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                                               Om Shri Hari

        Do you know / Did You Know ………. ( Topic for Class 2/ 1st Nov.2009)

Shri Krishna Bhagwan to Arjun - Verse 34 - Chapter IV – Shri. Bhagwat Geeta :
“ Know that by Long prostration, by question, and by service, the “Wise” who have
            realised that TRUTH will instruct you in KNOWLEDGE.

    In this explanation , Bhagwan Shri Krishna explains to Arjun , that a seeker or a
       Student , in search of Knowledge has to Listen to his Guru/his teacher with
       willingness and readiness to UNDERSTAND . To approach the Guru with an
     intellectual attitude of ‘Surrender’, respect and obedience ; which means , “ an
     intellectual ‘prostration”.. not just physical readiness to fall flat on the floor in
                            front of the Guru to express respect...

       Knowledge of facts from the past Historic happenings is necessary ; this is
                                    ‘ Information’
      Knowledge that a seekers gets from a Gurus, or an Acharyas like J.J. Shri
       Dwarkeshlalji is The Knowledge that flows from the Master’s Bosom. It is
                                 Dharmic Knowledge.


‘Sanatan ’ means UNIVERSAL AND ETERNAL , truths, principles and values.

’Dharma’ – MEANS THE LAW OF BEING. Or the essential characteristics of a
thing or things. i.e. Sweetness of Sugar is its Dharma. – Luminosity, heat and
fire are the Dharma of the Sun , Coolness is the Dharma of water , and the
divine spark of Existence in us is the Dharma of a human being .

‘Dharma’ , therefore, is “the law of being. “ The essential characteristic without
which a thing cannot exist as that thing.

(      1     )   Dhirajlal S. Pitamber/ 01st November 2009

      Do you know / Did You Know ………. ( Topic for Talks on 1st Nov.2009)

 ( 2 ) - FIVE Names of Shri Krishna OR Vishnu [ From the 1000 names in the
‘Vishnu Shahastra Nama]

(1) Achala              = Still , undisturbed , immovable Lord
(2) Achyuta             = Infallible , indiscribable, beyond expression, Lord
3) Adidev               = The Lord Of The Lords
4) Narayana            = The Refuge Of Everyone
5) Niranjana           = The Unblemished , Flawless, Faultless Lord

( 3 ) JAPAS [

Shri Kru Shna Sha ra nu ma ma … Is an Ashtakshara Japa , or “having eight

Au m Na mo Bhaga va te Va shu de va ya…Is an Dwadashara Japa ,or “having
Twelve Sylables.

na - maH - shi - vA - ya. is a Panch Akshaer Japa. ( having five letters) It
is the supreme mantra of all devotees of Lord Shiva.

General Knowledge TOPICS:

Haal ma ho kam ma choo [ At this moment , I am busy ]
Kudrati aa Bina Bani       [ due to some unknown reasdon -reason known to God] this
incident happened]
 Hisaab Apo ? [ give me an account]
AA Koni Dookan Che ? [ whose shop is this]
Dawa Khana ma thi Dawa Lewa ni Che [ Have to get the medicine from the Hospital]
Maari Umar 65 Che ? [ My age is 65 – I am 65 years old]
Mara \Swal No Jwab Apo [ give me an answer to my question ]
A police constable is refered to as a ‘ Hwal Dar ‘

THE WORDS ‘ Haal , Kudrati , Hisaab . Dookan , Dawa , Khana and Umar , Hawal
Dar – Swal, Jawab ..– These are Not Gujrati or Hindi or Sanskrit words - they are
ARABIC , words . these words and many many more, came in the vocabulary of Indian
languages , as a result of the influence of more than 600 Mogul rule over India when Urdu
was imposed on schools as the language of the Land ; Mogul Empire’s language was
URDU ; Urdu is not an indenedent Language ( i.e. a Language which has its own grammer
and alphabets ) It is a composed mixture of Arabic/ Pharsi(Iranian) / and Sanskrit

                         ( 2    ) Dhirajlal S. Pitamber/ 01st November 2009
                                               ( 3 )
General Knowledge TOPICS:

2) Reckoning of Time : As Recorded in Shrimad Bhagvantam , Mahabharat,
   Vedic Astrology and Vedic mathematic calculations                 .

Muhurta: is a time measure of 48 minutes reckoned from sunrise, as a part of
definition of linear concept of time ( based on the speed of light , as defined in the
Rig Veda 1.50) .

30 Muhurata : make a diva-ratri , or day & night of 24 hours.

The smallest time unit is called Nimesha [Srimad Bhagavatam (III, 11-3 to 10);
Mahabharata; ] It is the smallest humanly conceivable time frame and is defined
as the 'wink of an eye'. Bear in mind that this is the fixed measure and a linear
concept. One Nimish : is measured as 1/16th of a second - Our Ancient
Mathematicians and Rushis , say that this is the time required for an eye to see an
object ,transmit it to the brain, and brain to recognise that object and re-act to it .

15 nimeshas make 1 kashta, [In Manu Smriti 1.64] ,
 Manu says 18 nimesa makes 1 Kashta ,...perhaps Manu winked faster than the
other sages!]

15 Kashta make one Laghu

15 Laghu make one Ghatika (also called danda)

2 Ghatika (30 laghu) make 1 Muhurta [48 munites]

One Pal       : 24 seconds

60 Pals       : One Ghadi : 24 minutes

3)    Significance of a Coconut in our Puja and auspecious ceremonies
We offer a coconut in the sacrificial fire whilst performing a Homa .After the Homa the
cocoanut is broken up and distributed as a ‘Prashad’ ; We also Perform Kalash Puja using a
cocoanut . ………….Why do we use a Cocoa Nut?

a) The Creator’s , Ishwara’s Shakti is expressed in a Cocoa nut ; i.e. right in the center of a
coconut , we find pure, uncontaminated, sweet juice.

b) The Cocoa nut is broken for Prashad , simbolise the breaking of and getting rid of Ego.

c) The THREE DOT marks on the out side a cocoanut shell are said to represent the
three –eyes of Lord Shiva , and The Third Eye is that of the Human Beings, i.e. the
mind and intellect, from which we derive WISDOM

                          ( 3     ) Dhirajlal S. Pitamber/ 01   st
                                                                     November 2009

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