PIG TALES BOOKS LTD ---                               WINTER 2009/10 CATALOGUE
A020 ARE YOU READY FOR BED? By Jane Johnson, illustrated by Gaby Hansen                                                    HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally sold for $23.95, this beautiful, gentle picture book is perfect for bedtime! Mrs Rabbit has tucked in all 5 of her bunnies…when the
youngest insists he‟s not sleepy. She patiently tries everything from lullabies, to a bubble bath to warm milk…with little luck. After a while,
she finally gets this bunny to sleep when she hears the second bunny is now awake! The delightful illustrations are done in restful shades
of soft blues, reds and greens on velvety vanilla pages. This tale is as warm and familiar as a much-loved blanket!

A040 BANANAS GORILLA'S SOUNDS. By Richard Scarry                                                                                      BOARD $3.99
Richard Scarry's Bananas Gorilla finds his day is filled with sounds from the time he hears his alarm clock ring until he snores off to sleep. Follow
Bananas' day as he shows all kinds of sounds in Busytown. This sturdy glossy board book is full of colourful fun. Join in making the many sounds.

A090 BIG BABY BOOK by Helen Oxenbury                                                                                              BOARD $7.99
Original price $11.99. This VERY LARGE, sturdy board book is filled with loveable toddlers exploring their world! Beloved Helen Oxenbury presents
babies with things to see, to hear, touch and do! Colourful illustrations are accompanied by bold labelling. This irresistible board book is large enough to
share with a little group of children too!

A100 BIRTHDAY BABY by Libby Ellis                                                                                                          BOARD $2.99
This sturdy little board book has a colourful object (l;abelled) on each page…each object related to birthdays! Candles, balloons, ice cream, candy, friends
and more…are set on plain backgrounds for easy toddler focus!

A105 BUGS AT PLAY by David Carter                                                                                                         BOARD $3.99
Simple rhyming text, vibrant colours, sturdy and glossy pages...all contribute to make this a terrific board book for infants and toddlers! Whimsical 'bug'
characters demonstrate ways to have fun. The appealing bug characters can be the perfect inspiration for creating your own 'bugs' in an art and craft eyes and curly antenna. Bugs build with blocks, have fun making a playhouse from a box, and more fun ideas for playing!

A160 MOM MINE! By Jane Kemp and Clare Walters                   Originally $9.99                                                            BOARD $4.99
Celebrate all kinds of „moms‟ in this sturdy, colourful board book…camel moms, pelican moms, shy moms, bold moms, baby‟s mom.

A170 DALY TODDLER JUST LIKE ARCHIE by Niki Daly                                                                                        SOFTCOVER $1.99
These stories focus on just the sort of thing toddlers say and do. „Just Like Archie‟ is about a little boy who wants a pet and gets one…a snail! The stories
are the right length for a busy toddler's attention span and the colourful, realistic illustrations are lovely. These simple stories show an understanding of
fears, frustration, fun, and frolic of young children. Sure to be the catalyst for good family chats.

A177 DUCKY'S SEASONS by Dick McCue                                                                                                     BOARD $4.99
The joys each season brings are described with rhyming, rhythmic text in this colourful sturdy board book. Whether splashing in the puddles of springtime
showers, swimming in the pond on a hot summer day, watching coloured leaves float down, or gliding on a frozen pond...each season offers "Ducky" lots
of fun!

A271 GOOD NIGHT by Claire Masurel                                                                                                          BOARD $3.99
This high quality board book, with sturdy, glossy pages sold originally for $10.95. A little girl gets ready for bed by finding her favorite
toys involved in pre-bedtime activities like reading stories and bathing. When each named doll and stuffed „friend‟ is tucked in…it‟s time
for “Good Night”. Colourful watercolour illustrations complete the simple, reassuring text!

A272 GOODNIGHT MIFFY by Dick Bruna                                                                                                   BOARD $2.99
This vibrantly coloured, circular shaped board book is reminiscent of Margaret Wise Brown‟s classic “Goodnight Moon”. Turn the brightly coloured
pages to say “goodnight” to a number of things eg “goodnight clock”, “goodnight chair”, “goodnight socks”, “goodnight shoes”, etc. It concludes with
“Goodnight Teddy”, “Goodnight Me” as Miffy is fast asleep. The bold and bright illustrations are accompanied by simple large text.

A275 GOING PLACES by Todd Parr                                                                                                               BOARD $3.99
Whether travelling in a shopping, cart a boat or a rocket ship, toddlers will enjoy the various ways of “going places” in this colourful board book by Todd
Parr. The vibrant bold illustrations are accompanied by one or two words to identify the mode of “roller skates”, “magic carpet”, etc.

A280 GO, MAISY, GO! By Lucy Cousins                                                                                              LARGE BOARD $8.99

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Originally sold at $13.99. With bright, bold illustrations and lots of sturdy flaps to lift…this very large (almost a foot square) board is sure
to become a favourite! Maisy is a mouse on the go, and young children will learn about „transportation‟ as Maisy drives a bus, fire truck,
plane, tractor, and train! Lift flaps to reveal the sun behind the clouds or to turn an umbrella into a hot-air balloon, and much more! This
colourful big book will provide interactive fun and learning too!

A338 HOLD TIGHT by John Prater                                                                                     SOFT COVER $5.99
Illustrated with the most charming, colourful illustrations, this special book demonstrates how much fun can be had with the simplest objects and
some imagination. Grand bear is trying to do the laundry but is distracted by Baby bear needing lifts and pulls to turn a cardboard box into a plane
and a train, a laundry basket into a boat…and more!

A344 I LOVE YOU..A RAZZLE DAZZLE BOOK by Chuck Murphy                                                                                    BOARD $4.99
Originally sold at $6.99. With a sparkly hologram shape on each sturdy page, this delightful board book contains simple rhyming text about things to
love…like “sun, moon, presents and balloons”. At the end of the book, a shiny red heart declares “Most of all, I love you!” Perfect for valentine‟s day or
anytime of year!

A345 I LOVE YOU AS MUCH… by Laura Krauss Melmed                                                                                        BOARD $6.99
Originally $11.95. Celebrate the love between mothers and their babies in this gentle, rhyming book! “Said the mother goat to her child, „I love you as
much as the mountain is steep‟”. “Said the mother whale to her child, „I love you as much as the ocean is deep‟”. Each mother animal describes her love
for her baby and this gentle book concludes with a human mother professing her love for her child. The sturdy pages are filled with beautiful, colourful
paintings that cover 2-page spreads and continue the calm, gentleness of this special book. It is a perfect bedtime or soothing story…and also makes a
terrific baby gift!

A500 MOMMY HUGS by Anne Gutman                                                                                                           BOARD $4.99
This colourful board book celebrates the loving contacts between mothers and their babies. “Mommy cat hugs her kitten with a nuzzle”,
“Mommy parrot hugs her chick with a nibble”, etc. Mommies reading this simple board book to their young children are sure to receive lots
of “nuzzles, nibbles, tickles, squeezes, hugs and hugs” too! It is also a good introduction to animals and their babies‟ names!

A510 HERE WE GO ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH by Jan Lewis                                                                               BOARD $3.99
Originally $5.95. This classic song is presented as a colourful, sturdy board book! “This is the way we wash our hands, brush our teeth, put on our
clothes, etc…on a cold and frosty morning”. The cheery illustrations are colourful and each contains a shiny hologram sun in the sky!

A514 MY PUPPY FRIENDS by Jane Burton                                                                                                 BOARD $5.99
This large, glossy board book is filled with photographs of the most adorable puppies ever seen! Lonely puppies, snugly puppies, naughty puppies and
sleepy puppies are shown. The page opposite each picture has a single word caption describing that puppy. Delightful!

A516 NATURE BOARDS by Lizi Boyd                                                                                                       BOARD $3.99
Simple rhythmic text, full of rhyming words, and brightly coloured illustrations introduce children to common creatures of nature. These shaped sturdy
books are well laminated. ORIGINALLY $8.95 Titles include:
1. FOREST ---------------------- "Skunk creeps, raccoon drops, deer leaps, rabbit hops"
2. POND -------------------------- "Snail peeks, duck floats, newt sneaks, bullfrog croaks"

A520 NED FIND YOUR COAT by Pam Zinnemann-Hope and illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton                                      HARDCOVER $2.99
Ned is a boy full of energy and spirit, sometimes mischievous but always loveable. Simple rhythmic words, written to help children learn to read, are
perfectly balanced by the warm and affectionate pictures in this enchanting book.

A540 NOISY FOREST by Harriet Ziefert                                                                                                  BOARD $5.99
Originally $12.95. Award-winning author Harriet Ziefert invites young children to join in the sounds found in the forest! “Can you growl like a bear?
Croak like a frog? Crunch like a beaver chewing on a log?” The rhyming text is accompanied by colourful, bold illustrations (on plain backgrounds for
easy focus) in this large, sturdy board book.

A580 QUACK AND COUNT by Keith Baker                                                                                                  BOARD $5.99
Pig Tales is happy to have this popular math book back in our collection again! It features a group of 7 ducks and as the rhyming text takes them
through their swimming and diving fun on the pond, children are learning the addition facts for 7…eg 3 + 4, 1+6, 2 + 5, etc. The colourful, cut-
paper collage illustrations add to the appeal of this sturdy book that originally sold at $10.95 in Canada.

A590 RABBIT‟S BEDTIME by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace                                                                                 HARDCOVER $5.99
This gentle book is a bedtime reflection of how little rabbit spent his day … “time to laugh and time to giggle. Time to watch an inch worm

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wiggle”. This simple story encourages recapping and celebrating the simple joys in life at bedtime. Sturdy, Bristol-board like pages contain
the simple lyrical text and colourful collage illustrations in this special book.

A598 RING A RING O‟ROSES by Alan Marks                                                                                             SOFTCOVER $9.99
This lovely collection of classic nursery rhymes fills almost 100 pages! From “Humpty Dumpty” to “Polly Put the Kettle On” and “Little Jack Horner”,
children will love the old favourite rhymes that their parents and grandparents grew up with. Colourful illustrations and eye-catching sillouettes add even
more. Kindergarten teachers tell us that children often start school without that repertoire of rhymes that they need…here‟s a perfect book to solve that

A600 SAM GOES TO THE STORE by Yves Got                                                                                                   BOARD $2.99
This sturdy board book contains bold, simple illustrations of items familiar to toddlers on plain colourful backgrounds. Each page has a single word label
under the object shown. Objects shown include „shopping cart‟, „banana‟, „carrot‟, etc.

A620 SOUP TOO? By Susan Hines-Stephens                                                                                                      BOARD $2.99
This small-sized board book, originally $7.95, is perfect for little toddler hands and the one or two word captions per page supports the story that is mainly
told through the colourful, clear illustrations. “Soup” is a black and white dog who follows a toddler throughout the day and tries to do what the baby
does…eg eating, bathing, snuggling, etc.

A650 THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT TO MARKET by R.A. Herman                                                                                        BOARD $5.99
This glossy, quality board book presents the classic “toe” rhyme, “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home…etc” in
large, clear text. In addition, each colourful illustration is accompanied by humorous quips from the “piggies” in smaller print, that expands
the rhyme. This special book is sure to become a favorite that invites some “toe-tickling” fun!

A755 TOBY by Cyndy Szekeres                                                                                                   BOARD $5.99
When little mouse Toby had been sitting still for too long, “he felt twitchy and itchy: his ears wiggled and his tail went flip-flop…” Toby needed
something to do! Little children will enjoy Toby‟s lively fun as he exercises his toy dinosaurs, has a picnic, and finally a nap! The colourful illustrations
are very sweet and the text is just the right length for preschoolers. This charming book with Bristol-board-like pages will help preschoolers learn about
the world around them as they identify with curious Toby

A760 TODDLER BABY LOVES by Michael Laurence                                                                         HARDCOVER $5.99
This colourful, large picture book is aimed at toddlers and contains large, simple text, charming illustrations and covers everyday events
that toddlers will be familiar with. Heavy paper pages are filled with things that “baby loves”…like Mommy and Daddy, breakfast, teddy,
kitty, slippers, flowers, Granny, sunshine and more!

A800 UP BEAR, DOWN BEAR by Trudy Harris                                                                                              BOARD $3.99
This sturdy simplistic board book, originally sold at $6.95, tells the story in its gentle illustrations and with minimal text. A little girl is
tossing her teddy bear up and down, until it gets stuck “up” in the tree. In spite of her efforts to get it down, it stays until the wind blows it
“down”. Teachers in preschool or ESL could also use this book to teach the concept of “up” and “down”.

A910 JINZI & MINZI AT THE PLAYGROUND by Lucy Su                                                                                      HARDCOVER $3.99
Two very sweet kittens, Jinzi and Minzi, enjoy the slide, swings, jungle gym and more at the playground. Simple text and colourful
illustrations make this an appealing book for toddlers.

A925 WHAT MOMMIES DO BEST by Laura Numeroff                                                                                            BOARD $5.99
Originally $10.99. Mommies are great at so many different things and renowned children‟s author, Laura Numeroff, celebrates lots of them in this
beautifully illustrated, sturdy board book! From teaching you how to ride a bicycle to helping you make a garden grow to holding you when you‟re feeling
sad, and more…there are many things Mommies do well! This reassuring book is sure to be a favourite for moms and young children to read together.

A950 WUZZY TAKES OFF by Robin & Helen Lester                                                                                        HARDCOVER $5.99
What a sweet, imaginative story! Wuzzy is a teddy bear who lives in the woods. One day he told his bear friends that he was going to the
moon. He got in a hollow log (his space ship) when it suddenly rolled off down a hill. Wuzzy thought he was on his way to the moon.
Young readers will chuckle as Wuzzy "lands" in a playground where he interprets what he finds there as "moon" things. eg..he meets
children that he thinks are moon creatures and calls them "Fuzzyheads".

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B050 1,2, I LOVE YOU by Alice Schertle                                                                                           HARDCOVER $9.99
With beautiful watercolour illustrations filling the pages of this big picture book…a counting rhyme comes to life! The fun between a
parent and child (elephant) is demonstrated in all they do…from catching stars into pickle jars to playing on a swing. The rhyme
counts from 1 to 10 then from 10 back to 1 again where they end up in a loving cuddle!

B070 BUNNY'S NUMBERS by Dick McCue                                                                                                       BOARD $4.99
With sturdy pages filled with cuddly Bunny and all the things he discovers in the garden, young children can learn to count from 1 to 10.
Rhyming text accompanies the colourful sweet illustrations of one watermelon, 3 pumpkins, 9 daffodils and more. ORIGINAL $6.99

B080 BURNINGHAM NUMBERS                                                                                                  LARGE SOFTCOVER $3.99
"Wonderfully illustrated by someone who clearly has a well-developed sense of the ridiculous" a quote to aptly describe the sheer "fun"
this concept book makes of learning. There is a lovely large print to accompany the lively pictures, so the concept is very clearly portrayed.
 Includes a page for each number from 1 - 10. Shows the numerical word, numeral & illustration. Humorous ending is fun too!

B090 THE COLOUR OF SPRING by H. Werner Zimmerman                                                              SOFTCOVER $3.99
Alphonse makes learning colours and how they mix to make new colours fun! He has a few spills as he paints Easter spilled
into yellow makes orange, etc. When he has the perfect purples egg…crack…a surprise!

B101 COUNTING KISSES by Karen Katz                                                                                  HARDCOVER $7.99
How many kisses does it take to say goodnight? Originally sold for $21.50, this colourful picture book is told simply with large print
and large full page illustrations. A fussy baby receives “ten little kisses on teeny, tiny toes; nine laughing kisses on busy, wriggly feet;
eight squishy kisses on chubby, yummy knees…” and so on to “one last kiss on your sleepy, dreamy head”. Each family member takes
a turn bestowing kisses on the child: mom, dad, grandma, big sister and even the dog and cat!

