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									                                          Standard keys                                                                              Application windows
                                              Movement                                         Browse in new application window                                     Ctrl + Alt + N
Move one line up                                                                  ↑                                                                               Ctrl + Shift + W
                                                                                               Close application window
Move one line down                                                                ↓                                                                                   Alt + F4
Move one character to the right                                                  →                                            Page keys: switching
Move one character to the left                                                    ←                                                                                  Ctrl + Tab
                                                                                               Cycle to next page (defaults to recently used order)
                                                                               Page Up                                                                           Alt + Page Down
Move one screen-full up
                                                                            Shift + Space                                                                        Ctrl + Shift + Tab
                                                                                               Cycle to previous page (defaults to recently used order)
                                                                             Page Down                                                                            Alt + Page Up
Move one screen-full down
                                                                                Space                                                                                     1
                                                                                               Switch to next page on page bar
Move one screen-full to the left                                           Ctrl + Page Up                                                                             Ctrl + F6
Move one screen-full to the right                                         Ctrl + Page Down                                                                                2
                                                                                               Switch to previous page on page bar
Go to top                                                                        Home                                                                            Ctrl + Shift + F6
Go to bottom                                                                    End                                           Page keys: arranging
                                                  Focus                                        Cascade open pages top-left to bottom-right                           Shift + F5
Cycle focus within active context                                        Tab and Shift + Tab   Tile open pages left to right                                         Shift + F6
Activate                                                                        Enter          Tile open pages top to bottom                                           Alt + F6
                                                                             Alt + Enter       Minimize active page                                                        4
Edit item properties
                                                                               Ctrl + I        Switch between restored and maximized page                                  5
Exit context or cancel                                                           Esc           Restore all pages                                                  Ctrl + Shift + F3
Display context (right-click) menu                                            Ctrl + M         Minimize all pages                                                 Ctrl + Shift + F4
                                             System keys                                       Maximize all pages                                                 Ctrl + Shift + F5
Open file                                                                     Ctrl + O                                        Panel keys: activation
Save copy of page                                                             Ctrl + S         Toggle last active panel with panel selector                             F4
Print page                                                                    Ctrl + P         Toggle last active panel                                              Shift + F4
Close the Opera application                                                   Ctrl + Q         Activate panels for keyboard navigation                                  F7
                                             Text keys                                         Expand all folders/views in panel                                     Shift + →

                                                  Editing                                      Collapse all folders/views in panel                                   Shift + ←
Undo recent changes                                                            Ctrl + Z        Open "Search" panel                                                     Ctrl + 1
Redo recent changes                                                            Ctrl + Y        Open "Bookmarks" panel                                                  Ctrl + 2
                                                                               Ctrl + C        Open "Mail" panel                                                       Ctrl + 3
Copy selection to clipboard
                                                                            Ctrl + Insert      Open "Contacts" panel                                                   Ctrl + 4
                                                                               Ctrl + X        Open "Chat" panel                                                       Ctrl + 5
Move selection to clipboard
                                                                           Shift + Delete      Open "Notes" panel                                                      Ctrl + 6
                                                                               Ctrl + V        Open "Transfers" panel                                                  Ctrl + 7
Paste from clipboard
                                                                            Shift + Insert     Open "History" panel                                                    Ctrl + 8
Copy selected text to "Notes" panel                                        Ctrl + Shift + C    Open "Links" panel                                                      Ctrl + 9
Copy text in clipboard to "Notes" panel                                    Ctrl + Shift + V    Open "Windows" panel                                                    Ctrl + 0
Clear all                                                                     Ctrl + U                                           Panel keys: actions
Select all                                                                    Ctrl + A                                                    Bookmarks
Delete selection (or character right of cursor)                                Delete          Open bookmark                                                           Enter
Delete selection (or character left of cursor)                               Backspace         Open bookmark in new page                                            Shift + Enter
                                                   Find                                        Open bookmark in background page                                  Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Find text                                                                     Ctrl + F                                                         Mail
                                                                              Ctrl + G         Mark all e-mail in selected view as read                            Ctrl + Shift + A
Find next instance of text
                                                                                 F3                                                       Contacts
                                                                           Ctrl + Shift + G    Show messages associated with contact                                   Enter
Find previous instance of text
                                                                             Shift + F3        Compose message to contact                                           Shift + Enter

Search for text in links in page (press F9 first to set focus on page)
                                                                             , (comma)                                                    Transfers
                                                                         Shift + (numeric) /   Execute transferred file                                                 Enter

