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Medallion Rug Gallery represents the history, present, and future of high quality handmade rugs. Located in Palo Alto, California, Medallion Rug Gallery showcases one of the world's largest collections of hand-woven rugs, Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs and other types of Handmade Rugs.

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          Medallion Rug
 Timelessness with understated

 elegance is Wheeler Design

 Group’s mission. Medallion Rug

 Gallery is in total sync adding

 their knowledge

  and expertise.

 Marian Wheeler, ASID, Miller /
 Dolezal Design Group
                                   Medallion Rug
 Furnishing a home can be a

  challenging yet rewarding

  experience. With the great

  assistance of Medallion’s staff,

  finding the ideal rugs for my

  home was not only easy, but

  fun. I love my new rugs!

Robert, San Francisco                Medallion Rug
 All of our designers choose to work

  with Medallion Rug Gallery. They

  are extremely knowledgeable about

  their vast selection of beautiful

  rugs. The staff is responsive,

  reliable and treats our clients with

  the utmost care.

Robert W. Miller, Wheeler Design
                                         Medallion Rug
 I will not buy my rugs

  anywhere else. I always find

  exactly what I’m looking for at

  Medallion. Plus, they allow me

  to exchange rugs when I

  redecorate or if I move. I wish

  buying all my furnishings was

  as easy as this.

Mary, San Jose                      Medallion Rug
 I invariably turn to Medallion

  Rug Gallery because of the

  unmatched quality of their

  exquisite carpets, which they

  find in every corner of the world,

  allowing me to assist my clients

  in finding what is uniquely

  suited for their environments.

Mary Linn Coldiron, Coldiron Interiors
                                         Medallion Rug
 I never knew how much a handmade rug

  could enliven a room until I started

  working with Medallion Rugs. Not only

  did they have the patience to educate me

  about this great craft, but they would show

  me a variety of different options…all of

  which were beautiful. I now own my first

  handmade rug and I enjoy it every day.

Ashley, Atherton
                                             Medallion Rug
 Medallion Rug Gallery’s

  outstanding level of

  service is consistent

  with the quality of their

Mauricio Sanchez, Interior Designer

                                      Medallion Rug
 I recently remodeled my entire

   home and furnished it

   throughout with rugs from

   Medallion Area Rugs. I couldn’t be

   happier. The rugs bring the entire

   interior of the house together,

   creating the warm feeling I was

   aiming for. Thanks for your help,

                                        Medallion Rug
John and Lindsey, Los Altos Hills                       /
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