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					City of La Mirada

13700 La Mirada Blvd.
La Mirada, CA 90638
P.O. Box 828
CA, 90637-0828

Phone (562) 943-0131             Fax (562) 943-3666

City Council E-Mail:

                               MAYOR STEVE JONES
                               CITY OF LA MIRADA

                               Mayor Steve Jones was elected to the La Mirada City Council on March 2, 1999
                               and re-elected on March 4, 2003, March 6, 2007, and March 8, 2011 and served
                               as Mayor in 2002-03 and 2007-08. A former teacher at La Mirada High School,
                               Mayor Jones’ classes included U.S. History and Economics. He was selected
                               “Teacher of the Year” for the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District in
                               1993. In June of 2008, he retired after 36 years in public education.

                               Mayor Jones served on the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission from June
                               1981 to June 1988 and June 1996 until he was elected to the City Council in
                               March of 1999. He served as Chairman of that Commission in 1998-1999. He was
                               also a member of the City’s Historical Commission from June 1994 to June

                               Mayor Jones is a member of the La Mirada Kiwanis Club and served as a
                               sponsor of the La Mirada High School Key Club. He has long served as an
advisor to La Mirada’s Youth-In-Government program and received the City of La Mirada’s “Volunteers in
Action Award” in 1997.
Mayor Jones holds an Associate of Arts degree from Cerritos College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in History
from Biola University, and a Master of Arts in History from California State University, Fullerton. He has
been a resident of La Mirada since 1955. He and his wife, Janis, have two sons, Bryce and Bryan.
                               MAYOR PRO TEM GABE GARCIA
                               CITY OF LA MIRADA

                               Mayor Pro Tem Gabe Garcia was elected to the La Mirada City Council on March
                               4, 2009. He has been actively involved in the community. He was elected to
                               the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District’s Board of Education from
                               1993-2005. He also served on the Southeast Regional Occupation Program
                               (R.O.P.), which provided vocational education and training for the students
                               of Norwalk-La Mirada and ABC Unified School Districts. Councilmember Garcia
                               is a former member of the City of La Mirada’s Public Safety Commission and
                               Planning Commission.

                               Mayor Pro Tem Garcia works as the Director of Parks and Community Services
                               for a Southern California city and also serves as a reserve police officer
                               for a local community. He has worked 28 years for public agencies in various
                               capacities, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He has a
strong passion for student education, public safety, and quality of life for all our residents.
Mayor Pro Tem Garcia and his wife, Maria, have been married since June 1987 and have two children, Paul and
Cristina. Paul attends Fullerton Junior College and Cristina is a senior at La Mirada High School.
Councilmember Garcia is active in his parish of Beatitudes Church. He is also a season ticket holder and
avid Dodgers fan, enjoys traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

                               COUNCILMEMBER STEVE DE RUSE
                               CITY OF LA MIRADA
Councilmember Steve De Ruse was elected to the La Mirada City Council on March 8, 2011. He works as a senior
pastor at First Baptist Church of Artesia after serving nearly 13 years as a senior pastor at a church in La
Mirada. He has been a small business owner, track coach for John Glenn High School, television program host,
radio guest commentator, and featured speaker at Men’s ministry conferences.

Councilmember De Ruse served on the City’s Community Services Commission from November 2006    to March 2011.
He served as Chairman of that commission from August 2008 through August 2010. Councilmember   De Ruse also
served on the Citizen Task Force on City Finances and Operations from November 2009 to April   2010.
Councilmember De Ruse is a member of the La Mirada Clergy Council and served as President of   that
organization from 2001 to 2005. He is also a member of the La Mirada Chamber of Commerce and   the Rotary Club,
where he currently serves as President.

Councilmember De Ruse holds a Master’s Degree in Theology and a Doctor of Ministry Degree both from Fuller
Theological Seminary in Pasadena. Councilmember De Ruse has been a resident of La Mirada since 1976. He and
his wife, Mary Ann, have been married for 41 years and have two daughters, Adrienne and Elaine.

                              COUNCILMEMBER LAWRENCE P. MOWLES
                              CITY OF LA MIRADA

                              Councilmember Lawrence P. Mowles was elected to the La Mirada City Council on
                              March 8, 2011. Councilmember Mowles has worked in the insurance industry for
                              over 30 years.

                              Councilmember Mowles served on the City’s Planning Commission from May 2009
to March 2011. He was a member of the City’s Public Safety Commission from May 2007 to May 2009. He was
also a member of the City’s Community Services Commission from November 2000 to June 2007.

