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					Job Description: PR/ Marketing Intern
Position Summary: Responsible for providing outstanding support to the Public Relations and Marketing depart-
ments in a variety of functions essential to the organization.

General Purpose of Position:
The primary purpose of this role is to provide assistance to the Marketing/ PR departments, as well as provide
hands-on experience to a qualified student seeking work experience.
Department                                                Reports to:

Marketing/ Public Relations                               Supervisors Title:
                                                          Marketing/ PR Representative
Supervisory Responsibilities                              Number of Direct Reports: 0

YES_______                                                Number of Indirect Reports: 0
NO ___X___
FLSA Status: Hourly                                       Type of Exemption:
EEO Job Classification:                                   Type of Position: Part Time
Position Responsibilities:                                Position Responsibilities:
 Draft basic public relations materials including         Assists with events and sponsorship development
    press releases, newsletters, press kits, and other        as needed
    materials as directed                                  Assist in updating website material as needed
 Conduct media research                                   Assists with social media support as needed
 Ensures completeness and accuracy of informa-            Assists with administrative duties, including
    tion                                                      data processing, sorting, filing, etc.

Job/Role Qualifications:                                  Essential Skills:
 Must be enrolled in an accredited four-year col-         Well-developed organization skills with a solid
    lege or university                                        attention to detail
 Must be a Sophomore or Junior                            Effective project management skills
 Must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0                       Ability to multi-task
 Must demonstrate strong oral and written com-            Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office
    munication skills                                         products
 Must demonstrate an ethical commitment to                Ability to undertake basic writing assignments
Qualifications Required
Education/ Experience:        Verbal/Writing/Reasoning Ability:              Certificates and Licenses:
 Must be a Sophomore or Jun-  Must demonstrate strong                      
   ior                           computer skills                             
 Must maintain a minimum      Must demonstrate strong oral                 
   GPA of 3.0                    and written communication                   

                            
Qualifications Valued but NOT Required:
Education/Experience:        Verbal/Writing/Reasoning Ability: Certificates and Licenses:
 Previous PR/ Marketing ex-
Physical Demands and Work Environment Statement:
The physical demands and work environment characteristics described here are representative of those that must
be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations
may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Physical Activities
Physical Activities                               Frequency
                            Not at All        Occasional (1-3 hrs) Frequently (4-6 hrs)    Constantly (7-8 hrs)
      Sit/Stand                                                              X

      Walk/Run                                         X

       Jumping                  X

     Twist/Turn                                        X

  Stoop/Bend/Squat                                     X

     Kneel/Crawl                                       X

        Climb                                          X

       Balance                                         X

Reach above Shoulder                                   X

        Drive                                          X

                       None         <15 Times         15-40 Times         > 40 Times            Examples
1-10 lbs.                                                  X
11-25 lbs.                                                 X
26-50 lbs                                X
Over 50 lbs.
                       None         <15 Times         15-40 Times         > 40 Times            Examples
1-10 lbs.                                                  X
11-25 lbs.                                                 X
26-50 lbs                                                  X
Over 50 lbs.                             X

Hand Movement
                       Hours/Day          Right             Left             Both               Examples
Simple Grasping           0-2                                                    X
Fine Manipulating         0-2                                                    X
 Pushing/Pulling          0-2                                                    X
Use of Feet
                    Hours/Day              Right             Left              Both                Examples
Foot Controls

Working Conditions
                                 Hours/Week             Hours Worked Inside            Hours Worked Outside


Environmental Conditions
                            Check All that Apply              Examples                      PPE Required
Hot/Cold or sudden tem-                X               Outdoor work from time
   perature changes                                            to time
      Humid/Wet                        X                 Outdoor work at the
      Dusty/Dirty                      X                 Outdoor work at the
     Odors/Fumes                       X                  Fumes at the track
   Noisy/Vibrations                    X               Noise at the track and in
                                                               the shop
   Uneven Surfaces
  Mechanical Hazards
General Sign-Off Statement
  Toxic Hazards (ie.
  chemicals, explosives)
This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed.
The employee will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties and responsibili-
ties upon the request of a supervisor. The employee is expected to adhere to all company policies and to act as a
role model in the adherence to policies. This job description is subject to revision at the discretion of the com-
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