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									News for Student NAMA Members - Winter 2011

welCoMe To STudenT nAMA
                                                             hoTel inforMATion
2011 Agri-Marketing Conference                               The Hyatt Regency Crown Center is the hotel for the
April 13 – 15, kansas City                                   2011 Agri-Marketing Conference. The hotel deadline
                              The 2011 Agri-Marketing        for making reservations is March 18, 2011. Reserva-
                                                             tions made after this date are subject to higher rates
                              Conference and Trade Show
                                                             and potential unavailability. Make sure you mention
                              is scheduled for April 13 –    “NAMA” when making reservations. All reservation
                              15 in Kansas City, Missouri.   requests will require a credit card guarantee or one
                              Student activities begin       night’s deposit. Deposits will be refunded by the
                              on Tuesday, April 12.          hotel for rooms cancelled more than three (3) days
Don’t forget – the early registration deadline is            prior to arrival.
March 18, 2011.                                              hyATT regenCy Crown CenTer
                                                                   2345 McGee Street
The MArkeTing CoMpeTiTion updATe                                   Kansas City, MO 64108
For those schools participating in the Marketing Com-              816.421.1234
petition, please remember that 10 paper copies of your             Fax: 816.435.4190
Executive Summary and a flash drive/CD with a .pdf of
                                                             rooM rATeS
the Executive Summary must be RECEIVED by March 10,
                                                                  Single $145.00
2011. Please send to:
                                                                  Double $145.00
Deborah Brummel, National Agri-Marketing Assn.
                                                                  Triple $170.00
11020 King Street, Suite 205, Overland Park, KS 66210
                                                                  Quad $195.00
NOTE: Chapters that have not met the accreditation
requirements will not be eligible to compete. March 1,       Online Hotel Reservations
2011, is the second accreditation deadline. Due at that      There are two blocks of rooms at the Hyatt Regency
time is the second portion of your dues ($225) along with    Crown Center, one for students and one for profes-
your Annual Report. Pay close attention to pages 31 –        sionals. When making your reservations, be sure to
37 of the Student Guidelines, which lists what must be       specify the correct block. You are now able to make
included in the Annual Report. The information can also      your reservations online, just go to:
be accessed on NAMA’s website at http://www.nama.  
org/student/oscguidelines.htm.                               do?mode=welcome_gi_new&groupID=3225814.
ShAre your réSuMé eleCTroniCAlly
Would you like the opportunity to share your            ABef SponSorS STudenT TrAvel
résumé with professionals? Rather than bring-           To Ag dAy CeleBrATion
ing paper copies of your résumé to the Confer-          The Agri-Business Educational Foundation
ence, you can share it electronically.
                                                        (ABEF) has expanded their support of agri-
       Email your résumé, by March 10, to
Deborah Brummel, The                  business students! Five student NAMA
subject line of your email AND the title of your        members were chosen to share in the message
document must be your complete school name,
                                                        of agriculture and its importance during Ag
last name, first name. Example: University of
Kansas - Brummel Deborah.                               Day Celebration 2011, which will be held in
       In addition, your résumé must be no              Washington, D.C., on March 15, 2011. ABEF
more than two pages and must be either a                will reimburse their expenses for travel to and
Word or PDF document. no paper copies will
be accepted.                                            from the Ag Day Celebration. The five students
                                                        chosen to participate are (in alphabetical order):

                                                        elizabeth Burns-Thompson
                                                               Iowa State University

                                                        Casey Skinner
                                                              North Carolina State University

