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					The matte finish luxurious leather blazers are fabulous and you cannot resist yourself
from purchasing it. If you are utterly fond of leather clothing, then go for the best brands
that offer pure leather without adulteration with synthetic rexine. The prices are definitely
high due to the superior quality material with which it is made up of. They are usually
made from animal skin and the texture varies according to the raw material used. Leather
blazers come primarily in two colors, viz, black and brown. Both the shades are equally
stunning although black is the hallmark of a classy leather blazer. In this article, men's
leather blazer, you will come to know the premium brands and their features.

Leather Blazers for Men

Designer leather blazers for men have been introduced by the fashion industry that are
highly elegant and sporty. A combination of formal and casual approach suits every
occasion. You can check out the designs of Polo Ralph Lauren from their website. Apart
from the jet black color you can also look for the brown leather blazers for men, that
come in shades of brown ranging from a rich texture to light hues.

BGSD Men's Classic Lambskin Leather Blazer
The classy blazer comes in various patterns, amongst which the single, double and triple
buttoned blazers are the most sought after designs. Made from pure lambskin, the texture
is rich having high-end finishing. It comes in three colors, black, brown and cognac with
the same pattern. It has a button fly closure with two/three buttons. The patch pockets and
the flap pockets look stylish. The blazer also has interior pockets for holding cell phones,
pens and wallets. BGSD Men's One-Button Lambskin Leather Blazer, BGSD Men's
Classic Two-Button Lambskin Leather Blazer and Men's Classic Three-Button Lambskin
Leather Blazer are three variations of blazers. The price ranges from US $100-US $200.
The suede finish leather blazer is equally stylish. For this, you can check out BGSD
Men's Classic Two-Button Suede Leather Blazer.

Roper Lamb Leather Blazer
If you are looking for a cheaper investment on men's leather blazer, then opt for Roper
Men's Lambskin Leather Blazer. The size varies according to men's height and they come
in regular and tall fashion. The rich brown leather blazers of men from Roper's look
gorgeous and they are lined with polyester satin. Unlike other leather blazers, this
material is quite sleek and light. The peaked western yokes are designed from both front
and back that add a different style to the blazers. The velcro pockets are subtly designed
and they are quite spacious. The classic fit of this outfit makes it so lovable among men.
The starting price is US $100.

Scully Men's Lamb Leather Blazer
Scully's blazers have been popular since 1906. The blazers can be described in one word,
handsome! Made up of extremely superior quality of lambskin leather, the blazers come
in regular, big and tall sizes. The blazers have acetate lining and are equipped with a
center back vent. The luxurious apparel is not doubt pricey and is worth purchasing.
Other features of Scully's leather blazer are, inside chest pockets, back western yokes,
front pockets and button closures. The most highly acclaimed colors are jet black and
black cherry. You can look for these designs in their outlets or websites, Scully Black
Lamb Leather Blazer (regular, tall), Scully Whipstitch Lambskin Leather Blazer and
Scully Black Cherry Lamb Leather Blazer (regular, tall). The prices are US $249.99 and
US $279.99, respectively. The Scully Ostrich Trim Leather Blazer is priced at US


        Cripple Creek Leather Blazer
        Diesel Jassim Leather Blazer
        Classic Western Style New Zealand Lambskin Blazer
        Hand Tooled Leather Blazer
        Classic Men's 2 Button Leather Blazer
        Versace Collection Leather Blazer
        Ralph Lauren Bronze Genuine Leather Sport Coat

I hope you have found out this guide on men's leather blazer useful enough. You can
avail these brands either from their shopping sites of walk directly into their stores.
During winters and festive seasons, they hold sales, where you can purchase the garments
at discounted prices.
By Saptakee Sengupta

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