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									Jennifer Jones
Public Relations and Community Communications
Blue Shield Inc.
Camp Hill, PA
March 8, 2005

                                  Journal - Week 9

Monday, March 8:
         Most of the day I spent pulling together a draft press release, which Tom, Joe, and I had
talked about on Friday for The Caring Foundation name-change. There are going to be two press
releases: one for Western Pa and one for Central Pa. I constructed a draft that could be used for
either/both locations. It includes an introduction of what programs The Caring Foundation
offers, talks about what Blue Shield has done for the foundation, and why the name is being
         This morning Tom gave me a document to proof read. It was a tips sheet for encouraging
employee and supplier diversity in the workplace. We were asked to write this to help other
businesses become more inclusive. Tom and I have been working on it here and there, pulling
information from the Public Relations Minority Purchasing Council nomination letter I wrote a
few weeks ago.
         From 10:30 – 11:30 I attended Matt’s weekly staff meeting along with Lisa, Tom, Joe,
and Jacky. As usual we discussed important projects that each of us are working on. The Caring
Foundation name-change project has been marked as top priority this week for Tom, Joe, and I
do to its current April 1rst deadline to be announced to the public.
         After lunch I met with Lisa for about an hour to discuss the projects I worked on for her
last week while she was out of the office. I turned into her a list of vacation places within
Pennsylvania for her Urban Connections project. We looked at the April PSA’s I put together. I
briefly showed her the PowerPoint presentation outlining a timeline for the Sisters Conference in
Harrisburg. We spent most of the time discussing the success story draft I wrote. She gave me a
template to format my story into and said she would help me with edits. We didn’t get into much
detail with these projects because she hadn’t had much time to look at them while she was out of
the office.
         This afternoon I proofed several documents for Tom and Joe dealing with our name
change project.
         Start time – 8 am
         Lunch – 15 minutes
         End time – 4 pm
         Total time – 7.75 hours

Tuesday, March 9:
       This morning I received an email that included five possible logos for the National
Children’s Grief Conference in June, and an agenda of what we are going to be discussing in our
conference call later this afternoon. Blue Shield and the Caring Foundation will be hosting this
event. This conference is a three day long event that will feature key speakers who will talk
about the best ways to alleviate the concerns of grieving children.
        I continued to work on a press release for the announcement of the Caring Foundation’s
name change. Now, I am constructing the release for Central Pennsylvania and Joe is writing the
one for Western Pa. I had started working on a rough draft yesterday but wasn’t happy with how
it turned out, so I decided to completely rewrite it.
        Joe sent Tom and I a letter that will be going out to key constituents and partners of the
Caring Foundation. Tom and I proofread the letter and made edits and revisions.
        At 11:00 I was asked to help Charlotte Ways, from the Western Pa Caring Foundation,
set up the boardroom for an afternoon conference that I attended. Charlie Lavalle, Executive
Director of The Blue Shield Caring Foundation and Vice President of Blue Shield Inc., spoke
about the “Life Lessons of Mr. Rogers” celebrating the one-year anniversary of his death. I
helped Charlotte pass out programs and provided lunches before Charlie spoke. Afterwards we
handed out souvenir “neighborhood trolley” pins to those who attended along with a pamphlet
about Mr. Rogers.
        From 1:30-3:00 Tom and I participated in a conference call discussing about the 8th
Annual National Children’s Grief Conference. Other participants included Joe from Pittsburgh
and representatives of the Caring Foundation and the Caring Place from Camp Hill, Pittsburgh,
and Erie. We discussed a logo that should be used, how to register for the conference, and
possible media angles to promote the conference.
        I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the press release for Central Pennsylvania to
announce the Blue Shield Caring Foundation.
        Start time – 8 am
        Lunch – 45 minutes
        End time – 4 pm
        Total time – 7.25 hours

