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					           To Contact Us:
Jennifer      – Went to MTSAC, transferred to Cal Poly
Nguyen              •
                        Major: Biotechnology
                        Work ~4 years as a tech
                    •   Volunteered ~4 hours a week
                    •   Intern
                    •   Clubs
              – Began application in June, submitted late September

              – University of the Pacific
              – Why?
                    • Established many “firsts”
                       eg. 1st chartered University in California
                    • Active in the community
                    • Caring and diverse faculty
                    • Changes in their curriculum flexible
                    • Learn-by-doing philosophy, just like Cal Poly!
                    • 3 Year Program
                        (but don’t have this as your only reason when you interview)
Timeline                                                   Personal Statement
April        Registration for PCAT opens                   Max 4500 characters
             - Computer based                              -   Why you selected pharmacy as a
             PCAT 2011-2012 Testing Dates
             July 20, 27, 2011
September 14, 19, 21, 26,
             28, 2011                                      -   How the Doctor of Pharmacy degree
             January 10, 11, 2012*                             relates to your immediate and long-
                                                               term professional goals
Early June   Ask for Letter of Recs (2+1)
             Application Opens                             -   Describe how your personal,
             -Create your account                              educational, and professional
             -Apply for a fee waiver (Deadline: Sept)
                                                               background will help you achieve
             -Apply early! The earlier the better. Many
             schools have rolling admissions.                  your goals.

September    Early Decision Deadline                       -   The personal essay is an important
                                                               part of your application for
November     •   Submission deadline for most
                                                               admission and provides you with an
                 California Schools                            opportunity for you to clearly and
             •   Practice interviewing                         effectively express your ideas.
Mid-Dec      Academic Update
             - Send Transcripts
               School asks more specific questions
                  – Please explain briefly why you wish to
                    attend ______
                  – In your own opinion, describe the
                    concept of professionalism.
                  – Have you considered the ramifications
                    of relocating and/or living in Hilo, HI for
                    the duration of your pharmacy
                    academic career? If so, does the
                    possibility of living in Hawai’i appeal to
                    you? If so, why? Do you have any
                    concerns? If so, what are they?
       • Read all directions on PharmCAS
       • Keep track of deadlines
       • Have reasons why you want to go to that
       • Have someone read over your personal
            (English professor, Dr. Chan, friends, etc)

       • Keep an open mind. There may be some
         schools that do not use PharmCAS
       • Keep up-to-date on current issues
  Dave Harriman
Academic History:
. Arcadia High School Class of 2007
. 2 years Pasadena City College, 2 years CSU Pomona
. B.S. Microbiology Spring 2011

GPA: 3.69 Cumulative, 3.49 Science
PCAT: 60 (1st attempt), 95 (2nd attempt)
Experience: 1 year volunteering at a small
independent pharmacy
Letters of Reference: Anatomy/Physiology Prof,
Pharmacist I volunteered for.
  Dave Harriman
Strengths: Strong Personal Statement, High PCAT
score, academic performance

Weaknesses: Hardly any community service, could
use more experience, no research, did not practice
for interviews (could have sold myself more)
  Dave Harriman
Applied: 10 schools
Interviews granted: 10

Interviews attended:
Nova (accepted), UOP (waitlisted), & UCSD (rejected)

School of choice: Nova Southeastern University
Why: Location (weather, new place for
growth/development), Reputation, Tuition, New
  My Advice
. PCAT Tips – See handout in member folder for my
personal guide to attaining a high PCAT score.

. Closed File vs Open File Interview tips

. Time Management
      - Will go over my personal timeline to help
      gain a perspective on the application process
      and how you should plan.
Closed File vs Open File Interviews
  Closed File vs Open File Interviews
Closed File = All they have is your resume at the
most. Common w/ most California schools. Usually
the interview is weighed more heavily w/ this style
of interviewing.

Open File = The interviewers read through your
interview prior to interviewing you. Usually the
interview is not weighed as heavily.

. Know what questions to expect and be prepared
for the style of the interview. Use SDN interview
  Time Management
. Be prepared.

. E-Submit PharmCAS Application before Fall
Quarter starts! This is to give you time to
work on the supplemental applications and
perhaps time to study for the PCAT if you still
need to take it.

. It is ok to submit PCAT later. For most
schools, up until the January PCAT will be
   My Personal Timeline

            LOR from Physiology/Anatomy Teacher
7/28/2010                                           Processed 08/04

7/31/2010 LOR from Pharmacist Submitted             Processed 08/17

            Took the PCAT (second attempt)
            ($150+$100 fees/supplies)

8/21/2010 PharmCAS Application E-Submitted ($650)
8/30/2010 PharmCAS Application Verified
8/30/2010 PharmCAS Application Verified

 9/7/2010 PharmCAS Application Mailed
8/30/2010 PharmCAS Application Verified

 9/7/2010 PharmCAS Application Mailed

 9/8/2010 Schools verified receiving app.
 9/9/2010 Hawaii Supp. Submitted ($50)

9/10/2010 UOP Supp. Submitted ($65)

9/10/2010 USC Supp. #1 Submitted ($85)

            MCPHS Worcester Supp. Submitted (Did not
            have to pay?)

