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					               Minutes to the Regular Annual General Meeting
                Glacier Springs Property Owners Association
           October 18, 2003, 1-4pm at the Kendall Elementary School
The meeting was called to order by Wayne Hogg, President. Martha Dale was Acting Secretary.
A quorum was present.

General Remarks – Wayne Hogg, President
    There has been a constant interest in Glacier Springs and building has been increasing.
    A Glacier Springs web site is in development which will include news and information
       about the association. The membership will be notified when the site is launched.
    Changes to the meeting agenda were accepted.

Proxy count
The proxy count was announced:
    Total proxies received – 35
    General proxies – 28
Results of the special proxies are recorded in the appropriate reports below.

Treasurer’s Report – Martha Dale, Treasurer
The financial report for fiscal year ending 8/31/03 was presented and approved; a copy is
attached to these Minutes. Membership and financial data has been entered into a financial
management software program and is now managed electronically. A financial review by a
Certified Public Account is in progress and the results will be made available to the membership.

County Relations – Sue Ann Croft
Lot Buyout:
Over the past two years, Whatcom County River and Flood Division has been working to develop
a project that will reduce the potential for future flood damages in the Canyon Creek alluvial fan
area. The first phase of this project was the voluntary buyout of three developed properties within
Glacier Springs by the Whatcom County River and Flood Division. One cabin has been
demolished and two have been moved to other lots within the development. This phase was
funded when FEMA released grant money after the February 17, 2001 Nisqually earthquake. In
addition, Whatcom Land Trust has been working with the River and Flood Division to purchase
another 29 undeveloped lots within Glacier Springs. This acquisition, however, is tied to the
voluntary buyout of the Logs Resort, just east of Glacier Springs. If a negotiated voluntary buyout
occurs, then the Land Trust will negotiate with the Glacier Springs property owners within the
buyout area. It was reported that the final decision is not likely until the Spring of 2004. Once the
lot ownership transfers to Whatcom Land Trust, they have committed that they will block public
access and pay dues on the properties.

County Hazard Study:
Whatcom County has retained Kerr Wood Leidal Associates of Vancouver, B.C., an engineering
consulting firm, to perform a comprehensive risk analysis and hazard mapping of the Canyon
Creek area. The study evaluates conditions in the upper watershed and assesses the likelihood
of future debris flood events on the Creek. This analysis, based on a 500 year event, has been
submitted to the officials at the River and Flood Division, who have not yet released the document
to the GSPOA. This report is under review by Paula Cooper, Manager of the River and Flood
Division. As soon as the report is approved for release, it will be forwarded to the GSPOA Board

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of Directors. The next step is for the county council to approve the study. It is anticipated that
this will represent what is known as “best available science”, meaning that mitigation for future
flood events will need to be factored into future development, and permitting may require a
geotechnical assessment as a part of the building permit process in some areas.

Water System – Rick Benson
Addition of a Second Tank
At the 2002 Annual General Meeting, the membership approved expenditures in the amount of
$70,000 to purchase and install a second tank for the Glacier Springs water system.
Expenditures thus far have been for the engineering and surveying required by the Washington
State Department of Health. The Dept. of Health has recently approved the plans, issued the
permit to build and extended an additional ten hook-ups to the existing system. The next step is
                                                                         st                th
to obtain the building permit from Whatcom County. Since October 1 through April 30 is “off-
season” for building, the estimated time to begin installation will be in the Spring of 2004. The
exact timing of the installation will be weather dependent. All the engineering plans were on
display at the meeting.

Once the new tank is installed, the Association will have a total water hook-up capacity of 105.
Since we currently do not meter water usage, we cannot quantify the amount of water going out
of the system. The Department of Health has mandated that we install water meters by Fall of
2005. Thus, meters are now required to be installed on any new construction. Rick will be
working on an implementation plan for meter installation on existing cabins/homes. Once we
have metrics about our water usage, the Department of Health will evaluate increasing our hook-
up capacity.

Rick has been in the process of developing a 20-Year Reserve Study so we can plan for future
replacements and upgrades to the existing system.

