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									           Honey Bunches of Notes
    A Monthly Newsletter	                                                                                              April, 2010

Upcoming Events:
April 5-10:
 Spring Break

April 21:
          Board Meeting: 6:15pm, nomination forms due & meet the candidates

April 23:
          School 8:00-12:00: Professional Development in afternoon

April 30:
          PTO Spring Festival

                                            Before break, the faculty began the         watch for updates if you would like to

News From                                   process of reviewing our School
                                            Improvement/Consolidated Plan. This
                                            annual process provides us with
                                                                                        participate in that discussion.

                                                                                        We are also moving ahead with our five-

the Director                                guidance as to the academic areas that
                                            need to be addressed during the next
                                            school year. It also provides us with a
                                                                                        year strategic planning. A Request For
                                                                                        Proposal has been sent to several
                                                                                        consultants and we are beginning to see
                                            clear set of objectives to address those    bids from those organizations. As this is
Greetings,                                  needs and secure targeted Federal Title     a community process, I will be working
                                            Funds. Our discussions to date have         with the PTO to organize two
It’s good to see all of the children return focused on math and science, and I          informational meetings. The first
from break, warmed by the sun and full      would like to open this discussion for      meeting will explore the history of Honey
of energy. As we move into our final         community input. We will be addressing      Creek, our mission, and the conditions of
stretch of this school year, there is much  both math and science at our afternoon      our charter. The second meeting will
to be done. We are presently scheduling     staff meeting on April 23 beginning at      address the purpose, the process, and the
interviews for the K/1 position. At this    1:15 pm and continuing until                outcomes of a strategic plan.
time I have several parents who have        2:30 pm. Please join us if you would like
requested to be a part of the interview     to be a part of this discussion. If you     This is an exciting time for our school,
team. If you would like to participate,     have registered for the after school        and I look forward to working through
feel free to contact me; however, I would   program, free childcare will be provided    this process with you.
like to keep the team to a manageable size while you are at the meeting. Please
(6-8 participants). Interviews will take    contact Sue Hofbauer to arrange for care.   Al
place from 3:30 until 6:00pm, each day.     We will be addressing language arts and
                                            social studies at a future meeting, so

                    H   O   N   E   Y      B   U   N   C   H   E   S   O   F   N   O   T   E   S

                                        Deadlines for Scrip orders:      Trustees (our governing body) will
Phoenix Rising
                                                                         have three positions up for a vote
                                        April 16 for pick up the last week
Campaign                                of the month.                    for three-year terms commencing
There is now an option to use a         May 17 for pick up the last week in July, 2010. We need parents
direct debit form to contribute to      of the month.                    who will represent the community
Phoenix Rising. Using the ACH                                            and are interested in: policy,
will make contributing to Phoenix Stay tuned for more info on            finance, strategic planning,
Rising easier for some people!       summer scrip.                       curriculum, school improvement
Please return the completed form/                                        plans, administrative oversight
voided check to Shellee Almquist     Sue Kirkup (Ben Birdsall's mom)     and building good community
or Karen Giltrow.  Your              
                                   relations.  The Board meets
information will be kept safe.       School Board News                   monthly throughout the year.
Thanks!                                                                  Please read the Board
                                     The Honey Creek Board of
                                                                         Qualifications and consider if you
                                     Directors met on Wednesday,
                                                                         or someone you know would
Scrip News                           March 24th, 2010.
                                                                         make a good addition to the
           Happy Spring all!          
                                                                         Honey Creek Board of Trustees.

       First, a gigantic thank you  
       We continue to move
                                     forward in the process of selecting 
       Nomination forms may be
to all the staff and families who                                        obtained by contacting Karen
have been purchasing scrip and       consultation for our
                                                                         Giltrow or Libby Sheldon. We ask
using recharge cards at grocery      forthcoming Honey Creek
                                                                         that all nomination forms be
stores. Because of your support,     Strategic Plan.  RFP’s have been
                                                                         turned in by 6:15, April 21st. 
along with eating bagels and         sent out to a number of
                                                                         Nomination forms may be emailed
drinking lattes, the PTO purchased qualified firms and the pre             or returned to Libby Sheldon or
a fantastic sound system for the     interview process has begun. 
                                                                         Karen Giltrow in the front office,
school, which debuted at last        Formal interviews will begin in
                                                                         or to her mailbox.
Friday's Talent Show!  What an       mid April.
                                             The Honey Creek Board of 
          Our Board is elected by the
awesome community we have!           