B105 G IS FOR GOAT by Patricia Polacco                                                                          HARDCOVER $9.99
This wonderful rhyming alphabet book is by popular author and speaker Patricia Polacco. She lives in Michigan and actually raises goats.
Examples of „goat alphabet talk‟ includes “R is for Ram, when they butt heads for fun…S is for spots what they see when they‟re done”!
As always our $9.99 price is outstanding for this jacketed hardcover that is publisher priced at $25.50CDN.

B106 HIDE AND SEEK by Janet S. Wong                                                                                                HARDCOVER $7.99
With minimal, lyrical and easy-to-read text, this colourful picture book (originally $19.95) is a game of hide and seek! A boy and his dad
play and the boy finds lots of places to hide like “standing tall and thin behind a fat tree” or “under the covers and pillows of a great big
bed”. As the game progresses, counting from 1 to 10 (with numeral and number word) is shown. When 10 is reached, Dad searches for the
boy until he jumps out! This simple book uses every child‟s favourite game to teach numbers and counting.

B107 HELLO READER - PIZZA PARTY by Grace Maccarone                                                                              SO FTCOVER $3.99
Aimed at preschool to grade 1, this delightful book is all about the sequence of steps to make a pizza from flour to eating. Simple rhyming text.

B110 LOOK & LEARN “MIX AND MATCH”                                                                                      HARDCOVER $6.99
This colourful, large picture book is filled with photos that provide learning opportunities in math and other basic concepts. On a page of shoes, socks,
mittens, etc. find “pairs”. On another page match “partners” like toothpaste and toothbrush, lock and key, etc. Sort by pattern on another page with
stripes, dots, checkerboards, etc….and much more! Perfect for toddlers through kindergarten, this special large book makes learning fun!

B118 MATHSTART TITLES by Stuart Murphy                                                                                  SOFTCOVER $4.99
Each colourful picture book covers a math concept. At the back of the book, locate pages full of extension ideas for teachers. The level one titles are for
ages 3 and up. Titles include:

This level 1 title is all about following left, right, forward, backward, etc.

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This level 1 title is all about how to double numbers…a first step toward addition and multiplication. In the story that teaches the concept, the boy cares
for five little ducks…until each duck brings home a friend…doubling his work.

This title teaches about ODD and EVEN numbers. Farmer Bill and each of his animals is missing a mitten. With his mitten missing, there‟s “just one odd
mitten by itself…” Another level 1 title that‟s appropriate for those 3 and up.

This level 1 title is all about subtracting one.

This level one Mathstart title is about „matching sets‟ such as the seaweed soup that‟s “green and slimy and smelly”. At the back are
suggested extension activities too!

This title is about „sorting‟ as the fire fighters get ready for the big parade and search for 3 matching buttons. In the back of the book are
additional extension activity suggestions such as having the child write down the first names of family members on cards and sort them in
various ways…by gender of name, by number of letters in name, etc.

B124 MORE M & M‟s MATH by Barbara Barbieri McGrath                                                            HARDCOVER $9.99
What could be better than learning math by means of chocolate?! The colourful candies become a counting tool. Estimate, sort by
colour, graph the colours and analyze the results, count them and subtract to compare numbers, divide all candies in 2, separate into
groups of ten, two, eight, etc. and more! Attractively presented as a colourfully illustrated picture book, this makes math learning
fun…and tasty! All learned information is reviewed at the back of the book.

B126 ONE PRICKLY PORCUPINE by Odette and Bruce Johnson                                                           HARDCOVER $5.99
What a great counting book! Full page, colourful “plasticene” illustrations, and fun text full of alliteration (eg One prickly porcupine
peeking past a hair”) fill the pages that cover counting from one to twenty!

B130 QUILT COUNTING by Lesa Cline-Ransome                                                                         HARDCOVER $10.99
Practice counting up from one to ten and then down from ten to one while entering into old tyme rural quilting. Vibrant cozy illustrations and a gently
rhythmic story.

B135 FUN TO LEARN SIZES by Claire Llewellyn                                                                            HARDCOVER $6.99
This picture-book sized introduction to “comparative sizes” will launch young children into understanding important early math concepts. Colourful
photographs of multicultural children demonstrate concepts like “bigger than”, “smaller than”, “longer vs shorter”, “wider vs narrower”, “thicker vs
thinner”, “pairs” and much more. There are also activities for supporting the concepts cookies by size; making a „slinky snake‟ out of
paper cups, etc. Excellent!


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C010 A BEE SAT ON MY NOSE by Jolet Leenhouts                                                                                     HARDCOVER $5.99
This wonderful collection of playtime rhymes and songs contains both traditional and modern ones! From “I‟m a little teapot” and “There were five in the
bed” to “I went to visit a farm one day” and “What do you suppose”, you will find 20 colourfully illustrated rhymes. At the back of the book, the musical
notation is provided.

C020 ALBERT‟S OLD SHOES by Stephen and Mary Jane Muir                                                                                SOFTCOVER $4.99
Albert wore scuffed up old brown shoes and the other children, who wore white running shoes, teased Albert about his shoes! Feeling angry about his old
shoes, Albert kicked the soccer ball hard…right across the school yard! The bullies and others were impressed and invited Albert to play soccer. In the
meantime, his mom got Albert some new white running shoes. Albert couldn‟t wait to show them to the others at soccer…but a surprise awaited. All the
others wore old scruffy brown shoes…trying to be as good a kicker as Albert! Gentle colourful illustrations fill the pages of this special story that provides
a lesson in human nature and bullies!

C035 ALL PIGS ARE BEAUTIFUL by Dick King-Smith                                                                                        SOFTCOVER $5.99
This wonderful picture book combines actual, interesting facts about pigs with a pig lover‟s fond reminiscences of “porkers” he‟s known. This appealing
introduction to pigs teaches that pigs use mud as sunscreen, pigs have a very keen sense of smell, a sow usually gives birth to 8 to 12 piglets, pigs like to be
talked to…and much more! Gentle watercolour illustrations add even more to this entertaining and informative book!

C050 ALTOONA UP NORTH by Janie Bynum                                                                                               HARDCOVER $7.99
Originally $19.95. This colourful picture book has lots of fun with language and geography! “Altoona Baboona” gets a letter from his Auntie in
“Saskatoon-a”. She is cold and lonely, so Altoona and his friends fly north in a hot-air “Baloon-a” to visit. They enjoy lots of winter activities when they
arrive, like ice-fishing, dog-sled racing, hiking and more! Auntie has another idea for her vacation! The rhyming fun and humorous pictures make this a
winner! See the map at the back to follow this lively journey!

C061 ANIMAL HOURS by Linda Manning                                                                                                     SOFTCOVER $5.99
“What if…a slippery seal came to supper at six! Would he have any manners? Or try to do tricks?” For each hour of the day (telling time with clock in
illustrations), a preposterous situation is presented and asks readers what they would do in this situation. The full-page colourful illustrations and rhyming
text add to the fun. Adults can follow-up with this “What if” game by creating “What if‟s” for safety issues or judgement calls eg “What if a stranger
offers you a ride? Or “What if” your lunch is lost on the way to school.

C062 ANOOK THE SNOW PRINCESS by Hans Wilhelm                                                                                HARDCOVER $10.99
Originally $17.50. This gorgeous, large picture book will appeal to anyone who has ever been bullied or teased. When the polar bear King declares that
whichever of his 3 daughters shows him the most love and loyalty will become queen, shy Anook is bullied and cheated by her 2 cruel sisters. Banished
Anook is adopted by a wolf pack who teach her many things…and years later, it is her wolf family who help her rescue her old de-throned father and
regain the Kingdom. Beautiful, full page illustrations complete this wonderful story of bravery and kindness and loyalty.

C066 AUNT FRED IS A WITCH by Rachna Gilmore                                                                                          SOFTCOVER $4.99
 About a little girl who bridges the 'generation gap' with her elderly Aunt. Hearing tales of Aunt Fred's magic, Leila goes prepared to fend off a witch's
spells. Aunt Fred works a different kind of magic, the magic of fun. This lovely story gives the reader a warm insight into the bond that develops between
these 2 colourful characters. It is full of humour and readers of all ages will identify with the thoughts of the characters. Colourful illustrations on every
page. A lesson for us all regarding stereotypes too.

C075 BAA BAASHOP QUARTET by Leslie Elizabeth Watts                                                                                 HARDCOVER $9.99
This jacketed hardcover sold originally for $19.95. “Fitting in” is not always easy. When the story‟s characters move into the city, no matter what they do
they just don‟t seem to „fit in‟. A theme that resonates with many. A terrific „read aloud‟.

C080 BAKE YOU A PIE by Ellen Olson-Brown                                                                                            HARDCOVER $9.99
The bonus here is the audio CD that accompanies this lovely title. Each rhyme is predictable. Each two page spread has a character that is „so hungry, he
cried‟ and the answer is always „don‟t cry. I‟ll bake you a pie‟. And the pie that‟s made is predictably appropriate to the character. Fun and fun to use as
a model to write simple rhymes in the same fashion too!

C090 BEETHOVEN LIVES UPSTAIRS by Barbara Nichol                                                                                       SOFTCOVER $4.99
This story is told through the letters sent back and forth between a young boy and his uncle. The story itself is fun and informative. The method of telling
the story can be used as a way for new writers to get started.

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C100 BEDTIME STORIES illustrated by Susie Lacome                                                                                HARDCOVER $10.99
Originally sold for $17.95. What a beautiful presentation of classic fairy tales! This book has the appearance of an heirloom quilt as details in the
colourful illustrations are embossed. The stories, written with larger text for easy reading, include Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Ugly Duckling and
The Frog Prince. With textured covers that are held together with a satin ribbon, this gorgeous book would make a very special gift!

C101 BEN OVER NIGHT by Sarah Ellis                                                                SOFTCOVER $5.99
This lovely story, told with economy and understanding, helps children look at ways to overcome sleeping in strange places and night
time separation worries. The colourful illustrations and simple text work to show a child, who is confident by day, can be confident at
night. This softcover version originally sold for $10.95.

C102 BIG BOY by Tololwa Mollei                                                                                        HARDCOVER $9.99
This jacketed hardcover is set in Africa but has a universal theme…our young hero wants to be „big enough‟…big enough to go
hunting with his big brother rather than having to take a nap. A theme all children can identify with.

C104 BISCUITS IN THE CUPBOARD by Barbara Nichol and illustrated by Philippe Beha                                 SOFTCOVER $5.99
This delightful winner of “Mr Christie‟s Book Award” contains a collection of poems about a cast of canine characters that will steal your
heart! Written from a dog point of view („voice‟) and full of humour…children will love these delightfully doggie rhymes! Eg “Memento:
 I‟ve left my scent upon this tree; someday, someone, please think of me” Colourful jolly illustrations add to the fun!

C120 THE BIRD THAT WANTED TO FLY                                                                                                SOFTCOVER $5.99
Lovely story. Colourful illustrations. Our limits are boundless when we use our imagination! Petey the Penguin wished more than anything to be able to
fly. After repeatedly failed attempts, his mother tells him what a good swimmer he was & Penguins weren't built to fly, but Petey was determined.
Repeated attempts ended in tears. Then he met Pawpaw the polar bear who shared he himself had a wish come true through his power of dreaming,
something his grandparents had taught him and encouraged Petey to use his imagination and believe in himself and Petey had the experience he had longed
for! The whole new world that opened to Petey will plant ideas of the power of imagination in the minds of children.

C130 BLACK-AND-WHITE BLANCHE by Marj Toews                               JACKETED HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally sold at $19.95, this lovely large picture book explores how joy can be found in the simplest
pleasures and how one small act of kindness has the power to transform. The colourful illustrations are full of
humour too!

C150 THE BLUE DOOR by David McPhail                                                                                                  SOFTCOVER $5.99
This lovely story tells us that some people are known by the stories they tell! Fox and Rabbit set out to visit an uncle who tells interesting stories. They
knew he lived in a house with a blue door, and when they see one, they knock. Badger, who‟d lost his eye glasses answered and invited them to tea. Fox
started to tell the stories he remembered his uncle telling…until Badger said he‟d never done these things. It seems they were at the wrong blue door!
Colourful illustrations add to the fun of this mixed-up tale…which is a great launch to family stories of your own!

C160 BOY, DOLLAR, WONDERFUL HAT by Marilyn Helmer                                            SOFTCOVER $4.99
This terrific tale is about how a boy used his hat to „earn‟ a day of fun at the fair. Young writers can EXTEND
the story by WRITING about other uses for the hat.

C180 THE BRAVEST OF BEARS by John McClelland                                                                                     SOFTCOVER $ 4.99
When an old man sells his toy shop, he mistakenly leaves a teddy bear still on a shelf. Over time the shop changes to an antique store, a lively clothing
boutique, a launderette, and a post office. The lonely, sad bear observed all the changes from his high shelf. One day, a young lady came to turn the shop
back into a toy store. When all was cleaned up and ready, she brought her elderly father in a wheelchair. He was the same old man who once owned the
shop. The first thing he saw on the shelf was the forgotten teddy bear. He hugged the bear and the two were never parted again! Colourful illustrations
complete this lovely story! Teachers can use this book in “bear units” or “time-lines”.

C220 BUNNY BUNGALOW by Cynthia Rylant                                                                               SOFTCOVER $4.99
Aimed at 2 to 5 year olds, this special story has a comforting theme and gentle rhyming text. “The bunnies found a bungalow, a cozy bunny home.
They painted it as green as grass, they made it all their own”. From the “bunny quilts” Mother Bunny knitted to the “carrot weather vane” Father
Bunny carved, you can feel the warmth of this special bunny home and the love amongst the bunny family members. Very sweet and colourful
illustrations…complete with tiny details…will add to the enjoyment of this special picture book!

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C225 CARS, CARS, CARS by Kathy Henderson                                                                                    SOFTCOVER $4.99
“They hum, they drone, they purr, they squeak,                           They cough, they rumble and rattle and roar,
They honk and hoot and groan and creak,                                  Cars, cars, give us more!”
Welcome to the incredible world of car…visit a car factory, traffic jams, parking lots, scrap yard and more! Car fanatics of all ages will enjoy this
lively book, with it‟s rhythmic rhyming text and colourful detailed illustrations.

C250 CHICKEN CAT by Stephanie Simpson McLellan                                                         SOFTCOVER $4.99
This fun tale is about a very unusual mother:daughter combination…a chicken and a kitten. The book has won several awards and has
multi-cultural characters too. For beginning writers, it can be used to prompt writing about other „unusual‟ combinations…mother dog
and kitten for example!

C270 CLARA AND SENOR FROG by Campbell Geeslin                                                                 HARDCOVER $7.99
Set in Mexico, this beautiful story captures the delight artists, of all ages, feel in the creation of their work! Clara‟s mother meets, and
eventually marries a famous artist whose rotund stature causes Clara to nickname him, Senor Frog. Her new step-father explains his
inspirations to Clara and encourages her to experiment with paint and imagination that Clara sees as “magic”. Colourful illustrations; a
glossary of Spanish words found at the front of the book, and an inspiring story of the arts, make this library-bound picture book an
excellent choice.

C280 CLICK! By Shutta Crum and illustrated by John Beder                                                                              SOFTCOVER $5.99
This beautifully written story parallels the adventures of a polar bear cub and his mother with that of the adventures of a small boy and
his mother. Using rich descriptive language („word choice‟), the story demonstrates the similarities between the 2 young ones…both
love adventure and both have protective, loving mothers. The soft realistic watercolour illustrations are full of life. When the boy and
little bear come face-to-face, the young „hunter‟ “shoots”…with his camera!

C300 COW by Malachy Doyle                                                                                    SOFTCOVER $5.99
This fabulous, large picture book gives a very “up close and personal look” at the life of a cow! The richly coloured, realistic
illustrations fill the large pages and the lyrical text is concise and easy-to-read. The writer has cleverly written to the reader as the cow
and describes “your typical cow day!” The “word choice” includes such rich vocabulary as “sodden grass” and “amble to the gate”.
The nearest thing to meeting a real cow, is reading this wonderful book!

