hospitality Business and Management combines hands-on experiences with

classroom learning to help turn your love of working with people into a successful career.

The College teaches marketing, finance and strategic planning, and helps students apply what

they learn to various areas of the hospitality industry, such as tourism, resort and restaurant

management, and others. In addition to learning the principles of business, you will be

exposed to all aspects of the hospitality industry by working with culinary and hospitality

students who are just as driven and inspired as you. BIc offers 12 programs, including

Certificates, Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees, to help students prepare for their

future careers. with the hospitality industry increasingly searching for students with degrees,

a solid education has never been more important.

                               AreAS of Study

              BAChelor’S degreeS                   mASter’S degree

              Hospitality Management               Master of Science in International
                                                   Hospitality Management
              Hospitality Management
              with a Marketing Concentration

         Learning Resource Center                     Guest suite: Mount Vernon Hotel
         S           uccessful
                        Main lobby at the Mount Vernon Hotel and Dublin Hall Student Dorm

Hospitality career

                                                                        The Hopkins Inn
I                        reland
                                    Study ABroAd In IrelAnd

                Baltimore International college’s Ireland campus rests among 100-acres in beautiful virginia,

                County Cavan, Ireland. Known as the gateway to Ireland’s beautiful lake country, the area is filled

                with historic wonders, such as the virginia park estate. once the summer retreat of the Marquis

                of headfort, the virginia park estate has been restored. the park hotel is part of BIc’s Ireland

                campus and operates as a resort and restaurant.

                to learn the art of european cuisine and hospitality, all BIc associates degree students participate

                in a five-week, tuition-inclusive practicum at The Park Hotel. Culinary arts students learn in the

                hotel’s kitchen from seasoned chefs, where they create wonderful dishes. hospitality students work

                with the administrative staff, learning aspects of managing a resort and its various departments.

                the Ireland campus practicum serves to broaden students’ knowledge and education through

                hands-on experience by working with professionals in the industry.

1- Bective Court 2- The Park Hotel: Ireland 3- Bective Court offers 14 self catering cottages 4- Park Hotel front view of gardens






 1- Internship students at Mount Vernon Hotel 2- Culinary students working in Garde Manger Culinary Arts Center lab (Sausage making)

                                         3- BIC Bay Atlantic Club 4- Baltimore Inner Harbor

                                                   experIenCIng the
                                                      reAl world

                        Baltimore International college provides real-world experience in a nurturing, supportive

                        environment by giving students the opportunity to do what they love and learn from it.

                        the Bay atlantic club in downtown Baltimore is a student-run, full-service restaurant and

                        catering department. professional cooking students develop skills and knowledge at the club

                        in five-week rotations. Professional cooking students prepare meals, and learn front-of-house

                        management, etiquette and formal place settings. It is the kind of knowledge you can only get

                        by doing it first-hand.
Student dorm room at Dublin Hall                   Bay Atlantic Cafeteria                   BIC students relaxing at Dublin Hall
                                                   at Mount Vernon Hotel

                                                   l I f e At B I C
               students at Baltimore International college get the best of both worlds by attending a close-

               knit, small college centered in a cultural and vibrant city with study abroad at the BIc virginia

               Park campus, Ireland. Baltimore’s eclectic neighborhoods are filled with restaurants, museums,

               shopping, hotels and entertainment. From classrooms to dormitories, the college campus will

               expose you to the history and culture of Baltimore – and its culinary and hospitality scene.

                                               Student houSIng

               BIc student dormitories are housed in the historic Mount vernon hotel/dublin hall, in

               Baltimore’s famed cultural district, Mount vernon (cathedral hill). student resident advisors

               also live in the dorms. the dorms at BIc are more than a place to study and sleep – it is where

               students connect and network with the future leaders of the hospitality lodging and culinary

               industries. staff at the college dorms provides activities that foster community.

                                      C l u B S A n d o r g A n I z At I o n S

               student organizations are vital to any college experience. Many BIc students get involved

               in campus life by joining one of the numerous student-run organizations, from academic

               sororities and fraternities, to professional and interest-specific groups.

