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									TOGETHER THEN...                                     T OGETHER N OW

   Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
   Chapter 20
                                                                    August 2009
                                                                      Issue 127

More than a Bike Run...
 Ride to the
  Dakota 2009

                                                             Francis George
     4     Honor
           Flight           5      "Grey Ghost"
                                   Apollo Recovery Mission
                                                               Missing in Action
                                                              Repatriated in 2006
                              President’s Report
President’s Message                Well, summer is supposed to be
                                                                         Ride to the Dakota 2009
                                                                               Right: Our own Hank Wallace braved the
                                                                                      wall several times - Army Strong!
                              here and I hope all of you are enjoying
                                   Let me start by thanking all of you        As of this reading, the delegates
                              the helped with the 8th Annual Ride        from Chapter 20 will be back from the
                              to the Dakota vets motorcycle run.         National Convention in Louisville,
                              This year a big thanks goes out to the     KY. I’m sure they will have represented
                              Chapter for allowing the proceeds to       the Chapter well. This year New York
                              go to Wilmot Cancer Center. Wilmot         State sent about 70 delegates, by far
                              made just over $30,000 to help in the      the best we have ever done. It’s so
                              cure for cancer. With our members          important that we have a voice in the
                              and families currently suffering from      issues that are before the convention.
                              cancer and for our veterans who suf-       Thanks so much to those who gave
                              fer from the effects of Agent Orange       their time to represent Chapter 20.
                              it was the right thing to do. Dave         For me, I’m so proud to serve as your
                              Danzig and I will be talking about         President at events like this, and for
                              next year’s run and what changes we        that I thank each of you. A full report
                              will make, most likely a larger venue.     will be in the next issue from each of
                              I will keep the board informed and at      the delegates as to what they did and
                              that time we can make the decision as      what they thought of it.
                              to where we want the proceeds to go.            Thanks go out to Ralph Pascale
                              Again - thanks to all of you!              and all those who volunteered to help
                                   Vets Court is going great, with       at the outreaches and different events
                              some vets well on their way to recov-      with the Chapter trailer.
                              ery and out of incarceration. At this           Till next month enjoy the sum-
                              time we have about 12 mentors. This        mer and see you soon!
                              will allow us to be scheduled for court
                              about twice a month. Thanks go to          Ken Moore President
                              Ray Melens, Jerry McDermott and            Vietnam 1966-67
                              others from Chapter 20.                    US Army Cavalry

                              Marching Unit                              and September. Check the
                                                                         schedule elsewhere in this
                              Ray Melens, Commander                      issue for the upcoming
                When is summer going to start?                           parades.
           Hopefully by the time this issue                                   The Marching Unit pic-
                    comes out, we will have had                          nic is coming up at the end
    See Parade summer arrive. This year’s                                of the month on Saturday,
     Schedule lousy weather has not kept                                 Aug. 29th to be exact. This
      pg. 11        the Marching Unit from hit-                          year we will be having it
                    ting the streets, though. Ah,                        catered by Taste of Texas
           marching that is. In June the Unit                            BBQ. The picnic will begin
           marched in Spencerport, Barnard and                           at 2 PM, with food being

           Holley. For the month of July we                              served at 4 PM. Weather
           were at the 4th of July parade in                             permitting we will have the
           Irondequoit, and Firemen parades in                           bonfire out back later that
           Kendall, Webster, Hilton and Hamlin.                          night. What I need from
           Yes it has still been a busy season for                       everyone is to let me know
           the Marching Unit and there are still                         if you’re coming and how
       2   more parades to come for August                               many from your family. I
need to know for sure by the 20th of       POW/MIA Recognition Day. By                since 1994, this bilateral effort should