                                                                         Honey Creek Community. Each

       The Scrip Team invites all   Trustees is seeking nominations
you Honey Creekers to visit the      for Board candidates. The election family is allotted 1 vote per child
                                                                         enrolled in the school.  Teachers,
scrip table this month.  Right now, will occur at the Spring
we have some "impulse" buys to       Performance on Wednesday, May staff and administrators also have
                                                                         1 vote each. Ballots for the election
entice you: Noodles and Co.,         19th, 2010. Three seats will be up
                                                                         will be available at the spring
Chipotle Grill, Applebee's and Red for vote this year, detailed          performance on May 19th and will
Lobster/Olive Garden, as well as     information is following.
                                                                         be cast at that time. Those who
Itunes and Game Stop cards.           
                                                                         would like to vote but are unable
Check it out!                        Libby Sheldon Jarratt, Secretary
                                                                         to attend this event should contact

       If you have any specific       
                                                                         Libby Sheldon in advance.
cards you would like, please put in      School Board Elections,
       If you have questions about
an order with us.  We don't carry a      Important Community
                                                                         either the Board or the election
lot of specialty cards, but anything                News:                process, please contact Libby
available from Great Lakes Scrip     
       School Board elections will Sheldon at:
can be ordered.  Check glscrip.com take place at this year’s spring
                                                                         libbysheldon@sbcglobal.net or by
for a complete list.  New retailers  concert on Wednesday, May 19th. phone at 313-580-1395
are always being added.              The Honey Creek Board of

    Honey Creek Community School Board of Trustees Nomination Form
                                             (Self-nominations welcome!)

Nominee: _________________________________________________________

Employer and Title: _________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

Home phone, cell phone, and email:________________________________________

Parent: yes/no________ If yes, level of student(s) at HCCS next fall:______________
Years involved at HCCS_____

In what capacities have you been involved at Honey Creek?

Relevant Community/Employment Experience (attach a resume if relevant):

Area(s) of expertise/contributions that you/ the nominee can make to Honey Creek Community School:

Why are you nominating this person or why are you interested in serving as a member of the Honey Creek Community
School Board?

Has the nominee read the HCCS Board Member Qualifications and Position Description? Yes/No________

Is the nominee able to devote time necessary to fulfill his/her responsibilities as a member of the HCCSB?

References(Please list three):

Nominator: _____________________________________________ Date: _________________

                     H   O   N   E   Y   B   U   N   C    HH E   S    O   F     N   O   T   E   S

                                                                    Roles and responsibilities of A School
      HCCS Board of Trustees
                                                           board member, as stated in Section 1000 of Honey
     Qualifications and Position                            Creek Community School Board Policy Manual:
                                                           The Board of Directors shall establish programs and
                                                           procedures, which shall best produce the
                  Qualifications                            educational achievement needed by Academy
Candidates for the Honey Creek Community Board             students, and to do so within the financial
of Trustees should demonstrate a willingness to            limitations of the Academy. The Board shall
undertake a legal obligation, and to impose certain        function as a legislative body in formulating and
responsibilities. A candidate shall be able to pledge      adopting policy, by selecting an executive officer to
to obey the general laws of the United States and the      implement policy and by evaluating the results.
State of Michigan. A candidate must be able to             Further the Board shall carry out its functions
exhibit a willingness to know the laws applicable to       openly, while seeking the involvement of the public,
education in Michigan, know the duties required of         students, and staff in its decision-making processes.
school boards, obey the laws, serve their community           In accordance with these principles, the Board,
with the highest fidelity, display such intelligence        through its operations, shall seek to achieve the
and skill as one is capable, be diligent and               following goals:
conscientious, exercise discretion not arbitrarily, but
reasonably and display good faith, honesty and             1.
 To function in a non-partisan broadly
integrity. Further a candidate shall demonstrate an             representative manner and to emphasize that
interest in children and their education, an                    every Board member shall represent the entire
enthusiasm for the Honey Creek Community School                 Academy open-mindedly,
(HCCS) and conviction in its purpose, a willingness        2.
     To concentrate the Board’s collective effort on
to give time and energy to HCCS, possess skills to         it’s policy-making and planning responsibilities, and
address specific governance needs of the school, an         to formulate Board policies that best serve the
ability to represent the community and interpret           educational interest of each student.
community needs and views, a willingness to accept         3.
     To provide the Director with sufficient and
and support decisions democratically made by the           adequate guidelines for implementing Board
Board, and an ability to represent HCCS to the             policies.
larger community. A candidate must also                    4.
     To maintain effective communication with the
successfully pass a criminal history records check         school community, the staff, and students, and
(including fingerprinting at the cost of the nominee)       5.
     To conduct Board business openly, soliciting
conducted by Washtenaw Intermediate School                 and encouraging broad-based involvement in the
District (WISD), the Authorizing body. Employees           Board’s decision-making processes by parent(s)/
of HCCS or WISD, or officials of WISD are not               guardians(s) staff, and students.
eligible to serve.

