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					        Programme ISMS Conference “Security in 2020 in a
                      multi polar world”

Wednesday November, 25th 2009.

09.00           Arrival of participants / coffee / sign in.

10.00           Opening of the conference by Prof. dr. Wouter van Rossum, Dean of
                the Faculty of Military Sciences of the Netherlands Defence Academy
                and by Alexander Bon, president of the ISMS.

10.15           Key note speaker Maj Gen. (ret) Patrick Cammaert will focus on his
                experiences as former MONUC Force Commander in Congo and will
                expand to other (UN) missions and future operations.

11.00           Short break / Coffee and Tea

11.30           Debate on: “The emerging Euro-Mediterranean society”. Can Europe
                offset refugee flows and influence North-African states, plagued by
                drought and poverty, to build a Euro-Mediterranean society.

12.30           Lunch

13.30           Start 1st session of the Tracks.

        War Studies
        (Chaired by Dr. David Last)

        Dr. C. Spearin (Canadian Forces College), Piracy and the International Privatization of
        Security: A Security Governance Assessment.

        Col. (ret.) Dr. Jan van Angeren (Netherlands Defence Academy), Painless War: An Illusory
        Pipe-dream or a Practice-based Development.

        Prof. Dr. Houchang Hassan Yari (Royal Military College of Canada), Civil-Military Relations in
        Iran and the Evolution of the Revolutionary Guard.

        Dr. James Corum (Baltic Defence College), Developing Future Counterinsurgency Doctrine.

        Security, Defence Policy and Strategy
        (Chaired by Brig Gen. Dr. Walter Feichtinger)

        Magnus Hjortdal, MA (Royal Danish defence College), Countering U.S. supremacy in new
        ways: China’s hard balancing strategy.

Liselotte Odgaard, PhD. (Royal Danish Defence College), China’s Policies on Conflict
Resolution along its Borders: The Cases of the South China Sea, the Soviet Union/Russia and

Judith Verweijen, PhD. (Netherlands Defence Academy/University of Utrecht), The Dilemmas
of Defence Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Abel Esterhuyse (Stellenbosch University), From State to Human Security: South African
Military effectiveness since 1994.

Leadership, Command and Control, and Basic Competence
(Chaired by Prof. Dr. Gerry Larsson)

Prof. Dr. Gerry Larsson, Misa Sjöberg & Maria Fors (Swedish National Defence College),
Leader development in natural context.

Prof. Eyal Ben-Ari (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Hybrid wars, complex environments
and military leadership: Notes on current developments.

Peter Bradley, PhD. (Royal Military College of Canada), Career satisfaction of army lieutenant-

Helena Granlund, Dr. Peter Mattsson & Dr. Rego Granlund (Linköping University/Swedish
National Defence College), Measurement of team work in command and control training.

Prof. Dr. T.J. Grant (Netherlands Defence Academy), Towards C2 tools bridging cultural gaps
in coalition operations.

Dr. Rudy Richardson, Ebru Kulcu, Msc & Prof. Dr. Desirèe Verweij (Netherlands Defence
Academy), Cross cultural and moral competence in the military: Similarities and differences.

Military Technology
(Chaired by Prof. Dr. Hannu H. Kari)

Dr. Ir. Zhenke Yang, Prof. Dr. Drs. L.J.M. Rothkrantz (Delft University of Technology/
Netherlands Defence Academy), Surveillance systems with Multi-modal Sensors.

Dr. Th. M. Hupkens, Dr. O.J.G. Somsen & Ir. R.R. Hordijk (Netherlands Defence Academy),
Self-Location of Sensors in Networks of Randomly Distributed Sensors.

Dr. L. Koene, Dr. Ir. A. Papy, (Netherlands Defence Academy/Royal Military Academy
Belgium), Role of tissue simulants and their physical properties in the evaluation of non-lethal

Dr. A. J. van der Wal (Netherlands Defence Academy), Phase synchronization of weakly
coupled oscillators: A physical paradigm of collective emergent behaviour.

Ir. R. Dor, Prof. Dr. Drs. L.J.M. Rothkrantz (Delft University of Technology/ Netherlands
Defence Academy), Emergent self-organization for decision making in uncertainty conditions.

Armed Forces and Society
(Chaired by Dr. Rene Moelker)

Dr. Theo Brinkel (Netherlands Defence Academy), religion as a motivating factor in
international security: Searching for indicators.

A. Alvinius, PhD. Student, Prof. Dr. Gerry Larsson, (Swedish National Defence College),
Structure vs. freedom and safety vs. Efficiency: Collaboration as a tool during international
military missions characterised by irregular threats.

Jouni Westling, M.Soc.Sc., Marko Laaksonen (National Defence University, Finland),
Analysing strategy as discursive practice in the Finnish Defence Forces.

Dr. Łukasz Kamieński (University of Krakow), Perfect soldiers of the future: On chemical
enhancement of the American military.

Shahzad Shafqat, PhD. Candidate (University of Cambrige, UK), Distinguishing extremism
from terrorism: implications for social policy & military strategy.

Lt. Col. H.J.D. Bosch, (Netherlands Defence Academy/Defence Institute for Intelligence and
Security), Cross cultural training: A comprehensive culture training programme for the future.

Law & Ethics
(Chaired by Lt Col. Dr. Nils Terje Lunde, Dr. Ingeborg Mongstad-Kvammen &
Associate Prof. Sigrid Redse Johansen)

Prof. Dr. Desirèe Verweij (Netherlands Defence Academy), Integrity and the risk of just
another polished blazon.

Jouni Westling, M.Soc.Sc, (National Defence university, Finland), Transitional justice and
punishing for past injustices.

