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					Asia Institute for Political Economy (AIPE) Summer Programme 2008
July 11 – August 2, 2008 OBJECTIVES The School of Economics and Finance of The University of Hong Kong, in conjunction with The Fund for American Studies and Georgetown University in Washington D.C., is offering a 3-week international academic programme, “Asia Institute for Political Economy 2008” at HKU this summer. The programme aims to attract 60 of Asia and America’s most outstanding university students to investigate the principles of free market economics and political concepts. Since its inception in 2002, more than 260 students from 18 countries/regions across several continents have attended AIPE. AIPE is designed for young leaders who have a strong analytical mind, a broad international outlook and appreciation of cultural diversity. It creates a challenging yet rewarding social environment that promotes cross-cultural and academic exchange. THE PROGRAMME Duration and Location July 11 to August 2, 2008, at HKU. Curriculum AIPE’s interdisciplinary curriculum engages students in a thorough study of political economy. The courses are taught by some of the finest professors from America. The curriculum focuses on free markets, democracy and rule of law. It emphasizes dialogues and mutual understanding between the US and Asia, as well as within Asia. It provides a good environment for free and open discussion among students, teachers and speakers despite possible differences in standpoints and values. Interactive teaching approach will be adopted. A written examination will be conducted at the end of the programme. Students are assessed by their examination performance. The programme consists of two courses: Economics and American Studies. The course outline for AIPE 2007 can be downloaded from: for reference.
Alumni sharing “Lectures are interactive. In classes, we have heated discussion about current controversial issues and students show their opinion from unique perspectives. We are able to know people’s real opinions directly instead of reading superficial or cooked reports.” “I was constantly engaged, continuously challenged and always intrigued and fascinated by the perspectives held by my classmates.” “My learning extended beyond the mere confines of the classroom and I savored every debate over drinks in Lan Kwai Fong, and every insightful exchange over meals at dorml.” “We learn to listen to others and respect what is going on in their countries. We start thinking what is really good for our own country with a broader view.”


Guest Lectures Guest lectures will be given by a wide array of prominent speakers who excel in their respective professions. Students will have the opportunity for face-to-face interaction and discussion with these speakers. Past speakers include, inter alia: Mrs. Anson Chan, Former Chief Secretary of HKSAR Government Mr. Bernard Chan, President, Asia Financial Group and Member, Executive Council and Legislative Council, HKSAR Mr. Ronnie Chan, Chairman, Hang Lung Group and Executive Committee, The Better Hong Kong Foundation Dr. Dong He, Head, Economic Research Division, Hong Kong Monetary Authority Mrs. Regina Ip, Former Secretary for Security of HKSAR Government Mr. Alan Kah-kit Leong, Member, Legislative Council, HKSAR Ms. Christine Loh, Chief Executive Officer, Civic Exchange Ms. Margaret Ngoi-yee Ng, Member, Legislative Council, HKSAR Mr. Andrew Sheng, Former Chairman, HK Securities and Futures Commission Social and Cultural Activities Aside from classes and guest lectures, formal and informal extracurricular activities will be planned to encourage students to share their ideas and culture outside the traditional classroom setting. These include various tours, visits, parties and dinners. The programme schedule for AIPE 2007 can be downloaded from: for reference. Hall Residence AIPE students will stay together at one of HKU’s residential halls during the programme period. By living and learning together for three weeks, students develop international and cross-cultural friendships that can last a lifetime. AIPE students have close ties with each other, which is unique to AIPE and cannot be easily gained elsewhere.
Alumni sharing “The concept of having international students from all over the world congregate for three weeks of learning, interaction and social development is truly enriching.” “AIPE is not only an academic experience, but an interesting and enjoyable cultural exchange. The friendship acquired in AIPE is most treasured. Unlike regular university activities, students are more close to each other in AIPE. A strong network has been built and we often have small reunions in different places around the world where there are AIPErs.” “I have made friendships that I truly value and will keep for the rest of my life.”

CREDIT AWARD Upon successful completion of the programme, students shall be awarded a Graduation Certificate as well as 3 academic credits from Georgetown University. HKU students


can apply to their own Faculty for transferring these 3 credits to HKU credits equivalent to a 6-credit undergraduate economics elective at year 2 or year 3 level. Application for credit transfer is optional to students; if they wish to apply, they should submit application for credit transfer for their faculties’ consideration once they are admitted to AIPE and before the programme starts.

SCHOLARSHIP AND FEE The programme fee is USD$3,500 per student, which includes the costs for tuition, meals, housing, reading materials, examination and special events. The School of Economics and Finance and The Fund for American Studies will jointly offer full scholarships to HKU students admitted to the programme. In other words, HKU students are not required to pay the programme fee.

APPLICATION Eligibility Quota Selection criteria Application Form Briefing Session All regular full-time HKU undergraduate students of all years Up to 15 Applications will be chosen based on English proficiency, academic strengths and interview performance. Downloadable from the website: Feb 15, 2008 (Fri) 5:00pm – 6:00pm LE 6, Library Extension March 17, 2008


ENQUIRIES AND INFORMATION School of Economics and Finance Room 908, 9/F, K.K. Leung Building, The University of Hong Kong Tel: 2241 5750 Fax: 2548 1152 Email: Website:
Feb 4, 2008