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Problem Based Learning in Engineering


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									Problem Based Learning in Engineering by Seminar Notice Dr Lyn Brodie Faculty of Engineering and Surveying University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Date & Time : December 3, 2004, 11:00 a.m. Location : Rm. 603, Chow Yei Ching Bldg
Abstract Engineering Accreditation agencies world wide have recently moved to a greater focus on generic moved graduate attributes such as teamwork, communication and problem solving skills in addition to the traditional discipline specific skills and knowledge (ABET, 2003; IEAUST, 1997; IEEE, 2002). PBL is 2003; the ideal way to include these skills in the curriculum. It has been implemented in many engineering education institutions, sometimes each with their own unique view and definition of PBL. view Three years ago the Faculty of Engineering and Surveying at the University of Southern Queensland implemented a strand of 5 PBL courses into its undergraduate programs. Our implementation was programs. designed to suit our particular needs, resources and student cohort but it still adheres to some basic cohort principles of PBL. Student teams are supported with face to face facilitation, on-line discussions face on(synchronous and asynchronous) and web based material. Assessment in the first course is based on nt Assessme team and individual performance and a reflective portfolio. This presentation will discuss the This implementation, particularly focussing on the first introductory PBL course. The barriers to implementation as well as successes will be covered. Biography Lyn is currently Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Queensland, University Australia. She has also worked for the CSIRO (National Measurement Laboratory, Sydney), Measurement biomedical research at Westmead Hospital and designed equipment for the blind and visually impaired in commercial companies. In 2002 she won the Australasian Association of Engineering Educators (AAEE) - Engineering Educators Educator Award. She also won the 2003 University of Southern Queensland Award for Excellence in Queensland Design and Delivery of Teaching Materials (Team Leader). This award recognized her work on the award design and delivery of the Problem-Based Learning course delivered to all first year engineering and Problemand surveying students studying in either internal or distance education modes. education Her thesis titled § W d ng of Sk n usi ng el i i Nd:YAG Laser with Bipolar Contact Applicators ¨ i nvesti ga ed t healing rates and the tensile strength of skin after being joined by a contact laser. Her current career joined research interests include Engineering Education and Problem Based Learning. Based

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