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					Publicized Target                           Alleged Source/Motive
 3/17/2011 RSA                              unknown attacker, although China
                                            believed to be suspect. Motive is
                                            probably espionage

 3/23/2011 Comodo and several of its        21-year-old Iranian patriot took credit
           digital certificate resellers,   saying he was protesting US policy
           including GlobalTrust in         and retaliating against the US for its
           Italy                            alleged involvement with last year’s
                                            Stuxnet, which experts say was
                                            designed to target Iran’s nuclear
  4/1/2011 e-mail marketing                 unknown attacker. possible financial
           outsourcer Epsilon               motive

  4/6/2011 Sony                     Anonymous organized the attack in
                                    retaliation for Sony attempting to
                                    identify visitors to PlayStation 3
                                    hacker George Hotz' blog site, as
                                    well as seeking data from his Twitter
                                    and YouTube accounts as part of a
                                    lawsuit. The case was later settled
                                    out of court.
 4/26/2011 Sony PlayStation Network Sony has hinted that Anonymous is
                                    behind the attack, but Anonymous
                                    denies that.
 5/2/2011 Sony Online                unknown

 5/7/2011 Sony                       unknown

 5/7/2011 Fox Network's X Factor     LulzSec

5/10/2011 Fox Network's X Factor     LulzSec
5/15/2011 UK ATM                     LulzSec

5/17/2020 PlayStation Network site   unknown

5/20/2011 Sony Thailand              unknown

5/20/2011 Sony Japanese ISP
          subsidiary So-net

5/21/2011 Sony Music Indonesia       k4L0ng666

5/22/2011 Sony Music Greece          b4d_vipera

5/23/2011 Sony Music Japan           LulzSec
5/24/2011 Sony Ericsson in Canada   Lebanese hacker Idahc

5/28/2011 Lockheed Martin           espionage

5/30/2011                   LulzSec in retaliation over Frontline
                                    Wikileaks program they considered
5/31/2011 L-3 Communications        unknown, espionage

 6/1/2011 Northrop Grumman

 6/1/2011 hundreds of Gmail users   Google says attack originated in
                                    China and appeared designed to
                                    monitor communications of
                                    journalists, political activists and
                                    military personnel.

 6/2/2011 Sony Pictures             LulzSec

 6/2/2011 Sony BMG Belgium          LulzSec

 6/2/2011 Sony BMG Netherlands      LulzSec

 6/3/2011 Sony Europe               Idahc
 6/3/2011 Acer Europe               Pakistan Cyber Army

 6/3/2011 FBI partner Infragard     LulzSec, in an attempt to embarrass
          Atlanta                   the FBI and security firm government

 6/3/2011 Nintendo                  LulzSec

 6/6/2011 Sony Computer             LulzSec
          Entertainment Developer
 6/6/2011 Sony BMG                  LulzSec

 6/6/2011 Sony Pictures Russia      unknown

 6/8/2011 Sony Portugal             Idahc

 6/8/2011 Sonisutoa/My Sony Club    unknown

 6/8/2011 Citigroup                 unknown

 6/9/2011 Turkish government        Anonymous, in opposition to Internet
                                    filtering plan
 6/9/2011 U.K.'s National Health    LulzSec

6/11/2011 International Monetary    possibly a foreign entity

6/13/2011 Bethesda Softworks, a     LulzSec
          subsidiary of gaming
          company ZeniMax Media
6/13/2011 U.S. Senate                LulzSec, saying it doesn't like the
                                     U.S. government

6/13/2011 Spanish National Police    Anonymous, in retaliation for the
                                     arrest of three people in Spain
6/15/2011 CIA                        LulzSec

6/15/2011 Payroll firm ADP           unknown

6/16/2011 Germany's neo-Nazi        n0-N4m3 Cr3w. Politically motivated
          National Democratic Party to try to prevent NDP from gaining

