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					                                                                                            Florida Keys Community College    1
                                                                                                    Business Administration

                                            PROGRAM REVIEW 2010

1. Name of Program Area:               Business Administration

2. Types of Earnable Degrees/Certificates:           AAS Degree Business Administration
                                                     Certificate Small Business Management

3. Please list the degree requirements and verify the accuracy of program length:
2009-2010 Catalog:

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Business Administration

General Education Requirements (15 credits)
ENC 1101 English Composition I (3)
MGF 1106 Mathematics for Liberal Arts I (3) OR MAC 1105 College Algebra (3)
SPC 1608 Introduction to Speech Communication (3)
Any course from Humanities/Fine Arts (Area I, Section B) (3)
Any course from Social/Behavioral Science (Area IV) (3)

Core Requirements (24 credits)
ACG 2021 Financial Accounting (3)
BUL 2241 Business Law I (3)
CTS ---- Microcomputer Software (3)
ECO 2013 Macroeconomics (3)
FIN 1001 Principles of Finance (3)
GEB 1011 Introduction to Business (3)
MAR 2011 Principles of Marketing (3)
PHI 1103 Critical Thinking (3) OR STA 2023 Introduction to Probability & Statistics I (3)

Electives (6 credits)

Select One of the Four Areas of Focus Below:
General Business Focus (19 credits)
BUL 2242 Business Law 2 (3)
ECO 2023 Microeconomics (3)
MAN 2021 Management Concepts (3)

Financial Management Focus (19 credits)
ACG 2071 Managerial Accounting (3)
BUL 2242 Business Law 2 (3)
CTS 1261C Microsoft Excel (3)
ECO 2023 Microeconomics (3)
MAN 2021 Management Concepts (3)

Small Business Management Focus (19 credits)
SBM 2000 Small Business Management (3)
SBM Electives from SBM one-credit courses (13)
                                                                                     Florida Keys Community College    2
                                                                                             Business Administration

Accounting Focus (19 credits)
ACG 2071 Managerial Accounting (3)
BUL 2242 Business Law 2 (3)
SBM 1111 Recordkeeping in Small Business (1)
Electives BAN ECO FIN MAN MKA SBM (12)

Total Credits Required: 64

Certificate in Small Business Management – Certificate was terminated in July 2010

Core Requirements (12 credits required)
SBM 1001 Franchising (1)
SBM 1101 Organization of the Small Business (1)
SBM 1102 Time Management for Entrepreneurs (1)
SBM 1103 Buying and Selling the Small Business (1)
SBM 1110 Books and Records Management in the Small Business (1)
SBM 1121 Financing the Small Business (1)
SBM 1122 Pricing and Income in the Small Business (1)
SBM 1123 Cost Control in the Small Business (1)
SBM 1131 Insurance Needs and Risk Management in Small Business (1)
SBM 1132 Taxing the Small Business (1)
SBM 1141 Working With the Public (1)
SBM 1142 Advertising, Marketing and Promotion in the Small Business (1)
SBM 1143 Effective Selling in Small Business (1)
SBM 1151 Human Relations and Hiring Practices (1)
SBM 1161 Regulations and Legal Problems in Small Business (1)
SBM 1171 Computers for the Small Business (1)

Electives (18 credits required)
ACG 2021 Financial Accounting (3)
BUL 2241 Business Law I (3)
BUL 2242 Business Law II (3)
CGS 1000C Introduction to Computer Science (3)
CTS ---- Microcomputer Software (3)
FIN 1000 Principles of Finance (3)
GEB 1011 Introduction to Business (3)
HUM 1020 Introduction to Humanities (3)
MAR 2011 Principles of Marketing (3)
MKA 1021 Salesmanship (3)
SBM 2000 Small Business Management (3)
STA 2023 Introduction to Probability & Statistics I (3)
XXX 2949 Cooperative Education (3)

Total Credits Required: 30
                                                                                       Florida Keys Community College     3
                                                                                               Business Administration

4. Please comment on any curricular changes or modifications made this year – explain how this was a data-
   informed decision (Example – include minutes from Advisory Committee or Curriculum Committee):
   The Business Advisory Committee identified strategies to improve the Business Administration department’s
   usefulness to meet the needs of the community local businesses (see attached minutes). Advisory Committee
   recommendations initiated this academic year that will be implemented in the 2010-11 academic year are:
   1) Termination of the Certificate in Small Business Administration.
   2) The addition of a course in Entrepreneurship (ENT 1000)
   3) The addition of a 12-credit Certificate in Entrepreneurship that would be a standalone program as well as well
   as a feeder program for the AAS in Business Administration. Further positive effects from this addition will be
   evidenced by select FKCC non-business programs that can now offer entrepreneurial education for their students.
   This inter-disciplinary approach will benefit numerous students by providing an entrepreneurial education that
   augments the marketability of their skill/trades developed at FKCC.
   4) The re-structuring of curriculum in the AAS in Business Administration program; i.e. the four existing focus
   areas of finance, small business management, accounting, and general business have been combined to create
   one strong, well-rounded education in the foundational aspects of business education.

