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									OO: Catalyst and

        Clinical Professor UCSF/IGOT
       13Dec 2007, Ahmedabad, India
Teaching and Training Model

To identify and train local personnel to
assume the roles of educator and provider
  Teaching/Training Programs

►greater   long lasting
►“multiplier effect”
►self sustaining
“Never doubt that a small
 group of thoughtful,
 committed citizens can
 change the world;
 indeed, it’s the only thing
 that ever has”
            MARGARET MEAD
      Goals of this talk

►Introduce History of
►Describe a Success Story:

►Suggest Collaborative Ways
        History of OO/HVO
►Late 1950s Informal Organizations
►1958 Dr. Allan McElvie + members of
 ABJS began “Orthopaedic Letters Club”
►52 members exchanged “letters”
►“Orthopaedic Letters Club Overseas
 Program” (OLCOP)
         History of OO/HVO
► 1961  McElvie visited Jordan+ Jerusalem
► Asked OLCOP for volunteers
► OLCOP organized overlapping surgeons
► Taken over by Cooperation for American
  Relief Everywhere (CARE)
         History of OO/HVO
► CARE  + MEDICO (Medical International
  Cooperation Organization
► Voluntary, Nonprofit, Nonpolitical,
  Nonsectarian, Nongovernmental Org.
► 1963 Name of OO adopted from OLCOP
► 1973 World Orthopaedic Concern started by
  McElvie (OO is American Chapter)
         History of OO/HVO
► 1981 OO separated from CARE+ MEDICO
► With urging of Dr. Hough + Cobey:
   OO the founding division of HVO
► Over 3700 Volunteers; 5300 assignments
► Many successful programs
  Health Volunteers Overseas

Improving Global Health Through
             HVO MISSION
To improve the quality and
  accessibility of health care in
  developing countries through
  training and education
Focus on local pathologies &
  developing local capacity
Place emphasis on local materials
              Program Areas
►Anesthesia       ►Nursing
►Burn              Education
 Management       ►Oral &
►Dentistry         Maxillofacial
►Hand Surgery
 Medicine         ►Physical
            HVO: a snapshot

►25 countries
►65 programs
►2,600 trainees
►400+ annual
►Only 14 staff
                       HVO Regions

                         Eastern Europe

Central America +
The Caribbean             Africa

       South America
            Focus of Uganda
► USAID’s  Patrick J. Leahy War Victims Fund
► Grant for 8 years to HVO
► 1989 established Uganda educational
  support at Makerere and Mulago Hosp
► Rodney Belcher: Post-graduate course
  leading to M. Med degree in Orthopaedics
            Focus on Uganda
► Started  in 1994 with 3 residents
► Now 31 graduates of the programme
► Half come from neighboring countries
► All but one Ugandan graduate works in
► Currently 13 on teaching staff
► Orthopaedic Outreach Programme
           Focus on Uganda
► HVO   volunteers continue with key teaching,
  training, solidarity roles
► Collaboration with global academia, for
  example UCSF/IGOT
► SIGN- surgical implants and commitment to
  establish trauma system
   Effective Interventions
►Synergy of mission statements
►Academic partnering through
►Teaching/Training/Research model
                 Ways Forward
►   “Orthopedic Surgery and Global Health”
     Sustainable Partnerships
      ►MOH,  Academia, Societies, NGOs, Civil Society,
        WHO, WB, Industry
     Multidisciplinary
     Institution and Systems Building
     Research, Education and Capacity Building
Imagine how many
 people you can touch
when you teach
            HVO MOTTO

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