6/16/2011 individuals                LulzSec

6/16/2011 U.S. Senate                unknown

6/16/2011 Electronic Arts            unknown

6/18/2011 Sega                       unknown

6/19/2011 Infragard Connecticut      LulzSec

6/20/2011 U.K.'s Serious Organized   LulzSec/Anonymous, in attempt to
          Crime Agency               discredit and embarrass government
6/19/2011 Sony Pictures France       Idahc of Lebanon and Auth3ntiq of

6/22/2011 two Brazilian government   LulzSec

6/23/2011 News International         unknown

6/23/2011 NATO                       unknown

6/23/2011 Arizona Department of      LulzSec said it is leaking the data to
          Public Safety              protest "racial profiling anti-
                                     immigrant" policies of Arizona law
                                     enforcement, specifically SB1070,
                                     which makes it a crime to be in
                                     Arizona without documentation
                                     proving United States residency.
                                     Releases another batch of data on
                                     June 29.
6/24/2011                    Warv0x (AKA Kaihoe)

6/24/2011 Former British Prime       TeaMp0isoN says it targeted Blair
          Minister Tony Blair        over his support for the Iraq War

6/24/2011 Canadian supermarket       unknown
          chain T&T

6/24/2011 Brazil's Institute of      self-described Brazilian nationalist
          Geography and Statistics   hacker FIREH4CK3R
6/27/2011 Tunisia                    Anonymous, part of andti-
                                     government/corporate AntiSec
                                     campaign launched with LulzSec

6/28/2011 Orlando, Florida           Anonymous, to protest of arrest of
                                     Food not Bombs volunteers for
                                     giving out food in public without a
6/28/2011 Zimbabwe, Brazil,          AntiSec (Anonymous/LulzSec)
          Universal Music Group,
          Viacom, Mosman
          Municipal Council in
6/28/2011 Gannett Government         unknown
          Media, publisher of Army
          Times, Defense News,

6/29/2011 Arizona Department of      AntiSec
          Public Safety

6/29/2011 Al-Qaeda                   unknown

6/30/2011 Arizona Fraternal Order of AntiSec
          Police, Fraternal Order of
          Police in Mesa, Tucson

 7/2/2011 Florida election           Abhaxas

 7/4/2011 Apple                      AntiSec
7/4/2011 Fox News Twitter account unknown

7/5/2011 Sony Music Ireland        unknown

7/6/2011 Energy Department's       unknown
         Pacific Northwest and
         Jefferson National Labs

7/7/2011 Florida election          Abhaxas

7/8/2011 Turkey                    Anonymous

7/8/2011 Moody's                   Portuguese hackers

7/8/2011 U.S. government           AntiSec
         contractor IRC Federal

7/8/2011 German Federal Police     n0-N4m3 Cr3w

7/8/2011 Chile's Ministry of       AntiSec

7/8/2011 finance site Kiplinger    unknown
7/11/2011 Booz Allen Hamilton      AntiSec

7/12/2011 Monsanto                 Anonymous

7/12/2011 Toshiba                  V0iD

7/18/2011 Lada Gaga's Web site     SwagSec

7/18/2011 News Corp. sites, The Sun LulzSec
          and News International

7/21/2011 NATO                     Anonymous
7/22/2011 Italian Police's National    AntiSec
          Center for Computer
          Crime and the Protection
          of Critical Infrastructure

7/26/2011 South Korea's Cyworld        unknown
          social network site and
          Nate portal and search

 8/2/2011 72 public and private        McAfee report does not speculate,
          organizations in 14          but there's a pattern in the targets --
          countries                    which do not include China but do
                                       include political non-profits, a pro-
                                       democracy organization, the World
                                       Anti-doping Agency, and the
                                       International Olympic Committee and
                                       Olympic committees in three
                                       countries, which were targeted right
                                       before and after the 2008 Olympic
                                       Games in Beijing.

 8/5/2011 Citigroup Japan              unknown

 8/6/2011 more than 70 U.S. law       AntiSec
          enforcement agencies and
          police association in Italy

 8/8/2011 government of Syria          Anonymous
 8/9/2011 BlackBerry maker         Team Poison
          Research In Motion (RIM)

8/10/2011 Hong Kong stock         unknown

8/14/2011 BART                    Anonymous, DJ Mash. BART
                                  attacked after SF subway system
                                  cuts cell service ahead of planned
                                  protest of police violence.