William T. Worster, Lecturer International Law (The Hague University, Bynkershoek Institute),
Immunities of United Nations Peacekeepers in the Absence of a Status of Forces Agreement.

Dr. Derek Suchard (Netherlands Ministry of Defence), Human Shields: Deployed social
scientists and the principles of the Just War.

Defence Management and Economics
(Chaired by Dr. Robert Beeres)

Capt. Drs. K.C. Davids, Dr. Ir. S.J.H. Rietjens (Netherlands Defence Academy/Tilburg
University), Reconstructing Afghanistan: Comparing the performance of Provincial
Reconstruction Teams.

Mag. Markus Gauster (Institute for Peace Support and Conflict management, NDA, Austria),
The underestimated relevance of economic impacts of crisis response operations.

Dr. Tom Dececchi (Royal Military College of Canada/Canadian Forces Base Kingston),
Resource allocation in Canada’s army reserves – combat service support.

17.30          Group Discussions: Potential of multi-disciplinary research within the
               framework of ISMS (Meet researchers from other tracks).

19.00          Buffet / Drinks

20.30          Evening programme - optional (boat tour).

Thursday November 26th 2009.

08.30          Arrival of participants / coffee / sign in.

09.15          Key note speaker Dr. Sebastian Reyn: Strategic Choices for the
               Netherlands Defence in a Multi-Polar World and the Process of
               Developing Interdepartmentally Supported Answers to them.

10.00          Discussion.

10.30          Coffee break.

11.00          Start 2nd session of the Tracks

        War Studies
        (Chaired by Dr. David Last)

        Ir. Sjef Orbons (Netherlands Defence Academy) Nonlethality as a Military Option in the
        Afghanistan/Iraq Security Context: Experiences and Prospect.

        Ir. R.H.A. Lindelauf (Netherlands Defence Academy) Network analysis in counter terrorism
        and counter insurgency.

        Dr. Paul C. van Fenema (Netherlands Defence Academy), Evolution of Military Coordination at
        Sub-strategic Levels: Changing Roles across Generations of Warfare.

        Security, Defence Policy and Strategy
        (Chaired by Brig Gen. Dr. Walter Feichtinger)

        Flemming Splidsboel Hansen, PhD. (Royal Danish Defence College), Reflexive Intelligence

        Dr. M.J. de Weger (Netherlands defence Academy), The Theory and Practice of Military
        Doctrines and Doctrine Development.

Capt. RNLN Sjoerd J.J. Both (Netherlands Defence Academy), Being There: The case for
developing credible Naval Power in the face of 21 century Maritime Threats and Challenges.

Col. Hans Hovens (Netherlands Defence Academy), Police Reform in Afghanistan.

Leadership, Command and Control, and Basic Competence
(Chaired by Prof. Dr. Gerry Larsson)

Marcus Börjesson, MA, Johan Österberg, MA (Swedish National Defence College), Risk
perception among conscripts during compulsory military service.

Maria Fors, MA, Prof. Dr. Gerry Larsson (Swedish National Defence College), Trust during
international military operations: A study of how trust and critical incidents influence each

Drs. S.C. Groenink (Netherlands Defence Academy), The “gut feeling” soldier: The role of
intuitive and analytical skills in military decision making.

LTCDR Tom Hanén (Finnish Coast Guard), Avoiding hidden errors and organizational
accidents in strategic management.

Drs. L. G. Gulpers, Dr. R. J. M: Beeres, Dr. J. M. I. M. Achterbergh & Dr. D.J. Vriens (Radboud
University of Nijmegen/Netherlands Defence Academy), Moral responsible behaviour in the
military organization: An argument for a study of the relation between moral decision making
and infrastructural design.

Military Technology
(Chaired by Prof. Dr. Hannu H. Kari)

Dr. Ir. Dragos Datcu,, Prof. Dr. Drs. L.J.M. Rothkrantz (Delft University of Technology/
Netherlands Defence Academy), Automatic seabed and underwater 3D object recognition.

Dr. O.J.G. Somsen, G.P.M Wagemakers & Prof. Dr. Drs. L.J.M. Rothkrantz (Delft University of
Technology/ Netherlands Defence Academy), Sensor error sensitivity during pursuit of high
speed manoeuvring targets.

Dr. Ana Isabel Barros, Dr. Herman Monsuur (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific
Research/Netherlands Defence Academy), New trends in Military: Agility and robustness.

Dr. Ir. Tiedo Tinga (Netherlands Defence Academy), Optimizing maintenance intervals by
incorporating the specific usage of military platforms and systems.

        Military History
        (Chaired by Dr. James Corum)

        Prof. Dr. W. Klinkert (Netherlands Defence Academy/University of Amsterdam), Fighting the
        next war: Early Dutch military reactions on World War I, 1918/1922.

        Dr. Eric Sibul, (Baltic Defence College), Military history in professional military education to
        prepare for a complex and dangerous world.

        Dr. Kjeld Hald Galster (Royal Danish Defence College), Power preservation.

        Henrik Bliddal (Royal Danish Defence College), The Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force –
        Adapting the US security framework for the Persian Gulf at the dawn of the Second World

        Dr. Floribert Baudet (Netherlands Defence Academy), A new strategy, for a small country: The
        Netherlands, 1944-1950.

13.00           Lunch.

14.00           Key note speaker Prof. dr. Franz Kernic: Peacekeeping in a
                globalizing and multi polar world: A sociological perspective.

15.00           Discussions: Exchange ideas and expectations with respect to the
                future development of ISMS.

16.00           Closing of the conference by CDRE Jelle Snoeks and handover of the
                presidency of the ISMS to Prof. dr. Maja Kirilova Eriksson (Vice-
                President of the Swedish Defence Academy).


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