application form (PDF) by CharlieThhomas


                         REAL ESTATE AGENT APPLICATION
                        EMAIL OR FAX YOUR APPLICATION TO:
                         Fax: (001) 818-373-0009 (att: Amy McCarty)

TODAY’S DATE:____________

Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Your Company’s Name:_________________________________________________________

Work Address: __________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip code: ____________________________________________________________

Home Address:__________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip code:_____________________________________________________________


Day phone: _______________________ Evening: ____________________________________

Cell/Alt #: _________________________ Fax: _______________________________

Email:_______________________________________ Website: __________________________

   1. When do you expect your clients to close on a house?

   2. What is their budget?

   3. What are the biggest challenges facing buyers in your area?

   4. How competitive is the market in this price range for buyers? For sellers?

   5. What makes your clients’ search unique?

   6. What are they looking for in a new home? What is most important?

   7. Tell us about your area? What are the different neighborhoods and how to do
      prices vary between them?
   8. What neighborhood are your clients hoping to move to? What makes this
      neighborhood distinct?

   9. How did you first meet your clients?

   10. Tell us about your area!!! (We want to know as much as possible – what makes
      it a great place to live, what are people’s favorite activities, what draws
      people to your area?)

   11. Please attach a picture if available, or provide a website.

Have you been on camera before? If so please list which shows…
Video Instructions!

Your clients will be making their own video to submit, but we will also need one from you
as well. The most important thing is to be NATURAL and show us your personality.
Don’t be too “host-y”. When people are standing they seem more energetic…so please
DO NOT SIT DOWN for your video!

Just take a few minutes to tell us a bit about yourself, why you got into real estate and
a bit about your personality. We want to get to know you. We want to see you move
around and hear how you talk about a house. Take us on a tour of one of the rooms in
your house (kitchens work great!) as though we are potential buyers. Your video should
be 5-10 minutes (no longer!) and HAVE FUN!!

                           HOW TO GET YOUR TAPE TO US…
You have two options:
Option #1: You can easily upload your video onto our FTP website. We have an
instruction sheet on how to do this.

Option #2: Mail us your videotaped pre-interview and application via Fed-ex, two
day only. Call us and we will give you an account number.

                                   MAIL YOUR TAPE TO:

                           HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL
                                    c/o Amy McCarty
                                  Pie Town Productions
                                  7655 Haskell Avenue
                               Van Nuys, CA 91406 U.S.A.
  Thank you for your interest in HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL! We look forward to
                               reviewing your application
                       Feel free to contact Amy McCarty with questions:
                                    Phone: (001) 818-205-0642
                               Fax: (001) 818-373-0009 (attn: Amy)

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