John deere SignATure AwArd                              laura Teague
Student chapters - don’t forget to apply for                   University of Tennessee, Knoxville
the John Deere Signature Award by March 21.
                                                        leighAnne Thomsen
Chapters can win from $500 to $3,000. This
                                                              California Polytechnic University,
award, now in its fourth year, gives heightened
                                                              San Luis Obispo
exposure to outstanding student chapters who
excel in encouraging student opportunities for          Johanna wilkes
increased business knowledge, academic excel-                 University of Florida
lence, leadership development, and community
                                                                         SCholArShip opporTuniTy
                                                                         The National Association of Farm
ChApTer perforMAnCe AwArdS                                               Broadcasters’ Foundation (NAFB)
        As noted on page 28 of the Student Chapter Guidelines,           offers three annual college scholar-
the purpose of the Chapter Performance Awards is to recognize            ships, including two each for $4,000,
unique and effective ideas to encourage students to try new ideas        as well as the Glenn Kummerow
to improve their chapter. For example, the Membership Recruitment        Memorial Scholarship for $5,000.
Award will probably not go to the chapter with the largest member-       These scholarships are recognized
ship, but rather to the chapter with a unique and innovative new idea    at the National NAFB Convention,
used to recruit members.                                                 and the winners also receive an
        Depending on the number and quality of the entries received,     expense-paid trip to attend the
the Careers Committee may present up to six awards. The six cat-         convention as part of the award.
egories are: chapter management, chapter programs, membership            More information is available at:
recruitment, fundraising/financial management, chapter communica-
tions, and career development.                                           forms/2011-nafb-scholarship/.
        How are entries submitted? Each school’s annual report serves
as their entry for the Awards.
   What’s Happening in the Chapters

illinoiS STATe univerSiTy
For the fifth consecutive year, the Illinois State University
NAMA Chapter was the sponsoring student organization
for the annual Agriculture Career Day. Over thirty agribusi-
nesses, government agencies, and agricultural organizations
participated in this event. NAMA members were actively
involved working with the staff at the student center arrang-
ing the room setup and the catered lunch, publicizing the
event, and helping recruiters set up and take down displays.
The two hundred students that attended the event had the
opportunity to find out about the firms, career and intern-
ship opportunities, and arrange for interviews.
         One of the most popular events the ISU-NAMA
Chapter holds each year is the NAMA Bowling Tournament.
This year ten teams representing a variety of agricultural
clubs, organizations, fraternities as well as faculty and staff
participated. Each participating bowler must make a con-
tribution of four cans of food. This year we set a record by      Illinois State University students visit with
collecting 250 pounds of food that was donated to the Clare       recruiters from a variety of agribusinesses at
House Food Pantry!                                                the 2010 Agriculture Career Day sponsored
         The ISU-NAMA Chapter once again was asked by             by the ISU Student Chapter of NAMA.
the College of Applied Science and Technology to cook
burgers and brats for the College Homecoming Tailgate.
Chapter members fed over 400 students, staff and alumni.
This activity has become an important fundraiser for the

                                                                  Dean of the College of Applied Science and
                                                                  Technology visits with NAMA members at this
                                                                  year’s Homecoming Tailgate.

NAMA Chapter President Jacquie Holland and
Program Chairperson Brad Cessna show a portion
of the can goods collected at this year’s NAMA
Bowling Tournament.
iowA STATe univerSiTy
The Iowa State NAMA chapter has had a busy fall! Between carv-
ing pumpkins, writing our NAMA marketing plan, and attending
the fall industry tour, our members have had great opportunities
to get involved with our club as well as the College of Agricul-
ture and Life Sciences (CALS). This year we also added a few
new events to our agenda. During the Iowa State CALS week,
we were able to host a softball tournament for CALS clubs. We
also had the privilege of handing out doughnuts to faculty and
staff to show our appreciation for all that they do. To wrap up
CALS week, we had a team of four members compete in the
Ag Olympics. We are proud to announce that our NAMA team
won! Along with CALS week festivities, we held our first annual
Iowa State NAMA Tailgate. This event took place prior to one of
the home football games. We invited current NAMA members,
alumni, entrepreneurs, and professionals who work closely with
our club. We had a great turnout, despite the rain, and are excit-
ed to host it again next year! To wrap up our year, the Iowa State
NAMA members took part in our annual Ugly Sweater Christmas
Party hosted by one of our advisors. Everyone had a great time
and we look forward to more NAMA fun in 2011!