                                                S h u t t l e S e rv I C e

               BIc offers shuttle services during the week to and from the dorms in Mount vernon and other

               campus facilities. students can download the BIc shuttle schedule at
                                                                                                                  Culinary Arts Center

                                             the BIC CAmpuS
                the culinary arts center in Baltimore’s little Italy neighborhood serves as the second home

                to our aspiring culinary artists and chefs. completely renovated in 2004, the center features

                eight state-of-the-art kitchen laboratories, purchasing and storeroom laboratories, and a small

                courtyard where a variety of herbs and edible flowers are grown.

Commerce Exchange houses the School of             1910 building in Little Italy:                  George A. Piendak Library:
 Hospitality Business and Management             Future expansion of Culinary and                    Commerce Exchange
                                                 Business Management programs

                BIc students and alumni have access to the learning resource center (lrc) and George a.

                piendak library. the lrc has approximately 17,000 volumes of information on culinary arts,

                hospitality management and general education, as well as recreational books, and electronic

                and print periodicals. the library is a member of Maryland Interlibrary consortium and the

                Maryland Interlibrary loan organization, which gives students access to over one million

                volumes. Students, faculty and staff can also find BIC’s computer labs here.

                In addition to classrooms, culinary laboratories and lrc, BIc also has a student-alumni

                center. students frequent the center throughout the day visiting with friends, studying, or

                relaxing between classes. vending machines, game tables, and the Bookstore are available,

                and various activities and events take place at the student-alumni center throughout the year.
           A d I f f e r e n t k I n d o f e d u C At I o n
Baltimore International college believes that the best education combines classroom and

experiential learning. class sizes are small and encourage students to seek additional help and

support if required. Members of the BIc faculty have worked in countries around the world. You

will have access to their knowledge and experience, as well as BIc’s connections with major

corporations and organizations in the Baltimore area, nationally, and internationally.

the atmosphere on Baltimore International college’s campuses is diverse, nurturing and

supportive. BIc students come from all walks of life, including recent high school graduates

to others looking to change careers, and many students who own and operate their own

businesses. so whether you are experienced or just beginning your career, and if you have

a passion about cooking, baking and pastry, or helping and working with people in tourism,

destination management, or foodservice management companies, you will find opportunities

to gain knowledge and experience at BIc.

           Baltimore Inner Harbor                               Mount Vernon Hotel

     SChedule A vISIt                                      A C C o m m o d At I o n S
If you are ready to turn your career goals           If you are visiting from out of town,

into reality, then you are ready for a campus        Baltimore has many accommodations

visit. to schedule a visit to Baltimore              surrounding the campus. at a discounted

International college, or request more               rate, you can stay at BIc’s Mount vernon

information, simply call the admissions              Hotel, five minutes from the Commerce

Office at 410-752-4710 ext. 120, or toll-            exchange        Building.     visit        www.

free at 800-624-9926, or visit the BIc                   or    call

website at                              410-727-2000 to schedule reservations.
                        BICB A lt I m o r e C A m p u S m A p
                                                                              1. Commerce Exchange
                                                                              17 Commerce Street
                                                                              Baltimore, MD 21202-3230

                                                                              2. Merchants Building
                                                                              206 E. Redwood Street
                                                                              Baltimore, MD 21202-3349

                                                                              3. Dublin Hall Dormitory
                                                                              & Mount Vernon Hotel
                                                                              24 W. Franklin Street
                                                                              Baltimore, MD 21201

                                                                              4. Culinary Arts Center
                                                                              Pratt Street and Central Avenue
                                                                              210 S. Central Avenue
                                                                              Baltimore, MD 21202

                                                                              5. Hopkins Inn
                                                                              3404 St. Paul Street
                                                                              Baltimore, MD 21218

                               A p p ly I n g t o B I C

For your convenience, an admissions application is included in the folder of your viewbook.

Or you can visit BIC’s Web site at to download, or fill out and submit your

application online.

Baltimore International College is an independent, not-for-profit, four-year college offering

Certificates, Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees, accredited by the Middle States

commission on higher education, approved by the Maryland higher education commission,

and accredited by the american culinary Federation.
                       UNITED STATES • IRELAND

                                    W W W. B I C . E D U
Commerce Exchange • 17 Commerce Street • Baltimore, Maryland 21202-3230 • 410-752-4710 • 800-624-9926

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