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									             CITIZEN’S /CLIENT’S CHARTER

                  MINISTRY OF TEXTILES
                UDYOG BHAVAN. NEW DELHI
                         February, 2011
2.     Our Vision - To develop a strong, competitive and vibrant handloom sector for
providing sustainable employment for economic development of the nation and to
promote and preserve the age-old heritage of handloom weaves.

3.     Our Mission-
         To provide adequate and appropriate technical upgradation of equipments,
           processes to promote traditional skills;
         Upgradation of skills, design development and product diversification.
         Overall growth and development of Handloom weavers in cooperation with
           the stakeholders directly as well as through the State Governments.
         To provide easy access to health care facilities and life insurance cover to the
           Handloom weavers.

4.     Service Standards
         Continue to publicize our policies, programmes and schemes.
         Update our data base from time to time to serve better.
         Welcome suggestions and advice to improve our performance standards to
            the best of your satisfaction.
         Acknowledge within 15 days to written inquiries.
         Ensure to be No Reminder Office.
         Take quick decisions and check delays.
         Extend judicious support both physically and financially.

5      Grievance Redressal Mechanism
         We aim at settling your grievances within 15 working days of their receipt.
            If we cannot, we will explain the reason for the delay and time it will take to
            resolve. Shri Sohan Kumar Jha, Additional Development Commissioner for
            Handlooms has been designated as Public Grievance Redressal Officer.
            Telephone No. 23062238(O) Fax No. 23063511 and E-mail address is
            SK.JHA @
         If you have a grievance, you may telephone, send a letter by mail or fax or
            visit our offices. You may first use the Information and Facilitation
            Counter(IFC) of Ministry of Textiles, housed in Room No.              , Udyog
            Bhavan, New Delhi. In case you are not satisfied, you may also take up the
            matter with the Grievance Officer of Office of the Development
            Commissioner for Handlooms.

6.     Stakeholders/Clients
          Weavers and ancillary workers
          Master Weavers
          Yarn/Raw material Manufacturers
          Yarn/Raw material Suppliers
         a) National Handloom Development Corporation
         b) Private Traders
          Dyeing Houses
          Buying Houses
          Customers
      a)   Domestic Customers
      b)   International Customers
          Designers
          Institutions involved in handlooms work
          Looms and accessories manufacturers
          Banking Institutions
          Implementing agency of Health/Life Insurances
          Social activists
          Government of India and State Government

7.   Responsibility Centres

      1. The Office of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms, Udyog
         Bhavan, New Delhi.
      2. The Commissionorate/Directorates of Handlooms & Textiles of the
         concerned States.
      3. Weavers’ Service Centres.
      4. Indian Institutes of Handloom Technology
      5. The National Handloom Development Corporation, Lucknow.
      6. Office of the Chief Enforcement Officer.
      7. The Handloom Export Promotion Council
      8. National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum, Pragati Maidan, New
      9. The Association of Corporations & Apex Societies of Handlooms,
         Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

8.   Indicative expectations from service recipients
     (A)     Weavers have following expectations:-
       1. To get adequate orders of handlooms items.
       2. Continued improvement in wages.
       3. Easy availability of yarn and dyes at reasonable rates.
       4. Government to support marketing of handloom items through exhibitions
           and by organizing Buyers-Sellers Meet.
       5. Government to support social security measures.
       6. To get loans at lower interest rate from banking institutions.
       7. Improved conditions of working by providing worksheds.
       8. Market friendly designs to be made easily available.
       9. Government support for providing upgraded looms and upgradation of
           existing looms.
       10. Government support in the form of marketing incentives.
8.(B)          There has been a change in the preference of customers both at domestic
               and at international levels. Buyers expect quality Handloom products with
               latest designs.

9.      Month and Year for next review of the Charter.

        The Charter is supposed to be reviewed as and when required.

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