C350 DEEP IN THE JUNGLE by Dan Yaccarino                                                                                                HARDCOVER $7.99
Originally sold at $23.50. This colourful picture book is the story of an arrogant bully who learns his lessons! The mighty lion is King of the jungle and
makes demands on all the other animals eg the monkeys had to fan him to keep him cool. When the lion is tricked into “show biz” by a big game hunter,
he is forced to perform in a circus and live in a cage. When the lion realizes he‟s been duped, he swallows both his pride and the lion tamer and runs back
to the jungle. He arrives just in time to save all the animals from being sent to the circus. In the end, the lion apologises to the other animals for his „sully
pride‟ and the animals lived together in harmony. Fun, colourful illustrations complete this hilarious fable.

C408 DOGS DON‟T WEAR SNEAKERS by Laura Numeroff                                                                                 SOFTCOVER $4.99
Originally sold for $6.99. Renowned children‟s author, Laura Numeroff, has created an hilarious, rhyming tale that is both fun and easy to read. “Cows
don‟t go dancing, and yaks never ski, and you won‟t find a honey bun baked by a bee”. After all the things you won‟t find animals doing, readers are
invited to imagine some funny things you”Mules painting pictures, And ducks riding bikes, And raccoons with Knapsacks on holiday hikes”.
Lively, colourful illustrations complete the fun!

C410 DREAM WEAVER by Jonathan London                                                                                                 HARDCOVER $9.99
This gorgeous picture book goes beyond the obvious in nature…it looks at the tiny yellow web-building spider in detail, as well as the ant, and snail up
close! Rich text “paints” a true picture eg. “a raindrop on a fallen leaf is a forest pool”, “a tiny snail oozes along”. Worry about the tiny creatures as the
“giant feet” of a hiker crashes by. Enjoy the deeply coloured illustrations that take us into this natural world. At the back of the book, learn interesting
facts about spiders! A beautiful book that celebrates what many never take the time to observe.

C415 DUME’S ROAR by Tololwa Mollel and illustrated by Kathy Roman                                                  HARDCOVER $10.99
Western Canadian author Tololwa Mollel (born in Tanzania) has created a lively yarn, with a gentle moral, that is built on African themes.
The animals of the jungle must choose a King. While Kobe, the tortoise, thinks he should be King because of his wisdom, the animals are
intimidated by the big roar of Dume, the lion, and choose Dume as King. Dume makes many demands and abuses his power. When
hunters approach, only wise Kobe thinks of a clever plan to get lazy Dume to become the King they need. Told with Mollel‟s usual musical
language and sense of fun, this colourful picture book is beautifully illustrated too!

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C430 FARMER HAM by Alec Sillifant                                                                              SOFTCOVER $5.99
Lively colourful illustrations fill the pages of this comical tale of a struggle between Farmer Ham and the crows who want to eat all his corn.
The persistent birds are fearless when Farmer Ham tries to scare them away…but Farmer Ham wins in the end with his wonderful creature
sure to “Scare Crows”!

C450 THE FEAR OF ANGELINA DOMINO by Budge Wilson and illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes                                      SOFTCOVER
This is a warm story about overcoming fears! Angelina got a kitten named Boris for her birthday. Boris was as “wild as an African lion” and
bit and scratched Angelina…scaring Angelina so much that she became afraid of all animals. She refused to go to a farm or even the zoo!
It took patience, courage and a very special purr to chase away Angelina‟s fear. Full page, colourful illustrations complete this
heartwarming tale!

C512 FROGGIE WENT A-COURTING by Marjorie Priceman                                                                             HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally $19.95. This large picture book is a new version of the old classic song! This modernized tale still has Froggie marrying Miss Mousie.
Everyone is excited except grouchy Auntie Rat: “Then Auntie Rat cried rushing in, You cannot marry an amphibian.” Everyone pitches in to prepare
(including a “bunch of bees playing jazzy melodies”) and the wedding proceeds. In the end, Aunt Rat is “taken care of” and the happy couple jet off to
Paris. Vibrant and lively illustrations add to the fun of this rhyming, exuberant story that begs to be read aloud!

C520 GIVE THE DOG A BONE by Steven Kellogg                                                                                         HARDCOVER $10.99
Originally sold at $21.99, this fabulous big picture book takes the familiar song “This old man, he plays one, he plays nick-nack on his drum, nick-nack
paddywhack…” and extends it into a rollicking adventure that counts up to ten! Renowned children‟s author/illustrator Steven Kellogg‟s winning
combination of fresh, funny text and hilarious, colourful illustrations make this humorous twist on a traditional counting song into a good book that begs to
be shared again and again! A guide at the back suggests accompaniments could include clapping, stomping, drumming, etc. The music is provided at the
back too. A terrific book that teaches language, counting, rhythm and coordination…all in the context of fun!

C525 THE GOAT LADY by Jane Bregoli                                                          SOFTCOVER $5.99
Based on a true story, this picture book is a heart warming tale of an eccentric elderly woman and the children
who discover her courage and generosity. It is suitable for primary and junior grades too.

C528 GOODNIGHT, COUNTRY by Susan Verlander                                                                         JACKETED HARDCOVER $7.99
Originally $19.95. This lively, colourful picture book brings the sights, sounds and rhythms of evenings in the country to life! Ideal for beginning readers,
the bold text is done in simple rhymes. “Dinner bells ring, screen doors swing”, “Bats squeak, porch swings creak.”, etc. Colourful, bold illustrations
complete this excellent book!

C529 GOOD NIGHT, MR NIGHT by Dan Yaccarino                                                                                                 SOFTCOVER $5.99
Told from a child‟s perspective, this beautiful book portrays “night” as a gentle keeper of the earth and its creatures. Accompany Mr Night
on his nightly routine of walking the earth, closing the flowers, calming the animals and the sea, keeping the stars in place, and whispering
dreams to a young child. The fabulous illustrations, rich in colour and texture, tell the story almost as much as the simple text. This
wonderful book will go a long way towards dispelling any fears of the dark!

C535 GRANDMA'S SECRET by Paulette Bourgeois                                                                                      HARDCOVER $7.99
Originally $12.95. What a wonderful book to read aloud! Every child loves to visit Grandma's house. But this Grandma had a secret. Every morning she
pointed to a small door leading to the basement and said, "Wouldn't open that if I were you." "Why?" "Because there's a bear down there", she'd say. The
secret loomed mysteriously beyond the basement door. Finally the young boy just can't wonder and worry any more. His journey down those stairs is the
journey toward growing up. Teachers will enjoy stopping the story at the top of the stairs to let children's imaginations run wild...and then to finish the
story in their own writings

C537 GRANDPA‟S SURPRISE by Rosalind Beardshaw                                                                                            SOFTCOVER $5.99
This colourful large picture book is a heart-warming story about sharing! Stanley is jealous of Jack‟s new bike and Jack won‟t let Stanley have a turn.
Grandpa comes to the rescue by having Stanley help him build a go cart out of spare parts in the shed. When Jack sees the new vehicle, he becomes more
willing to share his bike. Stanley, no longer interested in the bike, does the right thing and invites Jack for a go cart ride! Full page, cheery illustrations fill
the pages of this special book (with minimal text) that teaches a very practical lesson!

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C540 THE GREAT DINOSAUR MYSTERY by Julie Sykes                                                                                         SOFTCOVER $4.99
This fun picture book is a mystery that teaches a lesson about “jumping to conclusions”. Little Rhino loved to hear stories about the dinosaurs that roamed
the earth millions of years ago. When Little Rhino hears a noise and sees footprints, she sets out on a dinosaur hunt and soon has her animal friends
joining in on the hunt. Only the wise owl tries to bring them back to the reality that dinosaurs are extinct. In the end, the clues, that led them to think they
were following a dinosaur, turned out to be left by a giraffe! Colourful illustrations and easy-to-read text add even more to this fun tale.

C545 GUESS WHO‟S COMING, JESSE BEAR by Nancy White Carlstrom                                                                          SOFTCOVER $6.99
In this fun, rhyming story, Jesse Bear is excited that a visitor is coming. When he learns that it is his cousin Sara, he complains that she is “bossy, bigger
and a bully”. On each day of the week (Monday…Sunday), Jesse and Sara learn what fun they have together and can‟t “bear to be parted”. This simple
tale about not pre-judging anyone, has warm colourful illustrations and energetic, rhyming text. Listing the days of the week is a bonus!

C547 GUMMY TOES by Sean Cassidy                                                    JACKETED HARDCOVER $7.99
This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of a determined tree frog who learns being the centre of
attention isn‟t as good as he thought it would be. It gives facts about tree frogs at the back of the book as
well as interspersing them through the delightful story of Gummytoes encounter with a group of children.

C550 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE BEAR by Nancy White Carlstrom                                                                              SOFTCOVER $5.99
Everyone‟s favorite, Jesse Bear, is getting ready to celebrate his birthday in this colourful rhyming book. In “catchy verse”, Carlstrom shows him helping
his parents prepare in a logical sequence: send invitations, buy party favours, decorate, prepare games. Then the guests arrive and the fun begins.

C556 HEY IRMA, IT‟S A CONTEST by Harriet Ziefert                                                                                    SOFTCOVER $4.99
With lively, colourful illustrations and humorous text (punctuated with speech balloons), popular author Harriet Ziefert tells the tale of a boy and his dog
and their science experiment! Hank participates, with the help of Irma, his dog, in an “egg drop” contest with his class. As well as the fun, easy-to-read
story…there are instructions for parents and teachers who wish to organize an “egg drop” contest…which teaches lessons in science while offering
opportunities for creativity and originality.

C560 THE HUBBUB ABOVE by Arthur Howard                                                                            HARDCOVER $9.99
This wonderful large picture book is a fun tale about getting along with neighbours! Sydney loved everything about living on the 52nd floor of an
apartment building…especially how quiet it was. When the “Kabooms” moved in upstairs, it got very noisy! Sydney decided to “talk” to her new
neighbours who were elephants! She was invited to join their party in progress…where the guests were “party animals”. Mrs Kaboom explained that as
elephants…”a step becomes a stomp and a bump is a BOOM”. But they promised to try to be quiet because “an elephant never forgets.” Things got better
(eg elephants wore fuzzy slipper) except for the parties…that Sydney always attended. This full-of-fun story tells a tale of tact and
compromise…accompanied by fun, colourful and large illustrations.

C562 IF YOU HAD A NOSE LIKE AN ELPHANT‟S TRUNK by Marion Dane Bauer                    HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally $16.95, this beautiful large picture book invites young readers to imagine what they would do
with cheeks like a chipmunk, a tail like a monkey….and more. Young writers can follow the pattern and
think of other animals…eg…”if you had….the legs of a flea, eyes of an eagle…etc.”

C566 IN THE LIGHT OF THE MOON & OTHER BEDTIME STORIES by Sam McBratney                                                   HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally $26.99. Written by the award winning author of “Guess How Much I Love You” , this lovely big book is perfect for a child to cuddle up
and listen to the stories again and again! Eight heartwarming stories…each colourfully illustrated…are gathered in this high quality book. From
Bentley the pig who has trouble with manners, to 2 Bear brothers who share with each other, to a daydreaming Tooth Fairy who finds courage and
more…this 93 page book will be a favourite to be read over and over!

C580 I SEE A KOOKABURRA by Steve Jenkins                                                                              HARDCOVER $9.99
A lovely picture book with illustrations of rare and exotic animals around the world. It shows six different parts of the world with eight of the
animals that live there for each. At the back of the book there‟s details of each of the animals. Both fun to read, to search for the animals, and to
learn about them too!

C590 JANE'S LOUD MOUTH by Rachna Gilmore                                                                                               SOFTCOVER $4.99

                                    Pig Tales Books Ltd         Phone/Fax: (519) 652-5252            Page 10
                  PIG TALES BOOKS LTD ---                                WINTER 2009/10 CATALOGUE
Jane stuffs herself with all sorts of cake and candy. Strange things begin to happen inside her mouth. Everyone thinks she's swallowed a radio, until, the
dentist 'solves the mystery' of Jane's loud mouth. Classrooms will enjoy chiming in to the repetitive bee bop lines. Parents appreciate this fanciful
message about tooth brushing too.

C600 LITTLE BROWN HEN‟S SHOWER by Pamela Duncan Edwards                                                                HARD COVER $7.99
Originally sold at $22.99. This colourful picture book tells, in a clever story, that “sometimes words sound the same, but have different meanings”
(homonyms). Told with rhythmic, rhyming text, Hen learns there is going to be a “shower”, so gets out her umbrella. She keeps repeating…”there‟s
going to be a shower. I must keep my egg dry.” In the end, it turns out to be a baby shower…with animals bringing gifts for hen‟s egg! Lively,
coplourful illustrations complete this clever tale!

C612 LOOKING AFTER MURPHY by Jamie Rix and illustrated by John Bendall-Brunello                            JACKETED HARDCOVER $10.99
Originally $18.95. This colourful, big picture book is a humorous story of how Grandma‟s “tall tales” catch up with her! She promises to look after
her vacationing grandchildren‟s hamster. When the hamster runs away, Grandma must make up some very tall tales about the replacement hamster
she buys…and why there are suddenly 2 hamsters! Colourful, jolly illustrations add to the fun!

C614 LOOK AT ME by Niki Daly                                                                            SOFTCOVER $1.99
This simple story, with colourful realistic illustrations, looks at the fun Suzie, Andy and Josh have in their pretending games. From
being gorillas to super heros…they don‟t need many props to have lots of fun!

C615 LYLE AT THE OFFICE by Bernard Waber                                                                                                SOFTCOVER $5.99
Wherever he went, Lyle the Crocodile made people smile and forget their troubles. Companies wanted to hire him to perk up customers and bring cheer.
But the people Lyle lived with, the Primms, wanted him to remain home with their family. One day Lyle went to work with Mr Primm to see his office.
Everyone found Lyle so helpful, friendly and with such good manners. When the company wanted to exhibit Lyle in their advertising, Mr Primm said no,
protecting Lyle's privacy. Mr Primm had to look for a new job. In the end, Mr Primm was missed at work and they begged him to return and bring Lyle
for visits. The delightful story, filled with colourful and jolly illustrations, demonstrates what it takes to be well liked. It is Lyle who, in demonstrating
kindness, helpfulness, and jolliness, teaches us all about excellent lesson provided in a light-hearted story.

C618 THE MANY HATS OF MR. MINCHES by Paulette Bourgeois                                                                            SOFTCOVER $5.99
“All her life, Dotty Rupert had been a serious, shy and sensible girl. Her secret wish was to be brave, wild and bold. Only there never seemed to be
a chance until the Minches came…”. Captain Minches, his wife Ondine and dog Moby arrived with a steamer trunk one foggy day. The trunk was
full of hats of all kinds. Whatever hat Dotty tried on gave her the characteristic of the character that might usually wear that hat. When a big storm
almost swept the Minches out to sea, Dotty donned the Captain‟s sou‟wester and suddenly was strong enough to save the Minches. When they left,
wearing Sombreros, Dotty was given a big box of hats of her own. This colourfully illustrated picture book (from the author of “Franklin”, the turtle
of books) tells an action packed tale but teaches that “you can if you think you can”.

C630 MICHAEL‟S MONSTERS by Gus Clarke                                                                                HARDCOVER $5.99
This simply written fun story looks at fears in a humorous way. Michael is afraid to go upstairs to the bathroom unless a family member waits for
him at the bottom of the stairs. Michael fears monsters are up there, until his dad shows him in cupboards and under beds and together they see that
what “looked” like a monster is just a toy or vacuum with a glove or sock fallen over it and Michael feels better. The humorous ending is a surprise
when Dad, who is alone upstairs, suddenly thinks eh really sees a monster. Colourful fun full-page illustrations and a single line of text per page
make this an excellent story for young children worried with similar fears.

