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Scavenger Hunt by cuiliqing


									                   TI-73 Graphing Calculator Scavenger Hunt

1. What happens to the screen when you push                    over and over?

2. What happens to the screen when you push                    over and over?

3. Touch the         key. What word is in the top left hand corner of the screen?

   Note: To be in standard mode all words on the left side should be selected
   (highlighted). To change a selection, highlight it and then touch       .

4. What TWO keys do you select to return to the “home” screen?

5. Enter this problem into the calculator and press        .

                                    2.4 x 3.6 =

   Now press             Float       to 0 and press      . Press                to
   quit what you are doing and return to the home screen.
   Press             . The original problem should now be on the screen. Press
         . What appears on the screen?

   Compare this to the answer you had the 1st time. What did the calculator do?

   MODE. (See #3 above.)

6. The         key is used to raise a number to a power.

   Find 7 6 = ____________________

   Find 4         100 = _______________ Write this another way. ___________

7. The         is a quick way to square numbers. What is 37 2 ?
 8. You must use TWO keys to find the square root of a number. What are they?
    Find 196 .

 9. The  symbol is located above what key?

10. Multiply  times 7.

    Have the calculator show you the answer rounded to 2 decimal places.

    Find another way to do this. (Hint: Check in the              menu.)

11. How many centimeters are in 200 inches?

     (Hint: Enter 200 on the home screen and then use the CONVERT feature.)

12. Use the         to enter the fraction      . What key will change this to a
    decimal? Try it. Change it back to a fraction. (Hint: Use the            to select
    the decimal and then touch          so that the decimal value is active. Then
    convert the decimal to a fraction.)

13. Try these problems.

             5 7                         2 5
        a.     =                    b. 1  
             6 8                         3 9

14. Solve the following problem: 2[3  10 / 2  62  (4  2)] .

    Press               to get the problem back to the active state. Use the arrow
    keys to change the 3 to a 5. Now press            .

15. Press       . What do you think the 1st entry will do? Use 8 and 10 to test
    your guess.

16. Press                                . Press          to go to the error. The cursor
    should be blinking on the second /. Press                  . What answer do you
    get. Convert this answer to a fraction.
17. Enter ( 2)2 into the calculator. What answer do you get?

    Next enter 22 into the calculator. Is the answer the same? Why or why not?

18. Press             to access the STAT PLOTS menu. How many stat plots
    are there?

    Which option turns the STAT PLOTS off?

19. Select PLOT 1. How many different plots can you create?
    Name 3 of them.

20. Press       and type the equation 2x  1. Then press        and select 6.
    Sketch a picture of your graph.

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