8/17/2011 BART police             unknown, probably in retaliation for
                                  BART shutting of cell service before
                                  a planned protest

8/19/2011 Vanguard Defense        AntiSec

8/22/2011 Danish government       Unidentified hacker says move is
                                  protest against government using
                                  public funds to process records and
                                  then charging public to access them.

8/22/2011 Libyan domain name      unknown

8/22/2011 Nokia                   pr0tect0r AKA mrNRG

8/24/2011      unknown
Method                                     Harm
Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)           SecurID token deployments at
targeted at individuals within an          financial, government and other
organization using social                  sites were at risk.
engineering. Malware hidden in an
Excel spreadsheet exploited a zero-
day (unpatched) Flash hole.

Compromise of digital certificate          If they had not been revoked the
registry authorities led to the theft of   faked certificates could have
digital certificates that are used by      been used to spoof sites like
sites to prove they are who they are       Google, Yahoo,Microsoft and
legitimate.                                Skype.

unauthorized entry into Epsilon's e-       More than 110 companies,
mail system                                including Citibank, Chase, Capital
                                           One, Walgreens, Target, Best
                                           Buy and Verizon, sent e-mails to
                                           millions of customers warning
                                           them that their e-mail addresses
                                           were exposed. Concern was that
                                           e-mails could be used for
                                           phishing of credit card and other

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Sony, Sony Style and PlayStation
                                     sites inaccessible temporarily

Sony has only said it was an               Personal information of 77 million
"external intrusion" that took place       people, including customer
between April 17 and 19.                   names, addresses, e-mail
                                           addresses, birthdays, PlayStation
                                           Network and Qriocity passwords,
                                           user names, online handles and
                                           possibly credit cards were
Unknown                              Information for about 24.6 million
                                     customers, including names,
                                     addresses, e-mail addresses,
                                     gender, birth dates, phone
                                     numbers, log-in names, and
                                     hashed passwords may have
                                     been stolen. Also, credit and debit
                                     card numbers and expiration
                                     dates for about 12,700 non-U.S.
                                     customers from an "outdated"
                                     database and about 10,700 direct
                                     debit records listing bank account
                                     numbers of customers in
                                     Germany, Austria, the
                                     Netherlands, and Spain may have
                                     been stolen.

unknown                              Sony says it removed from a Web
                                     site names and partial addresses
                                     of 2,500 contestants from a 2001
                                     sweepstakes that had been stolen
                                     by hackers and posted on a site.

unknown                             contestants' personal information
unknown                             internal Fox data exposed
unknown                             "pointless" information on various
Sony takes site offline after a new It's unclear if anyone was able to
exploit is discovered that allows   use the exploit before the site was
hackers to change users' passwords taken down.
with the data stolen during the PSN
fake page is designed to steal user log in data could be stolen
Someone broke into the network      E-mail accounts were
earlier in the week.                compromised and customer
                                    rewards points were stolen.

SQL injection                        customer data leaked

SQL injection                        data leaked, but no sensitive
                                     customer data
SQL injection                        E-mails, passwords and names of
                                     thousands of users leaked.

Source said attackers created        Lockheed blocked the attack
duplicates of SecurID electronic     before any sensitive data could
keys.                                be exposed
zero-day exploit in Movable Type 4   Passwords were leaked and a
                                     fake news article was published
                                     on the page.
Company said it had been actively    Data could be valuable to foreign
targeted with penetration attacks    governments.
leveraging information stolen from

After stealing passwords with a    Attack was "disrupted" but it's
phishing attack, perpetrators      unknown if any snooping was
apparently used the passwords to   accomplished.
change Gmail users' forwarding and
delegation settings.

