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					        Are There Effective Ways To Treat
In my previous post we talked about basically two things — my complaints of my
cellulite and my dermatologist’s advice. Now we’ll go on with my dermatologist’s
introduction on the ways to treat cellulite. Almost all the ways she mentioned include
cosmetic skin surgery.

Massage/suction — This lipomassage supposes you should visit the treatment sessions
twice a week. Each session will last 35 minutes. The treatment process will last 14 weeks.
However, after the treatment is stopped, the cellulite seems to reoccur.

Radiofrequency — These devices deliver heat. Their primary “task” is to damage the
underlying fat and connective issue. This way they tighten the skin. My dermatologist
says this method is effective, but again temporary.

Laser devices — These devices focus on the underlying connective tissue. They build
collagen and thicken the skin. In line with this treatment method, some dermatologists
also use massage, suction or radiofrequency. They hope to thoroughly hit cellulite by
more than two methods. However, this treatment also, even combined with other
methods, gives temporary results.

Liposuction — This is a cosmetic skin surgery to what I’m absolutely against. Even
without visiting the dermatologist I knew that liposuction is the last thing I’d go for.
Why? Because liposuction can worsen the cellulite, as the fat that causes it is “located”
very close to the surface of the skin. Today there is laser-assisted liposuction, which is
thought to completely remove the fat, but I think there is great risk in it.

Subscision — This treatment is comparatively expensive and can even cause bruising and
swelling. It lasts 90 minutes. This cosmetic skin surgery is carried out with a needle,
which is used to remove the connective tissue.

Mesotherapy — Note that this cosmetic skin surgery is an unapproved procedure. Fat-
dissolving injections are made under the skin. However, this treatment causes swelling,
infection and rash. And as FDA reports, such injections can cause skin deformation,
painful knots and permanent scarring.

Body wraps — This is the treatment I went through. I have to admit that somehow it felt
good being wrapped in warm and slenderizing bandages. It tightened my skin, but again
temporarily. And I decided to go for this treatment from time to time, especially at the
beginning of summer.

So as you see there is no any effective treatment for cellulite. All are TEMPORARY!
And some are even dangerous. What to do? I am not the person to give up just because
there is no effective treatment. Because lack of treatment doesn’t mean lack of ways to
improve it. There are many skin beauty tips we can follow.

We can change our lifestyle, and keep to a certain diet to improve our skin and muscle
tone. A month ago I started aerobic exercises, including jogging and walking. These skin
beauty tips are easy especially if you set a goal. Do the same, and we’ll one day manage
to tighten our skin and burn the extra fat! And don’t forget about proper hydration!

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