C640 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL KITE IN THE WORLD by Anrea Spalding                                            SOFTCOVER $5.99
This charming tale shows that a gift is more than it looks like or how much it costs. Beautiful, colourful illustrations fill the full pages.
 When Jenny gets a kite made by her dad instead of a store bought one, she is initially disappointed. Fine tuned with the help of
friends, Jenny‟s kite flies magnificently. This story provides a wonderful life lesson for children bombarded by commercials!
C650 NO MONSTERS HERE by Sharon Jennings                                                            SOFTCOVER $5.99
Written from a child‟s point of view (VOICE), this picture book provides a „twist‟…here it‟s Dad who is afraid of monsters at night.
The child takes responsibility to check out the bedroom for monsters and reassure his Dad. Watercolour illustrations show a worried
Dad and his cape-wearing confident son!

C660 NOTHING BUT TROUBLE by Gus Clarke                                                                          SOFTCOVER $4.99
Funny, warm, and full of the hiccups ofreal life…this humorous book will be enjoyed by anyone who‟s ever had a “bad day”. Maisie‟s bad day

                                    Pig Tales Books Ltd         Phone/Fax: (519) 652-5252           Page 11
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began when her baby brother pried her eyes open, breakfast was spilled on her, the toothpaste overflowed onto her brush, and a low flying pigeon left
his mark on her sweater. At school, new challenges presented themselves (eg her mom sent the baby‟s bottle in her lunch box instead of her lunch!)
Maisie is glad to see the end of that day. The next day, things seem to improve until the last page when readers will notice, Maisie‟s skirt is caught in
her underwear! The humorous colourful illustrations reveal details of Maisie‟s mishaps as much as the simple text. This fun book is sure to be
sympathetically enjoyed for its true life humour!

C672 NO TROUBLE AT ALL by Sally Grindley                                                                                             SOFTCOVER $7.99
This charming big picture book is all about two little bears who come to spend the night with their Grandfather Bear. Told from Grandfather‟s
perspective, the little bears seem to be „no trouble at all‟. Young readers will love to see the colourful illustrations that show the mischief the little
bears get into…with Grandfather oblivious to it all!

C673 ONCE IN A BLUE MOON by Nicola Morgan                                                                                            SOFTCOVER $5.99
This special book has so much more to offer than first meets the eye! Full of “idioms” (eg “it was raining cats and dogs”) that are accurately depicted
in the colourful humorous illustrations, “similes” and “metaphors” (eg “healthy as an ox”)…this story is full of humour too. Aunt Floydie was as old
as the hills and fit as a fiddle…but a little forgetful. She felt a little “blue” when she forgot her birthday, but was surprised by a party given by her 3
friends…one was “dressed to the nines” (see 9‟s on her clothes) and one gave a “toast” (literally toasted bread in the illustration). Lots of fun with
language can be had in this great story!

C674 ONE STORMY NIGHT                                                                  HARDCOVER $7.99
This picture book is another winner from renowned children‟s author, Ruth Brown. The dark, spooky
illustrations create a stormy mood and the simple text is richly descriptive with words like “howling”,
“creaked”, “screeched”.

C675 ONE YAK CALLED JACK by Darcia Labrosse                                                                                HARDCOVER $7.99
Sold originally for $24.95, Jack (the Yak) has many friends who he volunteers to take to the fair…riding on his back. Sweet illustrations and written
with rhythm and in rhyme. ..”Hop on my back…said Jack…I‟ll take you to the fair and back‟ starts the adventure.

C680 OOMPH! By Colin McNaughton                                                                                                   HARDCOVER $7.99
Colin McNaughton is famous for his hilarious picture books and this one is true to form! Preston Pig and his family (with Mr Wolf stowed
away on the car‟s roof) go on a vacation to the beach. Each day, Preston has fun with a girl pig, Maxine! Mr Wolf, however, runs into
difficulties…evident in his speech balloon exclamations! Large, easy-to-read text, humour, and lively colourful illustrations…all make this
a fun summertime picture book!

C684 OTTO GOES TO BED by Todd Parr                                                                                    HARDCOVER $9.99
Todd Parr‟s signature bold and vibrantly coloured illustrations fill the pages of this lively picture book. Otto the dog doesn‟t want to go to bed…he
doesn‟t want to stop doing the fun things he does all day…digging for bones, chasing his tail, etc. He tries having a bath, brushing his teeth with
“chicken-flavoured toothpaste”, etc…but nothing makes him want to sleep until he tries “dreaming” about all the things he wishes he could do…eg
eating all the hot dogs he wants. This special story ends with Todd Parr‟s reassuring message on the last page that reminds readers that it‟s more fun
to dream of all your favourite things!

C686 OUR CAT FLOSSIE by Ruth Brown                                                      SOFTCOVER $4.99
The simple text in this lovely picture book provides a framework for young writers.
It reads:
        “Her hobbies include…
        “She is a skilful…
        “Something she hates is…
Follow the pattern to write about another pet. Full page, colourful illustrations capture well the life of “our
cat Flossie”!

C688 OUR PUPPY’S HOLIDAY by Ruth Brown                                                 SOFTCOVER $4.99
In this delightful picture book, a puppy teaches us all to savour life‟s adventures! To a puppy, even the
smallest things are an exciting marvel. We just need to open our eyes more fully to see what is right
before us! Full page colourful illustrations capture the pup‟s adventures.

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C690 PIG’S DIGGER by Simon Puttock                                                         LARGE SOFTCOVER $5.99
This colourful picture book demonstrates that even good things can get out of control and lead to trouble! Pig
received a gift of a „digger‟ from his granny. At first he was helpful…digging a swimming pool for cow and helping hen
plant her corn. When useful digging was done…Pig kept going but with disastrous results. The animals declared that
he must fix the mess and get rid of the digger. Realizing they were right, Pig sent the digger to his cousin!

C692 PLEASE, BABY, PLEASE by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee                                                             HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally sold at $26.50, this colourful large picture book is a winner in so many ways! Follow a dark-skinned toddler through her day (clock on
each page). Young listeners love this book as a „read aloud‟ as they anticipate what problems she will get into learning to share to
learning not to eat sand! They will join in the repeating line, “Please, baby, please.” The bold, simple rhyming text is accompanied by large,
engaging illustrations. Young readers will be reassured, at that end, that mother‟s love is secure no matter how mischievous the toddler‟s activities!

C700 PLEASE DON‟T BUG THE DOG by Cheryl Uhrig                                                                                        SOFTCOVER $3.99
All is fine with Truffles the dog and his people until a new baby boy arrives. The baby pesters Truffles but mom says „Don‟t worry..some day he will be
your very best friend‟. Eventually that turns out to be true but then a new baby girl arrives. The boy then tells Truffles, „Don‟t worry..some day she‟ll be
your very best friend.” A fun story with great illustrations and a great message for a child whose mom is expecting a new baby too!

C720 PRIDE OF LIONS by Nicola Morgan                                                                              SOFTCOVER $5.99
From “When Healthy Handsome Horses get together they become a team” to “When Fat and Fanciful Fish get together they become a school”, learn what
groups of animals are called. Children will enjoy the alliteration and humorous, colourful illustrations too!

C738 PUSHKIN MINDS THE BUNDLE.. by Harriet Ziefert                                                                               HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally $23.50. Renowned author Harriet Ziefert has created an imaginative, refreshing look at sibling rivalry. This delightful story is written from
Pushkin, the dog's, point of view. The family treats Pushkin as their "big boy" and he is expected to entertain and look after the baby Pierre...whom he
names "The Bundle". When the "Bundle" wanders off and is rescued by Pushkin...he realizes the bond they have between them. This lovely big picture
book is full of colourful, full page pictures with touches of humour.

C751 ROSIE AND THE NIGHTMARES by Philip Waechter                                                        JACKETED HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally sold at $20.95. This great picture book is all about facing fears! Rosie Rabbit was having nightmares about monsters, over and over! She
visited a “dream specialist” who recommended a book about monsters. After reading all about monsters, Rosie visited the fair and bravely rode into
the “Tunnel of Fear” filled with monsters, to face her fears. One after the next, the monsters were “taken care of” by Rosie! In the end, Rosie still
dreamed of monsters…but friendly ones now! Colourful, fun illustrations complete this sensitive tale about a childhood fear!

C755 SHERMAN CRUNCHLEY by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans                                                         JACKETED HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally sold at $24.00. This excellent picture book, written by renowned children‟s authors, is a satisfying story about being true to yourself! Sherman
Crunchley was a police officer who was about to follow in his family tradition and become the next chief when his father retired. Even his great-
grandmother had been chief! Sherman, however, didn‟t like police work. He knew he would have to say “no” to being chief…but how? Sherman‟s
passion for hats helps him come up with a solution that satisfies everyone! Colourful, endearing illustrations complete this satisfying tale!

C775 SLEEP, BABY, SLEEP illustrated by Susie Lacome                                                    HARDCOVER $10.99
What a lovely presentation! This quality collection of well-loved lullabies, originally sold for $19.95, is presented in a
volume that is held shut with a satiny mauve ribbon. Traditional rhymes and lullabies are accompanied by gently coloured
illustrations that give the appearance of a beautiful quilt. The “stitches” are embossed and children love to run fingers
over them. From “Hush Little Baby” to “Frere Jacques”…these rhymes are familiar enough to sing along to. Either as a
lovely baby gift that you can inscribe or as an addition to a special child‟s library, this book will be a favourite keepsake!

C790 SMELLY BILL by Daniel Postgate                                                      SOFTCOVER $5.99
Bill the dog loves to roll around in mud, shove his nose into dirt, and in general make a mess of himself. But
when the cleaning fanatic Aunt Bleach comes, will he give up his filthy ways forever? A great book on staying
true to what you love.

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C808 SLEEPY ME by Marni McGee                                                                     HARDCOVER $10.99
This large, beautiful picture book (originally sold at $21.95) has a steady-patterned rhythm and lots of details
to lead a child off to sleep. The rhyming text has only a few words per page and “sleepy” is repeated often,
giving a sense of comfort and calm. The full page illustrations are soft watercolours of sleepy toys, sleepy
moon and stars, sleepy mom and dad and even sleepy sheep on the wallpaper. It shows “dad” carrying a
toddler to bed and reading a story and rocking to sleep. This soothing book has looked after every sleepy
detail to make a great bedtime book!

C809 SPLASH JOSHUA, SPLASH by Malachy Doyle                                                  SOFTCOVER $5.99
With vibrant full-page illustrations and large, bold text, this appealing story looks at a fun day Joshua has with
his Granny at the water! From feeding ducks at the pond, splashing in a water fountain, going down a water
slide, swimming in a pool…and even being caught in the rain: water can be fun!

C810 THE STRONGEST GIRL IN THE WORLD by Jenny Nimmo                                         LARGE SOFTCOVER $5.99
This is a wonderful story about friendship! Esmeralda is a large strong child who is teased and shunned by the
children next door. While her strength gives her work in the circus with her parents, Esmeralda is without
friends and is sad. One day, her strength allows her to save the baby next door from a falling branch, but the
experience makes Esmeralda sick. The children realize that although she is different, she is still a kind and
loving girl…and in the end they are friends. Colourful, lively illustrations complete this excellent book that
deals with the common bullying problem that many children face.

C825 TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME by Maryann Kovalski                                                HARDCOVER $7.99
Everyone‟s favorite Maryann Kovalski is back with a classic song turned into a story! Grandma, with permission from Mom
and the school principal, takes her granddaughters on a special surprise outing! When they arrive at the baseball stadium,
join in with the words to the classic song, “Take me out to the Ballgame!”…printed in large bold text. Jolly colourful
illustrations fill the pages and the musical notation can be found in the back of this fun book!

C850 TALENT SHOW by Nancy Carlson                                                                     SOFTCOVER $3.99
Originally sold for $6.95. This award-winning book deals with every child‟s problem of “I don‟t feel good enough” and with
how the story‟s heroine, Louanne Pig, overcomes it. She thinks she can‟t do anything well enough for the upcoming
play…”I can‟t dance”, and “I can‟t play any instruments” and concludes with “I‟m just a big no talent dope.”. HOWEVER,
when George, the master of ceremonies, gets laryngitis Louanne is asked to „fill in‟ and she does it wonderfully well and
the book concludes with Louanne saying “I LOVE SHOW BIZ!”

C855 THAT STRIPY CAT by Norene Smiley                                     JACKETED HARDCOVER $7.99
This wonderful picture book, full of rich language and repeating lines makes a great read-aloud. Mrs. Cosy,
who works at an animal shelter, comes up with a number of colourful adjectives to describe this newly arrived
cat….”cantankerous”, “steadfast”, and “persnickity”. When families reject this cat in favour of more calm pets,
the cat chooses Mrs Cosy…who then brings her home and names her Velcro. Great for word choice, adjectives
and similies too!

C860 THE TROUBLE WITH DAD by Babette Cole                                                            SOFTCOVER $5.99
Well known for her humour, Babette Cole has created a fun story about an inventive Dad! Dad created robots to serve lots
of purposes…even one to “help old ladies across the road”. The robots became famous and a TV show was to be made
about them. When “baby brother” found the “multi-laser-twister-operator”, the robots went wild all over town! In the
end, the robots brought in enough money that the family can now invent even more robots. Told in the 1 st person by the
boy in the family, this humorous, imaginative book is filled with equally fun, detailed and colourful illustrations.

C860 THE TROUBLE WITH GRAN by Babette Cole                                                          SOFTCOVER $5.99

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Popular author Babette Cole has created a wonderful humorous tale about a Grandma who looked perfectly normal…but
was far from ordinary! Gran is really an alien. When she is bored with an outing, she “acts up”…turning green and
sporting a tail and snout. When, on another outing, her senior‟s group misses the bus…Gran turns the bus shelter into a
flying machine to transport them all! Wonderfully humorous illustrations complete this imaginative tale of Gran and her
unpredictable antics! Pure easy-to-read fun!

C860 THE TROUBLE WITH MUM by Babette Cole                                                 SOFTCOVER $5.99
Well known for her humour, Babette Cole has created a fun story about a most unusual Mom. Mum has odd
characteristics that make readers draw conclusions…she has a pointy hat, drives a broom, and lives in a tall
castle with odd pets. Other parents shun her until the day the school caught fire. Mum arrives with rain
clouds to douse the fire…even before the fire department. Everyone realizes that although Mum is
different…different can be good! Told in the first person by the boy in the family, this humorous imaginative
book is filled with equally fun detailed colourful illustrations.

C861 THIS IS THE DOG by Sheryl McFarlane                                                   SOFTCOVER $5.99
This lively, colourful picture book is sure to please young puppy lovers! Written in simple rhyming text, it is
the story of an exuberant pup‟s romp through town. Young writers can follow the simple pattern of the text,
eg “This is the tomcat that…”, “This is the fisherman that …”

C862 THREE FEET SMALL by Michael Rosen                                                    HARDCOVER $9.99
Renowned children‟s author Michael Rosen has worked his magic again in this delightful picture book about a
little bear who fears he will never ever grow! Everything seems too high to reach and his feet dangle from his
chair! But he soon notices that he is growing…he outgrows clothes, his bicycle seat must be raised and more.
 Charming colourful illustrations complete this special book that all children will identify with!

C865 WAKE UP CITY by Susan Verlander                                        JACKETED HARDCOVER $7.99
 This lively, colourful picture book brings the sounds, sights, and rhythms of the city to life! Ideal for
beginning readers, the bold text is done in simple rhyme: “Alarms ring, birds sing”, “Toast pops, coffee shops
hop”, etc. Colourful, bold illustrations complete this excellent book!