MiChigAn STATe univerSiTy
Another year has passed since the death of Michigan State Uni-
versity (MSU) student and NAMA member Katherine Brown on
September 29, 2008. The club continues to remember Katherine
by painting ‘The Rock’ on MSU’s campus. This year, the weather
cooperated much better – leaving the rain of 2009 behind – as
current NAMA members worked hard to leave their tribute to a
friend and dedicated club member. As time goes on, there is
less sadness in her death and more of a celebration in the life she
lived. In 2009, the MSU NAMA chapter created the Katherine
Brown Initiative Award as a way to honor her memory and recog-
nize students who step up to the plate in their first year of mem-
bership, much like Katherine did when she served as a chapter
officer and member of the marketing plan presentation team as a
freshman. The award has been given to current NAMA members
Elizabeth Wernette and Mitch Bigelow. The MSU NAMA chapter
looks forward to continuing to recognize outstanding members
while remembering Katherine.
MiSSiSSippi STATe univerSiTy
The NAMA student chapter at Mississippi State University is off to a
great start for the 2010-2011 school year. In the first meeting this year,
the chapter doubled in membership. We now have 19 members in
varying majors. This year, we are getting involved with volunteering on
campus, and have already started some fundraising events to get ready
for the trip to Kansas City in April.
          The first volunteer effort of the semester was the Susan G.
Komen for the Cause Informational R.V. event on September 15th.
The campus decked out in pink as we encouraged students to visit the
R.V. trailer to watch informational videos about breast cancer and the
effort that is being taken to find a cure. Many people served food and
had games and other activities set up to help students become familiar
with breast cancer. Our NAMA chapter helped with these activities and
information booth by having volunteers that worked all day to help pass
out flyers and interact with other students as we encouraged them to
find out more about breast cancer. This helped our chapter to get to
know each other better as well as learn more about breast cancer as we
worked together for a good cause. We plan to participate in even more
community service events as the year progresses.
          Our fundraising efforts have kicked off with the sale of Papa
John’s community pizza cards. They have been a big hit so far. We also
plan to help with a rodeo soon.
          The NAMA student chapter has also been involved with the
Agricultural Economics Department’s events. The students went to the
department’s annual kickoff barbeque dinner. There, they ate barbeque
from the best local barbeque place that was served by the department
head and several professors, including the NAMA sponsor. The chapter
had a great time eating together and getting to know each other better,
as well as making connections within the department.

norTh CArolinA STATe
The North Carolina State University Agribusiness/NAMA
Club has had a busy yet very rewarding fall semester! The
club officers participated in several recruiting events. The
year was welcomed by a cookout in August, and the club
held six meetings hosting leaders in the agribusiness
industry (some of which were NCSU alumni) who served
as speakers at club events. Membership measured by full
dues paying members has more than doubled since last
year, and freshman membership has greatly increased. Two
socials were held, an ice cream outing and bowling, where
the club members were able to have some fun and social-
ize. Further, the club worked the Milk Booth at the North
Carolina State Fair, and put together and collected boxes
for Operation Christmas Child, eventually totaling approxi-
mately 30 boxes donated for needy families. The club is
excited about the opportunities in the spring semester at
NCSU and is looking forward to participating in the market-
ing competition in Kansas City in April.
SAM houSTon STATe univerSiTy
The Sam Houston State University Agribusiness Club and NAMA team
have been focused on service the last few months. In November, the group
organized and hosted the 1st Annual Heath Schielack Memorial Cook-off
to celebrate the life of a fellow Agribusiness student that passed away last
summer. From sponsorships and event proceeds, the club raised over
$8000 to donate to a memorial fund in Heath’s name. From the fund, an
award will be established to recognize a current SHSU agribusiness student
who possesses the same qualities that Heath was loved for – his generos-
ity towards others; his service to his friends, club and department; and his
enthusiasm for life.
         In December, club members had fun acting as Santa Claus for five
local school children. The club purchased clothes, shoes and a “dream toy”
for each child as part of a Christmas sponsorship program. Club members
had so much fun shopping for the kids, they have decided to make it an
annual service event!

                                     The ohio STATe univerSiTy
                                     The Agribusiness/NAMA Club at The Ohio State University has been working diligently this fall to
                                     progressively develop as a club and as young professionals. The NAMA team meets every week.
                                     With the largest team in years, many minds are working together to develop a great product!
                                               The Agribusiness Club has focused on reaching out to industry professionals as guest
                                     speakers at every meeting to gain knowledge about things going on in the workforce currently.
                                     Guest Speakers have included representatives from ADM, Nestle, Farm Credit, and CGB. The
                                     club also held an in-depth résumé clinic in November where students had the chance to get
                                     professional opinions and edits from career services professionals. Just recently, the club traveled
                                     to California to observe different agriculture industry sectors. Amidst this student-planned trip,
                                     members toured a dairy goat farm, studied an oyster company, experienced the production pro-
                                     cess at a Napa vineyard, were educated on the greenhouse industry, and hiked through national
                                     forests that would shake the nerves of any farm kid from Ohio!