5. Please list the program learning outcomes for each Degree/Certificate that your program offers and comment
    on the assessment results from previous year:
Students will be able to effectively communicate and justify their self-selected business project – identify a problem,
provide potential solutions, and make a recommendation
College Level Competency #1
Exemplary: 6
Proficient: 3
Instructor noted the 3 proficient students are ESL students. While this is a small sampling, the instructor decided to
incorporate a review session regarding oral presentations prior to the assignment due date. In addition the instructor
encourages students to use SMARTHINKING tutors that are available for writing for ESL.

Students will be able to establish a portfolio, justify stock trades, develop a trading strategy, and analyze performance
College Level Competency# 2
Exemplary: 7
Proficient: 1
Instructor invited a former student to guest lecture regarding the Fantasy Stock Market Game “research project”. The
guest lecturer discussed strategy and potential pit-falls. The students were engaged and asked questions of lecturer.
Students will be able to identify pertinent ethical case issues, research options, and provide a recommendation
College Level Competency #6
Exemplary: 27
Proficient: 9
Emerging: 3
Developing: 2
The instructor noted that several students did not turn in case studies and are therefore unable to be included in the
data. The students enrolled in Management Concepts are usually first year students. Instructor hopes that the
development of the Freshman Seminar class could better prepare students for the rigor of college students.

6. How has the program utilized Distance Learning (videoconferencing and online instruction)?
List the courses available through Distance Learning:
                                                                                   Florida Keys Community College    4
                                                                                           Business Administration

  TERM SESSION SUBJECT          COURSE                  TITLE                INSTRUCTOR
 201010  Web   ACG              2021       Financial Accounting           Snyder, Brittany
 201020  Web   ACG              2021       Financial Accounting           Snyder, Brittany
 200930  Web   BUL              2241       Business Law I                 Wolod, Larry
 200930  Web   FIN              1001       Principles of Finance          Snyder, Brittany
 200930  Web   GEB              1011       Introduction to Business       Snyder, Brittany
 200930  Web   MAN              2021       Management Concepts            Gotches, Gregory
 201010  Web   BUL              2241       Business Law I                 Wolod, Larry
 201010  Web   MAR              2011       Principles of Marketing        Wood, Frank
 201010  Web   SBM              2000       Small Business Management      Barroso, Brian
 201020  Web   BUL              2242       Business Law II                Wolod, Larry

Percentage of program available through Distance Learning: 100%
List the faculty trained in Distance Learning: Snyder, Muffler, Barroso, Wood, Wolod
List the faculty who use Desire2Learn on a supplemental basis: Snyder, Gotches, Muffler, Barroso, Wood, Wolod,
Henderson, and Tomes.
Trends in online course audit finds: Instructors and FKCC students in the Business Administration programs are
adopting instructional technology at an increasing rate.

7. Please address how you have responded to the program’s Advisory Committee recommendations (include
   The Business Advisory Committee recommendations are treated as a high priority. This important committee is
   comprised of members of the local business community that actually hire FKCC Business Administration degree
   and certificate holders. As such, their recommendations are researched by the Business Administration program
   director to determine: 1) how the recommendation fits within the guidelines developed by the Florida
   Department of Education and 2) which support material are needed to initiate consideration by the FKCC
   Curriculum Committee.

   Once a Business Advisory Committee recommendation is deemed to comply with state requirements, all
   appropriate supporting documentation needed to facilitate the recommendation is researched, compiled, and
   packaged for review by the curriculum committee to consider. Next, the program director and the Dean of Arts
   and Sciences sign the request and all members of the curriculum committee are provided complete request
   information packages (one week prior to meeting) to review prior to their meeting. The Business Administration
   Program Director then appears at the subsequent curriculum committee meeting to present the request along
   with a presentation of supporting rationale and state of Florida compliance. If the request is approved, the
   Curriculum Committee chairperson signs the approved requests and forwards the package to the Provost for
   approval. If the request is for higher-level program changes, the package is then forward to the President and,
   subsequently, the Board of Trustees for consideration/approval.
                                                                                           Florida Keys Community College      5
                                                                                                   Business Administration

8. Explain to what extent other programs depend upon this one and how it is of value to the college and
      community? What needs does it serve to the college and community? Please include feedback from program
      advisory committee meetings (where applicable)
Most programs at FKCC rely on courses from the Business Administration program. Many business courses comprise the
list of popular courses for AA electives as well serving as the core of the AAS Business degree. Many students choose
macro-economics to fulfill their social sciences requirements. Other departments, such as Diving and Marine Engineering
are now incorporating the Entrepreneurship (ENT 1000) class in their curriculum; their goal is to provide practical business
experience/education to the trades/skills they are teaching.

