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Housekeeping Supervisor ASR sample by nuhman10


									                                                        Durham University
                                                        Annual Staff Review

                         Part A - Self-Review (year 20…) (To be completed by the reviewee)

Reviewee:          Mary Contrary                                    Reviewer: Louise Muffet

Job Title: Housekeeping Supervisor                                  Job Title: Housekeeper

Department: Rhyme College                                 Date of Review: November 10th 2006

You should submit this form to your reviewer at least five working days prior to your review meeting.

A.1     Review of the previous year

a) In line with your key duties and responsibilities, give an overview of your
contribution/achievement of objectives since your last review, you should think about what has
gone well and what has not gone as well as expected:
Reviewee’s comments
I am responsible for the following areas:
      Supervision of members of staff who clean students and guest bedrooms and the communal
          areas of the college.
      Ensuring that high standards are met and maintained and that all Health & safety requirements
          are followed at all times; reporting any problem areas.
      Assisting the Housekeeper in planning and implementing the change over from term time to
          vacation ensuring that all rooms are left in a good condition by the student when they leave.
          Rooms are then prepared for the conference guests in line with the Colleges standards
      Assisting the Housekeeper in planning rotas and maintaining the hours worked under the
          annualised hours contracts
      Carrying out cleaning duties as required
      Overseeing the day to day Housekeeping operation in the absence of the Housekeeper
      Induction of new team members
Reviewer’s comments
Mary is an experienced and well respected member of the Housekeeping team
Her positive attitude combined by her experience and high work standards ensure that she is well
respected by her colleagues as well as the student and visitors
Mary has successfully passed her BICS Assessors course and so is now able to assist the Divisional
training team in the delivery of this training across the Colleges Division
I am delighted with Mary’s contribution over the past 12 months both personally and as part of our team
b) Describe any development activity undertaken and describe the impact this had on your
Reviewee’s comments
Having already completed the 20 BICS cleaning tasks I have now finished my BICS assessor training
This will enable me to work with the other Divisional Assessors in delivering training in the standards
which have been agreed across the Colleges Division
I will be starting my train the trainer course in order to ensure I deliver the courses in the most
appropriate and effective way
Reviewer’s comments
The combination of Mary’s experience, positive attitude and her new status as a BICS assessor will
benefit both to The College and the Division

CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                  1
c) Are there any further achievements you wish to highlight?
Reviewee’s comments
Reviewer’s comments
Mary has been mentioned in many of the Guest comment forms that have been returned over the
summer vacation. I also received several e mails from Students before they departed in June
commenting on how well Mary had taken care of them during the previous academic year

d) Do you wish to comment on any factors that have had an impact on your achievements, e.g.
are the demands of your job achievable and are they matched to your skills? Do you need any
support to help you do your job? Do you have adequate support from your manager?
Reviewee’s comments
I feel that I am given the level of responsibility and support to reflect my experience and the work I do is
valued. I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to become a BICS assessor.
I feel confident that any questions I might have in regard to my employment would be addressed by the
Housekeeper and if she was unable to help they would be passed to the appropriate person
Reviewer’s comments
Mary is an asset to this College I have every confidence in her and have no hesitation in leaving her with
the day to day running of this department in my absence
e) Do you have any other issues for discussion? This may include any significant changes in job
Reviewee’s comments
None at this time
Reviewer’s comments
None at this time

A.2     Proposed objectives and development needs for the coming year

Identify any specific tasks, activities or projects you expect /would like to undertake in the coming
year, for discussion and agreement with your reviewer. These should be in line with departmental
priorities and objectives, and take into account your personal development.
Reviewee’s comments
I am already due to start my train the trainer course this will help to ensure the correct delivery of all BICS
I would like to go on a computer course to be able to operate the Kinetics Booking system
I would like to attend any further training in relation to the BICS standards as well as any other courses
relevant to my job, I am particularly interested in Health & Safety and Customer service

Reviewer’s comments
Mary’s training requests have been noted and will be considered as part of the divisional training plan.
Specific Kinetics training will be arranged via the CATO office

CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                  2
                                                                                                                                                      Form B
                                    Form B – AGREED OBJECTIVES/PRIORITIES – Year ……………….

Reviewee:       Mary Contrary                            Reviewer: Louise Muffet

Job Title: Housekeeping Supervisor                       Job Title: Housekeeper

Department: Rhyme College                        Date of Review: November 10th 2006

This section of the form is for the reviewer and the reviewee to agree future targets/objectives and development activities for the future. These
targets/objectives should be relevant to the job, as well as taking into account personal development; these must be relevant to departmental strategy/
priorities and objectives.
For guidance these targets/objectives should be:
S = Specific. The wording should leave no doubt as to what is required.
M = Measurable. How will the employee and reviewer measure success?
A = Agreed by both the employee and reviewer.
R = Realistic. Not just a “wish list” not too challenging and not too easy.
T = Time limited. When does the target/objective need to be achieved by?

       Target/Objective for next period                         Success Indicators                       Comments Reviewer/Reviewee
1 To undertake the 2 day train the trainer                     Completion of the
course                                                         course

2To assist in the delivery of BICS training                    Members of staff trained
across the College Division                                    to the required level

3 To continue to support the Housekeeper in                    An understanding of
the day to day running of the department in                    and basic use of the KX
particular learning how to use the Kinetics                    system
4 To support the team in carrying out their day                Continued good team
to day duties                                                  work and positive

CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                               3
                                                                                                                                   Form C
                                                            Annual Staff Review

                                               Individual Development Plan – (year 20……)

To be completed by the reviewer

Reviewer:     Louise Muffet                       Reviewee:       Mary Contrary               Date of Review: November 10th 2006

Development needs jointly identified by the reviewer and reviewee

a) Development need                    b) Expected impact                  c) Action required/by whom    d) Timescale     e) Direct cost
                                                                                                                          (if known)
To attend any updates on the BICS      To ensure Mary is kept up to        Louise Muffet/Mary Contrary   Ongoing
standards                              date on the standards and is
                                       made aware of any relevant

Train the trainer programme            To help Mary develop her skills
                                       as a trainer which will enable      Louise Muffet/Training Team   June 2007
                                       her to take a more active role in
                                       the Divisional BICS programme

To attend one to one training sessions To enable Mary to fully support     Louse Muffet/Mary Contrary    Ongoing
in the use of the Kinetics Package     Louise in every aspect of the
                                       day to day running of the HK

CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                            4
                                                                                                      Form D
D.1 Summary statement by reviewer

The reviewer should provide a brief summary statement covering the key points of the review
discussion with particular reference to reasons for the assessment made. Evidence of particular
achievements or any extenuating circumstances should be included. The reviewer should indicate
how well the reviewee has performed against objectives.

Mary is an asset to this College I have every confidence in her abilities and have no hesitation in leaving
her with the day to day running of this department in my absence.

D.2    Comments from the reviewee

This section may be completed by the reviewee if he/she has comments on any aspects of the

I thoroughly enjoy working at Rhyme College and have really enjoyed becoming a BICS assessor. I am
looking forward to being able to deliver the programme to other members of staff across the division.
I have welcomed this opportunity to speak to Louise about my current and future contribution within the
College and Division

We confirm that we have both seen the completed Annual Staff Review forms and that they represent an
accurate record of the review.

Reviewee:      Mary Contrary                                Date: December 14th

Reviewer:      Louise Muffet                                Date: December 14th

CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                  5

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