                   H   O   N   E   Y   B   U   N   C   H   E   S   O   F    N   O   T   E   S

Position Description:

     • Vision Providing a vision shared by the community with focus on student achievement.
     • Standards setting the targets for student growth and achievement.
     • Assessment determining whether you are achieving your goals and whether your students are
     • Accountability taking responsibility for the out comes of decisions and actions.
     • Alignment deciding how the districts human and financial resources should be used.
     • Climate proving a safe environment where students and teachers can thrive.
     • Collaborative Relationships bringing the community together to solve problems and celebrate
     • Continuous improvement vigilant in questioning, revising, revisiting, and refining.
     • Policy a major function of a HCCS Trustee is to develop and adopt policy. Policy should be based
          on the board's vision HCCS and should cover every aspect of it's operations. 
     • Designating the Director one of the most important roles and relationship of the Board is to
          recruit, hire and evaluate the superintendent.
     • Financial Oversight the Board is responsible for approving and adopting the annual budget. The
          budget adopted reflects the Board's effort to align the districts resources with the districts vision
          and standards.

Board members are expected to:

     • Attend regular meetings of the HCCS School Board, which are approximately 2 hours in duration.
          The Board typically meets monthly with special board meetings scheduled as needed. Be
          accessible for personal contact in between Board meetings.
     • Participate in an annual Board development and planning retreat.
     • Attend a majority of HCCS community forums, educational and social events including activities
          with High Point School.
     • Attend at least 1 Board development workshop annually.
     • Attend WISD Board meetings when appropriate.
     • Provide leadership for at least 1 board or school committee.
     • Participate in the annual board of trustees review process.
     • Prepare in advance for board meetings; take responsibility for self-education on issues before the
     • Foster positive relationships within the school, campus and larger community on a personal level.
     • Be mindful of the different roles that Board Members may play: parent, volunteer, Board Member,
          and not use their position of authority while acting as a parent or volunteer.

                            H    O       N    E     Y      B   U   N   C       H   E       S      O    F      N   O   T   E   S

                                             Honey Creek Community School
                                                  ACH Authorization Agreements
Direct Payment Withdrawal Authorization Form
I hereby authorize the HONEY CREEK COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION to initiate debit entries, from my account indicated below, for payment of
the amount listed on this agreement. I, also, authorize HONEY CREEK COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION or CHELSEA STATE BANK to reverse
any debits made to such account in error. This authority is to remain in full force and effect until HONEY CREEK COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION
has received written notification from me of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford HONEY CREEK COMMUNITY SCHOOL
CORPORATION and CHELSEA STATE BANK a reasonable opportunity to act on it.