Search for text in page (press F9 first to set focus on page)
                                                                              . (period)                                               Preferences
                                                                             (numeric) /                                                                               Alt + P
                                                                                               Edit your preferences
                                          Loading keys                                                                                                               Ctrl + F12

                                                  Access                                       Quickly edit most popular preferences                                    F12
                                                                            Ctrl + Space       Edit browser appearance                                               Shift + F12
Go to your home page
                                                                             Alt + Home                                                       Bars
Enter a Web address                                                             F2             Toggle scroll bars                                                     Ctrl + F7
Paste and go in current or new page                                           Ctrl + D         Toggle address bar                                                     Ctrl + F8
Paste and go in background page                                            Ctrl + Shift + D                                             Focus keys
Enter nickname for fast bookmark access                                      Shift + F2        Set focus to page (to enable keyboard navigation)                         F9
Save page address as new bookmark                                              Ctrl + T                                                                                  F8
                                                                                               Set focus to address field
Save as new bookmark in active bookmark folder                             Ctrl + Shift + T                                                                            Ctrl + L
                                            Transmission                                       Set focus to search field                                             Shift + F8
                                                                              Ctrl + R         Set focus to personal bar                                             Shift + F7
Reload (get latest version of) page
                                                                                F5             Restore original address in address field and set focus to page          Esc

Reload selected frame
                                                                              Alt + F5                                               Manager pages
                                                                           Ctrl + Shift + R    Manage view for search panel                                        Ctrl + Shift + 1
                                                                              Ctrl + F5                                                                            Ctrl + Shift + 2
Reload all open pages                                                                          Manage bookmarks
                                                                            Ctrl + Alt + R                                                                         Ctrl + Alt + B
Stop page loading                                                                Esc                                                                               Ctrl + Shift + 3
                                                                                               Manage e-mail
Cancel current voice prompt                                                      Esc                                                                               Ctrl + Alt + M
                                       Navigation keys                                         Manage contacts
                                                                                                                                                                   Ctrl + Shift + 4

                                                  History                                                                                                          Ctrl + Alt + O
                                                                                  X            Manage view for chat panel                                          Ctrl + Shift + 5
Go to next page in history                                                    Ctrl + →                                                                             Ctrl + Shift + 6
                                                                                               Manage notes
                                                                              Alt + →                                                                              Ctrl + Alt + E
                                                                                  Z                                                                                Ctrl + Shift + 7
                                                                                               Manage transfers
                                                                              Ctrl + ←                                                                              Ctrl + Alt + T
Go to previous page in history
                                                                              Alt + ←                                                                              Ctrl + Shift + 8
                                                                                               Manage history
                                                                             Backspace                                                                             Ctrl + Alt + H
Rewind                                                                        Shift + Z                                                                            Ctrl + Shift + 9
                                                                               Space           Manage links                                                         Ctrl + Alt + L
Fast Forward                                                                  Shift + X                                                                                Ctrl + J
                                                                         Shift + Backspace                          E-mail keys: reading and sending
Show entire forward history                                                    Alt + X                                                        Basics
Show entire backward history                                                         Alt + Z           Check e-mail                                                                     Ctrl + K
                                        Site navigation                                                Write new message                                                                Ctrl + E
Home                                                                           Ctrl + Shift + Space    Save message draft (continue later)                                               Ctrl + S
Search                                                                           Ctrl + Shift + F      Upload queued messages to mail server                                         Ctrl + Shift + K
Previous                                                                         Ctrl + Shift + ←      Send composed message                                                         Ctrl + Shift + S
Next                                                                             Ctrl + Shift + →
Up                                                                          Ctrl + Shift + Backspace     To remove the last part of any Web address (such as a sub-directory) and go to that address,
     Note: These site navigation shortcuts only work on pages with elements like <link rel="home"
                                         href="index.html"/>.                                                                                    Navigation
                                       Display modes                                                   Go to next message                                                                   J
Load and display all images                                                              I             Go to previous message                                                               U
Toggle loading of images                                                            Shift + I                                                                                               H
                                                                                                       Go to next unread message
Toggle between "Author mode" and "User mode"                                        Shift + G                                                                                          Shift + J
Preview page as if printed                                                          Shift + P                                                                                               Y
                                                                                                       Go to previous unread message
Use entire screen for viewing page                                                    F11                                                                                              Shift + U
Toggle "Fit to window width"                                                       Ctrl + F11          Move one screen-full up                                                       Shift + Space
Pretend to be small-screen device                                                  Shift + F11         Move one screen-full down, then go to next unread                                Space
                                               Source                                                  Scroll up in message body (even if focus on message list)                         Alt + ↑
View page source                                                                    Ctrl + F3          Scroll down in message body (even if focus on message list)                       Alt + ↓
View source of active frame                                                         Alt + F3                                                       Threads
Validate source of active page or frame                                           Ctrl + Alt + V       Expand all threads                                                               Shift + →
Validate source of active page or frame in the background                     Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V   Collapse all threads                                                             Shift + ←
                                           Zooming                                                     Mark thread as read                                                                 M
                                                                                   Numeric +           Mark thread as read, go to next unread                                               N
Increase zoom % by steps of 10
                                                                                        0                                           E-mail keys: managing
Decrease zoom % by steps of 10
                                                                                   Numeric -                                                       Marking
                                                                                        9              Mark selected message as read                                                        K
                                                                                Ctrl + Numeric +       Mark selected message as read, and go to next unread e-mail                          G
Increase zoom % by steps of 100 (1000% is maximum)
                                                                                        8              Mark selected message as read, and go to previous unread e-mail                      T
                                                                                Ctrl + Numeric -       Mark selected message as unread                                                  Shift + K
Decrease zoom % by steps of 100 (20% is minimum)
                                                                                        7              Mark all messages in active view as read                                      Ctrl + Shift + A