SQL Injection                        Personally identifying information
                                     of 37,500 customers was
                                     exposed, including address, e-
                                     mail address, phone number,
                                     date of birth, password and user

unknown                              E-mail addresses, usernames,
                                     unencrypted passwords, internal
                                     release dates of records and
                                     sales reports breached.

unknown                              usernames and passwords
SQL Injection                        User names, passwords, phone
                                     numbers and e-mails are leaked.
unknown                             Source code and user data of
                                    40,000 people reportedly
unknown                             Site was hacked, defaced and
                                    180 Infragard usernames and
                                    passwords were leaked.

unknown                             benign server file leaked, no
                                    customer data

unknown                             Group says it stole 54MB of
                                    source code.

unknown                             Group says it leaked internal
                                    network maps of Sony BMG.
SQL Injection                       offline

Hacker claims to have found flaws     customer e-mail addresses
including SQL injection, XSS (cross- leaked
site scripting) and iFrame injection.

Someone used spoofing to defraud    unclear
Sony of shopping coupons worth
unknown                             Names, account numbers, and
                                    contact information, including e-
                                    mail addresses, were accessed
                                    during the breach, which affected
                                    about 360,000 customers.

unknown                             site inaccessible temporarily

unknown                             group warns NHS about hole in
                                    their Web site that exposed
                                    admin passwords. Lulzsec
                                    released redacted e-mail publicly
                                    but did not release the data.

unknown                             unclear

unknown                             source code and database
                                    passwords leaked
unknown                                published on the Web server's
                                       directory and file structure of the
                                       Senate site
unknown                                site was inaccessible temporarily

unknown                                site temporarily down

unknown                                affects one of ADP's clients

unknown                                Hackers stole up to 400 names
                                       and home addresses of
                                       supporters of Germany’s neo-
                                       Nazi National Democratic Party
                                       (NDP) and published them on
                                       Google Maps.
unknown                                Released 62,000 e-mail
                                       addresses and passwords from
                                       unknown source. Accounts on
                                       Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook,
                                       Amazon and World of Warcraft
                                       appear to have been hacked.

unknown                                Senate spokesperson says no
                                       sensitive data leaked.

unknown                                System hosting BioWare
                                       Neverwinter Nights forum is
                                       breached and user names,
                                       encrypted passwords, e-mail
                                       addresses, mailing addresses,
                                       names, phone numbers, CD keys
                                       and birth dates may have been
                                       compromised. Some unencrypted
                                       passwords believed stolen.

unknown                                some Sega Pass member e-mail
                                       addresses, dates of birth, and
                                       encrypted passwords

SQL injection

distributed denial-of-service attack   site down
SQL injection   publicly leaked 70 out of 177,000

probably DDoS and
DDoS            digital content publishing servers
                affected by attack for a couple of

unknown         subscribers to NATO's e-
                Bookshop service were urged to
                change their passwords after a
                possible compromise of
                usernames, passwords,
                addresses and e-mail addresses.

unknown         publicly released hundreds of
                private intelligence bulletins,
                training manuals, personal e-mail
                correspondence, names, phone
                numbers, addresses and
                passwords belonging to Arizona
                law enforcement.

SQL injection   One area of a website was
                defaced and some PBS
                administrator user names and
                encrypted passwords were
                exposed, confirms.
unknown         contents of his electronic address
                book, including contact data for
                members of Parliament

unknown         Names, passwords and contact
                data of 58,000 people may have
                been exposed and Web site
                visitors may have been tricked
                into downloading malware earlier
                in the month.
unknown         Web site defaced
unknown                            Web site defaced

DDoS, e-mail "bombs" and black fax was
                                   down temporarily

SQL injection in at least Mosman   380 megabytes of data released

unknown                            subscriber names, user IDs,
                                   passwords, e-mail addresses,
                                   and if provided ZIP code, duty
                                   status, paygrade, and branch of
                                   service exposed
unknown                            hackers release second dump of
                                   data, including more personal
                                   data on specific officers

unknown                            hackers shut down al-Qaeda's
                                   Internet communications, halting
                                   the flow of videos and statements
unknown                            8 Web sites defaced, documents
                                   released including passwords and
                                   e-mail addresses of 1,200
                                   officers, some financial data of
                                   specific officers and personal e-
unknown                            poll worker data exposed

exploited security flaw in the     26 admin usernames and
software Apple used                passwords for an Apple server
unknown   The Fox News Twitter feed was
          used to publish false reports that
          President Obama had been killed.