            Name (Print) 
       Financial Institution Name



Employee Number/SS# 
            Account Number 
       Financial Institution Number


IMPORTANT! CIRCLE TYPE OF ACCOUNT:                                         CHECKING               or       SAVINGS

Please Withdraw $_____________ from my account
once a week, on the ____ day of the week
once a month, on the ____ day of the month
every _____ months on the _____ day of the month

Signature _________________________________ Amount __________________

I am not currently participating in the Direct Payment Withdrawal Program
[ ] ADD - Withdraw my payment from the account shown.*
I am currently participating in the Direct Payment Withdrawal Program
[ ] CHANGE - Change financial institutions and/or account number.*
[ ] CANCEL - Stop my participation in the program

NOTE: Always get the Financial Institution Number from a check; never use the information from a deposit slip.

                    H   O   N   E   Y   B   U   N   C   H   E   S   O   F     N   O   T   E   S

                                     is hungry at another time of           Kelly Kempter, Karen Karatzas,
PTO News
                                     day. We would like to remind           Linda Knox, Kelly

      The PTO Wellness
                                     parents to provide fruit for the       Krawcke, Carrie Mink, Sharon
Committee hosted another Farm-
                                     weeks that the bowl is not filled by    Paskus, John Stahley,  Bill VanLoo,
to-School Day on March 24,
                                     the PTO by signing a sign up sheet     and Lisa Wozniak--and heartfelt
featuring "organic spinach" from
                                     outside your child's classroom.        apologies to anyone inadvertently
Tantre Farm, in Chelsea. The
       As an academic service         left out.  As always, we had the
students were able to sample a
                                     project, Robyn-Lynn's K-1 class is     help and support of the entire
savory Spinach Salad prepared
                                     also asking for the addition of        faculty and staff of Honey Creek.  
with an oil vinaigrette and
                                     vegetables as an option in the         It was truly a night to remember,
mandarin oranges.  A big bowl of
                                     fruit/fresh produce bowl. We           and we made about $500 to help
fresh spinach leaves was also
                                     encourage all families to              defray transportation costs for the
available for those who preferred a
                                     participate by providing what you      8th grade graduation trip!
more simple, subtle flavor.  The
                                     can for this healthy food option.  
students could also take home a
                                     Please help all of our students        The PTO's next project is to help
coloring sheet, a word search with
                                     make healthy food choices by           the community prepare for the
spinach facts, or a word scramble
                                     providing them with nutritional,       upcoming strategic plan process
with recipes and nutritional facts
                                     wholesome options.                     that will start this Spring, continue
about spinach.  Many of the
                                                                            over the Summer, and finish up in
students really enjoyed the          From the Wellness Committee            the Fall.  Because Honey Creek is a
spinach, coming back for seconds
                                                                            community school, it's critical that
and thirds!

      Thanks to Tantre Farm, Sara
                                     Talent-Palooza!                        everyone in the community
                                                                            understands and participates in
Simmerman-Director of Food &
       Need we say more?  Okay,       formulating the school's goals for
Nutrition Services of the Dexter
                                     we will anyway.  What an amazing       the next five years.  Look for
Community Schools (and our
                                     night!  Thirty-six terrific acts on     announcements about the
lunch program), and her staff for
                                                                            community forums we'll be
providing us with delicious, local, two stages, a scrumptious Taco Bar
                                     and sinfully delicious brownies!       presenting to inform everyone
and healthy food samples for our
                                     And all brought to you by the hard     about the purpose and process of
Farm to School Days this school
                                     work of the wonderful middle           this important step into Honey
                                     school talent show and cooking         Creek's future.

      In January, the Wellness      life skills classes--under the
Committee of the PTO provided        guidance of impresario Peter
fruit bowls for every class that     Knox, technical genius Scott
didn't have one.  The                Mahler, culinary magicians Matt
committee agreed that once a         Cyrulnik and Tim Donahue, and
month these bowls would be filled general factotum Joan Sitomer.  We
with fruit from the PTO. The         had help from a wonderful crew of
intention of the fruit bowl is to    PTO volunteers and even an HC
promote healthy eating. It is not    alum in setting up, running, and
intended to replace the daily snack striking the show.  Many thanks
each student brings from home,       to Carol Borgeson, Frank and
but to be an extra healthy option    Aaron DeSanto, Anne
in case a student forgets a snack or Dimitri, Anne Green, Tammy Hall,  