C870 WE’LL ALL GO SERIES by Maggee Spicer and Richard Thompson                         HARDCOVER $9.99
These award-winning, creative picture books originally sold at $19.95 each. With colourful, fun illustrations,
and rhythmic, rhyming text…they are perfect for primary children. Each 2-page spread has a fold back…unfold
to reveal the answer to the question posed…clever book-making idea!!

Titles include:
    1. WE‟LL ALL GO EXPLORING…..explore the forests of the world from gum trees with koalas to apple trees.
    2. WE‟LL ALL GO SAILING….the friends explore the sea and its many coloured creatures from a yellow
        seahorse to a brown sea slug.
    3. WE‟LL ALL GO FLYING…..they set off in a hot-air balloon to see skies from stormy to fog-filled. They
        find everything from the moon to bats.

C880 WELLINGTON’S CHOCOLATEY DAY by Mick Inkpen                                          SOFTCOVER $4.99
Originally $5.50. Chocolate lovers will identify with Wellington Pig‟s „chocolatey day‟! As well as Mick
Inkpen‟s delightful illustrations, this story also has some math concepts built into it (counting squares of
chocolate, counting ducks, etc). Wellington tries to make his chocolate bar last and so goes to the duck pond
to feed the ducks. Whether sharing or losing his chocolate, Wellington ends up enjoying his last bite in spite
of its „extra flavour‟!

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C885 WHAT A SCARE, JESSE BEAR by Nancy White Carlstrom                                  SOFTCOVER $6.99
Ever favourite, Jesse Bear, is back with a sequence of things to do to get ready for Hallowe‟en! With
rhyming text, and colourful illustrations, Jesse picks out a pumpkin, carves it, and works on his costume
ideas. With one, he even scares himself in the mirror…”What a scare, Jesse Bear!” Then it‟s on to trick-
or-treating and seeing all the other costumes!

C890 WHAT GRANDPAS DO BEST by Laura Numeroff                                                SOFTCOVER $5.99
Originally sold at $9.95. This colourfully illustrated little picture book is a celebration of grandpas and the
wonderful things they do! Meet all kinds of grandpas (from pigs to elephants) doing fun things with their
grandchildren: from playing hide-and-seek, to taking you for a walk, to painting with you, teaching you to
dance, to do magic tricks, flying kites, and more! Best of all, Grandpas can give you lots and lots of love!

C910 WHERE’S THAT CAT? By Eve Merriam                                                     HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally sold at $23.50. This colourful picture book is the simple story of a little girl‟s hunt for her cat.
The sequential illustrations are told with text that cleverly gives clues. Follow the story through the gentle
illustrations and through the easy-to-read clever rhyming text. Cat lovers will enjoy all the antics and
hiding places that Jitterbug finds!

C930 WON’T YOU BE MY KISSAROO? By Joanne Ryder                                               HARDCOVER $9.99
This sweet, big picture book is a celebration of all the “kissable moments” shared between a parent and child! Mother
sheep kisses her lamb with a “morning kiss full of sun”, mother bear has a breakfast kiss “nice and sweet…when sticky
lips meet”, mother rabbit‟s kiss goes with a hug to keep her baby feeling snug…and so on throughout the day. In the
end, the adult reader invites the child, being read to, “to be my kissaroo, every day the whole day through”. The easy
rhyming text is enhanced by gentle full page watercolours!

C940 ZACK AT THE ZOO by Janet Munsil                                                   HARDCOVER $4.99
Originally $12.95. For ages 5 - 8 yrs. Unflappable Zack loses his dad at the zoo. While looking for the lost
and found, he discovers he is on a street being followed by a group of penguins. Their funny adventure takes
them to the lost & found where Zack trades the penguins for his dad.


D020 ANIMAL POPPOSITES by Matthew Reinhart                                HARDCOVER POP-UP $7.99
Originally $21.50. Bright, bold and fabulous! This special pop-up book makes learning opposites fun!
Open the “short” page with an ant, and out pops a big giraffe to demonstrate “tall”. Open the “straight”

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page (with a swordfish‟s long, straight nose) to reveal “curly” with a big octopus complete with 3-D curly
tentacles! After many exciting opposites, the last page has “one” lonely worm…but open to “all” the
creatures in the book in a big pop-up menagerie! Paper engineering at its finest!

D050 BIG by David Bedford                                                       HARDCOVER POP-UP $7.99
“Big” is a loveable bear who is “too big to fit inside an ordinary book”! The sturdy pages show parts of
“Big”…his paws, his face, his toes, etc. Fold down flaps that extend the page size and make a “bigger
book” to fit all of “Big” on the page, large text and colourful illustrations add to the fun!

D120 FUNNY BUSINESS by Julie Lacome                                                   POP-UP/TACTILE $7.99
With tabs to pull, flaps to lift, and pictures that pop up...this super book springs to life for young children. The
antics of a clown and his little dog create lots of fun. Easy to read large text accompanies the lively pictures.

D800 WHAT’S THE TIME MR. WOLF? By Colin Hawkins                                                  POP-UP $4.99
Learning to tell time has never been such fun! Join Mr. Wolf, in this colourful mini pop-up, as he has a
task to do for each hour of the day. At 8 o‟clock, “it‟s time to get up”; at 9 o‟clock, “it‟s time to brush my
teeth”, etc. Each page has a clock face with hands showing the time. At the end, “it‟s time for dinner!”
and the clock hands are moveable!



E100 FISHES IN THE OCEAN by Maggee Spicer and Richard Thompson                        SOFTCOVER $7.99
This very large format easy reader is perfect for sharing. The large text is rhythmic and rhyming and the
illustrations colourful. It can be a counting book too…as the rhyme goes 1 to 10 and 10 to 1.

E200 FLYING LESSONS by Celia Godkin                                                           HARDCOVER $3.99

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This early reader is aimed at grades 1-3 and originally sold at $12.95. It is the lovely story of a pair of robins
and their new family!

E210 THEN AND NOW by Richard Thompson                                                      HARDCOVER $3.99
This early reader is aimed at pre-school to grade 1, and originally sold at $12.95. This simple, poetic rhyming
book follows the process of change as calves grow into cows, seeds become flowers, etc. For example,
       “Then was an apple
       “Now is a pie.
       “Then was an egg
       “Now it can fly…”
Young writers can use the “Then…now” pattern to write their own rhymes.

E240 FIRST FLIGHT READER – WE‟LL ALL GO SAILING by Maggee Spicer                                                    SOFTCOVER $5.50
With rhyme, rhythm, and repetition---this colourful book takes young readers off on a voyage with 3 sailors to explore seas of different
colours and meet an array of creatures with just the right number of new words to recognize and easy, rhythmic text, it is an ideal story for
early readers. It was nominated for a Governor General‟s award too!

E250 GROUNDHOG DAY by Margaret McNamara                                                                            SOFTCOVER $3.99
Written with large print and aimed at beginning readers, this colourful book tells of the tradition of watching to see if the Groundhog sees his
shadow or not…a predictor of early spring or more winter!

E280 GREEN LIGHT READERS                                                                                                            SOFTCOVER $3.99
This high quality series of early readers each comes with distinctive illustrations and individual styles by different authors.
The level one titles are aimed at K to grade 1. They contain short simple stories, rhythm, rhyme, repetition and a strong link between words
and pictures.
The level two titles are aimed at grades 1 and 2. The stories are longer with short chapters and more fully developed characters. Titles


JUST CLOWNING AROUND by Steven MacDonald level 1
With lively colourful pictures and repetitive simple text, this book contains 2 stories. Each story is about a little bear and his dad who are
circus clowns…full of tricks!

A NEW HOME by Tim Bowers level 1 Mat, the squirrel, is sad when he moves to a new home because he has no friends there. When he finds and
returns a lost hat that belongs to Pam the squirrel…he has a new friend! Simple text accompanies charming colourful pictures!

RIP‟S SECRET SPOT by Kristi T. Butler level 1…Mom, Dad, and Pat find things are missing from their house. They soon discover that Rip the dog has
been burying them in the yard! Simple colourful illustrations complete this story of family (with dark skin) solving a mystery.

COME HERE, TIGER! By Alex Moran level 1…Tiger is a cat who can‟t be found in the house. A little girl keeps calling “Come here, Tiger” but at
each turn she finds other pets…a turtle, rabbit, frog, and more. At last, the cat is found. In the back of the book, you will find colourful activity pages.
Find the song, “Oh where oh where has my little cat gone?” , and also find instructions on making a “book full of pets.”

DANIEL‟S PET by Alma Flor Ada level 1 … With gentle colourful pictures, this level 1 story tells of a boy who is raising a chick. He names her Jen
and feeds her daily. Soon she grows into a big hen who lays eggs…and then Daniel has lots of pet chicks!


DIGGER PIG AND THE TURNIP by Caron Lee Cohen level 2

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Digger Pig digs up a turnip from the garden but then cannot find anyone to help her with it…to cut it up, or to mash it up, or to make it into a pie…but
when the pie is made everyone wants some of it. Simple text and richly coloured illustrations add to the appeal of this delightful book.

THE VERY BOASTFUL KANGAROO by Bernard Most level 2
A kangaroo boasts about himself all the time. A little kangaroo brings along big kangaroos to challenge his jumping ability…but the boastful
kangaroo still jumps highest. It is only when the little kangaroo plays a trick with words that the boastful kangaroo loses!

DANIEL‟S MYSTERY EGG by Alma Flor Ada level 2 Daniel found a small white egg and put it in a box. One by one, his friends predict what will
hatch from the egg and how these creatures could be a problem…from an alligator who will bite to a duck who will quack too loudly. Finally the egg
hatches into a nice quiet little lizard. This level 2 book has lots of repetition in the 3 or 4 lines of text per page as well as colourful illustrations. Don‟t
miss the “Guess the Animal” game in the back.

E300 GUS & GERTIE AND THE MISSING PEARL by Jan Lowery Nixon                                                                      SOFTCOVER $3.99
This first chapter book is a colourfully illustrated mystery story! Filled with fast-paced action, Gus and Gertie, run into a motley assortment of „rascally
rowdies‟ on their island vacation. When one of the „bad guys‟ steals Gertie‟s prized pearl necklace, they must find out who. It is with the help of Gus‟
many Polaroid photos, that they capture the culprit! The use of lots of illiteration (eg scummy seagoing scallywags) add to the fun!

E330 MARCO‟S RUN by Wesley Cartier                                                                                                        HARDCOVER $6.99
This colourful early reader is aimed at children in grades 1 and 2. Off for a run in the park with his dad, a dark-skinned boy imagines he can run as fast as
a rabbit, a bobcat, a horse, and a cheetah, until he realizes he is ready for a rest! Large print text and lively illustrations make this book appealing to young
readers. On the left side page, runs the imagined animal in their natural habitat and on the right side page , runs the boy and his dad in the park.

E340 MORE MR AND MRS GREEN by Keith Baker                                                                                         SOFTCOVER $4.99
Originally sold at $7.95. This 68 page easy-reader (with the look of a more sophisticated chapter book) contains 3 action-packed alligator adventures with
the popular alligators Mr & Mrs Green. In the first chapter, Mrs Green is annoyed that only Mr Green is catching fish until she discovers his
secret…jellybean bait! Simple number concepts are woven into the stories. Colourful illustrations accompany the easy-to-read text.

E500 THE SCHOOL PLAY by Rosemary Wells                                                                                                  SOFTCOVER $3.99
Renowned children‟s author Rosemary Wells has created an easy-to-read, colourfully illustrated story about a school play. The theme of the
play is “clean, healthy teeth”. Roles like the dentist, mouthwash, toothbrush, and dental floss are given out. Yoko is assigned the role of
“cavity”. With her violin the cavity box, Yoko adds realistic sound effects! Easy text accompanies the sweet, colourful illustrations.

E550 “SOME ANIMALS” SERIES by Vincent Nguyen                                                                                           HARDCOVER $3.99
These small hard cover books contain simple bold and rhyming text and colourful fun illustrations. Titles include:

     1.   SOME DUCKS --- “Some ducks use bags, Some ducks use rakes, Some ducks just jump, for goodness sakes…”

     2.   SOME PIGS --- “Some pigs can walk, Some pigs can run, Some pigs can ice-skate…just for fun…”

     3.   SOME SHEEP --- “Some sheep move in, Some sheep move out, Some sheep get stuck and have to shout…”

E585 A SONG FOR LITTLE TOAD by Vivian French                                                                                    HARDCOVER $7.99
With gentle watercolour illustrations, this charming calming story reveals that every mother's own song is the most beautiful lullaby in the world to her
own baby. Old Mother Toad sings 'croak, croak, croak" to her baby. Other animals suggest what they think are more 'soothing' songs, which Mother Toad
tries. But baby Toad doesn't sleep until he hears his favourite 'croak, croak, croak' again! Lovely!! ORIGINAL PRICE $14.95

C895 WHAT WE DO by Reg Cartwright                                                 HARDCOVER $5.99
This is an easy-to-read pattern book. You can FOLLOW THE PATTERN and write more! Large type and
bold illustrations. Examples of the „what we do‟ pattern…”We are worms and we wiggle…I‟m a caterpillar.
I creep.”

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With the “look” of chapter books, this series is aimed at newly fluent readers. Written by excellent authors, the stories are
strong and imaginative! Each has full colour illustrations and short chapters. Originally sold at $9.95

TITLE 1: CONKER by Michael Morpurgo                                                             SOFTCOVER $3.99
This heartwarming story will appeal to dog lovers and to anyone who has ever been bullied. Nick lived with his
grandmother. When they lost their old dog, a sad Nick has more trouble with a playground bully. Grandmother teaches
Nick how to beat the bully…but in a game of “conkers” (a chestnut game). In the end, Nick wins the game and also
rescues a dog that becomes his new pet!

TITLE 2: COLLY’S BARN by Michael Morpurgo                                                            SOFTCOVER $3.99
Annie and her grandfather enjoy the owl swallows and other birds that nest in the old barn on their farm. Annie‟s father is
determined to tear down the old barn to make room for a new one. This heartwarming story takes readers into the world
of the birds, who work together to save each other and the old barn in the end!

TITLE 3: JO-JO THE MELON DONKEY by Michael Morpurgo                                               SOFTCOVER $3.99
This Cinderella-like story gives hope to even the most down-trodden! Jo-Jo, a shaggy donkey in old Venice, is laughed at
and scorned when his cruel master brings him to the city square to sell melons. When the king‟s daughter takes an
interest in Jo-Jo and patted him, “Jo-Jo had never been patted before and his knees weakened with joy.” In the end, Jo Jo
and the king‟s daughter warn the town of an impending flood and everyone is saved by the braying donkey…who is soon
honored and lives his life in the palace!


F020 THE AARDVARK WHO WASN‟T SURE by Jill Tomlinson                                                        SOFTCOVER $3.99
In this easy-to-read chapter book, readers will meet a little aardvark with an identity crisis. His mother has assured him that he is an
aardvark but he wonders why he can‟t do all that other aardvarks do. As he grows up, he finds that things must be “learned”. As time goes on, he
becomes more and more sure of himself.

F050 AMBER BROWN COLLECTION by Paula Danziger                                                     SOFTCOVER $7.99
Originally sold for $16.95. This collection includes these four Amber Brown favorites in one large 443 page
softcover…specially assembled for Amber Brown fans.

F180 THE BIG BAZOOHLEY by Peter Carey                                                                          SOFTCOVER $3.99
Perfect for 8 to 12 year olds, 9 year old Sam has amazing adventures when he and his family find themselves in Toronto in a hotel in the middle of a
blizzard and down to their last fifty three dollars and twenty cents. Of course, Sam rescues all but not until he‟s had lots of adventures including
being kidnapped.

F210 THE BORROWERS by Mary Norton                                                                  SOFTCOVER $5.99
The “Borrowers” are tiny people…a tiny mother, father, and daughter…that live under the kitchen floor of a house
inhabited by “human beans”. Fun adventures that spark the imagination and the winner of awards and accolades such
as…The School Library Journal says, “The magic and charm of the writing convince children and grown-ups too, that
Borrowers really do exist.” It‟s also the winner of the prestigious “Carnegie Medal” and is said to be “a book that begs
to be shared.”

