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									           Consigned by PREFERRED EQUINE, INC., Agent, Briarcliff Manor, NY
                        Agent for Philip R. Hunt, Littlestown, PA
Barn 1
Stall E-128                            ULTIMATE JUDGE
                                                      (NEW JERSEY ELIGIBLE)
                         BAY COLT. Foaled May 10, 2003. Tattoo No. 1A3704.

                                                                                                           [ Valley Victoria
                                                                                                              Baltic Speed

                                                          Valley Victory ...........................
      Donerail 2,1:55.4 ...........................

                                                                                                           [ So Blessed
                                                                                                              Speedy Crown
                                                          Bedell .......................................

                                                                                                           [ NobleMolded

                                                          Balanced Image .......................
      A Babe 3,1:59.4f ............................                                                          Well

                                                          E D Kash 2,1:59.1f ...................
                                                                                                           [ Speedy Crown
                                                                                                             Eva Kash 2,1:58.3
By DONERAIL - From 6 crops, 438 starters, sire of the winners of $20M, with 20 in 1:55, 165 in 2:00, 46
1st Dam
A BABE 3,1:59.4f ($8,276) by Balanced Image. 2 wins at 3. At 3, winner of ONTSS Grassroots at
     Kawartha Downs (in her first pari-mutuel start). This is her second foal. Dam of:
  Smooth Muscles 2,Q2:03.1f-'04 ($3,617) (g, Muscles Yankee). Now 2 and second in Arden Downs
     S. (to Magic Swan), timed in 2:00.3f.
2nd Dam
E D KASH 2,1:59.1f ($309,049) by Speedy Crown. World Champion. 12 wins. At 2, 13-6-1-2; seasonal
     earnings of $124,977; winner of Acorn Trot, Breeders' Crown elimination (equaling world record) and
     NYSS at Vernon, Saratoga and Yonkers; third in Merrie Annabelle Trot consolation and heat of
     Bluegrass S. At 3, 16-6-3-2; seasonal earnings of $184,072; winner of Lady Suffolk Trot and NYSS
     at Yonkers (twice), Buffalo and Monticello; second in Hanover-Hempt and 2 NYSS; third in heat of
     Hambletonian Oaks; timed in 1:57.3. From 8 foals (5 fillies), dam of 6 winners (2 in 2:00):
  KASH ERA 3,2:01.4 ($36,847) (m, Uptown). 2 wins at 3 and 4. At 2, timed in 2:02.3. At 3, winner
     of NYSS at Buffalo; second in NYSS at Monticello; third in NYSS at Vernon and Saratoga; timed
     in 1:58.1. Dam of the Stakes Winners KASH ECHO 2,2:05.1h; 3,Q1:57.4 ($185,610 at 2, 3 and 4),
     ESTA KASH 2,2:00.4; 3,1:58 ($124,930 at 2, 3 and 4) and ERSA KASH 2,Q2:04.2–2:06.1h.
  KASH ELITE 2,2:00.2, 3,1:59.3 ($19,438) (m, Super Bowl). 3 wins at 2 and 3. At 3, second in PaSS
     at The Meadows. Dam of the Stakes Winners FRANC'N CENTS 3,2:01.2h; 4,1:57.2–1:58h and