                                                                                                                                 Front and Center
Aug. The head count has to be turned       doing so, we help to draw aware-           be able to expedite locating aircraft
into the caterer by then. Let’s hope       ness to the plight of our still unac-      incident sites along Vietnam’s coast
we have some decent weather this           counted for POW/MIAs. It’s amazing         that could help account for U.S. per-
year for our picnic. Volunteers will be    the number of people we meet each          sonnel believed lost over water during
needed the day before to help set the      year on this trip that don’t even know     the war.
tents, tables, and chairs up. Also, I am   that there is a National POW/MIA                This month’s featured POW-
going to need help to get the tables       Recognition Day. What is good, is          MIA is Francis George Graziosi. Our
and chairs from the post and help to       that they learn about it from us and       Honor Guard was present at Rochester
return them. Let me know when you          then they return to their hometown         International Airport to welcome
R.S.V.P. if you can help with set up.      and let other people know that there       Francis home with all the respect and
     The Honor Guard is begin-             is a National POW/MIA Recognition          honor we could offer. We were a very
ning preparations for their trip to        Day and what the day is all about.         visible presence at the funeral home
Washington, D.C. in Sept. After a          It’s all about the awareness issue. We     and at the cemetery for his final hon-
two year absence the Honor Guard is        need to make people aware that we          ors.
going back to conduct a ceremony at        still have over 1,700 unaccounted for           At the funeral home I read a poem
the Wall and ceremonies at Arlington       from the Vietnam War alone, not to         entitled “Remains” by an unknown
National Cemetery. At Arlington we         mention the number unaccounted for         author. The poem is reprinted here for
place wreaths at the graves of our         from previous wars.                        you to read.
three local MIAs that have been repa-            If there are any individuals              Please save the date of September
triated. We make this trip on National     that want to join us on the trip to        12th. On this Saturday night at
                                           Washington, please let me know right       7:30pm we will be at the Vietnam
                                           away and I will give you details and let   Veterans Memorial in Highland Park
           Remains                         you know the cost of a room, etc.          to once again have our Candlelight
          I hate the sound                       Members of the Honor Guard           Vigil to read the names of our 1,740
         The word in my ears               and Marching Unit meet at 7PM              POW-MIAs still missing from the
          Hate the meaning
          The connotation
                                           the nights of the membership meet-         Vietnam War. We have done this
          Of pain and tears-               ing. We meet upstairs at Ira and           ceremony in all kinds of weather and
           I hate the word                 discuss any matters pertaining to the      hopefully this year the weather gods
             “Remains.”                    Marching Unit and/or Honor Guard.          will be kind to us. I hope to see quite
             Bits of bone                  All MU/HG members are encouraged           a few of our members attending. I will
         And shreds of clothes             to attend and anyone that is consider-     need readers and bell ringers. As we
        Perhaps a piece of plane           ing joining one or both Units.             have done in the past, I do not have
           Physical remnants
           Of someone’s life-                    Until next month ……….AT              scheduled readers. If you wish to read,
            “Beloved” was                  EASE!!!!!!                                 you stand next to the person currently
              His name;                                                               reading names. When that person fin-
       Someone brave who died
          Amid the chaos
                                           POW-MIA                                    ishes the page he is reading from that
                                                                                      person then becomes the bell ringer
           And the flames                  Gail Bologna-Melens, Chairperson           and the new person reads until some-
          Someone young
          Someone strong                         It seems that President Obama        one stands by him or her.
             He is not                     has not made the full accounting of             Please REMEMBER all of our
            “Remains.”                     our POW-MIAs a top priority. We are        POW-MIAs today and every day.
  And though he slumbers far away          still at the number 1,740 still miss-
   He lives on in someone’s heart          ing and unaccounted for from the
     As real today as yesterday            Vietnam War.                               Veterans Incarcerated
  Though they’ve been long apart…
          He smiles out of
                                                 But, at long last, Vietnam’s lead-   Committee Report
                                                                                                                                 BETWEEN THE LINES

