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									M.106/308 THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG LI KA SHING FACULTY OF MEDICINE Dr Cheng Yu Tung Fellowships Regulations for Clinical Fellowships Introduction The general regulations on the Dr Cheng Yu Tung Fellowships are available on the website of the Medical Faculty ( Normally up to 2 Fellowships for Clinical Fellows are awarded each year. Regulations 1. The objective of the Fellowships is to promote academic and expertise exchange. It provides support for candidates possessing a basic medical degree and currently working as Vice-Chief Physician ( 副主任医师 ) or Chief Physician ( 主任医师 ) in recognised hospitals, preferably affiliated to tertiary institutions, in China to undertake clinical attachment in the Medical Faculty. Applicants should be able to assist in clinical-related activities. The duration of the Fellowships is for 3 months only. The Fellowships are open to graduates, or members of staff, nominated by the Deans/Heads of their institutions or by our Faculty members. Nominating institutions should be on the list of Chinese medical institutions approved by the Committee of Management from time to time. A Fellowship award is intended to provide support for the individual Fellow only and shall carry the following emoluments (subject to adjustment at the discretion of the Committee of Management): (a) (b) (c) (d) Living allowance of HK$9,000 per month; Return economy train fare from home institution to Hong Kong (normally up to HK$2,000); Book allowance of HK$800; and Travelling allowance of HK$1,000 per month will be provided only for those Fellows who stay in the accommodation provided by the Donor in Kowloon City.



Fellows may stay in the basic type of accommodation arranged by the Donor in Kowloon City. Alternatively, they have the option to arrange for their own accommodation in Hong Kong. 4. The Dean/Head of the medical institution who nominates a candidate for a Fellowship award shall outline the basis for the nomination and the expected achievements during the training period. A Fellowship award shall be made on condition that satisfactory progress in training is maintained throughout its tenure. An award may be terminated at any time if the Committee of Management considers the progress unsatisfactory. Upon completion of the period of study, Fellows shall be required to serve their medical institutions for a period of not less than three years. The nominating Deans/Heads will be expected to draw up appropriate regulations to ensure that this requirement will be achieved before making nominations. Assessment reports on the Fellows’ performance/achievements during the 3-year period will be required from their Deans/Heads.




The deadline for applications is June 30 each year. Advertisements in Chinese will usually be placed in the April/May issue of some of the popular medical journals.

March 2008
YSC/VC/MY/PH/es C:\Fellowships\CYT General\Regulation for CF (Abstracts 2008).doc

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