unknown   fake stories posted on

unknown   PNNL says no data was
          compromised, JNL says it
          stopped attack quickly and that it
          does not handle classified data

unknown   hacker exposes more data after
          Florida officials downplay data
          dump from early July
unknown   hackers claim to have taken 74
          government sites offline and
          released data from 100 Turkish
          government domains
unknown   hackers deface credit rating
          agency's site a day after Moody's
          downgraded Portugal's sovereign-
          debt rating to junk status

unknown   corporate e-mails, passwords and
          other information released

unknown   The hackers compromised a
          server used by the country's
          customs service and posted
          location coordinates, license plate
          and telephone numbers, police
          usernames and passwords, and a
          GPS application in response to
          government communications

DDoS      site offline

unknown   customer contact information, e-
          mail addresses, passwords and
          some encrypted credit card
          numbers were accessed by an
          unauthorized third party in attack
          discovered June 25
unknown   Hackers claimed to have
          compromised a server and
          released internal data, including
          about 90,000 military e-mail
unknown   hackers claim to have crippled
          Web servers and sites, and
          released names, e-mail and
          regular addresses of 2,500
unknown   Toshiba America confirmed to
          CNET that a product registration
          server was hacked and data
          (name, phone number, data of
          birth, address, e-mail address
          and password) for 681 customers
          was released.

unknown   Server breached June 27 and
          names and e-mail addresses of
          thousands of Gaga fans were
unknown   Hackers redirected The Sun
          home page to fake story about
          death of News Corp. owner
          Rupert Murdoch, and then later to
          LulzSec's Twitter feed, as well as
          redirected a News International's
          page with a statement on the
          hack to the LulzSec Twitter feed.
          They also released phone
          numbers of News Corp.
          employees and an e-mail address
          and password for former Sun
          editor Rebekah Brooks, who is
          embroiled in the mobile phone
          voice mail hacking scandal at
          News of the World.

unknown   Hackers claim to have 1 GB of
          data and released several files as
          proof. they threatened to release
unknown                                Hackers claim to have stolen
                                       more than 8 GB of internal data
                                       that was allegedly seized during
                                       police investigations, including
                                       information on the Ministry of
                                       Transport in Egypt, Ministry of
                                       Defense in Australia, Russian
                                       companies and U.S. Justice
                                       Department. They threatened to
                                       publish it online.

unknown                                SK Communications, which runs
                                       Cyworld and Nate, says names,
                                       phone numbers, e-mail
                                       addresses, resident registration
                                       numbers and passwords of 35
                                       million people were exposed after
                                       hacking attack.

targeted phishing attacks with e-mail National secrets, classified
exploit that installed a back door    government data, source code,
                                      bug databases, email archives,
                                      details for new oil and gas field
                                      auctions, legal contracts, SCADA
                                      configurations and more.

A source said the scheme was           Personal information of 92,408
perpetrated by a third-party vendor    Citigroup credit card customers in
that had been given access to Citi's   Japan was stolen and sold to third
internal systems.                      parties, the bank said.

unknown                                10GB of personal information,
                                       private e-mails, passwords,
                                       training files, data from
                                       informants, Social Security
                                       numbers and stolen credit card
unknown                                Home page of the Syrian Ministry
                                       of Defense site defaced with
                                       Anonymous logo and a call for
                                       the downfall of President Bashar
unknown         RIM's BlackBerry blog was
                hacked in retaliation for RIM
                offering to assist London police in
                combating rioters, many of whom
                are using BlackBerrys to organize

unknown         Hackers broke into news site of
                Hong Kong stock exchange,
                where corporate filings are
                published, forcing the suspension
                of trading for seven companies.

