Trip_of_The_Dream_of_Shangri_La by cuiliqing


									                  Trip of The Dream of Shangri La
     The Project of Volunteers Plan for Napa Elementary School
              Time: June 25 , 2008 – August 25th, 2008

I. Location of Shangri La
     Shangri La is loca ted in the no rth of Yun nan pro vince, the sou th side of the
Tibetan P late a u. It cro sses the Yunnan, S ich uan , and Tibet borders , abou t 3380
meters abo ve sea le ve l.
     Napa village is abou t 1 2 k m fro m Shangri La Townsh ip, 32 60 meters abo ve sea
level. It is in the midd le o f a “National Natu re P reserve ” wh ich was set up b y the
China go ve rn ment in 1 980. There are 41 families that partiall y farm and partially
hunt, with a total of 2 27 residen ces. The lak e that they call “Sea” in fron t o f the
village is c alled “Napa Sea”. It is one of the famo us “Natu ral P reserve s for Birds in
the Alpine Marsh” e sta blished b y China 20 years ago.

II. The Reasons for Volunteers ’ Activities
         In 2006, I met ZaXi D uoJi when I traveled to Zhong Dian . He established
an   org anization   c alle d   the   “Sh angri   La   Nature   P reserve   no n -govern menta l
co mmittee ”.
         ZaXi DuoJi opened a small restau ran t, T IBET CA FÉ, in Zhong D ian County
in 1998. He u sed the sma ll p rofit gen erated to support himself an d to fund th e
operation o f his o rg aniza tion. H e established the “non -go vern mental nature
preserve” and he lped 17 villages to devel op tourism. He retu rned his business
inco me of ten yea rs ba c k to the local co mmu nities.
  There is no sc hool in Napa village in the past the k ids had to walk 6 to 7 Km to
get to schoo l. it has b e en years since the village has no t been able to classes. The
kids can on ly go up to the th ird grad e so far. It is then no t possible for the k ids to
fin ish their p rima ry sc hool. One of the p rob lem is that there is on ly one teacher
who is in cha rge o f a ll th e ch ild ren and he just manage teaching u p to the third
     I organized 19 vo lun te ers fro m Sh anghai who toured Napa one after another in
2007. We a ll made su ggestion s fo r th em, fo und vo lun teers for a mu ch neede d
teach ing position, took the ch ild ren to town for health check u p s, and taught the
young village rs in Ch inese and Eng lish. We helped th em actively co mmun icate
with the loca l go ve rn ment to impro ve their flo od situation. All vo lun teers d id the ir

III. Project Plans of 2008
    1. Help to co mplete the Education Cen ter Building
   The Education Center Build ing was started b y a do nation o f 90,000 RMB fro m
a Taiwane se last yea r. It wa s p lanned to mak e a o ne -sto ry b uild ing , but no w it is
changed to a two -story building . T he p roject is short 80,000 RMB. In add ition, for
the reason o f last yea r ’s flood s fro m August to December, the co nstruction h as
been stopped since last July.
   A co mmittee of villag ers is no w sup ervising the Education Center Build ing ’s
construc tio n . The y a re ask ing all villagers to help in th e construction, either b y
donating time or mon e y. ZaXi DuoJ i manages th e fund o f th e building . The
purpose o f the bu ild in g is fo r wo rk sk ills an d basic cu ltural education training 。
With this mo ne y, we would lik e to mak e a library and co mpu ter roo m.
   P roject Need s: 80,000 RMB to co mp lete the E ducation Cen ter Building

    2. Hea lth chec k up for a ll v illagers over 50 years o ld
   According to the su rve y of 2007 , a h igh percentage o f villag e rs sho w sto mach
problems . The ch ild ren of schoo l ag e need to pay more atten tion to nutrition and
h yg iene . We ma y be u nable to ch ange their h abit s o f eating, bu t hop efully though
this activity, we can g u ide the you nger peop le to pay atten tion to their heal th .
        P roject Need s: 6000 R MB to do 4 0 elders health exam. 2 days

    3. Hygien e know ledge tr aining
   Two th ird s o f the villa gers are yo ung peop le. They are the main ho pe for th e
develop men t o f the villa ge. It is very impo rtan t to educate them with h yg iene
knowledge. Half of the m will have more ch ild ren and so will greatly influence the
next gene ration . Ga ining mo re knowledg e o f good health an d h yg iene p ractices
will red uce the ch ance of fu tu re sickness and even lo ng term disab ilities.
        P roject Need s: 3000 R M B for h ealth and h yg iene training .
        Hire a doctor fro m the local ho spital to do a weekly train ing for 6 mo nth s.

   4. Anima l husb andry train ing
        Fac ing a con tra dic tion between the con tinual deterioration of the nearb y
pastu res and increased herbage n eed fo r co ws, horses , and sheep ; the villagers now
have to pasture their herd far away in the mo untain s. Fo r th e sickness of the
animals and p rocess of anima l rep roduction , th e villagers on ly can do the primitive ,
not well -in formed care . The an imal’s mating process has            deteriorated seriousl y.
The villa gers u rgen tl y need th e professional train ing.
   P roject Need s: 4 000 RMB for hiring a trainer to do the an imal husbandr y
train ing month ly, fo r 1 8 mon ths

        5. English and Ch inese tra inin g
        Hopefully, we can ha ve so me volun teers to go to Napa fro m Shanghai.
According to the villag ers’ schedu le, mostly we will do the training at nigh t
between 8 p m – 9 p m. The attendees will be young villagers and elementary
studen ts.
        P roject Need s: 4 Volun teers
        Voluntee rs will need to support all o f th eir o wn cost s.

        Eve ry su mme r, th e sno w moun tain around the village melts in to the Napa
Sea. The Nachu Rive r a nd the Naizi River also merge in to the sea. It is so
beautifu l be ing surroun ded b y g reen mountain s and the fresh la ke. Zh ong Dian
Temp le and the ruin s o f Gunqin Temple are on the mountain at the northwestern
side of Napa S ea. The Napa Sea is famou s fo r the b lack neck cran es, the
endangered rare bird, which spends its winter there. Tourists can rent a horse fo r
rid ing in the p ra irie an d live in the villag e to experience the village r ’s life. In
addition , tou rists can BBQ or hike or enjo y all kinds of excitin g out d oor activitie s.
  P rojec t Needs: Tourists
        The capac ity of the village can ho st 50 tourists.

        Please contact us if you are interested in any project, or have
any    suggestions. We hope that we can get your support.
        For     more      information       please      visit    our   website   at:

IV. Contact Information
      1. Contact in Shan gha i: Wang Li 、 Astrid
        Address:       186 Jiangsu Road, No 7 , Roo m 102
         Tel:                 021 -62510313
         Mobile:       13816510818
         Ema il:       soho_ku@ho m (Chinese)
         Sk ype ID :astridbe rnard_coron t (English , French )
         Ema il:astridbe rnard _c oront@ho m ( English, French )

      2、 Napa Elemen tary S chool Conta ct : Za Xi DuoJi 扎西 多吉
         Shangri La Na ture P reserve Non -go vern men tal Co mmittee, Zhong Dian,
Yuannan pro vinc e
         Address:T IBET CA FE near the Cemetery of Mart yrs at Chang Zhen Road,
Shangri La, Yunnang province
         Tel:   0887 -8230018 、8288918
         Mobile:1398870124 0
         Ema il: (Chinese)

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