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					It takes you, our members, working with                      program designed to tackle issues that affect the
                                                             industry while working to enhance the image of
your Association and pitching in, building                                ®
                                                             REALTORS . Now Mason Co. officials look to the
relationships, and influencing city hall to                  REALTORS for their resources, information and
                                                             know-how before they go into session.
make our community a better place to live.                   Contact: Rob Drexler/Windermere Realty 1-800-228-
                                                             9523 or or contact your
How to Get Involved                                          Association to see how you can help start your own
Be inspired by the Profiled Heroes. Contact them.            “Quality of Life” program!
Then take action and recruit other REALTORS . In doing
so you build a better community, neighborhood,               Quick Tips—Got 10 minutes?
business and you!                                            It’s easy to spring into action!

Our Profiled Community Heroes!                               1. Send an E-mail! Ask other REALTORS
A successful project for one REALTOR®                           to contribute to a food pantry, or host a clothing drive.
Ouida Spencer works with United Cerebral Palsy of            2. Pick up the phone! Call city hall and ask to serve
Georgia to help find homes for their clients. She takes         on community task force.
people who’ve never owned a home of their own, find          3. Have a brainstorm! Invite REALTORS to serve
their abilities, and places them in homes that meet their       on a land-use committee or county development
needs perfectly. Contact: Ouida Spencer 1-770-496-              board. Or develop a community program.
9600 or                               4. Improve the landscape! Sponsor a
                                                                Clean-Up/Fix-Up Day.
How several together can build community.                    5. Keep it going! Help out other community projects
The North San Diego County Association of                       by volunteering one day a month.
REALTORS wanted to get involved in the Vista,
California ROC (Revitalize Our Community) Project.           Check out all the promotional tools, support and
The idea was generated at a new listings “Pitch Session”     resources for running a successful community building
and 40 REALTORS signed up to help. 24 homes were             program at
refurbished in one neighborhood during the 7th Annual
Vista ROC Project. Contact: Jim Aldredge/Aldredge
                                                               (Association contact information)
Realty 1-760-630-4100 or
                                                               (Add detail about your upcoming
A large scale project that can begin small.                    Homeownership Month activities here)
When Washington State’s Mason County Association
of REALTORS wanted to make a difference, they
decided to adopt the “Quality of Life” program, originally
developed by the Washington Association of
REALTORS . The Mason Co. group tailored their