             Yearbooks                     ers implemented their government’s         Ron Trovato
          And grins from                   prior agreement for the U.S. Navy
           Picture frames.                 Ship Bruce C. Heezen, an oceano-               Well, here we are gearing up for
          Oh, he is so much                graphic survey ship, to participate in     what should be a productive National
             More to us                    humanitarian POW-MIA accounting            Convention in Louisville, Kentucky

         Than a simple word                efforts. An objective that was sought      and I look forward to being in on
            “Remains.”                                                                  VETERANS INCARCERATED on page 6
                                           by the National League of Families
                        Honor Flight
                                             by Mike General
                              On May 2, 2009 I had the and gals talking to each other.) We
                        honor to fly to DC as a Guardian then board the buses for the airport
                        for a WWII Vet. We left Rochester and the flight home to Rochester.
                        early in the AM (roughly 105 per- Once we land in Rochester, we
                        sonnel) and returned on May 3, gather all the Vets and Guardians
                        2009. As we were sitting in the together and leave the security area
                        plane waiting to take off, I asked my for the largest greeting to welcome
                        Vet if he was excited about flying. home the WWII Veterans. (Very
                        He said, "This is the first time I moving, about 300 people.) All the
                        have flown since 1943.”                   Vets said they never had a wel-
                              Honor Flight flies the WWII come home after the War. (Can
                        Vets for free. The Guardian (each You relate to that?) I never saw so
                        Vet has a Guardian                                         many flags waving,
                        assigned to them)
                        makes a donation
                        of $300.00 to cover
                                                  I                                TV cameras, and
                                                           asked my Vet the Marine Color
                                                                                   Guard. (Wow!) We
                        some of the expens-           if he was excited all gathered in The
                        es. The cost per
                        Vet is $450.00 for
                                                      about flying. He International Room
                                                                                   for a Welcome
                        the weekend. This             said, "This is the Home Reception
                        includes the flight,
                        buses, all meals and
                                                                                         Guest Speaker
                                                       first time I have withGary Beikirch.
                        a Four Star Hotel flown since 1943.”                             This was truly
                        for one night. The                                         a trip of a lifetime
                        cost for a trip is roughly $30,000 for me and my Vet. The” Welcome
                        which comes solely from donations. Home” will bring tears to your eyes.
                        There is no paid staff for Honor Please go to the website for Honor
                        Flight Rochester.                         Flight www.honorflightrochester.         2
                              On Saturday we flew Air Tran org and see how you can help, either
                        to BWI (Baltimore) and departed for by filling out an application for a
                        DC on two coach buses with rest- WWII Vet to fly, to be a Guardian,
                        rooms (very important). We arrived Volunteer, or to donate. A Veteran
                        at Arlington National Cemetery for from any era that is diagnosed as
                        the Changing of the Guard and terminal may fly to DC on Honor
                        the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Flight. They move right to the top
                        Then we headed to the Mall and of the list and will go on the next
                        the WWII Memorial. Senator Dole flight.
                        greeted each bus. We had Lunch                 Some thoughts from one
                        on the Mall next to the WWII WWII Veteran that flew. “It was
                        Memorial. Then back on the buses one of the great honors of my life to
                        and a visit to the Korea/Lincoln/ be on that flight. As a ‘recipient’ of
                        Viet Nam Memorials. Back on all the wonderful services provided,
                        the buses and a visit to the Iwo from the time we hit the airport
                        Jima Memorial. We departed DC at 4:30 Saturday until the time I
                        and headed back to the Baltimore left for home Sunday afternoon,

                        Hilton Hotel (Great Rooms) for a it is unbelievable what you all do,
                        quick rest, a banquet (Outstanding as well as the ground crew in DC
                        Meal) and much socializing. We Plus, I got a new golf buddy out of
                        were also given two free drink cou- it (another one who ’did nothing’
                        pons for the Hotel Bar.                   although he was at Omaha Beach,          3
                              On Sunday we had a great Iwo Jima and Okinawa). And my

