Becker Traffic Assist Z 203 (PDF) by dfgh4bnmu


									                                                                                                 > Becker Traffic Assist Z 203
                                                                                                   >	4.3‘‚	touch-screen	>	european	navigation	
                                                                                                   >	traffic	patterns	>	bluetooth®	
                                                                                                   >	3D	terrain	view	>	3D	city	maps	>	split-screen	
                                                                                                   >	content	manager	>	internal	4gb	memory	
                                                                                                   >	alternative	petrol	stations

                                                    >	·

                      A legend doesn‘t develop overnight.
                                                It takes 60 years of experience.
                      > Becker History
                      > 1949	 Becker develops Autophone – the first car radio.                     > 2001 Becker Online Pro – combines e-mail, WAP, SMS, navigation,
                                                                                                          telephone, MP3, CD and 2-RDS Tuner in a single system.
                      > 1953	 Becker Mexico – the first car radio
                              with fully automatic station search.                                 > 2003	 Becker Vision Pro – the in-car rear seat entertainment system.
                                                                                                           Becker Monza – the first MP3/CD player with 2-RDS Tuner.
                      > 1963 Becker Monte Carlo – the first solid-state car radio.
                                                                                                   > 2004	 Becker Traffic Pro 7949 – the first unit with speech dialogue
                      > 1969 Becker Europa Stereo – introduction of two-channel reception.
                                                                                                           system for navigation,
                             Becker Mexico Olympia – with integrated Compact Cassette.
                                                                                                           Becker Traffic Pro 7945 with Bluetooth® wireless technology.
                      > 1975		 Becker Mexico – the first car cassette radio with auto-reverse.
                                                                                                   > 2005 Becker Cascade 7944 – with CF card navigation.
                      > 1979	 Becker Mexico Electronic – the first microprocessor-controlled              Becker Traffic Assist – the first mobile navigation system.
                              car radio.
                                                                                                   > 2006	 Becker Traffic Assist Highspeed II and Becker Traffic Assist Pro
                      > 1985		 Becker Mexico Compact Disc – the first car radio                            steer clear of any traffic jam: the enhanced Traffic Assist series
                               with integrated CD player.                                                  sets new standards.
                      > 1987 Becker Mexico Diversity – the first car radio with dual tuners.               Becker Cascade Pro – with SIM Access Profile for making
                                                                                                           phone calls through the car radio.
                      > 1990 Becker develops 2-RDS Diversity Tuner.                                        Becker Mexico 7948 – retro design on the outside,
                      > 1995 Becker Avus and Becker Grand Prix CD receivers –                              high-tech on the inside.
                             the first car radios with digital audio signal processing.            > 2007	 The next generation of portable navigation is on the spot:
                      > 1996 D2B Optical – the world‘s first optical waveguide-based                       including Slim-Line design, video player and Bluetooth®
                             in-car data transmission system.                                              wireless technology.
                             Becker Traffic Star – the first combination                           > 2008 The new dimension of mobile navigation systems
                             car radio/CD player/navigation system.                                       convinces everybody. The Becker Z-series focuses the navigation:
                      > 1999 Becker Traffic Pro – with unlimited navigation in Europe.                    with detailed route list, 3D views and turn-by-turn navigation.

                      > 2000 Traffic Message Channel (TMC) hits the road:
                             Becker Traffic Pro – equipped with TMC via software update.
Technical Data – Becker Traffic Assist Z203
Traffic Patterns:	optimal	route	guidance	based	on	accumulated	traffic	data.	          3D terrain view:	three-dimensional	display	of	the	local	area,	mountains,	

                                                                                                                                                                      sX-0Z203-02-020-0209	•		all	information	is	provided	without	warranty.	technical	specifications	subject	to	change	without	notice.
periodic	trouble	spots	can	thereby	be	avoided	according	to	the	day	and	time	          valleys	and	landscapes.	
of	day.	                                                                              4 alternative routes:	a	choice	of	fastest,	shortest,	optimum	or	easiest	
Adapts to the user: frequently	selected	locations	are	automatically	offered	          route	options	can	be	simultaneously	displayed	and	selected.
as	possible	destinations.	                                                            Traffic sign display:	images	of	traffic	signs	with	city	names	and	directions	
Bluetooth® wireless technology: connection	of	bluetooth®	capable	mobile	              on	european	motorways	are	extremely	helpful,		e.g.	for	frequent	
phones*,	handsfree	profile	1.5,	phonebook	profile,	hands-free	communication,	         motorway	changes.	
exchange	of	telephone	directories                                                     Content Manager:	enables	automatic	configuration	of	navigation	system	
More Points of Interest: alternative	petrol	stations,	camping	grounds,	etc.           with	DvD	(included).	
3D Town Display and 3D tourist sights:	spatial	presentation	of	certain	               Active holder:	power	supply	and	tmc	via	a	standard	mini-usb	connector,	
european	cities.	landmarks	such	as	key	buildings	are	three-dimensionally	             allowing	quick	and	easy	removal	of	the	unit.
represented,	making	route	guidance	simpler	to	grasp	while	easing	spatial	             40:60 split screen with 2D and 3D modes, offering	more	information.
orientation.                                                                          includes	a	progress	bar	regarding	distance.
Text-to-Speech (TTS):	announcement	of	street	names

