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					                        T H E         C U R R I C U L U M

The School’s curriculum policy can be              The Maths schemes used in the school are

described as being broad and balanced in           varied. The well established schemes support

content and is reviewed and formulated by          the teaching objectives and ensure that each

the teachers and approved by the Governors.        child develops at their own pace. The

The major curriculum areas are now in place        teachers supplement the basic scheme with

and we ensure that this allows the children to     lessons designed to consolidate skills. There

experience first hand                                          are lots of opportunities for

practical involvement         “… The School values and         practical Maths work in school.

and therefore allows                                           Topic work reinforces Maths and
                              cares for every child and
learning through                                               English skills.
                              provides opportunities to
experience. Through                                            Planned Primary Science
                              develop each individual’s
the hard work and                                              investigations and practical work,

dedication of the
                              potential and sense of self      including the making and testing

teachers, there is an         worth.”                          of working models using Craft and

excellent lively                                               Design and Technology skills,

environment to enhance the child’s learning        provides lively classroom activities. An

which is in line with the Education Reform         awareness, observation and understanding of

Act.                                               everyday surroundings is developed.

During the school day, every child enjoys          Topic learning also develops skills in Art,

basic skill learning in Mathematics and            History and Geography.

English when important understanding is            ICT has an important role in the curriculum.

acquired. The children gain confidence to          Every child has access to the PCs, a range of

communicate their information orally and           software programmes give experience in

through writing. Our school uses a range of        games, information handling, control and word

Reading Schemes ensuring a good start for all      processing skills. The school is connected to

the children in this most vital skill. We make     the Internet. We have developed one area of

use of an excellent stock of reading books by      the school as an ICT suite to allow groups to

a variety of authors to enhance reading skills     work on skills taught in the classroom.

and enjoyment.

Our school makes use of the strategies

presented in the National Literacy and

Numeracy Frameworks and is successful in

developing the abilities of all pupils.
                             T H E         C U R R I C U L U M

We care for the children as individuals            Swimming sessions take place at Penryn

catering for their needs, interests and            Junior School swimming pool on a rolling

differences.                                       programme for each individual year group,

What has been described so far as the              from Year 2 upwards.

curriculum, are general statements which           Our PE programme enables skill learning and

develop enquiring minds through a planned,         games to develop children’s skills. Club

continuous approach to learning, extending         activities after school supplement the PE

each child’s intellectual, social and physical     programme.

capabilities.                                      The music teaching at this school enables

Extensive Curriculum documents are written         children to participate and perform in

and agreed by teachers and Governors               ensembles or individually. We have tuition in

following National and Local Guidelines. Each      brass, recorder and strings during curriculum

term a synopsis of the taught curriculum and       time.

activities is sent home to inform parents.

The recent Rose and Cambridge reviews have         We make use of the County Outdoor

enabled schools to consider the curriculum         Education Centre at Roseland for short

and develop it further.                            residential trips for Year 6.

There are opportunities for parents to view

their child’s work and there are end of year       Sex and Relationships Education is included in

reports. We encourage a high standard of           our curriculum as part of a Health

achievement and self-esteem through the            Programme. Parents are invited to preview a

child’s interest in their work.                    DVD. As questions arise, teachers deal with

Our curriculum planning is in line with the        the situation appropriately and in a relevant

requirements set out by DFE documents and          way to the child’s learning. Our policy is in

scrutinised by our School Improvement              line with the County policies and is

Partner.                                           implemented in a calm and correct manner by

Throughout a child’s schooling, they will learn    all the teachers. Parents can withdraw their

and cover the required objectives for each         child from all or part of the Sex and

area of the curriculum.                            Relationships Education provided except that

Within the class structure teaching is             which is required as part of the Science

organised in a way that allows for mixed           National curriculum.

ability teaching, whole class activities as well

as individual and group work.
                             T H E         C U R R I C U L U M

It is our school policy to set distinct           which encourages the crucial home/school

homework where relevant, and we do                link.

encourage the children to follow up activities

started at school. We encourage every child       We are accredited as a ‘Healthy School’ and

to read each night, preferably to an adult.       this aspect is reflected in many aspects of

From Year 2 homework is set. With                 the curriculum. Opportunities for teaching

encouragement from home and school, the           and learning are planned throughout the Key

child will value the importance of developing     Stages.

their skills. Parents sharing activities with     Our curriculum is assessed through the use

children is crucial to each child’s               of the nationally standardised SATS. This

development.                                      allows us to track pupil progress. We are

Where mutual understanding exists between         happy to report to parents about pupil

home and school, we can be more certain that      progress.

the children thrive in an environment which is

healthy, industrious, lively, educational and

most of all happy. We have a daily diary

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