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F212 THE BOXCAR SERIES created by Gertrude Chandler Warner                                                  SOFTCOVERS $3.99
                                                                                                         HARDCOVERS $5.99
Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny are a family. They are brothers and sisters who are orphans. They want to stay together so must find
a place to live. One stormy night, they find an old red boxcar that becomes their home…and become the Boxcar Children. This very
popular chapter book series has a number of titles and at this deeply discounted price is only available randomly (without specific title
choice). Act fast as this is a popular series!

F216 BRYONY BELL TOPS THE BILL by Franzeska Ewart                                                                    SOFTCOVER $3. 99
Originally sold for $11.95. Everybody would like to be a „star‟ but most don‟t get the chance. Bryony is always just „one step away‟ with a singing
& dancing mom and talented sisters too! She‟s a talented skater but will she get the chance…will she be a star! A great story for all us „hopefuls‟.
Large print and line drawings help to make this an easy-read too.

F220 BY THE SHORES OF SILVER LAKE by Laura Ingalls Wilder                                                              SOFTCOVER $5.99
This novel is another adventure in the lives of Laura Ingalls and her pioneer family. The family must move from the banks of Plum Creek when Pa
takes a job with the railroad company and finds a homestead for them to build their house on the shores of Silver Lake. The everyday hardships are
illustrated in stories like Laura and her sister being chased by a pack of wild wolves…only to be saved by Pa and his shotgun.

F238 CHET GECKO MYSTERIES SERIES                                                                                      SOFTCOVER $4.99
The Chet Gecko series of mysteries is for ages 8 to 12 children who will enjoy these wisecracking, sidesplittingly funny stories. Chet is a fourth
grade prive eye. The stories have hilariously named characters and goofy, tongue-in-cheek slapstick humour. Full page illustrations add more
interest. Great for reluctant readers. Each title originally sold for $6.95. Titles include:

Chet Gecko, “the sleuth with the smart mouth”, takes on the case of tracking down a lost winning lottery ticket in this slapstick mystery!

Chet and Natalie are hunting for a missing first grader named Billy Chameleon. If they can find him they‟ll get a bigt piece of stinkbug pie! A new
fun and funny mystery for Chet Gecko fans!

Principal Zero is NICE to Chet! That‟s a mystery in itself but Zero and a pack of new teachers are up to something. Chet and his partner Natalie
have to find out what‟s going on…and save the school.

F239 CASTING THE GODS ADRIFT by Geraldine McCaughrean                                                                      SOFTCOVER $3.99
This exciting chapter book brings to life many details about life in ancient Egypt in an exciting adventure. It is the story of an Egyptian boy whose
father makes many trips to Nubia, buying and taming wild animals before returning to Egypt and selling the animals. The boy and his younger blind
brother end up working for the pharaoh Akhenaten (who ruled just before King Tut). The pharaoh has strange ideas about religion which could
change their lives. There is a lot of Egyptian mythology in this fast paced book too!

F239 THE CAT WHO WANTED TO GO HOME by Jill Tomlinson                                                                  SOFTCOVER $3.99
In this easy-to-read chapter book, readers will meet an inquisitive cat who doesn‟t give up! Suzy is the little cat who lives in a French seaside
village. Looking to take a „cat nap‟, she falls asleep in the basket of a hot-air balloon and ends up crossing the English Channel. Suzy‟s
determination to return home is quite an adventure!

F245 CITY DOGS by Glenda Goertzen                                                                 SOFTCOVER $2.99
Like „Watership Down”, the heros of this story are animals…country dogs adventures in the city here. Shortlisted for the Silver Birch
award. The text is large and easy to read and the tales are fast paced.


F250 RUNAWAY by Becky Citra                                                                                                    SOFTCOVER $6.99
This novel is the latest in the award-winning pioneer series by Becky Citra, aimed at 7 to 10 year olds. Young Max is horrified by the bullying, crude
behaviour of a new neighbour, Sam Black. When Lucas Black runs away to hide out from Sam in Max‟s fort in the woods, Max must decide where his
loyalties lie!

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F252 STRAWBERRY MOON by Becky Citra                                                                                         SOFTCOVER $6.99
In 1838, when Ellie‟s maternal grandmother arrives from England, she can find nothing good to say about Ellie‟s family homestead. Ellie is horrified
when she overhears that Grandmother intends to take her back to England to „raise her properly‟. When Grandmother becomes ill, she finds the friends
and family here, really are a special home for her too!

F320 FRANKIE‟S HOUSE TREE by Pippa Goodhart                                                                                        SOFTCOVER $3.99
With bigger print and line drawings, this is a great beginning chapter book! Frankie‟s got a living and unique tree-house. Every season brings special gifts
like…spring brings new green leaves…summer brings flowers, birds and bees…autumn has golden leaves falling…and in winter there‟s a surprise for all
the animals in the garden. Grump‟s ingenious plan to build a house-tree gives Frankie the year round retreat he needs!

F350 FIERCE MILLY SERIES by Marilyn McLaughlin                                                                                SOFTCOVER $2.99EACH
This beginning chapter book series (also makes a great read-aloud for younger children) is full of fun, humour and imagination. The series has been
labelled “stories for building confidence”. Told in the voice of Fierce Milly‟s friend, Susan, readers will identify with the trepidation she feels with some
of Fierce Milly‟s adventures. Titles include:

1 – FIERCE MILLY: This award winner introduces a new girl to the neighbourhood who is full of energy and adventure. She is not
Millicent..but..”Fierce Milly”…complete with a spear and shield. She charges admission to LISTEN to her dinosaur, ties up a friend to a tree in an old
man‟s garden (who she says is a troll), and more! While always unpredictable, Milly is very lovable!

2 – FIERCE MILLY AND THE AMAZING DOG: When her mom won‟t let Milly have a real dog, she conjures up a very big “invisible” dog with
huge teeth that she calls Crazy Eyes! Anyone who laughs is subject to growing a tail. She claims to know a magic spell to make it real. At last a real dog
appears which smells as real as it looks. After a bath, the dog returns to its owner.

3 – FIERCE MILLY AND THE DEMON SAUCEPAN: This chapter book contains 4 short stories about Fierce Milly. Read about her birthday, her
vampire Granny, and her Jumble Cat. Also, readers will enjoy the story she wrote about a saucepan. While most wrote boring tales, Fierce Milly‟s pan
had magic powers, glow-in-the-dark eyes, and steamed like a dragon. Fierce Milly never disappoints!

F380 FLOW by Pippa Goodhart                                                                                                          SOFTCOVER $3.99
This title was nominated for several awards. It‟s about Oliver, a ten year old boy, who has trouble keeping up at school and desperately wants a dog who‟ll
be his own and who‟ll “love him loyally and uncritically”. Flow, the runt of the little, is the dog he gets and together they become perfect partners and the
heros in rescuing Oliver‟s friend Craig when he becomes stranded in wild cliffs.

F390 FRINDLE by Andrew Clements                                                                                                   SOFTCOVER $3.99
An award winning title from popular author Andrew Clements. Nick has never been your „usual‟ student. He‟s always been a bit „different‟. “Frindle” is
the word Nick, a 5th grader, invents when he learns in school about how words are created but soon it all gets out of control. A fun hilarious adventure
that will be a fun read for all!

F405 GET ME OUT OF HERE by Ann Bryant                                                                                                    SOFTCOVER $3.99
Part of the „Step-chain‟ series that deals with the challenges step-children experience. This is the story of Ed, a 14 year old. His combined family include
twin 6 year old step-sisters, a 9 year old step-sister, a ten year old step-sister and a 2 year old brother. He thinks, “I can‟t cope with all these girls.” Step-
sister Phoebe has disappeared and Ed thinks “I should be pleased” but instead he‟s worried. Good adventure for the older reader along with some of
today‟s issues too!

F410 HERCULES AMSTERDAM by Melissa Glenn Haber                                                                                         SOFTCOVER $5.99
Can Hercules Amsterdam who‟s afraid of cats, dogs, and other boys…because he‟s so tiny…only 3 inches tall be a hero? His normal sized parents kept
him safe at home for his first ten years but now he‟s going to a real school. On the first day of school, he hides in a mouse hole in the wall and discovers a
hidden mouse city…a city where there‟s trouble. Exciting adventures abound and even a tiny tiny boy can be a hero! Originally $8.99

F450 IS THAT YOUR DOG? By Steve May                                                                                   SOFTCOVER $3.99
This first chapter book has an exciting story, easy text and some line drawings. Jim has told his classmates that he has a dog. They don‟t
believe him and demand he bring his dog to the school pet show. Jim comes up with many schemes to borrow a dog without any success.
When he finds a large dog, seemingly abandoned, he heads for the pet show, where all kinds of unexpected things happen.

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F470 HOLIDAY IN THE WOODS by Anne Francis                                                             SOFTCOVER $3.99
This an adventure story that Canadian boys will love. Bill McCall, a Saskatchewan boy, is spending the summer holidays
with his cousin Claire in Quebec‟s Laurentian Mountains. The cousins encounter a black bear and her cubs. Lots of
adventure PLUS interesting facts and learning about fishing, rowing, canoeing and the mountains in Quebec.

F480 ILL WILL, WELL NELL by Jenny Nimmo                                                                                         SOFTCOVER $3.99
Brothers and sisters can have fun together. Brother Will is adventurous…always getting into accidents, getting cuts and scrapes while Sister Nell is neat
and tidy and sensible. Follow them as they have adventures on the farm with angry goats and more!

F490 THE JANITOR‟S BOY by Andrew Clements                                                                                       SOFTCOVER $3.99
Popular author Andrew Clements spins another tale that 8 to 12 year olds will love. In this one Jack Rankin is the son of the school‟s chief custodian.
Jack executes „the perfect crime‟…putting a spiders‟ web of bubblegum watermelon on a school desk but he‟s caught and sentenced to three weeks of
cleaning up bubblegum after school. A book review calls it „a perfect book‟!

F495 KING OF THE KOOTIES by Debbie Dadey                                                      SOFTCOVER $3.99
Originally sold at $9.95, this 84 page first chapter book is set in 4 th grade and deals with name calling. With
15 full-page illustrations and large type, the format makes this a good selection for „reluctant‟ readers. The
focus of the story, Donald, learns to deal with Louisa, the class bully, with his wits rather than his fists.

F501 THE LANDRY NEWS by Andrew Clements                                                                                             SOFTCOVER $3.99
Another terrific book from popular author Andrew Clements.for 8 to 12 year olds. New 5 th grade student, Cara Landry, gets Mr. Larson as he r teacher and
he‟s just not interested in teaching and reads the paper and drinks coffee all day. Cara starts her own “ newspaper” with an article in it about Mr Larson.
The turnaround in Mr. Larson is amazing and a reviewer calls the book “a terrific school story”.

F502 THE LONG WINTER by Laura Ingalls Wilder                                                                                     SOFTCOVER $5.99
This Newbery Award winner is part of the “Little House on the Prairies” pioneer series! This chapter book describes a very harsh winter that the pioneers
had to endure. It began with a prediction from an old Indian man who warned them of a very big snow coming. When snow reached the rooftops and no
trains could get through with food or coal, the pioneer families were getting desperate. Finally a young Almanzo Wilder risks his own life to save the

F504 LOSING MY IDENTITY by Ann Bryant                                                                                              SOFTCOVER $3.99
Part of the „Step-chain‟ series that deals with the challenges step-children experience. This title is about Ryan, a 13 year old, whose step-
brother 15 year old Joss is coming to live with them. The parents think all is right but Joss is a bully but clever about it. Lots of adventures
for the older reader along with many of today‟s issues too.

F507 LOVE FROM DAD by Miriam Hodgson                                                                                   SOFTCOVER $3.99
This is a collection of stories about fathers and daughters. A perfect read for girls who‟ll see that dads are all different but all the same too.
The „grown up‟ daughters who‟ve written these stories are profiled in the back of the book…many are award winning authors.

F508 MYSTERIES IN NATIONAL PARKS by The National Geographic Society                                                              SOFTCOVER $5.99

Set in Colorado‟s Mesa Verde National Park. When a cougar attacks a hiker at Mesa Verde National Park, the Landons have another mystery to solve.
The night before veterinarian Olivia Landon was to take her family to the park to help with the cougar crisis, they received word that a mysterious teenage
foster child, Lucky, was coming and would accompany them. Why does Lucky act and seem suspicious? It seems there is more to fear than a cougar in
this mysterious adventure story!

Set in Death Valley National Park. Wildlife veterinarian (and mom) is called on to investigate why desert bighorn sheep are dying in Death Valley
National Park in the Mojave desert of Colorado. Along with the family, this time, is a new foster child…fourteen year old Leesa. A new mystery in an
exciting setting that brings learning and interesting facts about a desert to the reader too.

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F510 NIGHT OF THE LIVING GERBIL by Elizabeth Levy                                              SOFTCOVER $3.99
Originally sold for $7.99. Robert‟s pet gerbil dies and he‟s very upset. His older brother keeps telling dead-gerbil
jokes but then decides to do something to cheer Robert up…have the Gerbil stuffed. But the taxidermist sets him in a
fierce looking pose. Lots of jokes and one-liners with a bit of fright mixed in. Lots of humour and fun but mixed in is
the real issue of the death of a pet too.

F510 THE ODYSSEY OF BEN O‟NEAL by Theodore Taylor                                               SOFTCOVER $3.99
Set at the turn of the century, this exciting, well written novel, takes readers on an adventure at sea that includes
deadly storms, stowaways, and the harsh life at sea. Thirteen-year-old Ben gets a job on a ship to experience life as
a sailor but also to find his brother who is also at sea. A stowaway‟s connection to Ben has both of them at risk and
caught up in adventure and escape!

F530 ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK by Laura Ingalls Wilder                                               SOFTCOVER $5.99
A pioneer story by renowned author Laura Ingalls Wilder that‟s a Newbery award winner. More trials and tribulations of
pioneer days as the family makes the transition from a sod house to a „real‟ lumber house. Lots of adventures of pioneer
days as always.

F550 PEE WEE AND PLUSH by Johanna Hurwitz                                                                            SOFTCOVER $3.99
This beginning chapter book is a story of friendship, love and cooperation! Pee Wee is a guinea pig who lives at the base of a tree in the
park. When Plush comes to the park, Pee Wee hopes to have a family with her. Together they must overcome differences and prepare for
impending winter. This action-packed tale about building friendship and conquering fear is full of fun and furry surprises!

F580 THE PRAIRIE DOGS by Glenda Goertzen                                                  SOFTCOVER $3.99
Originally sold for $11.95, this novel will appeal to young readers much like Watership Down did to many. It‟s
about Pierre, a pampered show dog, who gets left behind in a small town and takes up the life of a stray. He
meets a number of new „friends‟ who then spend their days scrounging meals and playing. Things get
„serious‟, though, when the „Bull Dogs‟ arrive! It‟s 164 pages long but with good sized print and some
illustrations to make it easier for „reluctant‟ readers too!

F630 RAMONA QUIMBY..AGE 8 by Beverly Cleary                                                              SOFTCOVER $4.99
Originally $8.99 In Ramona‟s world, being 8 isn‟t easy, but it‟s never dull! Ramona‟s father has returned to school and with her mother
working, Ramona goes to a babysitter after school. Here she must deal with a pesky 4 year old who gets Ramona in trouble. At
school, she is torn between liking and being annoyed by a boy who teases her. Aimed at 8 to 12 year olds, this glimpse into the third
grade is one all children will enjoy and identify with!

F640 RICH AND FAMOUS by James Lincoln Collier                                                                      SOFTCOVER $1.99
Aimed at 9 to 12 year olds, this novel is written by award-winning author James Lincoln Collier. After discovering him during a 6 second spot on
television, 13 year old George Stable‟s agent devises a plan to launch George‟s music career. This plan goes awry when George‟s father goes on
vacation and George goes to stay with cousins out-of-town. How will George keep on the road to fame and fortune?

