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Regina d'Italia Miele

By Elena Miano
Photo by Sheila McKinnon

We met in the heart of Milan.
She is here because her honey is already a success and is sought after by many of the city’s top outlets
and hotels.

It was here, on this spectacular terrace, that Sheila McKinnon captured, in photographic terms, the spirit
of this wonderful woman. Her passion for life is infectious. “I must tell you about when I met the bees. It
was quite extraordinary.” Denise du Chene de Vère does not hold with formalities, and she addresses
me like a long-lost friend. It would require certainly more time than we have available to hear about her
life as a top model, and then her career in theatre and in film. She cuts to the quick by stating that she
was born in Cagliari and is proud of her Sardinian origins. Having lived in Catania, Rome and Cortina,
and then for years in Paris, she became the face of Fendi in the 1980s, and then a successful actress,
both on stage and in cinema (her last role was in “I Vicerè” by R. Faenza). However, that was before
she … met a bee. She tells me the story with all the passion and surprise of a woman who has fallen in
love. In short, it happened when she was very busy and stressed in her work. She went for a walk, on
her own, one hot summer afternoon in Cagliari. On impulse, she bought a small jar of honey, only to
leave it unopened. All it took was a spoonful, and she was immediately enchanted. Even the scent of
the honey was heavenly: it was truly love at first sight. She contacted the producers and visited the
cooperative, located on the fertile Campidano plain outside Cagliari, which has produced organic honey
for generations. It was the beginning of a new adventure. “At the age of 52,” as she likes to point out.
It was a decision that received the approval of an inquisitive and rather cheeky little bee, which left a
small heart-shaped sting on her arm after hiding for hours in the sleeve of her blouse. That instant
marked the start of REGINA D’ITALIA MIELE, a company selling the finest organic honey. This first-
class product is available in different flavours: Asphodel, Cardoon, Arbutus, Eucalyptus, and Wildflower.
Even the packaging is exceptionally attractive and “regal”, with a golden queen bee on a black
background. This gem-like casket is worthy of the delectable product it contains. You can find it in
leading stores and in luxury hotels, or by purchasing it directly through the website. We have tried it
and can confidently confirm that it’s not just good, it’s amazingly good. The moment you first taste the
honey, you’ll experience a bouquet of aromas that are unique to the beautiful island of Sardinia; then
the second spoonful reveals other flavours, but, above all, it is the overall harmony of taste that
impressed us. Try it for yourself and you’ll see what we mean.

For further information contact:
Via Ruggero Bacone, 3 00197 Rome, Italy

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