Councilmember Mowles is a founding member of the La Mirada Community Services Foundation where he served
from August 1999 to May 2007. He served as the Foundation President from November 2000 to June 2007. While
serving as a member of the Foundation, he was responsible for the operation of the “4 La Mirada Kids”
Carnival, which raises funds for youth programs and community organizations.

Councilmember Mowles served as a member of the Citizen Task Force on City Finances and Operations from
November 2009 to April 2010. He received the City of La Mirada’s “Volunteers in Action Award” in 2008.

Councilmember Mowles is a member of the La Mirada Lions Club. He has been a resident of La Mirada for over
35 years. He and his wife, Paula, have four grown children and eight grandchildren.

                               COUNCILMEMBER SUSAN TRIPP
                               CITY OF LA MIRADA

                               Councilmember Susan Tripp was elected to the La Mirada City Council on March
                               6, 2001 and re-elected on March 8, 2005 and on March 3, 2009. She served as
                               Mayor from March 2004 to March 2005 and from March 2009 to March 2010.

                               Prior to 2001, Councilmember Tripp earned two La Mirada Volunteers in Action
                               Awards for Innovative Leadership. As a community volunteer, she served as
                               Board Member for Musical Theatre West and the Chamber of Commerce. As a La
                               Mirada volunteer, she served on the Communitywide Drug and Gang Task Force,
                               as Public Safety Commission Chair, Disaster Preparedness Steering Committee
                               Co-Chair, and Neighborhood Watch Advisory Council Chair. Councilmember Tripp
has been a school mentor and Sponsored Youth Coordinator for the La Mirada Kiwanis Club, earning the NLM
Superintendent’s Community Award in 2004.

Councilmember Tripp has been the Marketing and Education Committee Chair for Greater L.A. County Vector
Control, a Los Angeles County Sanitation District Trustee, Southeast Area Social Services Funding Authority
(SASSFA) Board Chair, California Contract Cities Delegate, and Gateway Cities Council of Governments (COG)

Councilmember Tripp earned her BA and Lifetime California Teaching Credential at San Jose State University,
and completed a MS in Psychology in 2008. She is a columnist for Universal Syndicated Press and writes for Councilmember Tripp is founder and president of the non-profit, Positive Pet
Parenting Saves Lives that puts free ECourses into homes with pet adoptions from shelters and rescue groups
to help prevent pet abuse, neglect, and surrender due to behavior issues. She is co-author of Animal
Behavior Network ECourses, EBooks and Web Library Topics. She and her husband, Rolan sold the La Mirada
Animal Hospital in 1999 after ten years of business ownership to begin their current business of providing
pet behavior education and services to veterinary hospitals nationwide through www.AnimalBehavior.Net.

Councilmember Tripp is an ordained Elder and also enjoys singing in the choir at Community Presbyterian
Church of La Mirada. Her son, Dan, graduated from La Pluma Elementary, Brethren Christian School, and La
Mirada High School before joining the Air Force in 1997 as a firefighter. Dan served two tours of duty, in
Kuwait and Iraq, before retiring from the Air Force in 2007. Dan is currently a civil service firefighter
and Lieutenant at Grissom ARB in Indiana. Dan’s wife, Michelle, is a third generation La Miradan. Dan and
Michelle have two sons, Tyler and Bradley.

City Manager

Thomas E. Robinson joined the La Mirada staff as Community Resources Manager in 1985 and served as Community
Services Director from 2001 until the time of his appointment as Acting City Manager in August 2008. Mr.
Robinson was appointed City Manager in September 2008. He began his career in municipal government in 1972,
and performed administrative duties for the cities of Cerritos and Commerce.

As Community Services Director, Mr. Robinson was responsible for a budget of approximately $7,200,000. He
directed all parks and recreation programs and facilities, social service programs, communications
activities and transportation services. Robinson was instrumental in the development of the City’s
Community Services Master Plan and the Social Services Model Plan. He was actively involved in the
development of the Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center.

He has also administered a variety of other City programs during his tenure with the City of La Mirada.
These programs include: code enforcement, community development projects, housing, franchise administration,
intergovernmental relations, public information, public safety, redevelopment, risk management, solid waste
management and special projects.

Robinson has been recognized by the California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO). The
award recognizes exceptional service and career achievement by public communicators.

Robinson holds a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from
California State University, Long Beach.

He is a member of the American Society for Public Administration, an accredited member of the Public
Relations Society of America, and a member and former president of the Rotary Club of La Mirada.