SQL injection   Information of 2,400, possibly
                more, users
                released, including name, e-mail
                address, password, as well as the
                address and phone number of
                some. Web site of
       defaced too.

unknown         A database belonging to the
                BART Police Officers Association
                was posted online today,
                complete with full names, e-mail
                addresses, home addresses, and

unknown         Hackers release a gigabyte of
                private information from
                government contractor
unknown         Hacker posts online 1 million
                records from a government-
                maintained database of

unknown         Hackers deface home page for
       registry to display a rebel
                flag and the message "bye bye
                Gaddafi" as well as February 17,
                which was the start of recent
unknown         Nokia developer Web site
                hacked, user data exposed
                including e-mail addresses.
unknown         Names, e-mail addresses, and
                passwords for 20,000, including
                U.S. government employees,
                posted publicly.
Notes                                 Link                         Link
Is related to at least two of three   RSA: Cyberattack could put   Attack on RSA used zero-day
incidents at U.S. defense             customers at risk            Flash exploit in Excel
contractors (see below).

The attack highlights problem with Google, Yahoo, Skype            Comodo hacker says he's
Internet authentication            targeted in attack linked to    protesting U.S. policy
infrastructure.                    Iran

                                      Who is Epsilon and why does Were you affected by Epsilon
                                      it have my data?            data breach?

                                      Sony sites offline after
                                      Anonymous attack threats

                                      Sony sites offline after     Sony sued for PlayStation
                                      Anonymous attack threats     Network data breach
                                  Sony Online Entertainment
                                  data may have been stolen

                                  Reuters: Sony removes data
                                  posted by hackers, delays
                                  PlayStation restart

                                  Sony takes sites down after   Nylevia: Warning All PSN
                                  log-in exploit found          Users: Accounts are still not

                                  Sony Thailand site used for   F-Secure: Phishing Site
                                  phishing                      Found on a Sony Server
                                  Sony subsidiary So-net
                                  reports data breach

                                  The Hacker News: Sony
                                  Music Indonesia Defaced by
Hack reportedly occurred May 5.   Report: Sony Music Greece, The Hacker News:Sony BMG
                                  Indonesia hacked           Greece Hack

                                  Report: Sony Music Japan,     The Hacker News: LulzSec
                                  Sony Ericsson hacked          leakSony's Japanese
                                                                Websites Database
                                     Report: Sony Music Japan,    The Hacker News: Sony
                                     Sony Ericsson hacked         Ericsson Got Hacked by Idahc

Lockheed said it was replacing       Lockheed Martin confirms it China linked to new
45,000 SecurID tokens.               came under attack           breaches tied to RSA

                                     PBS, hacked, says Tupac is   Sophos: hacked
                                     still alive

                                     Report: Data stolen in RSA   Wired:Second Defense
                                     breach used to target        Contractor L-3 ‘Actively
                                     defense contractor           Targeted’ With RSA SecurID
Northrop Grumman shut down           FOX EXCLUSIVE: Northrop
remote access to its network on      Grumman May Have Been
May 26, but has not confirmed a      Hit by Cyberattack, Source
security incident or connection to   Say
Yahoo and Hotmail accounts were      Google 'disrupts' Gmail      Report: Targeted attacks
targeted in similar attacks,         phishing scheme in China     aimed at Hotmail, Yahoo,
according to Trend Micro. (Google                                 Gmail
had reported in early 2010 that
Gmail accounts of human rights
activists were spied on and that
someone stole intellectual
property in an APT attack on its
network. More than 30 other
companies were also targeted in
such attacks. )

                                     Sony Pictures says 37,500    Hackers steal more customer
                                     customer records exposed     info from Sony servers



                                     Hackers target Sony,         The Hacker News: Database
                                     Nintendo and FBI partner     at Application Store at Sony
                                     Web site                     Europe Leaked!
                                   The Hacker News: Acer

Infragard member and Unveillance Hackers target Sony,             Exclusive: CEO says hackers
CEO claims LulzSec members        Nintendo and FBI partner        tried to extort data, money
tried to extort money and data    Web site
from him after snooping on his e-
mail and phone calls.

