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					                 Get Your 5 Servings a Day
It is often recommended to have 5 servings a day by the experts. It can be fulfilled by
having more fruits and vegetables in our list. But most of us find it very difficult to
include them in our meals. The world has now become the center stage for junk foods.
All the junk foods are deep fried which is bad for health. They have high fat contents.
They do not include any fruits or vegetables in them. There are no restrictions in having
fruits and vegetables for a human being. But one should see to it that it is not dressed up
with butter or oil. They may take away the goodness of the food. Here are some simple
ways to get the 5 servings a day. They are

Starting with the breakfast: Try to include at least 2 fruits in your breakfast. Have a
wide range of combination so that you will not get bored. Continue this habit of eating
fruits and vegetables in lunch and dinner too.

Combination of nutrients: Carbohydrates are great source of energy. When combined
with protein will give a better health. Hence choose your food item which is a perfect
blond of all nutrients.

Doubling up the intake: There is no mistake found in doubling the quantities of having
fruits and vegetables. Serve yourself with more fruits and juices. A 100% concentrated
juice may be good for health. If you eat any other dish, try to join fruits with them. For
example if you eat bread, try to add veggies to it. Chop up vegetables and have a good
flavor. If you do not like the presence, grind them and have it as a paste.

Trying new eating habits: Every human being needs a variety. So prepare a list of
variety of food items and follow it each week. A new variety every week helps in
bringing new sort of nutrients to the body.

The ultimate goal of having 5 servings is to stay healthy. Eat healthy but do not over heat.

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