univerSiTy of neBrASkA
Nebraska NAMA members kept busy during fall semester by focusing on
activities that help them work toward chapter goals.
           Members worked with NAMA alum, Mitch Merz, helping him
with marketing preparation for the December 8-10 Nebraska Power
Farming Show, the second largest indoor national agricultural show.
While several of the students prefer green, they didn’t mind working with
the orange and red equipment that were part of the display for the Merz
family AGCO Dealership in Falls City, Nebraska. Members had a chance
to interact with a marketing professional (some great stories!), learned
about what is important in setting up a trade show display, and also
raised funds for NAMA in the process.
           Nebraska NAMA hosted a Career Fair Preparation session,
advertised as “Surviving the Hot Seat,” the night before the October 7
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) Career
Fair. Over 40 students attended the session which included professionals
from Farm Bureau, Dow AgroSciences, Heartland Farm Partners, Agri-
Gold, and Wells Fargo. Experts on the panel shared their experiences
and views on interview and résumé preparation strategies, including
seeking out experiences that provide insight into career areas and the
importance of networking with professionals.
           Social media is a topic that Nebraska NAMA members under-
stand is critical to agri-marketing. On November 6, the chapter hosted
Farm Bureau speaker Tina Henderson who walked students through what
they should be doing in the social media arena. While the discussion
revolved around Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, the focus quickly shifted
to the importance of telling the agriculture story to those who don’t con-
nect agriculture with the food they buy. An upcoming visit by the U.S.
Humane Society prompted an interactive discussion on how students
need to be involved in public relations in agriculture.
STudenT ConferenCe SChedule
Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Noon - 5:00 pm         Student Practice
5:00 - 6:30 pm         Student Orientation
6:30 - 7:30 pm         Judges’ Reception/Orientation

wednesday, April 13, 2011
7:30 - 11:00 am       Student Competition Preliminary Heats
11:00 am -12:30 pm    Student Luncheon
12:30 - 3:00 pm       Student Competition Semi-Finals
3:00 - 4:00 pm        Student Critiques

Thursday, April 14, 2011
7:30 am -12:00 pm      Student Competition Finals Practice
12:00 - 1:30 pm        Student Mentoring Luncheon
1:30 - 5:30 pm         Student Competition Finals
5:45 - 6:30 pm         Student Awards
6:45 - 7:45            Student Advisors’ & Presidents’ Meeting
9:00 pm - Midnight     Student Party
Midnight - 2:00 am     Last Call Pancake Breakfast

         STudenT CAlendAr
          feBruAry 2011
          1      Noon Deadline for TEAM NAMA Submissions
          28     Deadline for student news to be used in the Spring NAMA on Campus

          MArCh 2011
          1      Second accreditation deadline – submit dues ($225) and Annual Report
          1      Scholarship Application deadline

          10     Ten paper copies of your executive summary and one flash drive/CD due
                 to the National Office
          10     Deadline for submitting résumés electronically

          18     Deadline for Conference registration
          18     Deadline for Conference Hotel registration

          21     Deadline for John Deere Signature Award Applications

          April 2011
          13 – 15 Agri-Marketing Conference, Kansas City
2010-2011 CAreerS CoMMiTTee
Chair                           Deron Johnson                   Advisor representatives
Wes Meador                      Rhea + Kaiser                   Stacey Noe
Rhea + Kaiser                   Iowa State University                                 
                                Amy Jolliff
                                Bader Rutter                    Jennifer Christie
                             John Deere, Ltd.
vice Chair                                            
Competition Chair               Carrie Jorgensen
Kristen Marshall                McCormick Company
AgCall                          cjorgensen@mccormickcompany.           com                             executive Committee liaison
                                                                Marvin Kokes
                                Jill Loehr                      National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
                                Wyffels Hybrids       
Committee Members     
Nancy Barcus
Agriculture Future of America   Sara Thieding       Makhteshim Agan of North        national office Contact
                                America                         Deborah Brummel
Amy Barron                       National Agri-Marketing Association
NOVUS International, Inc.                                      Michelle Tollefson
                                Pfizer Animal Health
Mike Butler           

Janelle Buxton
Pioneer Hi-Bred

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