Bad Habits That Age Your Skin

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					                      Bad Habits That Age Your Skin
Every woman wants to have forever young glowing skin. But are you ready to skip some
bad habits for the sake of best skin care?

I’ll introduce all those bad habits and leave up to you to decide whether to go on with
them or to give them up to keep and look younger despite your age.

So which are the harmful factors that damage your skin and contribute to premature


Do you really want to look younger? Quit smoking. Why? I’m not going to tell long
legends about cigarette’s effects on your body health; I guess you know them very well.
My concern is to reveal its bad effects on your skin.

Smoking causes premature wrinkles. How? It narrows the tiny blood vessels, which are
closest to the skin, and prevents the right amount of blood flow. Besides, your skin
doesn’t get the the necessary oxygen and nutrients, that are absolutely essential for it.
Other than that, smoking alters collagen and elastin, and as a result your skin loses its
strength and elasticity. Do you still have a cigarette in your bag or pocket?

Sun exposure

Not many people consider sunbath a bad thing. While it is. Avoid too much sun exposure
if you want to look younger. Those violent UV rays that create so sexy chocolate body
are very much responsible for premature aging. They go deep into your skin damaging
collagen and dehydrating your skin; this brings many skin problems including wrinkles,
freckles, dry and rough skin, age spots and even skin cancer. So always apply good
sunscreens and avoid sunrays between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bad eating habits

Once I heard “you are what you eat” and couldn’t understand what it means. Now I
realize that whatever you eat finds its reflection on your skin. If you always eat unhealthy
food containing too many fats, sugars and salt, you can kiss goodbye to your healthy skin.
If you are for best skin care, choose a healthy diet high in antioxidants, minerals and

Improper skin care

Before going for a certain best skin care plan, you should know your skin type and the
care it requires. Very often you choose the best products, yet they don’t do any good to
your skin, just because they were not meant for your skin type. So I advise you to consult
a dermatologist and ask for advice. A good option for best skin care is to cleanse and
moisturize your skin every day and to apply masks once a week.


Stress is one of those demons that make you vulnerable both physically and emotionally.
It increases premature aging risks by causing too much oil production. Besides, sleeping
disorders, depression and anxiety, which always walk hand in hand with stress, can make
your skin a good target for many skin problems.

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