F650 TED STAUNTON SERIES                                                                                     SOFTCOVER $3.99
Renowned Canadian children‟s author, Ted Staunton, has written this series. They are all about children known as “the kids from
Monkey Mountain” with the adventures occurring in Hope Springs Ontario. There are 4 titles and the books that originally sold for
$6.95 are priced $3.99 now. The titles include:

    Mary Beth‟s mother wants her to be admired and get the attention of everyone but Mary Beth dreads the spotlight and the attention
    she gets wearing the pretty dresses her mom likes for her. She‟d rather draw pictures, wear jeans and own a horse.


                                  Pig Tales Books Ltd      Phone/Fax: (519) 652-5252         Page 24
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     Ryan isn‟t sure of himself but tries to fit in. He discovers he has abilities he can appreciate. Many will identify with Ryan and his

     3. STINKY
     Janice has challenges many will identify with…a bit overweight and tends to be bossy when she attempts to be heard at school.
     Ted Staunton once again has adventures and characters that many can identify with.

     Jeff becomes the target for „teasing‟ by the EGGS (the Evil Girl Group). Jeff has challenges many can identify with…he does well
     at school but is afraid he might not be able to keep up.

F660 TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE by Ann Bryant                                                                      SOFTCOVER $3.99
Part of the „Step-chain‟ series that deals with the challenges step-children experience. This title is about Becky, a 13 year old girl. Mom‟s
new friend Patrick comes with a step-sister, 13 year old Lissie, who is just too pretty, too talented, and too smart. Mom thinks all will be
fine but Becky‟s not that sure. Lots of adventures for the older reader along with many of today‟s issues too!

F695 SPRING BEGINS IN MARCH by Jean Little                                                                               SOFTCOVER $4.99
This novel about family life is written by one of Canada‟s best-loved story tellers, Jean Little. Not only does Meg have to share a room with her
handicapped sister, Sally, she also feels like she just doesn‟t „fit‟ in her family. School is also a struggle for her. When her Mom rearranges
everyone so that Meg can have a room of her own and concentrate on school, Meg feels encouraged. Then, Grandma moves in with the family…and
into Meg‟s room! Told with such realism, this story is one older children who experience „growing pains‟ will really identify with!

F700 THE TIME WARP TRIO SERIES by Jon Scieszka                                                                        SOFTCOVERS $2.99
Aimed at 7 to 11 year olds, these „laugh-out loud‟ chapter books originally sold at $6.99 each! The text is not difficult and there are some line
drawings. Joe, Sam and Fred find themselves in fast-paced time travel adventures! The stories are always fun, and great for reluctant readers.

1 -- YOUR MOTHER IS A NEANDERTHAL This book has the boys back in the Stone Age…fending off hostile cavewomen, saber-toothed
tigers, woolly mammoths and more!

F720 VERY FAR AWAY FROM ANYWHERE ELSE by Ursula K. LeGuin                                                             SOFTCOVER $3.99
Described as a “superb novel which entertains as it teaches the need for priorities” by Publishers‟ Weekly, this novel is aimed at age 12 and up.
Owen is an outsider…a loner. His doubts and fears and longing to be his own person are familiar to many pre-teens. Then he meets Natalie who is
inspiring in her determination to create and follow her own path. She encourages Owen to pursue his dream to be a scientist as she moves toward her
dream of becoming a composer. She insists that the two of them accept themselves …and each other for who they are inside. It‟s a story about
finding a connection in the world and speaks to anyone who has ever felt excluded or misunderstood.

F730 THE VIRTUAL ZONE NOVELS by Lynda Wilson                                                                         SOFTCOVER $3.99
Originally $5.95 and $8.95. Pig Tales is pleased to once again carry these exciting Canadian historical fiction novels…at an even better price!!
Michael and Simon are two adventurous boys who end up travelling back-in-time (thanks to a kind-hearted custodian at the library…who has a time-
machine in the old building‟s basement). What a great way to learn about history than by accompanying these boys on their first-hand adventures!
Aimed at 8 – 12 year olds. Titles include:

     1.   IN SEARCH OF KLONDIKE GOLD…The boys travel back to gold rush days (1800‟s) and it‟s extreme weather, rough terrain and
          tough characters!
     2.   TITANIC‟S RACE TO DISASTER…Travel with the boys back to the voyage of the Titanic on its doomed maiden voyage. Michael and
          Simon work as telegraph runners on this dangerous voyage!

F750 BASKETBALL NOVELS by ERIC WALTERS                                                                                          SOFTCOVER $6.99
This award-winning Canadian author has used his experience as a teacher and coach to create an exciting series sure to be loved by both boys and girls.
Starring in the stories are Nick and Kia, friends in grade 3. The series is aimed at 7 to 11 year olds (grades 2 - 5) and presents realistic and exciting
situations that children this age can identify with. Titles:

1 ROAD TRIP Nick, Kia and the team are “on the road” headed to an elite tournament and feeling outmatched by many of the high-profile teams who

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will be attending from all over the world. They look forward to hanging out and swimming at the hotel pool between games…but Coach Barkley has other

2 UNDERDOG It‟s a new season for Nick and Kia as they try to impress Coach Barkley with their skills on the court. One new player seems to really
catch the coach‟s eye but while he has great skills, he‟s not much of a team player. Turning him around to be a team player is a challenge!

3 TRIPLE THREAT Eric Walters has teamed up with NBA favorite Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams to write this book! In it, Nick and Kia get
kicked off the basketball court at the rec centre by a group of older bullies. But revenge is sweet when they find the perfect teammate for a tough game of

F800 THE WHITE HORSE OF ZENNOR and other stories by Michael Morpurgo                                                           SOFTCOVER $3.99
This collection of haunting and unforgettable stories, from a magical storyteller, takes place in a tiny town where mysterious things have happened for
years. In the story that is the title of this book, Arthur and Annie are 2 children who live on a farm. Through a series of unfortunate events, the farm is in
ruin and their parents are on the verge of selling it to survive. The sad children, walking in the woods, rescue a troll-like old man from a trap. He grants
them each a wish. In the end, when the wishes come true…the farm is saved. In this magical tale, gratitude and keeping one‟s word are key aspects of the
story. Four more magical tales complete this captivating book!

F850 WHY ME? By Bel Mooney                                                                                                SOFTCOVER $3.99
Part of the popular “Kitty and friends” first chapter books, this easy-to-read chapter book contains line drawings too. Kitty feels jealous when
Dan wins a competition, and forgotten when Mom and Dad tell her about the new baby. She learns that when things go wrong, what really
matters is having good friends!



G500 ANNE OF GREEN GABLES JOURNAL                                                           HARDCOVER $7.99
Originally sold at $14.95, this quality journal is thickly filled with lined pages and quality paper for Anne
fans to record their thoughts. The bonus is the selection of Anne quotes that are interspersed throughout
and inspire even more candid journaling from young writers.

G600 SPRING PUZZLERS by James W. Perrin Jr.
   SOFTCOVER $4.99

G800 WINTER PUZZLERS by James W. Perrin Jr.                                                         SOFTCOVER $4.99
Described as an “awesome array of puzzles and fun”, these creative resource books are aimed at grades 4 – 6 teachers or students and
each idea is spring or winter themed! Crossword puzzles, word searches, math puzzles and more fill the reproducible pages that are
sure to encourage creative and critical thinking skills.

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H020 ANIMALS CAN BE SO PLAYFUL by Diane Swanson                                                                          HARDCOVER $5.99

H020 ANIMALS CAN BE SO HARD TO SEE by Diane Swanson                                                               HARDCOVER $5.99
This beautiful, easy-to-read book looks at how animals camouflage themselves in their environment. With large print and amazing photos,
learn about a denning polar bear, a gecko that looks just like the rock he sits on, how an ocean fish hides in seaweed forests…and more!
Each page has an “I spy, you spy” feature that challenges readers to find specific things in the colourful photographs. At the back is a page
called “Points for Parents” that gives more detailed information about the animals and where they are found in the world!

H020 ANIMALS CAN BE SO SLEEPY by Diane Swanson                                                              SOFTCOVER $3.99
This beautiful easy-to-read book looks at lots of dozing sleepy animals! With large print text and amazing photos, meet “relaxing
chimpanzees”, “napping lions”, “snuggling walruses” and more! Each page has an “I spy, you spy” feature that challenges readers to find
something specific in the colourful photos. A “Points for Parents” page at the back gives more details about each animal.

H020 ANIMALS CAN BE SO SPEEDY by Diane Swanson                                                             SOFTCOVER $3.99
This beautiful, easy-to-read book looks at lots of fast-moving animals! With large print text and amazing photos, meet “springing hares”,
“dashing dolphins”, “soaring eagles”, “zooming dragonflies”, and more! Each page has an “I spy, you spy” feature and there are “Points for
Parents” at the back

H040 BUMP! THUMP! By Janice Lobb                                                                                                HARDCOVER $7.99
Part of the “At Home With Science” series, this large format, colourful book covers topics to do with how the human body works. “What are bones for?”
“How high can we jump?” “How do I breathe?” Learn the answers to these questions and more through simple step-by-step experiments, scientific
explanations, amazing facts, colourful pictures and even a joke on each page. There‟s even a quiz, glossary and index! Science has never been more fun!

H075 FAST FORWARD – DINOSAUR by Nicholas Harris illustrated by Peter David Scott                                                   HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally $19.95. This high quality picture book follows a time line from 100 million years ago up to the present and looks at Dinosaurs in
detail! Using the thumb index at the side of the pages, you travel on a journey through time…each page is a new chapter in the life of
dinosaurs. Colourful, life-like illustrations enhance the facts presented. A glossary at the back explains dinosaur-related terms and an index
references readers to pages with specific information. Fabulous for dinosaur fans of all ages!

H077 DISCOVERING NATURE by Midas Dekkers                                                                            SOFTCOVER $5.99
This excellent book contains almost 100 pages of experiments and activities children can do to learn more about nature! From creating bird
feeders, weather stations, and a tree house to learning about bugs, shells, pond life and pets…there is a lot of fun and lear ning in this
illustrated book of things to do indoors and outdoors with nature! Don‟t miss the index of topics at the back from African violets to the Zoo!

H080 MY FIRST Q & A --- LONG AGO by Maggie Brown                                                                                    HARDCOVER $5.99
This beautifully illustrated, information-packed book is done in a question and answer format for added interest. Children will learn about “long ago” with
questions like “Who was the scariest pirate?”, “What great artist painted a ceiling?”, “Who lived in the Forbidden City?, “When did women win the vote?”,
and much more! Each page also has a “true or false” box with 2 or false? Only men were pirates? The interesting text is done in large,
clear type…making it appealing to young or reluctant readers! Excellent value too!

H200 HELLO READER SCIENCE --- ANIMALS ON THE GO                                                                                  SOFTCOVER $3.99
(level 2 – grade 1 and 2) by Jessica Brett
Beautifully illustrated with realistic, colourful pictures, this book looks at animals that move quickly. From the small mouse to cheetahs (who can run as
fast as cars) many „fast moving‟ animals are covered. Easy-to-read text describes further information about these speedy animals!

H320 PANDAS by Kate Petty                                                                                                     SOFTCOVER $3.99

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Spectacular colour photographs, complemented by life-like colourful illustrations, give us a glimpse into the life of the rare
and amazing Panda! Information about the Panda‟s birth, early years, feedings, growth and abilities is presented in easy-
to-read text. An index at the back allows young readers to easily find the Panda information they need.

H410 RACCOONS by K. M. Kostyal                                                                                                       HARDCOVER $7.99
National Geographic has created a quality book in this indepth look at Raccoons! Amazing full-colour photographs capture the daily (and nightly)
activities of these familiar animals. Easy-to-read text accompanies the photos to cover such topics as spring baby raccoons, predators, food, problems they
create, and their special abilities and dexterity. There are 2 pages of more detailed information (for teachers and parents) about raccoons in the back of this
fascinating book!

H420 RAIDERS AND TRADERS: THE VIKINGS by Anita Ganeri                                                                              HARDCOVER $12.99
Meticulously researched for historical accuracy and written in an entertaining style, this colourful large book gives an insider‟s look at the „jobs‟ the
Vikings did. It describes the conditions, training, pay and prospects for jobs like ship builder, farmer, skald, rune-master, weaver and more! The colourful
illustrations are detailed and accurate. A glossary and index can be found in the back of this engaging book that could fit into a study of ancient
civilizations nicely.

H425 ROMAN EMPEROR by Peter Chrisp                                                                                               HARDCOVER $12.99
Step into the world of the Roman Emperor in this beautifully illustrated and fact filled book about one of the greatest Empires in history (grade 5
curriculum, “early civilizations”). Explore the personalities of the emperors…learn why Julius Caesar was assassinated or why Nero sang to his people.
Learn about the city of Rome, about trade, religion, road building, wars and much more. This quality book is richly and colourfully illustrated with a
decorative border around each page. There is a detailed index at the back. A wealth of information will be presented in this big attractive book…making
history fun to learn!

H430 A ROMAN FORT by Stephen Johnson                                                                                                HARDCOVER $10.99
Originally sold for $27.95. This informative book fits into the grade 5 study of „early civilizations‟. This large, colourfully illustrated book provides the
inside story about the magnificent army that defended the Roman Empire. See what the life of a Roman soldier was like, how a fort was planned, glimpses
of life at the time (entertainment, religion, hygiene, etc) and much more. At the back of the book, find pages called „timespan‟ that covers significant
events during certain years, as well as a glossary of terms and index. An excellent, informative book!

H535 FIELD TRIP – A WEEK IN THE 1800‟s by Susan Goodman                                                               SOFTCOVER $6.99
Originally sold for $9.99. Perfect to fit in with the grade 3 study of „pioneers‟, this well written and beautifully photographed book shares the story of a
class of modern children who spend a week living as pioneers at an historical settlement in New Brunswick. They are immersed in the clothing, language
(eg..‟splendid‟ replaces „cool‟), and customs and attitudes of the 1800‟s. Girls tend animals, wash clothes and prepare food. Boys farm and work in the
blacksmith shop, at the sawmill and print shop. Enjoy the mystery objects presented in boxes…guess the use of each! A glossary is in the back too!


R002 ANIMAL CRACKERS by Jane Dye                                                                               JACKETED HARDCOVER $10.99
Subtitled “a delectable collection of pictures, poems and lullabies for the very young”, this picture book sized anthology sold originally for $23.95!
Beautifully illustrated pages contain favourite rhymes like “One, two buckle my shoe”, “Polly put the Kettle on” and “Hey diddle diddle”, and more.
There are more contemporary rhymes like “African Lullaby” and Jane Yolen‟s “Grandpa Bear‟s Lullaby”. With multiple authors, these carefully chosen
poems and rhymes are categorized in the table of contents…”food, animals, nursery rhymes, playtime, lullabies:, etc and alphabetically by title in the back
index. The images of children in the timeless illustrations represents a diverse global community of children. Gorgeous!

R015 DON‟T EAT SPIDERS by Robert Heidbreder                                                                              SOFTCOVER $5.99
This wonderful collection of poems is full of humour and vitality! The Canadian author is a teacher who knows what delights young children:
 patterns, rhythms, and things that are silly or scary. Enjoy the alliteration in a “Big Bare Bear”, the Canadian references in “Sticky Maple
Syrup”, “Polar Bear Snow”, and “The Newfoundland Cod”. There are Valentine and Hallowe‟en poems and much more too! The colourful
illustrations capture the playful spirit of these poems!

R018 FEELINGS by Felicia Law                                                              HARDCOVER $7.99
This colourful book is full of simple poems and bold illustrations that show children exploring how they feel,
their moods and their reactions. From UPSET, to HOORAY FOR PRESENTS, to NIGHT FRIGHT…this is a

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collection young children will identify with and find helpful in sorting out their own feelings.