As a community college, FKCC strives to provide an educational experience that is relevant to our community and its
students. Our community was built with an entrepreneurial spirit and is sustained today by businesses that maximize local
resources for the benefits of tourists and residents, alike. Due to this fact, business instruction and entrepreneurial
education are at the forefront of students and local employers’ needs from local higher education.

Doria Goodrich, Senior VP for First State Bank and FKCC Business Advisory Committee member, often gives commendation
to the FKCC business program. She explained at a recent advisory committee meeting how members of the current First
State Bank team began their education with two years at FKCC. Upon completion of the FKCC degree, she recalls how
student then transferred to a four-year institution and completed their bachelors degree. After graduation, these aspiring
business men and women returned to The Keys to be re-woven back into the fabric that produced them. The first step on
their ladder to success was found in the business administration programs at FKCC.

The Advisory Committee’s impact on the future of this program and our community is only in its early stages. With the
addition of the “entrepreneur” component, FKCC students (both business and non-business students) will now obtain an
edge on their competition, as either a new business owner or as a new key member for an existing Keys’ organization.

9. How many student semester hours (or, if a non-credit program, student semester hour equivalents) were
   generated? Please note that this chart represents the student semester hours generated by students in your
   classes – it is not necessarily an indication of the number of students who have declared your program as their

 Please use this space for discussion regarding the above chart:
 The program is currently holding steady. However, initiatives are in preparation to increase the business
 student base substantially through the creation of market-driven instruction delivery improvements and
 curriculum enhancements.
                                                                                    Florida Keys Community College    6
                                                                                            Business Administration

  10. List the student semester hours (or, if a non-credit program, student semester hour equivalents) that were
      taught by full-time and part-time faculty. Please note that Program Directors are classified as
      Administration and not Faculty, and are displayed separately on the chart, if applicable.

11. List the full-time and part-time faculty members and the semester hours they have taught in the last reporting

 SSH                                                                         TERM
 DIVISION                Full-Time/Part-Time      LAST            FIRST       200930    201010     201020       Total
 Business Administration Full-Time                Snyder          Brittany        51       135        142        328
                         Full-Time Total                                                   135        142        328
                         Part-Time                Andrews         David                                36         36
                                                  Barroso         Brian                     105        75        180
                                                  Gotches         Gregory         30                              30
                                                  Henderson       John                                  48        48
                                                  Muffler         Stephen                    45         66       111
                                                  Nichols         Dustin                                 9         9
                                                  Tomes           Michael         78                              78
                                                  Wolod           Larry           18         48         30        96
                                                  Wood            Frank                      48                   48
                                                                                 177        246        264       687
                           Part-Time Total                                       177        381        406       964
 Business Administration

 Please use this space for discussion regarding the above charts (#10 & #11):
 NOTE: The Business Administration program has one full time faculty member and group of well-qualified
 adjunct instructors. The full time faculty member teaches classes for which their educational background
 meets FKCC faculty credential guidelines. To offer the range of business courses needed to have a relevant
 program (and to meet FKCC faculty credential guidelines), adjuncts have become a necessity for accounting,
 finance, and business law courses.
                                                                                        Florida Keys Community College    7
                                                                                                Business Administration

12. What is the average class size for courses in this program? Please list the class size for full-time and part-
    time instructors.

 Business Administration
 Average Class Size                       FT   PT
   2006RY                                  9.7 12.4
   2007RY                                  7.9 8.9
   2008RY                                  9.0 11.8
   2009RY                                      10.0
   2010RY                                  6.6 12.1

 The average class size trend for fulltime instructors has been less than that of part-time instructors because
 the one fulltime instructors for this program teaches the higher level, more advanced business courses, which
 have traditionally lower enrollment due to attrition rates.

13. Please list the duplicated enrollment trends for courses in this program:

    Please use this space for discussion regarding the above chart:
    Enrollment in the business administration program has remained solid and is anticipated to increase when the
    curricular modifications as directed by the advisory board, such as the entrepreneurial component, are
                                                                                                    Florida Keys Community College           8
                                                                                                            Business Administration

   14. List the duplicated enrollment for courses that comprise your program according to Center:

    Business Administration
                                                     Off                          Off
                      Upper         Middle         Campus                       Campus
    Enrollment        Keys           Keys            MK           Key West        KW             Virtual          Total
    2006RY                 15             22                           399            14                             450
    2007RY                  1              4                           256             9              95             365
    2008RY                                                             214             9             136             359
    2009RY                      2                          24          188                           107             321
    2010RY                     15            5                         188                           113             321

    Please use this space for discussion regarding the above lists:
    Enrollment in the business courses has been primarily on the KW campus. The reason is due to the challenges
    with recruiting credentialed adjunct faculty for the Middle and Upper Keys. Program Director consistently
    evaluates resumes to identify credentialed faculty for the Centers.

