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									Renusol VS                                                      Solar PV Mounting System For Pitched Roof Applications

                                                                                                     A End Clamp
A                                                                                                      • Clamp range from 34 to 51mm
                                                                                                       • Fits 97% of all modules


                                                                                                     B L-Foot
                                                                                                       • Insert anywhere without sliding
                                                                                                       • Bolt alignment indicator ensures
                          C                                                                              proper installation

The Renusol VS system provides a simple, fast and cost effective mounting
solution for PV modules on pitched roofs.                                                            C Safety
• Just one end clamp and one mid clamp part number simplifies inventory                                • Anti-slip hardware makes module
                                                                                                         installation alignment easier and
  and project planning.                                                                                  ensures modules stay in place
• Pre-assembled clamps, fastener-free splice connectors, and slide-free
  L-feet minimize installation time.
• Anti-slip hardware and bolt alignment indicators ensure installation confidence.
• Stainless steel hardware and 6000 series aluminum rails provide strength
  and long product life.
                                                                                                     D Mid Clamp
• High strength-to-weight ratio rail design keeps cost low while allowing                              • Clamp range: 34 to 51mm
  long spans.                                                                                          • Fits 97% of all modules

About Renusol
Renusol America is a subsidiary of Renusol GmbH, based in Cologne, Germany and brings to the
U.S. a tradition of German engineering excellence. With over 400 MW installed since 2004, Renusol
has emerged as the European market leader for solar mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs      E Rail
with more than 2.4 million PV modules mounted on Renusol systems. Launched in January, Renusol         • Spans up to 8.5 feet
America provides sales, service and customer support from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and
operates full-scale warehouse and distribution facilities in Arizona, California and New Jersey.

                                     Renusol America Inc.                                            F Splice Connector
                                     201 17th Street, Atlanta, GA 30363
                                                                                                       • Presets rail gaps for thermal expansion
                                     +1 877-847-8919                                                   • No fastening equals quick installation

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