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                                Modern Dental Assisting
                                     10th Edition

PART 1 The Dental Assisting Profession

1 History of Dentistry – NEW! Coverage of African Americans in dentistry

2 The Professional Dental Assistant – EXPANDED! Coverage of educational requirements and career

3 The Dental Healthcare Team

4 Dental Ethics

5 Dentistry and the Law

PART 2 Sciences in Dentistry

6 General Anatomy – NEW! Coverage of stem cell research and its application to dentistry

7 General Physiology

8 Oral Embryology and Histology

9 Head and Neck Anatomy

10 Landmarks of the Face and Oral Cavity

11 Overview of the Dentitions

12 Tooth Morphology

PART 3 Oral Health and Prevention of Dental Disease

13 Dental Caries – NEW! Coverage of caries detection devices, including a procedure on the use of this
device; NEW! Information on CAMBRA and evidence-based practice

14 Periodontal Disease

15 Preventive Dentistry – NEW! Artwork throughout; procedure on the application of fluoride varnish;
information on fluoride in bottled water, as well as recommendations and therapies; content on oral
health care in infants and young children

16 Nutrition – NEW! Information about Healthy People 2010 and 2020 priority areas, content about
Canadian food guide, disparities in nutrition among racial and ethnic populations, and food labeling

17 Oral Pathology
PART 4 Infection Prevention in Dentistry

18 Microbiology – NEW! Coverage of H1N1 flu virus and MRSA

19 Disease Transmission and Infection Prevention – NEW! Artwork throughout and information on the
use of high-tech equipment, as well a rare case of patient-to-patient transmission of hepatitis B virus

20 Principles and Techniques of Disinfection – NEW! Coverage of green infection control and inclusion
of OSAP’s 2010 surface disinfectant products chart

21 Principles and Techniques of Instrument Processing and Sterilization

PART 5 Occupational Health and Safety

22 Regulatory and Advisory Agencies – NEW! Content on the Public Health Agency of Canada and
expanded information on the ADA; NEW! Images of ADA Seal and OSAP logos

23 Chemical and Waste Management

24 Dental Unit Waterlines

25 Ergonomics

PART 6 Patient Information and Assessment

26 The Patient Record – NEW! Artwork throughout and information on patient forms

27 Vital Signs – NEW! Procedures on taking a patient’s pulse oximetry and ECG

28 Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning – NEW! Procedure with images of extraoral and intraoral

29 The Special Needs and Medically Compromised Patient – NEW! Content on special disorders and
clinical considerations of the medically compromised patient; NEW! Content on eating disorders,
bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and PTSD

30 Principles of Pharmacology

31 Assisting in a Medical Emergency

PART 7 Foundation of Clinical Dentistry

32 The Dental Office – NEW! Images of the modernized dental office

33 Delivering Dental Care

34 Dental Hand Instruments

35 Dental Handpieces and Accessories

36 Moisture Control – UPDATED! Artwork for procedures
37 Anesthesia and Pain Control

{NOTE: The following statement applies to all of the radiography section.}

FULLY UPDATED! Complete incorporation of digital imaging and associated artwork and terminology

PART 8 Radiographic Imaging

38 Foundations of Radiography, Radiographic Equipment, and Radiation Safety – NEW! Artwork

39 Digital Imaging, Dental Film, and Processing Radiographs – NEW! Content on digital imaging

40 Legal Issues, Quality Assurance, and Infection Prevention – NEW! Artwork throughout; NEW!
Procedures on infection control with digital sensors and phosphor storage plates; NEW! Content on
procedures to follow during and after x-ray exposure

41 Intraoral Imaging – NEW! Artwork throughout; NEW! Content on digital imaging, including patient

42 Extraoral Imaging – NEW! Artwork throughout

PART 9 Dental Materials

43 Restorative and Esthetic Dental Materials – NEW! Content on tooth whitening, shade selection,
composite resins, and the use of glass ionomers

44 Dental Liners, Bases, and Bonding Systems – NEW! Content on dental etchants

45 Dental Cements

46 Impression Materials

47 Laboratory Materials and Procedures – NEW! Content and procedure on the taking of a face bow

PART 10 Assisting in Comprehensive Dental Care

48 General Dentistry

49 Matrix Systems for Restorative Dentistry

50 Fixed Prosthodontics – NEW! Procedure and content on assisting in a CAD/CAM restoration

51 Provisional Coverage

52 Removable Prosthodontics – NEW! Procedure on repairing a fractured denture and content on
denture adjustment

53 Dental Implants
54 Endodontics

55 Periodontics – NEW! Content on periodontal probes, hand scaling, and ultrasonic scaling

56 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

57 Pediatric Dentistry

58 Coronal Polishing

59 Dental Sealants – NEW! Content and artwork on how sealants work, microabrasion, prevention of
sealant problems, and the pros and cons of chemical and light-cured sealants

60 Orthodontics

PART 11 Dental Administration and Communication Skills

61 Communication in the Dental Office – NEW! Artwork throughout; EXPANDED content on conflict
among co-workers

62 Business Operating Systems – NEW! Artwork throughout

63 Financial Management in the Dental Office – NEW! Artwork throughout

64 Marketing Your Skills – EXPANDED content on location of employment opportunities




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