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					Chan Sui Ki(La Salle)College
  Integrated Humanities
     Project Learning
      F.2D Group 5
     The four famous
      food in China
Why we choose this topic?
1.   It is because a lot of people love to eat
     the four famous food.
2.   The food only can find in China.
3.   Each food has different special
1.   The four famous food   P.3-10
     & their making method.
2.   Survey result          P.11-15
3.   Feelings
1.   As early as in the North Song Dynasty, dumpling was already
     the extremely popular folk snack.
2.   Dumpling become a famous food in the world.
3.   The first restaurant called First Building is well-known to all
     Chinese, it started at 1920.
The method of making dumpling
Ingredients:                 Method:
   1 big floodgate crab     1.  Put some water into the bread
    (approximately 5 tael)       flour. Stir the flour until it
   1 tael fat beef              becomes a dough.
   6 tael meats             2.  Rub the dough and put it into
   1 onion                      the fridge for 15 minutes.
   2 tael water             3.  Mix the fat beef, lean meat and
                                 crab together. Add onion and
   2 money oils                 ginger.
   4 tael bread flour       4.  Rub the dough to become thin
   1 tael muscles surface       pieces. Add the stuffing on the
                                 dough piece and wrap it.
     Roast meat
1.    When Su Dongpo was being a governor in Hang Zhou,
      he paid a lot of time to look for it. The farm had a big
      harvest, so the farmers gave Su Dongpo the pigs.
2.    Su Dongpo received a lot of meat. He cut them become a
      cube, then burnt it until red.
3.    He went to every farmer's family and sent the hot red
      meat to the farmers.
4.    It was a good year and Su Dongpo gave them meat. They
      were all very happy so they called these hot red meat
      “Roast Meat”.
The method of doing roast meat

   streaky pork: 600 male grams   1. Season the meat with soy sauce
    (select block)                     and wine.
   onion: 5                       2. Tie up the meat with grass rope.
   Jiang Pien: 2 pieces
                                   3. Put the onion, the ginger and
    star anises: 2 pieces
                                       some water into the pot, boil
    soy sauce: 1 cup
                                       them for 30 minutes.
   crystal sugar: 3 big spoons
   shaoxing wines: 300cc          4. Put the pork into the pot.
   salad oil: 3 big spoons        5. Add crystal sugar into the pot.
   clear water: 6 cups            Cook it for 30 minutes serve hot.
1.   The Peking noodles was found at Xi Chuan.
2.   Long time ago, peddlers were holding a
     shoulder pole and sold noodles to people.
3.   Because the price was cheap, so poor people
     could eat too.
The method of making Peking noodles
Ingredient:                           Steps:
   Noodles         40 male gram      1. Mix the ingredients like a glop.
   At the end of rutabaga            2. Put the noodles in the boiling water
                   2 small spoon          to boil thoroughly
   sesame jam.. 1 big spoon          3. Put the fish into the bowl to mix
                                          evenly with the material, then
   minced green onion... Little          supplies the food.
   crushed garlic 1 small spoon
   Salt           1 small spoon
   monosodium glutamate
                    1/2 small spoon
   sugar          1/2 small spoon
   vinegar        2 small spoon
   colored ground pepper
                   1 small spoon
   lard
                   1 small spoon
    soup stock     1big spoon
     Peking ducks
1.    It is an old northern food.
2.    During the south Song Dynasty, people sold it but it was
      called Broiled duck.
3.    Ming Dynasty, the Broiled duck was sent to palace and
      Broiled duck was renamed as Peking ducking.
4.    A Peking duck restaurant was opened in Beijing called
      Cheap restaurant at 1855.
5.    A restaurant called 全聚德 made Peking duck become
The method of making Peking duck
                                       1.  Clean the duck.
‧ a duck (approximately 2,250 grams)
                                       2.  Put some malt sugar on the
‧ malt sugar 10 grams                      duck skin.
‧ sweet sauce 1 small dish             3.  Hang the duck in a ventilating
                                       4.  Dry it under the sun.
                                       5.  Put the duck into the oven.
                                       6.  Peel the duck skin into small
                                       7.  Serve it with dough pieces.
     In order to understand the eating experience of our
     schoolmates, we asked them to do our survey, the
     questions are:
1.   Have you ever tried Dumping?
2.   Have you ever tried roast meat?
3.   Have you ever tried Peking noodles ?
4.   Have you ever tried Peking ducks?
5.   Which of the followings do you like best?
6.   With the same amount, do you know which of the following is the most
7.   Do you know where can eat these food in Hong Kong?

     A. restaurant B. fast food C. others
The question result of no.1 to 4
We added the first to forth              How many student tried these food?
 question become a
 chart.                       dumpin
                                        roast meat                noodle    Peking ducks

                                  30                   17              24             27

                                         how many student tried these food

Conclusion: We found that         15
  many students tried              5
  dumping.                         0
                                       dumping       roast   peking    peking
                                                     meat    noodles   ducks
The question result of no.5
Question 5 is “Which of the
     followings do you like best?”                             18
Result: Most students like                                     14
     dumping.                                                  10
            The food that students like best                    2
                                                                    dumping    roast meat      pecking noodles   pecking ducks
dumping   roast meat   pecking noodles         pecking ducks
                                                                              The food that students like best

     16            2                   4                   7
The question result of no.6
Conclusion:                     Students think that most expensive
                                               dishes is
  The answer told us that
  most students think that   dumping                                   6               15.00%
  Peking duck is most        roast meat                                6               20.70%
  expensive.                 Peking noodle                             0                    0.00%
                             Peking duck                             19                65.50%
                                          Students think that most expensive dishes is...

                                                                                             roast meat
                                                                                             peking noodle
                                                                                             peking duck
The question result of no. 7
Do you know where can eat                             Result: Most schoolmates know
   these food in Hong Kong?                             restaurants can eat these
A. restaurant B. fast food C. others

  Students think that these food can be eaten in …           20
 restaurant             fastfood             others           0
                                                                  restaurant   fastfood   others
    23                     2                    4
                                                                  think that
Group leader: Yeung Hoi Yin (37)
    This project is very interesting because it is my first time to do a
     project seriously. My group had a lot of suggestions that made
     me very confused. At last we can finish on time I feel very happy.
Secretary: Kwan Tsz Ching (13)
    I thought I was very happy in this project. Although I did not
     have times to work whih another teammates. But I still felt I
     have learned many things in this project. The teammates were
     very friendly.
Treasurer: Hui Hong Chuen (12)
     In this project I can know that „The four famous food in China ‟.
     When I was a child, I don‟t know the four famous in China . After
     I do this project, I know how to make these food and I can learn
     how to do the things with other easily. I have experienced a lot
     of fun in this project too.
Data collector: Au Alvin (1)
     I think this I.H. project is very good for our study and our
    friendship. Also I have learned some things about four kinds of
    Chinese famous food. I hope that our project will get high mark,
    because we have put much time on it. I hope we can do better
    next year.
I.T. supporter: Chan Man Chun (3)
    I have learned a lot of things such as how to treat my teammates.
    This is a variable experience. I also hope that I can handle the
    things better after this project. The teammates were very friendly.
Artist: Yu Ho Fung (39)
     In this I.H. project, I‟m very happy. Because I have learned many
    things about Chinese food and PowerPoint. In this I.H. project,
    I‟m an artist. So I always used PowerPoint , so I can know more
    about computer.
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1.   http://hk.yahoo.com
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3.   http://world.altavista.com/tr

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