Housekeeping Storage Area Standards by nuhman10


									                                                                           15 Jan 2006

Army Lodging
Standard Operating Procedures

                   Housekeeping Storage Area Standards
1. Purpose: To establish policy and procedures to ensure and maintain orderly and
organized areas within the housekeeping division.

2. Scope: This operating procedure applies to designated area(s) within the lodging

3. Authority/Responsibility: Housekeeping supervisors ensure that all housekeeping
personnel are in compliance with policy and procedures.

4. Procedures:

    a. At a minimum all housekeeping storage areas will have par stock of the following
items in accordance with (reference Maintenance and Supply Par Stock SOP):

      1) Linen, amenities, blankets, pillows, mattress pads, etc.

      2) Cleaning products and in-room amenity items

      3) Paper products i.e. toilet paper, Kleenex etc.

      4) Vacuums, mops, brooms, buckets, dustpan, buffer, roll-a-ways

  b. Minimal stocks of expendable equipment items such as clock radios, fans, etc.
may be maintained in housekeeping storage areas in accordance with local policy.

5. Appendix Reference: Army Lodging Standards

6. Local Appendix: Par stock levels, picture(s) of correctly maintained housekeeping
storage areas.


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