Restore zoom to 100%
                                                                                   Numeric *                                                    Responding
                                                                                        6              Reply to message                                                                     R
                                           Link keys                                                   Reply to all recipients of message, including sender                             Shift + R
                                                                                        A              Forward message                                                                     F
Select next link in page
                                                                                     Ctrl + ↓          Redirect message                                                                    D
                                                                                        Q              Continue editing message (Drafts, Outbox, and Sent views)                          Enter
Select previous link in page
                                                                                     Ctrl + ↑          Focus "Quick reply" field                                                           Q

Follow selected link
                                                                                      Enter                                                       Handling
                                                                                      Space            Save sender's address as new contact                                                A
                                                                                  Shift + Enter        Label message (for example important or funny)                                    L, 1-7
Open selected link in new page
                                                                                 Shift + Space         View all messages associated with sender                                            E
                                                                               Ctrl + Shift + Enter    Copy raw message data to clipboard                                                  C
Open selected link in the background
                                                                              Ctrl + Shift + Space                                                 Viewing
Save selected link as new bookmark                                               Ctrl + Shift + T      Toggle different layout of message list and message body                             I
Copy selected link address                                                        Ctrl + Alt + C                                                Chat keys
Save link target (such as document or image)                                     Ctrl + Shift + S      Download and list available rooms on chat server                               Ctrl + Alt + J
                                 Spatial navigation keys                                               Type name of chat room to join                                                Ctrl + Shift + J

Navigate between links and form elements                                        Shift + ← ↑ → ↓                                                 Help keys
Cycle through headers in page                                                       S and W            Open Opera's help window                                                           F1
Cycle through elements in page                                                      D and E            Display keyboard help                                                            Ctrl + B
Cycle through frames in page                                                     3 and Shift + 3       Search while viewing help page                                                   Ctrl + F
 Tip: The combination of the Shift key and arrow keys is the fastest way of moving around a Web page
                         when wanting to locate links and Web form elements.
                                           Form keys
Go to next element in form                                                            Tab
Go to previous element in form                                                     Shift + Tab
Select form element
Left-adjust text in form                                                            Ctrl + L
Right-adjust text in form                                                           Ctrl + R
                                        Access keys
Toggle HTML access keys                                                            Shift + Esc
Enter HTML access keys                                                                 A-Z
                                     Page keys: basics
Browse in new page                                                                   Ctrl + N
Browse in duplicate of active page                                            Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N
                                                                                     Ctrl + W
Close active page
                                                                                     Ctrl + F4
                                                                                Ctrl + Shift + W
Close active application window
                                                                                     Alt + F4
Close all open pages                                                              Ctrl + Alt + W
Close all open pages except active                                            Ctrl + Shift + Alt + W
Undo closing page                                                                  Ctrl + Alt + Z
  Note: If you disable "Open pages in tabs" in Preferences » General, each page has its own window,
                           and closing all open pages means closing Opera.

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