R020 GIMME A BREAK RATTLESNAKE by Sonja Dunn and Mark Thurman                                                  SOFTCOVER $4.99
For hand-clapping, foot-stomping, tongue-twisting fun…join in with these fabulous schoolyard chants! Some are familiar (eg “a tisket, a
tasket”) and some are new (eg “Sam, Sam, Skateboard Sam”) but all are rhyming and fun! Lively line drawings add even more!

R022 THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT by Edward Lear and illustrated by Anne Wilson                                      JACKETED HARDCOVER $10.99
Originally sold at $23.95. This colourful picture book presents the classic poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” that was first published in 1871. The
adventure of these two unlikely sweethearts (an elegant owl and a beautiful cat) has been paired with fabulous collage illustrations by Anne Wilson. This
true love story has wonderful language and lots of rhythm and rhyme too!

R023 MAMA LIKES TO MAMBO by Helaine Becker                                                                                    HARDCOVER $10.99
“When you can, shake it, shake it                           Don‟t be shy, don‟t try to fake it
  Just be careful not to break it!                          Co‟mon now, let‟s DANCE!”
This picture book collection of poetry (originally sold at $19.95) will have young readers dancing along to the catchy rhythms and enjoying poetry as
never before! The toe-tapping rhythms are perfect for chanting or dancing, full of humour and fun, and accompanied by jolly, colourful illustrations! So
mambo with Mama, wriggle with Wiggy Wigdin and waltz with a whale!

R024 MY HOUSE IS SINGING by Betsy Rosenthal                                                                                  HARDCOVER $9.99
This charming collection of poems celebrates the places and spaces that make a house a home! “Fireplace show…When snapping flames…call my
eyes to show…I fall under the spell…of the flickering glow.” Visit all the rooms in a home from kitchen‟s good smells to a secret hideaway…there
are simple poems for lots of a home‟s special places. Full page colourful illustrations accompany each poem.

R028 PYTHON PLAY and other recipes for fun by Robert Heidbreder                                                 HARDCOVER $7.99
From hopscotch to wheelbarrow races, this bright and boldly illustrated collection of poems celebrates children‟s play of all kind. “Pop
on me, the tire swing sings, I‟ll wheel you round in dizzy rings!” From hide and seek to tic tac toe and more…there are opportunities
for fun both indoors and outdoors and poems to go with them!



R075 BABIES ARE LIKE BLOSSOMS by Janet Lanese                                        HARDCOVER $5.99
Full of heart warming poems, quotes and humorous quips .. this book celebrates babies and parenthood.
Beautifully presented with quality paper and little line drawings, it would make a lovely gift for a new or
veteran parent! ORIGINAL PRICE $14.50

R080 BABY LOVES by the Metropolitan Museum of Art                                       HARDCOVER $9.99
Originally sold at $20.95, this high-quality picture book displays paintings and prints by impressionist Mary
Cassatt. They show a mother and baby feeding ducks, clapping hands, drinking milk, standing, etc. alongside
a simple caption for each. Exposing children to these charming works of art at an early age will encourage an
appreciation for these fine works! Great for art appreciation in primary grades too!

More than 300 pages are filled with great ideas…covering a variety of subject areas…all aimed at grade 3
teachers! This reproducible resource covers language, math, science, social studies, and more! It is a
well-organized and easy-to-follow resource…well below half the original price!

                                   Pig Tales Books Ltd        Phone/Fax: (519) 652-5252          Page 29
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By Anthony Fredericks.
Aimed at teachers of grades 4 to 6, this terrific resource book provides critical thinking activities in many areas
of science. There are reproducible pages with clever and intriguing activities like “which doesn‟t belong”,
analogies, “what‟s right?” groups and categories, something‟s wrong and “your order please”. Answers can be
found at the back of this useful resource book.

R095 CREATURES by Frank Newfeld                                                             HARDCOVER $7.99
Originally $25, this special alphabet book is a wordless work of art! Adults and older children are invited to
study the incredibly intricate illustrations to identify the images that accompany each letter (and find what
begins with that letter in the illustration) Full of humour and fun, it is also full of beauty! Frank Newfeld is a
multi award winner and “renowned Canadian illustrator. A written glossary at the back of the book hints at
the “riches and puns” found on each page.

R107 FRIENDSHIP by Nuria Roca, illustrated by Rosa Maria Curto                          SOFTCOVER $5.99
This sensitively written picture book covers the important topic of making new friends and keeping in touch
with old friends. John has just moved and misses his old friends. He thinks about what he liked about each of
them. At his new home, he has a dog as a kind of friend, and he plays good games alone…but he wants
someone to play with. He takes his dog to the park and soon he has new friends. “If you know how to listen,
share and care what other people feel and don‟t criticize or boss others, you can make lots of friends”.
Colourful, fun illustrations complete this excellent, reassuring book.

This math resource book is aimed at grade 2 teachers. Engaging hands-on activities help children see the
connection between geometry and their everyday lives. These activities explore geometry at school, on the
playground, in the library and in the neighbourhood. Each unit incorporates reading comprehension with such
math skills as patterning, sorting, identifying, comparing, analysing, and looking at 2d and 3d models. Hands
on activities involve mazes, cutting, colouring, etc. Answers to activities are found in the back of the book.

R108 GEOMETRY AT SCHOOL – GRADE 3 by Cindy Barden                                             SOFT COVER $5.99
This resource book for grade 3 teachers provides ideas for engaging hands-on activities to help students see
the relation between their everyday life at school and geometry. The activities incorporate reading
comprehension with math skills like patterning, sorting, identifying, comparing and geometry vocabulary and
concepts are emphasized. Go on a lunchroom scavenger hunt finding shapes like triangles, spheres, cubes,
etc. Look for angles in the hands of a clock. Note that this book is reproducible.

R115 LET’S CELEBRATE by Caroline Parry                                                     SOFTCOVER $7.99
Caroline Parry brings together all of Canada‟s special days in a year-long parade of celebrations! Over 250
pages are filled with information on the origin and significance of special days, games, crafts, science, poems,
riddles, art projects, decorations and more…for so many of Canada‟s special days. Events like Groundhog day,
Robbie Burns day, Black History month, Chinese New Year, Mother‟s Day, Labour Day, Migration Festival and
much more are covered. Canada‟s multicultural uniqueness is definitely celebrated in this comprehensive
treasure-trove of ideas!

R120 LIFE AS A PIONEER by Bob Rybak                                                        SOFTCOVER $9.99
This excellent teachers resource book provides lots of information, ideas, and activities on the study of
pioneers. The step-by-step process for building a log cabin, recipes for „Johnnycake‟, „Flapjacks‟, and
„Applesauce‟, folk remedies, food preservation, tools, education…many topics are covered! Look in the
back to see it‟s topic and with a code to identify appropriate follow-up activities for art, math, etc.

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R121 MAGNETS by Jill Osofsky                                                            SOFTCOVER $5.99
Magnets are a part of the primary science curriculum and this teachers‟ guide is full of ideas and activities
for hands-on science inquiry. Children will discover that magnets attract certain materials, possess fields
of force, have poles that attract and repel, and magnetism can travel through some objects. Whether
sorting objects that a magnet will attract or using magnets to stick objects together as a sculpture, and
much more…all these activities are step-by-step and reproducible! Learning and teaching science will be
fun and easy!

R122 MAKING SENSE OF PERCENT (grades 5 – 8) by Margaret Thomas                         SOFTCOVER $9.99
This practical resource book provides teachers with strategies, activities, and games to help students
understand “percent”. The answers can be found at the back of this reproducible book.

R123 REAL-LIFE MATH INVESTIGATIONS (grade 5)                                         SOFTCOVER $7.99
This resource book for grade 5 teachers provides problem-solving activities. Each page has a problem
presented as “facts”; then you are given your “assignment” (or what you must do with the facts) and step-
by-step “plan”. At the bottom of each page is a suggestion for completing your assignment. This
reproducible book covers math topics like averages, percentages, graphs, etc.

R124 METRIC AND MEASUREMENT by Bill Linderman                                          SOFTCOVER $5.99
This „reproducible‟ teachers‟ resource book is aimed at teachers of grades 3 to 5. Activities included cover
measuring units metric length, capacity and mass. The back of the book contains an „answer key‟ to all
the activities.

R128 NUMBER GAMES by Patricia Cartland Noble                                          SOFTCOVER $5.99
This „reproducible‟ teachers‟ resource book is aimed at teachers of grades K to 2. There are games for
number recognition like “Frogs-in-a-Row Bingo”, games using dice, games using a „spinner‟ (pattern
provided), matching games, and much more!

R300 MATH DISCOVERIES WITH TANGRAMS by Judy Goodnow                                     SOFTCOVER $7.99
Aimed at teachers of kindergarten to grade one, this math resource book introduces children to geometry.
 This reproducible book provides the patterns for cutting out a set of tangram shapes. There are matching
activities for children to manipulate the shapes into the patterns shown. Children will learn about shapes,
congruency, and symmetry as they make pictures and polygons. An Excellent resource!

This fabulous book is perfect for beginning writers. It contains everything you need to become a
beginning writer. There are 6 pictured scenes to start the new writer‟s imagination going. Then for each it
provides a short introduction to how the stories might begin. Then it introduces the characters you might
include in your story along with pictures of them. Then it gives several possible PROBLEMS that the
characters might be experiencing. Great for starting to write!

R350 START WRITING ABOUT PEOPLE & PLACES by Penny King                                       SOFTCOVER $5.99
This exciting book is full of all kinds of ideas to get children writing fantastic letters, awesome
advertisements and great reports! There are lots of writing tips, enriched vocabulary suggestions and
more in the colourfully illustrated pages. Each 2-page spread focuses on a different style of writing, shows
how to plan it, and gives a model. It covers points of view, giving directions, persuasive writing, and
much more!

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S100 BIG BOOKS                             ORIGINALLY „VERY EXPENSIVE‟                                $13.99 EACH

There's something spectacular about Big Book versions of good children's books.

Neither adults nor children can resist the urge to touch and hold them, to savour the richness of their detail.
Their visual appeal is a sure hook into their content. Large print and colourful illustrations allow whole classes
to share good stories.

When used with small groups, Big Books enrich oral language development through your modelled reading,
encourage risk-free participation of children in subsequent readings & discussions, and allow the meaningful
teaching of skills within context.

But the real purpose of Big Books are enjoyment and motivation for learning.

S050 MIG THE PIG by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins                                                 LARGE SC $13.99
Each page has an “..IG” family word on it. Great practice…pig…big..wig…etc!

S050 FIDDLE-I-FEE by Melissa Sweet                                                       LARGE SC $13.99
The rollicking text can be either read or sung…”I had a cat and the cat pleased me…I fed my cat under yonder
tree” carries on to “…I had a hen..”, then “…I had a duck”, etc. Great fun as the lineup of farm animals
increases and increases.

S050 OLD MacDONALD’S DUCKS                                                              LARGE SC $7.99
This sticker / colouring book shows and tells a simple story of ducks bathing in a pond, then in farmer
MacDonald‟s bath tub, then again in the farm pond. Each two page spread can be coloured or stickered with
the stickers provided . The words to the familiar song “Old MacDonald had a farm” are contained on the last
two page spread for added fun and enjoyment.


Equally suitable as gifts for adults or older children, these excellent inspirational books contain themed
sayings and quotes. Everyone needs inspiration and this section is full of brightness and cheerfulness and
all at especially low prices…rivaling greeting card prices.

S530 FORGIVENESS                                                                      SOFTCOVER CUBE $6.99

This beautiful chunky-style little book contains 450 pages of thought provoking quotes on the theme of
forgiveness. It brings essential teachings from philosophers, prophets, artists, poets and world leaders to
offer enlightenment and spiritual inspiration. These uplifting thoughts encourage forgiveness. Originally
sold at $14.95, this quality book has rich design on each heavy paper page and makes an excellent gift or
coffee table (bathroom or bedside table) treasure for yourself!

                          Pig Tales Books Ltd   Phone/Fax: (519) 652-5252   Page 32
                  PIG TALES BOOKS LTD ---                                 WINTER 2009/10 CATALOGUE


T200 DR CROC, LE DENTISTE by Mike Thaler                                                                                         SOFTCOVER $3.99
This humorous French picture book tells the story of a young boy‟s worry about his first trip to the dentist. He hears from family members about getting
„caps‟ on teeth and a „bridge‟…and imagines the real hats and bridges. In the end, the visit goes well and he leaves with a toy and new tooth brush, hoping
to return soon! Zany, colourful illustrations support the single line of French text per page.

T230 VIF COMME UN GRILLON by Audrey and Don Wood                                                                     BOARD $5.99
This beautifully illustrated board book is the French version of the popular title “QUICK AS A CRICKET”. A child compares himself to other
animals: “I‟m slow as a snail”, “I am big as a whale”, “I‟m strong like a bull”…and more!

T235 ALLONS A LA FOIRE by Janet Lunn                                                                          HARDCOVER $9.99
With fabulous full-page, bright and detailed illustrations, this French picture book is all about a farm family‟s competitions at a country
fair. Rising before dawn, they go to exhibit their animals, pumpkins, and more.

T240 J‟APPRENDS A COMPTER                                                                                                        SOFTCOVER $4.99
With colourful illustrations, stickers, and activities to complete in this high quality French workbook, learning to count has never been more fun!

T260 MARIE-EVE ET LE PIEGE A GENIES (LEANNA BUILDS A GENIE TRAP) by Hazel Hutchins                                                   SOFTCOVER $3.99
With colourful, humorous illustrations, this French picture book is the story of a little girl‟s (Marie-Eve) trouble with a genie. While her mom thinks that
lost building blocks are caused by not putting them away carefully…it‟s the genie! Since they bought a box, with the genie‟s picture on it at a garage
sale…things have been disappearing. Marie-Eve tries to build a trap to catch the genie but no luck. Finally Marie-Eve finds a surprising answer to where
things have gone!

T500 PARFOIS GRAND, PARFOIS PETIT (BIG OR LITTLE) by Kathy Stinson                                                                    SOFTCOVER $3.99
With colourful, endearing illustrations and one or two lines of French text per page, this special book, by Kathy Stinson, is about the times a little boy feels
so big…and other times so small. Eg When he makes his own sandwich, he feels big, but when he can‟t reach things, he feels small.

T600 PIKOLO – l‟arbre aux mille tresors by Pierre Filion                                                                            SOFTCOVER $4.99
This beautifully illustrated picture book has French text that tells the story of Pikolo whose uncle brings him a gift in a big box…a wooden train. Pikolo
journeys off on the train on a magical journey in search of a tiny treasure tree. In the centre of the book, there are wordless pages of the fanciful
journey…where children can tell or write their own text.

T750 SCIENCE SERIES                                                                                                                  SOFTCOVERS $6.99
These excellent science books are full of detailed illustrations, lots of information, and activities of things to make and do.

1. PLEINS GAZ!…Lots of activities and experiments fill the pages of this colourful book that is about gases of all kinds. From the quality of the air we
breathe to the gas given off by ripening bananas, to gases that can change to solids and liquids---this excellent science book is full of amazing facts and

2. LA SCIENCE AU FEMININ …This book is written for 8 to 12 year old girls to provide positive science experiences and to encourage girls in a
subject that traditionally seems to attract more boys. Colourfully presented, girls experiment and discover interesting facts about lots of amazing things!

T760 SI J'ETAIS by Moira Butterfield                                                                                           HARDCOVERS $6.99
These beautiful big picture books contain colourful full page illustrations and french text to tell the story about each occupation.
Titles include:    1. ROUTIER                         2. EPICIERE

T800 SUPER ELLA by David Bedford                                                                                                      SOFTCOVER $5.99
See C420 “Ella‟s Games”…this is the French version of Ella‟s Games in softcover.

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