                        H   O   N   E   Y       B   U   N   C   H   E   S   O   F      N   O   T   E   S

Early Elementary                            Middle Elementary                        Later Elementary
News                                        News                                     News

        The K-1 children have begun        
        The 2/3 students continue to                      Happy Spring!
their next thematic unit, “How My           practice their addition, subtraction     
            Let's hope that this April
World Works”. The children's learning       and multiplication facts several times   brings sunshine and warm spring
will focus on physical science content      a week.  The students also have been     temperatures! Here's a quick look at
as well as the larger conceptual            learning about fractions and even        what's going on in 4/5.
understandings that have been present       created paper sundaes to represent                     In science, students are
in all of the thematic units we have        fractions!                               working on electricity and
taught this year. The children will learn   
        Students are reading both       magnetism. We've talked about how
that the world is a system, they are part   non-fiction and fiction books through      electricity traveling through wires
of many interconnected systems, when        reading for stamina and book clubs.      creates heat energy, and we looked at
something happens in one part of the        They also continue to use the writing    a toaster as an example of this in our
world it affects the entire world's         process to help publish their writing.   everyday lives. Recently students
system, and improving one part of the       Beginning in April, we will work on      conducted  experiments with magnets
world can improve the dynamics of the       note taking while researching            and magnetic materials, and they
whole world.                                Michigan animals for their research      created an electromagnet and talked

        We are learning about machines     report.                                  about the relationship between
in “How My World Works” because the         
        The 2/3 classes took a field     electricity and magnetism. Students
world uses machines to get work done.       trip to the Eddy Discovery Center to     also created simple circuits in class.
Computers, vehicles, appliances, and        learn more about rocks and minerals.                   In social studies, students
many other types of machines are used       Geologist Jean explained the rock        have been researching famous
everyday. That's how the world works!       cycle and the students got to look at    explorers. They're doing biological
When people invent new machines it          the three types of rocks: igneous,       research and examining the historical
can change things all over the world.       sedimentary, and metamorphic.  They      timelines associated with world wide
Additionally, just as the world is made     also visited inside the center to        exploration and travel. Students
up of different parts that function as a    explore the interpretive displays and    chose three explorers and are
system, machines are comprised of           view a slide show that explained         gathering information from the
different parts that operate as a system.   what the Waterloo State Recreation       Internet.

        At the beginning of the school     Area has to offer and to hear more                     In ASL, students recently
year each table of children in each         about the geological make-up of our      finished skits explaining why service
classroom had to come to an agreement       great state, Michigan.  We will begin    learning is important. Next up,
on what to name their table. The name       to wrap up our rock and mineral unit     students will begin putting their self-
had to be the name of a machine they        and will move into the water cycle       created service learning ideas into
were interested in learning about later     and the life cycle of plants and         action. Stay tuned for more exciting
in the year. The time has now arrived.      animals.                                 information coming out of ASL!
Each group will consult with an expert      
        Weather reminders: Please                     We hope everyone has had a
or volunteer researcher to learn about      remember to layer your child.  Many      nice start to the spring, and we look
their machine after spring break.           mornings it is very cold but warms       forward to some fun events on the
Meanwhile, the children are engaging        up through out the day.  Please          horizon – including the S.T.E.M.
in activities that will prepare them for    remind your child to dress               science fair coming up on April 30th,
their machine projects.                     appropriately for the weather, since     and Camp Tamarack in May! Please

        All of our work will be            we go outside every day for morning      feel free to contact us at any time with
documented and displayed at the             and lunch recess.                        questions, comments, or
Curriculum Celebration in May. We           
        Our lockers are beginning to    concerns!

will also follow-up this thematic unit      over flow!  Here's where we need
with a field trip to Green Field Village     your help:  remind your child to take
to learn more about how things work         home boots and excess clothing.  This
and about famous inventors such as          will help alleviate congestion within
Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.               the locker and the hallways.