     FIRST CLASS CABIN 2,2:00.4f; 3,Q1:57.4f-'04.
  EDDY KASH 2,Q2:04.1–2:04.2h; 3,2:01-'04 ($17,950) (c, El Paso Kash). 2 wins at 2 and 3. At 2,
     winner of NYSS at Batavia. Now 3 and second in NYB-LC at Saratoga; third in NYSS at Saratoga.
  A BABE 3,1:59.4f ($8,276) (m, Balanced Image). As above.
  Edja Kash 3,2:03.2 ($24,272) (m, El Paso Kash). 4 wins at 3 and 4. At 2, second in NYB-LC at
     Syracuse; third in NYSS at Monticello; timed in 2:03.2. At 3, second in NYB-LC at Saratoga and
     Yonkers; third in NYB-LC at Syracuse.
  Wire The Funds 4,2:02.2f ($14,449) (g, Balanced Image). 2 wins at 4.
3rd Dam
EVA KASH 2,1:58.3 ($145,264) by Nevele Diamond. 8 wins at 2 and 3. At 2, 15-6-2-2; seasonal
     earnings of $120,358; winner heat of Lexington Filly S. and 5 NYSS; second in NYSS; third in heat
     of Bluegrass S. (to Desdemona Hanover). At 3, second in filly Zweig Memorial (by a neck), heat
     of Bluegrass S. and NYSS; third in final of Lexington Filly S. (to Petrolianna), timed in 1:57.2. Full
     or half sister to HIDDEN KASH 2,2:04.3; 3,T1:58.2–2:01.4; 4,1:57.3 ($289,427), KASH EXEMPT
     2,T2:00.2; 3,T1:59 ($97,713), E W KASH 2,2:03.2h; Q2:02, EVITA KASH 3,2:06.4h and to the dam
     of PRES IS GENUINE 2,2:03.1; 3,2:00.2; 4,1:59.3. From 9 foals (6 fillies), dam of 6 winners (1 in
     1:57, 4 in 2:00):
  E D KASH 2,1:59.1f ($309,049) (m, Speedy Crown). As above.
  KASH ESQUIRE 3,2:03.3; 1:57 ($107,317) (g, Speedy Crown). 22 wins.
  EMMA KASH 2,2:00.2; 4,1:59.4 ($74,609) (m, Speedy Crown). 10 wins. At 2, winner of 5 of 11 starts,
     including NYSS, NYB-LC Final, Frank Ervin Late Closer at Lexington and 2 NYB-LCs; second in
     NYB-LC; third in NYSS. At 3, winner of NYSS; second in NYSS; timed in 1:59.2. At 4, winner of 2
     legs of Billings Series. Her first 3 foals are CURITIBA 2,2:00f; 3,1:57.4f ($217,147), SIRGIO 2,1:58;
     3,1:58.3f; 4,1:56f (Europe) ($158,274) and RUN THE STOPS 3,1:58.4f-'04.
  KASH EXECUTRIX 2,2:04.3; 3,2:00.4; 4,1:59.3 ($55,860) (m, Keystone Dynamo). 6 wins. At 2,
     winner 2 NYB-LC; second in NYB-LC Final; third in NYSS and NYB-LC. At 3, winner of NYSS.
  KASH ESTATE 3,T2:00.1–2:03.4h ($32,916) (g, Speedy Crown). 4 wins. At 2, second in NYB-LC
     at Syracuse. At 3, winner NYSS at Monticello and NYB-LC at Buffalo; third in NYSS and NYB-LC.
  Kash Elegance 3,T2:03 (m, Speedy Crown). Dam of the Stakes Winners WELL BUDGETED 2,1:57.3
     ($95,341) and KASH ELIGIBLE 2,2:10h; 3,2:04.2h. Grandam of the Stakes Winner XTREME
     KASH 2,Q2:06.1; 3,Q2:02.1.
  Enyo Kash (c, Keystone Dynamo). Now 2.
Next Dam: Elaine's Follie by Great Lullwater–HELEN BROOKE K. 2:02h by Trubrooke.
                                                     STAKES ENGAGEMENTS
Arden Downs            Currier & Ives          Hambletonian    Int’l Stallion                        Old Oaken Bucket        Charles Smith
Bloomsburg Fair        Harold Dancer Trot      Historic Series Kentucky Futurity                     Review                  Standardbred
Bluegrass Series       Dexter Cup              Hoosier Stake   Landmark                              Reynolds                Tompkins-Geers
Breeders Crown         Flamboro Breeders       Horseman No. 97 Manitoba G.W.                         Simcoe                  Yonkers Trot
Champlain              Great Midwest           Horseman Stake  NJ Sires & G/A                        John Simpson            Zweig Memorial

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