   15. Please list the FTE trends for courses in this program:

       2006RY                  41.5
       2007RY                  31.4
       2008RY                  29.0
       2009RY                  32.1
       2010RY                  32.1

    Please use this space for discussion regarding the above list:
    After a brief downturn in 2008, the program is on an upward slope. This trend is expected to continue at an
    increasing rate due to improvements in market-driven instructional delivery improvements and course

16. List the number of enrollees and graduates in this program.

                                                          Enrollees                                            Graduates
                                    2006RY       2007RY   2008RY      2009RY   2010RY   2006RY     2007RY       2008RY     2009RY   2010RY
 AAS     Business Admin                 67           69         65        44       61        5             7         4          3        7
 Cert    Small Business Mgmt             8            4         3          4        2        0             2         0          0        1
 Total                                  75           73         68        48       63        5             9         4          3        8

    Please use this space for discussion regarding the above chart:
    Due to an increased attention and response to students course offering and scheduling needs, the Business
    Administration program was able to experience an increase of 133% in the number of graduates in 2010.
                                                                                               Florida Keys Community College    9
                                                                                                       Business Administration

17. What is the instructional cost of the program? The cost per FTE? Please note that this report is based on
    fiscal year.

                                           2006FY          2007FY           2008FY          2009FY           2010FY
 FTE                                         35.3            23.2             18.4            19.5             23.6
 FEES                                     $65,173         $43,134          $38,657         $52,201          $73,756

                                           2006FY          2007FY          2008FY           2009FY           2010FY
           Current Expense                 $7,597            $232             $80              $17             $293
                    Capital                    $0              $0              $0               $0               $0
                 Personnel                $91,461         $90,648        $117,760         $107,237          $72,061
 TOTAL EXPENSES                           $99,058         $90,881        $117,840         $107,255          $72,354

 FEES MINUS EXPENSES                     -$33,885        -$47,746         -$79,183        -$55,053           $1,402

 EXPENSES PER FTE                          $2,804           $3,911          $6,415           $5,500          $3,066

 The personnel expense in 2010 was reduced over previous years due to the promotion of the business faculty
 member to Dean of Arts and Sciences at the end of the third quarter. This one time reduction will not recur in 2011
 due to the hiring of a new business faculty member who will be employed for the entire year. However, a projected
 increase in the number of business administration students and the revenue generated from tuition and fees are
 expected to continue to maintain this important program’s positive impact on the FKCC operating budget.

 18. The Business Administration program is:

 X      Strong, should be retained - With Improvement discussed here in.

        Moderate, should be retained with modifications for improvement (specify below and include in your 2010 to
        2011 Unit Plan)

        Weak, should be retained on one-year probation, pending specific modifications (specify below and include in
        your 2010 to 2011 Unit Plan)

        Weak, should be canceled

 19. Discuss any reasoning for retaining, modifying, or canceling a program(s). For example, if the program is
        operating on a moderate basis and it is believed that increasing or reducing the number of faculty would serve to
        strengthen it, please include that information here:
 This program is rapidly becoming a model for web-based instruction at FKCC. As the local consumer base for
 traditional students has reached a plateau, the Business Administration program is crucial to FKCC as both a
 program for the future and as a model for the development of web-based instruction. Not only does this program
 strive to meet the needs of our community’s students and businesses in an atmosphere of continuous
 improvement, FKCC’s Business Administration program also serves to light an instructional delivery path that could
 be critical to the growth and sustainability of other programs as well as the college as a whole.
                                                                             Florida Keys Community College    10
                                                                                     Business Administration

Approval Information:

Program Reviewer:                                  Recommendation of Academic Director/Dean
   Name:                                                      Cancel:
     Title:                                                   Retain:
                                                     Retain for one year
      Sign:                                         pending modifications:

      Date:                                              Sign & Date:

Curriculum Committee Recommendations/Comments
Program review endorsed by curriculum committee.

Recommendation of Provost                          Recommendation of President
          Cancel:                                             Cancel:
          Retain:                                             Retain:
 Retain for one year                                 Retain for one year
pending modifications:                              pending modifications:
     Sign & Date:                                        Sign & Date:

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