                                   Hackers target Sony,
                                   Nintendo and FBI partner
                                   Web site
                                   Hackers taunt Sony with
                                   more data leaks, hacks

                                   Hackers taunt Sony with
                                   more data leaks, hacks
                                   Hackers taunt Sony with
                                   more data leaks, hacks
                                   Sophos: Sony Portugal latest
                                   to fall to hackers


Breach was discovered in May      Report: Hackers accessed        Citigroup ups number of
during routine monitoring May 10. Citigroup customer data         accounts breached in attack

the move prompts the government Turkey arrests 32 after
to arrest 32 people             Anonymous' Web attacks
                                LulzSec hackers--just having
                                a laugh?

breach took place "over the last   Reports: International         New York Times: I.M.F.
several months"                    Monetary Fund suffers          Reports Cyberattack Led to
                                   network break-in               ‘Very Major Breach’
                                   LulzSec targets video game
                                   maker ZeniMax Media
                                       Lulz hackers attack Senate

                                       Anonymous takes down          Spain says it has arrested
                                       Spanish police site           Anonymous hackers
                                       CIA Web site down; LulzSec
                                       claims responsibility

                                       Reuters: ADP says
                                       investigating data breach
                                       SCMagazine: Hackers map
                                       locations of neo-Nazi party

This site,                             LATimes:LulzSec discloses,         62,000 email and password     c/
offers a search tool to see if an e-   combinations that it may
mail address is among those            have hacked

                                       Report: U.S. Senate site      Reuters: Hackers again break
                                       hacked again                  into Senate website

                                       Ars Technica: Bioware         EA confirms customer data
                                       hacked                        stolen

LulzSec offered to help Sega        After Sega gets hacked,          PSLS » News » PSN /
"destroy" the culprits because they LulzSec offers to seek           PlayStation NetworkSega
love Dreamcast                      revenge                          Pass Database Hacked,
                                                                     Account Information
unconfirmed, but site was down         LulzSec takes credit on
                                       LulzSec, Anonymous
                                       announce hacking campaign
                                    Hackers claim 177K e-mails
                                    from Sony Pictures France

                                    LulzSec takes down Brazil
                                    government sites

The attack follows criticism by     The Guardian: Hackers attack
LulzSec over coverage of the        News International servers
arrest of hacker Ryan Cleary by
Sun, which is published by News
International. LulzSec denied
responsibility for the attack.

After NATO released a report        NATO investigating possible Anonymous warns NATO not
singling out Anonymous'             data breach                 to challenge it
hacktivism as a cyber threat, the
group warned NATO not to
challenge it.

                                    LulzSec releases Arizona law
                                    enforcement data

                                    TheHackerNews:PBS &
                                    Writerspace Hacked Again

                                    Hackers leak Former British
                                    PM Tony Blair data

                                    CBCNews: Cyberattack hits
                                    T&T Supermarket

Message said: "There is no space The Hacker News:IBGE
for groups or ideology as LulzSec hacked
Anonymous in Brazil"
                                      The Hacker News:
                                      Anonymous Takes Down
                                      Tunisian Government Site

                                      BBC: Hacker group
                                      Anonymous declares war on
                                      Orlando, Florida

                                      Hackers: Here's Zimbabwe,
                                      Brazil, UMG, Viacom data

breach first announced June 7 in   LATimes: Army Times,
online notice, but e-mails to      Defense News, other
readers sent June 28               Gannett government sites
                                   hacked; reader data
data dump follows original release NYTimes: Hackers Release
on June 23                         More Data From Arizona

                                      NBC News: Hacker attack
                                      cripples al-Qaida web

third installment of Arizona police   Arizona lawmen hit a third
data                                  time by hackers

Florida Department of State          MiamiHerald: Did hacker get
spokesperson Chris Cate says         'inside details' of Florida
"Florida’s Division of Elections was voting systems?
not hacked, nor was the Florida
Voter Registration System. The
info obtained and released was
taken from a county that had put
together the data for the purpose
of training their poll workers. No
sensitive information was stolen."