Community Services Commission
Person                     Role
Susan Savage               Chairperson
Martin Sandoval            Vice Chairperson
Rebecca Cline              Commissioner
Stephen DeRuse             Commissioner
Dr. Lance Williams         Commissioner
Michael Saenz              Athletic Council Representative
Lillian King               Senior Council Representative
Dr. Rick Bee               Community Services Foundation Representative
Ariana Ricarte             Youth Council Representative
Judie Peters               Historical Preservation Advisory Council (HPAC) Representative

Meetings: First Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m.   Meetings are open to the public.

The Community Services Commission is responsible for developing recommendations to improve the quality of
life in the community regarding social, recreational and cultural needs and programs. For an application
please contact City Hall at (562) 943-0131.

Planning Commission
Person                                               Role
Ron Boatright                                        Chairperson
Doug Francis                                         Vice Chairperson
David DeBoer                                         Commissioner
Larry Mowles                                         Commissioner
Alejandro Ponce                                      Commissioner

Meetings: Third Thursday of each month, 6:30 p.m.    Meetings are open to the public.
Established: July 7, 1962

The Commission’s responsibilities and authority are in accordance with the Conservation and Planning laws
as related to general law cities, except as may be otherwise authorized by and set forth in specific City
Ordinances. The Commission receives and expeditiously acts on all special project assignments made by the
City Council and submits reports and recommendations to the City Council on these assignments.

Public Safety
Person                                                  Role
Kenny Ratzlaff                                          Chairperson
Joseph T. Gibbons                                       Vice Chairperson
Edward Medrano                                          Commissioner
Alan Nichols                                            Commissioner
Jesse Urquidi                                           Commissioner

Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each month, 6:30 p.m.    Meetings are open to the public.
Established: May 26, 1976

The Commission assigns studies, makes reports, holds hearings, and makes recommendations to the City Council
on matters relating to public safety in the City. Major areas of responsibility of the Commission include:
planning and preparation for a program of civil defense and disaster; problems of traffic safety as related
to traffic and pedestrian control; and adequacy of police, fire, and health services.

Senior Council
Members                                                     Members                      Alternates
Lillian King - President                                    Larry McCollum               Lois Nelson
Mariann Hampton - Vice President                            Judie Peters                 Lynda Strait
Barbara Epps                                                Peggy Roman
Edna Gaarde                                                 Marlene Olsen
Martha Ortiz

Meetings: Fourth Wednesday, 10 a.m.   Meetings are open to the public.

The Senior Council consists of 16 members and alternate members including 4 members selected at-large from
the community. The Senior Council deals with issues such as planning senior recreation activities and
programs, enhancing senior social services, developing community safety, technology, and mentoring programs,
distributing public information, and expanding community events.

Youth Council
Mission Statement: "We the members of the La Mirada Youth Council are here to represent all youth of La
Mirada. We will strive to involve more young people in the community and make them aware of opportunities
that are available. We also commit to helping unite people of all ages so that we may better understand one
another and work together in making our city a better place for everyone."
Members                              Members at Large                                  Alternates
Ariana Ricarte - President           Caitlyn Cappadona - Vice President                Garrett Yniguez
Sam Khatter                           Branden Estrada
Priscilla Lee                         Hannah Genberg
Emily Rader

Meetings: Last Wednesday monthly, 6:30 p.m.   Meetings are open to the public.

The Youth Council consists of 13 primary members (4 at-large, 9 school representatives, and nine alternates
all serving one-year terms expiring in October. They meet the last Wednesday of each of month at 6:30 p.m.
in the La Mirada Resource Center.) The Youth Council works on creating a Youth Master Plan, planning youth
recreation activities, expanding programs and facilities, school and campus safety, technology, mentoring
programs career enhancement programs, public information social services and community events.

Community Services Foundation
Person                                                            Role
Dr. Rick Bee                                                      President
Dr. Steven Smith                                                  Vice President
Jeff Duhamel                                                      Member
Steve Keithly                                                     Member
Karen Ratzlaff                                                    Member
Vacant                                                            Member
Dr. Ray Yutani                                                    Member

Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of each month, 7:00 p.m.   Meetings are open to the public.

For more information regarding the Community Services Foundation click here

Historical Preservation Advisory Council
Person                                                        Role
Judie Peters                                                  President
Myllie Taylor                                                 Vice President
Mary Abbott                                                   Member
Richard Eggan                                                 Member
Ann Moorman-Ferris                                            Member
Marlene Olsen                                                 Member
Gail Pearch                                                   Member
Dr. C. David Peters                                           Member

Meetings: Second Thursday of each month, 4:30p.m. Meetings are open to the public.
Meetings are held at La Mirada City Hall in Conference Room #1

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