Now that we have an accurate and comprehensive set of plans for the addition of the second
tank, it has been determined that the actual cost of the tank and installation will be approximately

A motion was made to authorize the payment of the additional sum of $26,000 toward water
system expenditures. After some discussion, the vote was 54 in favor, 1 opposed. The special
proxy vote was 31 in favor, 1 opposed. The motion passed.

Rick was applauded for all his hard work on the water system.

Lot Consolidation – Wayne Hogg
At the 2002 Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors requested member input on a policy
as to the effect of lot consolidation on annual dues. Based on input at this meeting and much
discussion within the Board of Directors, a proposed Bylaws change was drafted. This resolution
was mailed to the membership with the notice of this year’s meeting.

A motion was made to adopt the proposed resolution. After some discussion, the vote was 46 in
favor, 11 opposed. The special proxy vote was 27 in favor, 7 opposed. The motion passed.

Architectural Committee – John Herod
With continual and increased interest in building in Glacier Springs, the Board of Directors has
been discussing the roles and responsibilities of the Architectural Committee. The current edition
of our Covenants and Restrictions (dated 1976) is relatively vague in this area. A committee is
being established to review our existing governing documents as they pertain to the Architectural
Committee and development within Glacier Springs.

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There were comments and discussion from the membership regarding the Architectural
Committee and the current building process. Questions were raised regarding the legality and
resulting liability of specific actions of the members of the Architectural Committee. It was
reported that these issues have been discussed at length within the Board of Directors.
Furthermore, the Board has consulted with the Association’s attorney regarding specific actions
of the committee members as well as the committee’s authority. Portions of the attorney’s written
response were read.

A motion was made to disband the current members of the Architectural Committee and
reorganize the committee at the request of the Board of Directors. After some discussion, the
motion was passed 16 to 6.

Nominations to the Board of Directors – Wayne Hogg
There was discussion regarding the process of electing the Board of Directors. As per our
Bylaws, Directors are elected at each Annual General Meeting held in an odd-numbered year and
are elected for a two-year term. The immediate past President shall be a member of the Board.
The number of Directors can be changed by the Annual General Meetings.

A motion was made to restrict the number of Board members to seven members for the next two
years. After some discussion, the vote was 10 in favor and 12 opposed. Motion failed.

A motion was made to elect a complete new slate of Directors to be in compliance with the
Bylaws. After some discussion, the vote was 22 in favor and 1 opposed. Motion passed.

A motion was made to restrict the number of Board members to a minimum of four, with a
maximum of eight, with the exception of the past President, who is a continuing member. After
some discussion, the vote was 18 in favor and 7 opposed. Motion passed.

Nominations to Board of Directors were opened.

A motion was made to adopt the slate as stated. The vote was unanimous and the motion

A list of the 2003-2005 Board of Directors with contact information is listed at the end of these

If any member in good standing is interested in serving on a committee, please contact any Board

General Announcements:
Martha Dale reminded members to please notify the Association of any change of address. Send
this information to the GSPOA post office box (stated on this letterhead).

Invoices for annual dues will be mailed to the membership in March next year. Invoices in the
past were sent in January. The May 31 due date remains unchanged.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Dale, Acting Secretary

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                       GSPOA Board of Directors

        Name                        Email                      Phone
Rick Benson           rick@iris.washington.edu         (206)522-2557 (h)
                                                       (206)547-0393 (w)
                                                       (360)599-1463 (cabin)
Jeff Bissey           jbissey@comcast.net              (206)517-3165 (h)
                                                       (360)599-9387 (cabin)

Sue Ann Croft         sueann@nwpodiatric.com           (360)599-1309 (h)

Martha Dale           hobiedog@earthlink.net           (206)322-5408 (h)
                                                       (360)599-2956 (cabin)

Wayne Hogg            whogg@telus.net                  (604)535-7340 (h)

Jane Miller           jlm@u.washington.edu             (206)937-9177 (h)

Doug Morley           doug_morley@davis.ca             (604)643-2947 (w)

Bob Ridgely           binary@nas.com                   (360)671-3127 (h)

Cassandra Wagenveld   ccwagenwheels@worldnet.att.net   (360)599-1372 (h)

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