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              From Mr. Kash and Mrs. Smith
Here are the things you should be working on to ensure that the college
application process runs smoothly for you:
In no particular order:
   1. You should have taken an SAT or ACT this Spring. If you have not,
      please visit www.collegeboard.org or www.actstudent.org and be
      sure that you register for the October test. If you need to take Subject
      Tests, make sure you register for those as well. Many of the more
      competitive schools require subject tests. It is your responsibility to
      find out if the schools you are applying to require them. Make sure
      you enter our school code (331095) on your registration so we get
      your scores. You should also check to see if any of the schools you
      plan on applying to require that your scores be sent directly to the
   2. Please look at the common application website
      (www.commonapp.org) to see if the schools you are interested in
      applying to are members. If you are applying to multiple schools that
      use the common app, it will probably save you a lot of time to go this
      route. There is a practice form you can view, and you can actually
      start applying on August 1st.
   3. If you have not started visiting colleges, this summer is a good time to
      do so. It is always a good idea to ask if you can get a free application
      for making a visit. However, keep in mind that the SUNY schools
      and the Ivy League, among others, do not give free apps for visiting.
      Many smaller, private liberal arts colleges do give free applications,
      so it doesn’t hurt to ask.
   4. You should begin working on your resume. There is a sample resume
      on the sjci.com website. Go to the guidance section of the website
      and click on helpful forms+links to access the resume. It is a word
      document, so you can type right on it and save it to your flash drive.
      You don’t have to use our form, but we do provide it in the event that
      you need a starting point. You should include all high school
      activities, not just SJCI ones.
   5. Start working on your essay!!!! We will offer some writing
      workshops in the fall, but you should start a rough draft. You can
      email either one of us this summer if you would like for us to help you
      edit what you have done. Your English teachers are generally happy
      to help you edit essay as well. The current senior handbook is online
      on the guidance page under “helpful forms+links” and is titled senior
      handbook. Pages 19-21 have some information on essay writing.
      Some websites you may want to visit regarding the college essay

   6. There are other useful sections in the senior handbook that you may
      also want to begin perusing. Mrs. Smith edits this during the summer,
      so you can review it now, but check back in mid-August for any date
   7. Think about which teachers you would like to ask for
      recommendations. Typically, colleges want two teachers and a
      counselor or administrator. You will need to give your resume to
      each teacher who will write a recommendation for you. Some schools
      have specific requirements, such as recommendations from Math and
      Science teachers if you are majoring in Engineering, etc. Please be
      sure to check the schools you plan to apply to so you can be sure you
      are getting recommendations from the right teachers. It is best to ask
      teachers who taught you in your junior year, or, a teacher you may
      have had as an underclassmen but has also been your coach or club
   8. Working papers and other documents are available from the guidance
      secretary, Mrs. Kania, who works limited hours in the summer. You
      should contact her at 874-5585 or pkania@sjci.com to arrange a
      mutually convenient time to stop in the office.

   The best way to contact us this summer is through email. We will email
   you back, or call you, if you leave us a phone number.
   Mrs. Smith ksmith@sjci.com
   Mr. Kash dkash@sjci.com

Please, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us!!!!
Have a great summer!

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