                      H   O   N   E   Y      B   U   N   C   H   E   S   O   F     N   O   T   E   S

                                             Middle School
Social Studies                            Language Arts                          Science
                                                                                 April showers, bring May flowers!
In Social Studies we are changing         The month of March has been
course from now until the end of          spent studying Shakespeare and
                                                                                 The middle school classes
the year.  I had anticipated doing a      his work “Romeo and Juliet.”  
                                                                                 wrapped up a short unit on Space
unit on post-Civil War US history         Thanks to a generous grant from
                                                                                 and Energy by holding a scientific
or even North American                    the Phoenix Rising campaign, we
                                                                                 debate about the possibility of life
geography or even Zimbabwe, but           were able to purchase 70 copies of
                                                                                 on Mars.  Using their knowledge
none of these seemed to fit nicely         a graphic novel version of this
                                                                                 about planets and additional
with the units up until this point.       classic text.  This version of the
                                                                                 research done through reading
So I have decided to tackle some          text has made the story of Romeo
                                                                                 and summarizing articles written
civics and economics standards            and Juliet more accessible to our
                                                                                 through the past decade and a half
that haven't fit in with other years       students, through its modern
                                                                                 about space exploration and
themes and do a unit on the               translation and illustrations.  In
                                                                                 discovery on Mars, two teams
relationship between businesses,          addition to the graphic novel, we
                                                                                 worked towards presenting and
government and the people.  This          have been studying various scenes
                                                                                 convincing a small student panel
fits beautifully with the Guatemala        from the plain text, decoding the
                                                                                 that either there is evidence for or
unit in that we just finished              1500’s language, and comparing it
                                                                                 against life on Mars. 
analyzing a time when big                 with modern representations in
       After the break, students
business changed US policy and            film.  
                                                                                 will be working towards
severely impacted the path of a           
       To finish off our unit, we
                                                                                 understanding the plant/animal
democratically-elected                    are comparing and contrasting
                                                                                 similarities and differences in a
government in Guatemala.  We              “Romeo and Juliet” to “West Side
                                                                                 unit I've entitled, "That's Life!".  
will be looking at corporate abuses       Story.”  In addition, we will view a
                                                                                 Classification, comparative
first, business's role in government       small production of “Romeo and
                                                                                 anatomy and cell functions, and
(and vice versa), and how the             Juliet and Zombies,” and students
                                                                                 working through how heredity
people fit into the mix in a               will engage in an independent
                                                                                 and genetics help life to adjust and
democracy, monarchy, republic,            project on either “Romeo and
                                                                                 survive through changes in
etc.  These topics, I hope, will force    Juliet” or Shakespeare.  Ask your
students to begin to think about          child what they will be doing for
these three elements of society,          their project!
                                                                                 If you have any ideas/suggestions
which, in turn, will help them to         
       Stay tuned after spring
                                                                                 for theses topics, please feel free to
develop/strengthen their political        break when we pursue our studies
                                                                                 email me.
views on issues like health care,         on banned literature and
reform, Supreme Court decisions,          persuasive writing!