9/14/2010 USC Supp. #2 Submitted

9/15/2010 USC Transcripts Sent.

9/15/2010 USN Transcripts Sent.

9/16/2010 USN Application Sent ($150+$10 mailing fee)
9/16/2010 Nova Supplemental finished ($50)
9/16/2010 Nova Supplemental finished ($50)

9/17/2010 Nova interview invitation received!
9/16/2010 Nova Supplemental finished ($50)

9/17/2010 Nova interview invitation received!

9/17/2010 Arizona Supp. Submitted ($50)

9/20/2010 USN recieves my application.

            PCAT Scores Released ($20, 95th%
             Arizona interview invitation received! Oct   declined interview
 9/22/2010                                                10/20

 9/24/2010 PharmCAS adds Aug. 21st PCAT score

             Hawaii interview invitation received! Dec    declined interview
 9/25/2010                                                10/20

 9/29/2010 Confirmation from USC that app. Is complete

           LECOM Eerie interview invitation received!     declined interview
 10/8/2010                                                10/20
           Nov. 9th
             MCPHS Interview Invitation received!         declined interview
10/10/2010                                                10/20
             (postmarked 09/29)

10/14/2010 Interviewed at Nova!

                                                          declined interview
10/18/2010 USN Interview invitation received!             11/01
 11/1/2010 UCSD Application Submitted ($60)

 11/8/2010 Nova Acceptance Received! (e-mail)

 11/9/2010 UOP Interview Invitation Received (Postmarked 10/29)

12/30/2010 UCSD Interview Invitation Received (Postmarked 12/17)

 1/14/2011 Interviewed at UOP!

 1/21/2011 Interviewed at UCSD
                                                 Waitlisted 03/18 -
1/21/2011 UOP Application Placed on Hold
                                                 declined offer.

 3/1/2011 UCSD Rejection Letter Received

            USC Interview Invitation Received!
 3/2/2011                                        declined interview 03/24
            March 26th

 3/5/2011 2nd Nova Deposit Paid ($500)
  Natasha Ngo
Academic History:
• Walnut High School Class of 2007
• B.S. Biology Summer 2011

• GPA: 3.77 Cumulative, 3.69 Science
• Experience: 1.5 year at independent community
• Letters of Reference: Dr. Chan, Dr. Alas, and Dr. Ha
  Natasha Ngo
Applied: 4 Schools - UOP, USC, UCSF, & WesternU
Interviews granted: 4
   Accepted: UOP, WesternU
   Pending: USC
Where am I at now? WesternU
What do I like about WesternU?               Most personal experience.
Interacted with their students/faculty. Block system. Upcoming, soon to
be established among fly-by-night schools. Able to serve immediate

What do I like about USC? Incredibly established school.
Founded PharmD program. Amazing networking opportunities.
Outstanding and nationally recognized community outreach programs.
Interpersonal and communication skills to suffice beyond pharmacy
  Natasha Ngo
• Queen of the Valley, Clinical Care Extender
      MedOnc, E.R.
• BIO 441, Team Leader
      WesternU PHCL Health Fairs
      Organized Pharmacy Presentations
      Guest Lectured @ GATE Program
• Lab Bench Research
      Dr. Alas – Chk2 on DNA DS-Break Repair
• Pre-Pharmacy Society, President
• Other: CPP & other Dance programs, Established
           online business
    Natasha Ngo
•   Well-rounded applicant
•   Strong LORs
•   Myriad of leadership experience
•   Know myself very well

• Organization
  Interviews – Suggested Preparations
• Student Doctor Network Interview Feedback

• Connect with current students or those who have
   previously interviewed
• Mock Interviews
     Write Responses
        Note: don’t sound rehearsed!

• Essay Practice

• Misc: Professional attire (suit, dress shoes,…) portfolio
  Interviews - FAQs
• Tell me about yourself.
      Groundwork: background, family, strong qualities,
       where I see myself in the future…

• Why Pharmacy? Why not Medicine, etc.?
      Make personal connections, use experience to
        validate statements
• Why this program?
      Research school, connect with students, etc.
• Situational or Critical Thinking
• Do you have any questions for me?
  Interviews - FAQs
• Also on the table:
  • What is an issue in pharmacy today?
  • Do you have any leadership experience?
  • What do you know about the health care reform?
  • What does the future of pharmacy look like?
  • Anything of interest from your application

• Be confident. Sell yourself!
• Give examples!!
• Build a rapport
   Business cards, thank you letters

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