PSSA Administration Meeting Agenda

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               PSSA Administration Meeting Agenda

1. Schedules
    Master testi ng schedule
    Accommodati ons groupings

2. Securit y P rocedures
    Classroom teachers must si gn test s in and out of the secure storage
      location in the office after every testin g session . No except ions.

3. Encouraging our students
    Continued positivit y each da y
    Explaining the importance of t he t est s - to help drive i nstructional
      decisions that will help meet their needs!
    Provide for fun l earning opportunities as well as rel axation/ snacks when
      appropri ate

4. Administ ering the test
    Thoroughl y read t he Directions for Administration m anuals before
     administering t he t est(s) . There are separate manuals for writing and

5. Room Prep
    Take down or cover all displa ys in your room, includi ng w ord walls and
      non-PSSA rubri cs. S tudents m a y be provided with the PSSA rubri cs that
      are in the administration bookl ets.

6. Mat eri als
    Materials incl uding Scrat ch Paper, #2 pencils, and approved calculators
      should be prepared by classroom teachers. Office personnel will ensure
      test bookl ets and PS SA rul ers are prepared for each class.

7. Students in Alt ernate Testing Locations
    All proctors will report to each classroom to pi ck up assi gned st udents .
      Do not begin administering t he assessm ent in your classroo m until all
      students have been picked up.
    Proctors, be prompt (5 minut es before t esting tim e) so schedules can be
    Please hand over all student t esting m at eri als including testi ng booklets,
      scratch paper, pencils, rules, etc. to t he proctor for transport to the
      alternat e testi ng location.
    Each student should bring a silent readi ng book to the alt ernate testing
      location. The y are not allowed to leave the alternate testi ng site until the
      entire group is finished, and onl y aft er notification is rec ei ved that thei r
      homeroom is fi nished testing.
    Proctors will read all test directions to students.
      Classroom teachers should send student runners with the “We are
       finished testing” pink slips to the appropri ate testing locations , so
       proctors know students can return to t heir cl assrooms. Use t he same slips
       each da y. P roctors, be sure the y are returned to the hom eroom teachers.
      Proctors will accom pan y all students back to cl assrooms . P roctors will
       carr y all student t est bookl ets and m at erials back t o the C LAS SROOM
       TEACHER (s) so those booklets can rejoi n the class set.
      The classroom t eacher will walk the cl ass set of mat eri als back to the
       offi ce, si gned in, and locked in t he closet until the next testi ng session.

8. How are breaks/ disruptions handl ed?
    In the event of an emergenc y (fire al arm sounds or other room -cl earing
     event ), t eachers must LOCK THE R OOM BEHIND THEM i f t ests have
     alread y been dist ributed to st udents. If t ests are in the room but have not
     yet been distribut ed, teachers should either a) l ock t h e t ests i n a secure
     place in the classroom or b) carr y the box of testing m aterial s to the
     evacuation point . Al l teachers must be able to certif y t hat securit y was
     maintained throughout the evacuation.

9. Extended time
    Do not allow students to att end a lu nch period with ot her students i f the
      lunch peri od occurs between the st art of the ori ginal session and the
      extended session.
    Do not allow students to att end speci als in the middl e of a session.
    No overnight extensions are allowed.
    Do not allow students to return t o an unfinished secti on after indicating
      the y have com plet ed that section.

Remember, a student who misses a secti on and then returns t o school must
start testing with the regularl y scheduled section for that day. Make -ups will
include the section missed.

10. How are accomm odations det ermined?
    Based on IEP and 5 04 requirements and t hose that mirror the ongoing
      adjustments and modifications used to optimize the l earning conditions
      accordi ng to individual needs
    Can incl ude use of scratch paper and hi ghlight ers
    DIRECT IONS for al l assessments m a y be read aloud
    Questions ma y be read al oud for m athem atics onl y for the sm all number
      of students who m a y be in need of this accommodation
    Your folder cont ains the complet e list of PDE approved accommodations
      for all students
    Contact m e i f you are unsure about the appropriat eness of an

11. Make-up t ests
    At the end of each t esting section, compl ete the blue m ake -up forms with
     the name(s) of students who missed that portion of the test.
   Return thi s hal f sheet to Kath y Trofe at t he end of the testing session.
   You will be notified as soon as make -ups are scheduled.

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