                      H   O   N   E   Y       B   U   N   C   H   E   S    O   F      N   O   T   E   S

Music                                     Technology                                Physical Education
Please join Honey Creek School for        
        In the 2/3 classes, we finished   
       Hello Honey Creek
our Spring Concert on May 19,             up our Inventors & Inventions unit        Community! I would like to say
2010. You will hear many                  with a final lesson on Leonardo Da         thank you to everyone who has
                                          Vinci and his amazing inventions. We
wonderful groups including: Band                                                    donated gym shoes, bathing suits,
                                          studied some simple mechanisms like
I, Band II, Choir, and K-5 students.                                                towels and goggles to the Honey
                                          a paper punch, pliers and wind-up
During the month of April will            toys, and then designed and built         Creek P.E./Swim Program! It is
will be preparing for this concert.       useful machines of our own using          truly appreciated.
It is sure to be great time! I hope to    Erector. Special thanks to Will           
       I also would like to inform
see you there!                            Hathaway for his donation of the          you that I have completed my
                                          Erector sets we used!                     lifeguard training course through
        In the 4/5 classes, we finished
Art                                                                                 the American Red Cross and in
                                          up our exploration of our multimedia
                                                                                    addition to my Water Safety
K/1's just completed their owl            tools, including iPhoto, iMovie, and
                                          GarageBand. We started a new              Instructor Certification I am now a
unit with beautiful clay owls. 
                                          project, which is a collaboration         certified lifeguard! Please say
2/3's are continuing to learn about
                                          between the 4/5 classes and a class in    thank you to Sue and Amber for
artist Henri Matisse. 
                                          Cape Town, South Africa. You can see      taking time out of their busy
4/5's are completing their projects       our blog here:                            schedules to lifeguard so that our
on Henri Rousseau and are                 http://honeycreekschool.org/
                                                                                    kids could stay swimming during
moving into paper mache animal            collaboration/
                                                                                    this transition.
sculptures.                               We're now starting to work on an AS-
                                          L video that the students will be         
       We are working hard in P.E.
Middle school has just finished
                                          filming and compiling.                     class on our team building skills,
their work on Wassily Kandinsky
        In the general Middle School     focusing on activities that use
and are moving into a unit on
                                          Technology class, we are deep in the      teamwork, cooperation,
value.                                    midst of our Vehicles of Tomorrow         communication and good
                                          project. During this project, students
                                                                                    sportsmanship. In our middle
                                          are designing and building vehicles
                                                                                    school swim elective we are
                                          that operate on a renewable power
                                          source - the sun! As students design      recording the student's strokes on
                                          and build their solar cars, they are      video so that they will have the
                                          learning principles of energy transfer,   chance to watch themselves
                                          mechanisms, the engineering design        swimming. This can greatly
                                          process, and hands-on tool usage. Jon     improve their performance, once
                                          and I are actively teaming to teach
                                                                                    they can visually see the aspects of
                                          this as an integrated science-
                                                                                    the stroke that need improvement.
                                          technology-engineering project.
        Finally, the MS Tech Elective
                                          (Assistive Technology) is continuing
                                          to partner with two High Point
                                          classrooms to design and build things
                                          that can help our neighbors. We're
                                          currently working on designing and
                                          building slantboards, which are like
                                          easels for the High Point students'
                                          wheelchair trays.

                       H    O   N    E     Y     B   U     N   C    H    E   S   O   F      N      O   T   E    S

After School Programs
           Monday                   Tuesday                    Wednesday                 Thursday                     Friday

    Music Lessons          Music Lessons                 Music Lessons           Music Lessons                 Music Lessons

    Art (K-2) Full         Italian                       Choi Kwang Do           Swim Lessons                  Open Swim--Everyone
    (ends 5/24)            (ends 4/20)                   (ends 3/4)              (ends 5/27)                   in after care MUST
                                                         New Session:                                          swim

    Tutoring               Art (3-8) FULL                Theater (4-8)           Tutoring                      Tutoring
                           (ends 5/25)                   New Session: 4/14-6/2

    Bridges & Super        Open Tech                     Tutoring                Programming (2-8)             Spanish (3/12-5/28)
    Structures (2-8)                                                             FULL (ends 4/15)
    (ends 6/1)

    Volleyball (4-8)       Spring Into Fashion                                   Basketball (K-3)              Run Club (4-8)
    (ends 3/29)            (4/14-5/4)                                            (ends 4/15)                   (3/19-5/21)

    Soccer (4-8)           Soccer (K-3)                                          Glee Club (4-8)
    (starts 4/12)          (starts 4/13)                                         (ends 5/27)

                                                                                 Capoeira (4-8)
                                                                                 (4/15 - 6/3)

Please pick up a registration form from the after school programs bulletin board or online. IMPORTANT: You must
give 30-day written notice to change/cancel your regular after care schedule. You may email your changes to:

Registration is open for Honey Creek Summer Camp. Brochures and enrollment forms are available from the camp
bulletin board or online. We hope you can join in our summer fun!


WHAT’S YOUR PLEDGE? This year the entire Honey Creek community is making a pledge to make their school,
home, town, country, and/or world a better place by changing ONE thing. Please complete a pledge card (available
on the table in the A-wing hallway) so we can put all the cards into the community mural in the cafetorium and help
each other fulfill our promises!