Wednesday, March 10:
         This morning I talked with Lisa about my success story. She made some changes and
suggestions to help me with my story. After speaking with Lisa, I spent the rest of the morning
rewriting Jodi Sower’s story.
         This afternoon Tom, Joe, and I are meeting to discuss the Caring Foundation name
change. By that time we need to have our letters, press releases, Q&A document, and reception
agenda finished. In preparation for this, I had to do some serious drafting and reworking of the
Central Pennsylvania press release. This took me quite a bit of time and was a challenge for me,
however I had a great time doing it. I’m very glad my team had enough faith in me to pull this
release together. I will be anxious to see what they think of the finished product.
         From 3-4:15 I met with Tom and Joe to discuss the name change. We had a previous
deadline for this announcement set as April 1st. At this meeting we talked about possibly
releasing this information only to Western Pennsylvania on that date since they are already
familiar with the Caring Foundation. However, the Central Pa region has never had a Caring
Foundation and will need a news hook to announce along with the name change. We thought
perhaps we could wait awhile to announce it in this region. Joe will share this idea with Matt
later this week for his approval. On Friday, these documents will be shared with Charlie Smith
for his feedback.

       Start time – 8 am
       Lunch – 45 minutes
       End time – 4:15 pm
       Total time – 7.5 hours

Thursday, March 11:
        This morning I met with Lisa to finalize Jodi Johnson’s success story. This afternoon I
will email a copy to Jodi for her approval and comments. Lisa gave me a few more assignments
to work on.
        I proofread a “Fun, Fit and Fabulous” newsletter for women of color. This is the same
newsletter that I wrote a story for weeks back about women and heart disease.
        Lisa asked me to write a news release in addition to my success story talking about
diabetes. In it I will mostly focus on the dangers of diabetes, Blue Shield’s health screenings
along with its health and wellness initiatives and programs. I will include a paragraph about Jodi
and how Blue Shield’s screening helped her diagnosis. We would like this release to be for
March 23rd (Diabetes Alert Day). Most of my day was spent working on this.
        Previously, I wrote public service announcements for Hispanic radio stations for the
months of March and April. This morning Lisa asked me to write more to be announced in May,
June, July, and August. I started working this afternoon on Mays’.
        I received word from Jodi Green this afternoon that she liked the story I wrote about her
and was fine with all the information I put in the article. The next step is to send the story to two
other people for edits and comments before sending the final copy to Matt for approval to be
displayed on Blue Shield’s internal web page.
        Start time – 8 am
        Lunch – 30 minutes
        End time – 4 pm
        Total time –7.5 hours

Friday, March 12:
        This morning I worked with Lisa on a draft of my diabetes news release. I had developed
a working draft yesterday to discuss with her. I spent the remainder of the day aiming my
release out of “story” form and into “media” form. In my original draft I included a lot of quotes
and information about Jodi Sowers. Lisa and I discussed only including about a paragraph of
information about Jodi and having the rest be about diabetes in general. I included the
significance of Diabetes Alert Day, statistics on diabetes and causes of diabetes. I talk about
Blue Shield screenings, health and wellness programs and what Blue Shield does for their
employees to keep them healthy.
        After lunch I went to pick up some artwork for Tom. Our team gets newspaper articles
about the company and the good deeds it does in the community framed and hung on the fourth
floor of our building.
        For the release I did a lot of searching to find statistics and information on last year’s
screening results. I included the number of Central Pa Blue Shield employees who participated
in the screening and how many of those participants were found to have diabetes and high blood
pressure. I had to get this information from an employee in our HealthPLACE division, which
promotes health and wellness.

       Start time – 7:45 am
       Lunch – 45 minutes
       End time – 4 pm
       Total time – 7.5 hours

Who I’ve met:
      - Charlotte Torres from the Western Pennsylvania Caring Foundation

This Weeks Favorites:
      - Attending “Life Lessons from Mr. Rogers”
      - Writing success story
      - Writing news release for the Caring Foundation
      - Writing news release on diabetes

This Weeks Least Favorites:

Total hours needed for credits – 440 (11 credits)
Total hours worked this week – 37.5 hours
Total hours worked so far – 309 hours


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