Got A Short Neck by rockyprince008


									                Got A Short Neck? Here’s What To Do!
No one has a perfect appearance or born with natural beauty, the trick is in showing
everything in the good light. For instance, if you happen to have a short neck, it doesn’t
mean that you have to deal with it all your life. There are several natural beauty tips that
will make your neck look nicer.

The first rule that is often being broken is wearing a necklace. Of course, we’re women,
and we love those cute shiny things. But let’s have a moment and go deep in its
advantages and disadvantages. It looks pretty, makes your outfit unique and catches
attention, but it takes away the length of your neck as well.

Try to avoid wearing necklaces, especially if they are tight on your throat. This is the
same as telling everyone “Oh look, I’ve got a short neck.” Always remember, if you
don’t want someone to notice your problem, don’t mention it all the time. Letting the
neck out of jewelry and collars, whatever the latest fashion trends will make it appear
with all its advantages.

Another easy way of imitating a long neck is the right haircut. Long hair usually hides the
neck, but it stresses the fact that it’s definitely not long. Instead, you can get a short
haircut, that ends on your chin-line. The style may be individual for each, because it also
depends on the shape of your head and face. Get a hair magazine and choose a short
haircut. A good hair magazine can be more effective than an hour of consultation with
your stylist or the natural beauty tips of your friends. One thing is for sure, it will let
your neck be visible, the shorter your hair is, the longer your neck looks.

See? It’s not that difficult to look gorgeous even if you weren’t born a princess with a
ready set of latest fashion trends. The right combination of natural beauty tips –
choice of cloths, haircuts and makeup, will always be a great in building your beauty.

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