EARTH DAY: Our next LEAGUE event is Earth Day, which we celebrate by making our communities more beautiful
and by practicing and promoting environmental stewardship from April 7th - 28th. Students design projects and
inspire parents, friends and local organizations to join in! LEAGUE points will be awarded based on time spent
volunteering on a project (1 hour = 7 points). Ideas include: Organizing a clean-up day for the school and/or the
community; Evaluating our current recycling program to find new ways to reduce waste and conserve more
materials; Working on the school gardens, planting trees and flowers; Reminding others to protect the environment
through posters, plays, writing letters, inviting experts to speak, etc.
We continue to collect pennies to support a “Kids Against Hunger” service-learning activity later in the school year
($1 = 1 LEAGUE point). One meal only costs $0.20, so your spare change CAN make a difference. For more
information, visit: http://www.kidsagainsthunger.org

                      H   O   N   E   Y     B   U   N   C   H   E   S   O   F      N   O   T   E   S

Additional News
                                     EARTH DAY CELEBRATION APRIL 21ST
The Wellness Committee will be presenting an awesome Earth Day celebration on April 21st for the whole school. 
The celebration will include performances by Joe Reilly, Ann Arbor's renowned Environmental Educator, Earth Day
projects and definitely some dirt. We are looking for parent volunteers to help from 8:30am – 11:45am for the whole
school celebration and volunteers from 12:15 – 2:45pm to help with the K-1 and 2-3 continued celebration.  Contact
Simone at simone@morganandyork.com for more information.

                                                EDIBLE GARDEN
Things are getting underway for our second edible garden.  We have lots of volunteer opportunities to help our
garden grow, some of which do not involve being at the garden.  If you are interested in being involved please contact
Simone at simone@morganandyork.com .

                                          GARDEN WORKING BEE MAY 1st
Our garden working bee will be May    1st with a rain date of May 8th from 10am – 12:30pm. This fun filled morning will
consist of wheelbarrowing the compost we have delivered to the garden, rototilling and installing our critter-proof
fence! Bring shovels, rakes, gloves, snacks, water and friends! The kids will then plant seeds and starts later in the
month, once we are past the frost free date.  Let us know if you will join in the fun!

                Help needed one week over the summer vacation beginning June 13th – August 29th
For summer care of the garden we will use our “garden caretaker” system that worked very well last year. Basically, a
family signs up to take care of the garden for a week over the summer. The tasks include:
Visiting the garden a minimum of 3 times during your week, watering, weeding, communicating with the garden
manager about harvesting needs, problems, concerns, harvesting crops if they are ready during your week, taking
some delicious produce home to share with your friends and family, and emailing the person in charge of our garden
blog, with updates, observations etc, so we can keep the community updated on the gardens progress. If you can
send pictures as well, that would be great!

                 Congratulations to another great performance from the Wednesday Theatre Group! 
We wrote our own lines and created a play based on the Russian story, The Boy Who Vanished.  The play was based
on a father who had a cursed dream in which his son would disappear if he touched the ground.  This terrible thing
does happen and the play goes into how the son breaks the curse and gets to re-join his family and friends.  We put on
a performance for a small group of family and friends.  I am so proud of the work these students did getting into their
Kristine Meader - Nobleman
       Noah Griffith - Sir William Jr.
Adeline Griffith - The Widow Grace
       Landon Harsh - The Daughter Elliot
Alix Krawcke - The Daughter Remie

       Abby Knox- The Daughter Tonya
Callie Krawcke - The Butler Frederick
       Maya Koziol - The Maidservant Ashley
Ayisha Bhavnani - The Nursemaid Elizabeth
          Jacob DeSanto - The Narrator
and a special thanks to Zach Simon for help with lights and sound!
All the Best~
Jeannie Crayne

                H    O   N   E   Y    B   U   N   C   H    E   S   O   F   N   O   T   E   S

                Honey Creek Community Schools
                                      1735 S. Wagner Rd.
                                     Ann Arbor, MI 48103
                                     Phone: 734-994-2636


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Assistant Director
                                                          We’re on the Web!
Shellee Almquist                                          http://honeycreekschool.org
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