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					The Greater Depression and the End of America's Empire

By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

Why the GREATER DEPRESSION will mark the end of America's 100+ years of empire
and the end of worldwide inflation fed by money making with no backing by socialist
governments as pawns in a one world government conspiracy scheme by the mega rich
banking families – the financial power elite – the BANKSTERS.

I ask this question all the time and never get the right answer. So, here goes.

Rome was an empire. Rome at its peak had conquered all its neighbors. Empires can
demand and get tribute from those it has vanquished in the form of gold, grain, slaves,
spices, silk, olive oil, wine, wild animals for the coliseum blood sports etc. The United
States of America has been the empire in the world for the past 100 plus years. We have
740 military bases around the world. So, don't tell me otherwise.

What, how and why did we get our tribute? We ruled the seas, the air. America was the
place of the major markets. We were strong. We were and still are the policeman of the
world. That was part of the reason Rome fell, by the way. Rome used all their money
trying to police their empire. We are rich. Wall Street ruled the world markets for years.
Business across the land flourished. We had natural resources (gold, iron, coal) and
fertile farm land. We deserved it and I say we got tribute. In spades! How? I say we
deserved and we got tribute. Tribute is a Roman word for pay as an acknowledgment of
subjugation, for protection from invasion, etc.

We lived the high life all these 100 years and exported our inflation to other nations.
Yes, the rest of the world had to take our rotten fiat paper money that was consistently
losing value. The U.S. dollar of 1913 is now worth only 3 cents. We made out like
bandits. T hey had to take our stinking paper money that was losing 5% per year in value
some years. They had to choke on it, while we lived high on the hog. We exported our
inflation to other countries. We ripped off the whole world with our made-up (fiat)
monopoly money. No wonder other countries hate us.

95% of all U.S. paper money ever printed is in other nations. There is a huge market
hedging interest rate risk on our dollars in Europe. It's a debt instrument on the
commodity exchange called Euro dollars - not the Euro currency. Total open interest
8/6/2010 was a whopping - $7,830,000,000,000.

You can plan on big time drops in prices of real estate, stocks, corporate and municipal
bonds, commodities (yes, gold and especially silver, palladium and platinum since the are
all industrial metals) and antiques/art/collectable items in the deflation economy. This
will be a nightmare. I expect "Antiques Roadshow" to go off the air. You can't eat that
stuff. I was watching it the other night and someone on the program said some prices
were down by 33% in some areas of collecting. Also, the spreads on the estimated values
are getting wider.
We are firm believers in Robert Prechter's Elliott Wave analysis. How markets and
indeed all nature works. Socionomics is his new joining of sociology and economics in
relation to mans mood swings from positive to negative and someday back to positive.
For now, Prechter sees mans mood waning until 2016 or so. He says the effect on
investment markets will be disastrous due to the fact that man is a herd animal and buys
at peaks and sells at bottoms in the market. Society’s mood is turning sour. It’s waning.
That's deflationary as people don't start businesses, build bigger houses, buy more stuff or
hire new employees. It starts to snowball as more and more people copy the sour mood
of others and even start to save money and pay off debt. Wow!

The greater depression started with the 2000 dot com stock mania bubble climax peak
may not end until 2016 to 2018. At that time most of your assets may have lost 90% in
price and unemployment could be 30%. Even the price of gold may drop in half. CASH
IS KING in deflation. Japan has seen deflation for 20 years and now the rest of the world
is catching the epidemic. You cannot stop the pendulum from swinging. The greater
depression will continue until the inflation is wrung out of the system in this Greater

Prechter has found it is better to be a contrarian investor when the direction of the wave
changes to a deflation economy in the coming GREATER DEPRESSION. BE
PREPARED! HURRY! That's my tribute to tribute.

PS We are only half way into the Greater Depression! The low may be 2016-2018. We
are now a fascist state. Cash will be king! Get into cash and get out of debt. ASAP!
Support the U.S. Constitution or we lose what is left of our Freedom and Liberty.
President Obama, the Department of Justice and the progressive left are making
mincemeat out of our liberty - our heritage.

Our empire is ending. The GREATER DEPRESSION started in year 2000 with the dot
com stock market peak. China will be the next empire, but not for maybe 20 more years.
Beware! The financial power elite want a one world government/new world order where
everyone is under their total totalitarian control. Global governance is happening -
slowly at first but now days at an alarming rate. The UN, NATO, World Bank, IMF,
Bank for International Settlements and World Health Organization and their enablers and
croany capitalists all are “Big Brother” control subterfuge by the impossibly rich world
banksters. Recently, President Obama went to NATO for permission to bomb Libya not
the US Congress. Why? He is part of a collectivist conspiracy to take the last of your
freedoms by spending us into oblivion and ruining the constitution. Collectivism is
communism, by the way. This is TYRRANY!

Copyright 2011 - by Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU
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