                                      Hackers target Apple server   WSJ:Computer-Hacking
                                                                    Group Targets Apple In
                                                                    Latest Attack
Twitter says Fox News had             Fox News reports Twitter
identified the "offsite vector that   hack to Secret Service
led to the compromise."

                                      Sophos: Hackers plant bogus
                                      celebrity stories on Sony
                                      Music Ireland website

                                      'Sophisticated' attack targets
                                      two Energy Dept. labs

                                      ZeroPaid:Abhaxas Hacks
                                      Florida’s Voting System
                                      Anonymous boasts
                                      takedown of 74 Turkish
                                      government sites

                                      The Register: Portuguese
                                      hackers strike back at
                                      Moody's downgrade

                                      The Hacker News:
                                      Anonymous Hacks FBI
                                      Contractors IRC Federal
                                      SCMagazine: German police
                                      hacked, suspect tracking
                                      data stolen

                                      Invisible Nandu: Chile
                                      Ministry of Education -
                                      MINEDUC is Attacked
                                      Kiplinger FAQ
A day later Booz Allen Hamilton      Hackers claim they exposed Anonymous targets
confirmed that an "illegal attack"   Booz Allen Hamilton data   Monsanto, oil firms
had taken place

A day later, Monsanto says its      Anonymous targets            Monsanto confirms
servers were attacked a month       Monsanto, oil firms          Anonymous hacking attack
earlier and that only 10 percent of
the people in the data dump work
for the company.
                                    The Hacker News: Toshiba
                                    Database hacked and User
                                    accounts leaked

The hackers claimed to have          The Guardian: Lady Gaga's   TNW: SwagSec releases
stolen information on fans from      website hacked by SwagSec   personal information from
Web sites of Amy Winehouse and       cyber attackers             51,000 Justin
Justin Bieber earlier.
Earlier in the day, a former News    Hackers target Murdoch      Guardian: News of the World
of the World journalist-turned       newspaper Web site          phone-hacking
whistleblower was found dead.                                    whistleblower found dead

                                     Anonymous claims to have    Anonymous still accessing,
                                     breached NATO security      downloading NATO data
                                     Computerworld: Anonymous
                                     hacks Italy's cybercrime

SK Communications says               KoreaHerald: 35m Cyworld,     Breach reportedly exposes
malicious code used in attack        Nate users’ information       data of 35 million South
appeared to have originated in       hacked                        Koreans

                                     Vanity Fair Exclusive:   Global cyber-espionage
                                     Operation Shady          operation uncovered
                                     rat—Unprecedented Cyber-
                                     espionage Campaign

It's the second data breach for Citi WSJ: Citigroup Hit by Data
in three months.                     Theft in Japan

                                     AntiSec hackers post stolen
                                     police data as revenge for

                                     Anonymous takes over
                                     Syrian government site
                                  RIM blog hacked in warning
                                  over London unrest

                                  WSJ: Hong Kong Exchanges     Hong Kong stock exchange
                                  Suspect Malicious Hacking    halts trading after hack
                                  Caused Website Problems      attack

                                  Anonymous defaces BART       S.F. subway muzzles cell
                                  site, leaks user data        service during protest

Second BART-related data breach Hackers break into BART
since BART turned off cell service police union Web site
before a planned protest August

                                  AntiSec hackers target
                                  Vanguard Defense

                                  PCWorld: Hackers Post 1M
                                  Danish Government Business
                                  Records to Net

Action comes as rebels seize      The Register:Rebel hackers
large parts of Tripoli            seize Libyan domain name

                                  WSJ:Nokia Suspends Forum     ZDNetUK: Nokia hack reveals
                                  After Data Breach            developer details

                                  EWeek:Hacker Exposes US
                                  Government Staff Log-ins
Link                        Link
What the RSA breach         RSA to replace SecurID
means for you (FAQ)         tokens following

Hackers exploit chink in
Web's armor

Epsilon partner warned of
phishing attacks months

N.Y. attorney general
subpoenas Sony
The New York Times: Stolen
Data Is Tracked to Hacking
at Lockheed

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