Destination entry:	alphabet/selection	list,	entry/selection	via	touch-                Included on NAVTEQ Database:	42	european	countries	
screen,	entry	of	postal	code,	8	digital	postal	code,	house	number,	junctions,	        austria,	albania,	andorra,	belarus,	belgium,	bosnia-herzegovina,	
stopovers	and	pois                                                                    bulgaria,	croatia,	czech	republic,	Denmark,	estonia,	finland,	
Points of Interest along the way:	e.g.	petrol	stations	and	rest	areas	on	the	         france,	germany,	gibraltar,	greece,	hungary,	ireland,	italy,	latvia,	
calculated	route                                                                      liechtenstein,	lithuania,	luxembourg,	macedonia,	monaco,	montenegro,	
Destination memory:	memory	for	over	200	fixed	and	previous	destinations               netherlands,	norway,	poland,	portugal,	romania,	russia,	san	marino,	
                                                                                      serbia,	slovakia,	slovenia,	spain,	switzerland,	sweden,	turkey,	uK,	
Route list:	listing	of	individual	road	changes                                        vatican	city.	special	destinations:	airports,	hospitals,	service	stations,	
Route info:	Display	and	announcement	of	time	of	arrival,	destination	                 railway	stations,	hotels,	restaurants,	sports	stadiums	and	many	more
address,	intermediate	destination	address,	travel	time	remaining                      Speed Limit:	graphic	display	of	legal	speed	limits;	acoustic	warning	
Route options (with/avoid/without):	motorways,	toll	roads,	ferries,	                  when	limit	is	exceeded	(adjustable)
dirt	roads,	u-turns                                                                   View:	Day/night	display	for	optimal	legibility,	brightness	manually	
Route selection:	fast	route,	short	route,	best	route,	simple	route	                   adjustable	for	both	day	and	night,	automatic	dimming	of	backlight	
Route calculation:	can	be	selected	according	to	profiles	(normal	car,	fast	           in	tunnels	with	route	guidance	activated,	2D/3D/Zoom,	icon	display	
car,	slow	car,	truck,	motorcycle,	bicycle,	pedestrian)                                of	points	of	interest,	3D	landmarks	(3D	sights),	country-specific	
Route navigation:	country-specific	announcements,	choice	of	languages		               information	at	border	crossings
(bg,	ct,	cZ,	D,	DK,	e,	ee,	f,	fin,	gb,	gr,	hr,	hu,	i,	lt,	lv,	n,	p,	pl,	ro,	ru,	s,	   TMC:	dynamic	route	guidance	with	tmc	austria,	belgium,	Denmark,	
sK,	slo,	srb,	tr,	ua,	vlaams)                                                         germany,	the	netherlands,	spain,	sweden	and	switzerland.	access	
Turn-by-turn navigation:	navigation	instructions	displayed	with	arrows.	              to	tmc	information	without	active	route	guidance.	when	traffic	jam	
improved	readability	for	two-wheel	vehicles.                                          avoidance	is	possible,	an	alternative	route	is	displayed	for	selection.
Lane info:	lane	assistance	(guidance	for	recommended	lane)

> HARDWARE                                                                            > MEDiA PlAyER
Performance:	400	mhz	processor                                                        Picture viewer:	picture	viewer,	slide	show	
Memory:	internal	2	gb	flash	memory		                                                  picture	formats:	Jpg,	bmp
with	42	european	countries	pre-installed                                              MP3 /Video player:	display	of	elapsed	track	time,	directories,	
GPS:	sirf	iii	gps	receiver                                                            iD-3	tags	(title	and	artist)		
                                                                                      compression	formats:	mp3,	wav,	ogg,	mpeg-4	part2
Automatic On/Off:	unit	turns	on	and	off	with	ignition	switch		
(vehicles	with	switched	cigarette	lighter	only)                                       Special feature: simultaneous	navigation	announcements	and	music	
Display:	4.3-inch	tft	touch-screen	16:9	with	24	bit	colour	depth,		
16.7	million	colours.
Dimensions: 125	mm	x	82,5	mm	x	18,7	mm		(w	x	h	x	D)                                   > connEcTions/oTHER
Weight: 197	g                                                                         Connections:	external	gps	connection,	headphone	jack,		
                                                                                      connection	cable	for	cigarette	lighter	socket	(12	v/24	v),		
> PAckAgE conTEnTs                                                                    connection	for	docking	station
                                                                                      USB: mini	usb,	chargeable	by	mini	usb	interface		
traffic	assist	Z	203,	active	holder,	universal	mounting	system,	                      or	cigarette	lighter
usb	cable	for	pc	connection,	a	12v/24v	cigarette	lighter	charging	                    Micro-SD card slot
cable	with	integrated	tmc	antenna,	content	manager	DvD	incl.	map	data	
(42	countries)	and	full	instruction	manual,	Quick	start	instruction	manual
                                                                                      > oPTionAl
                                                                                      110	–	230	v	battery	charger,	bag

>	>

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