                                                                                                          1. Honor Flight group at Iwo Jima 2. WWII Vet kissing the ground on his
                        breakfast at the Hilton and more family thanks you for getting me out             return to Rochester from DC. 3. Our own Mike General escorting a WWII
                        socializing. (It is great to see the guys of their hair for the weekend.”         Vet through Security
Apollo 11
Remembered                                by V. Thomas heTheringTon eTn2
      Forty years ago on July 24 ,1969 the “Grey on this historic day. This mission challenged          equipment was the first link in the communi-
Ghost,” USS Hornet CVS 12, added another the men of Hornet to again prove to the United                 cations between the recovery helo and the
chapter to the history of one of the world’s most States and the world Hornet’s excellence. As          world.
famous military vessels - recovery of the Apollo in Vietnam, the crew was well rehearsed and                   After re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere,
11 astronauts. After 2½ of the 3½ years I would ready. All Hornet divisions spent many hours            the updates began to occur every minute. Many
spend on Hornet, this mission had different during our practice recoveries to guarantee                 of the crew, including myself, was now on the
meaning than my two tours aboard Hornet off we were ready for today’s mission. The eyes                 flight deck after completing one last equipment
the coast of Vietnam. I am still amazed how the of the world, especially the US, were focused           recheck. We were awaiting the capsule para-
United States and the world turned away from on Hornet and her crew. My ET team was no                  chute deployment. The excitement, although at
our Vietnam mission but jumped on the band- exception, since we all worked many hours to                a different level than Vietnam, was nonetheless
wagon to support the Apollo mission.                 fine tune, test and retest each transceiver.       awe inspiring. We were a vital link in the first
      In Vietnam we were on call 24 hours                                                                   moon walker program.
a day, and during one Tet mission spent 52                                                                     The updates and conversations on the
days in the “hostile fire” zone. The ship’s                                                                 flight deck continued as we all strained to
responsibilities included Seal Team One                                                                     hear then view the capsule chute deploy-
insertion/extraction, launching and recover-                                                                ment. Messages heard from our 1MC, ship’s
ing coastal recon aircraft, and ensuring pilot                                                              intercom, provided constant updates. The
rescue helos were constantly at the ready                                                                   1MC messages came at more constant
for extremely dangerous missions.                                                                           intervals until, “Silence about the decks.
      The Electronic Technicians Division                                                                   The chutes will deploy in one minute,” was
(ETs) consisted of a team which maintained                                                                  plainly heard by all crew members and
HF (high frequency) equipment and another                                                                   guests. The ensuing silence cast an eerie
team that maintained all radar systems. My                                                                  glow across the normally busiest and nosi-
team of eight ETs ensured our 21 UHF (ultra                                                                 est areas of the “Grey Ghost.” I couldn’t help
high frequency) transceivers were capable                                                                   but reflect in the silence, as I looked across
of communications with all planes, helicop- The author with memorabilia of the “Grey Ghost” and      the the deck to the clouds above, how proud we
                                                 Apollo 11 mission.
ters, and other ships in the combat zone.                                                                   were, and how proud those that had gone
Of critical importance were the transceivers               On the recovery morning the skies were       before would be, as members of the Hornet
tuned to 243.7 MHz , the Vietnam emergency overcast with occasional clouds, gentle                      family.
mayday frequency. My team provided excellent wind and calm seas. All dignitaries, including                    Almost one minute after the last announce-
equipment up time and quality of messages President Nixon and Admiral John McCain                       ment, three distinct booms could be heard,
both transmitted and received. All equipment were safely on board Hornet to witness the                 and the orange and white chutes could finally
failures were treated as true emergencies and recovery operations. This added additional                be seen, almost as an aberration, when they
were dealt with immediately. Although we lost pressure to the crew, but nothing we couldn’t             popped through the puffy clouds. The volley of
14 of our finest men during this tour, with five handle. We were all focused on “Hornet + 3,”           camera shutter action broke the moments of
still MIA, the Hornet performed extremely well our motto for this activity.                             silence and then a huge cheer rose among the
                                                                                                                                                 BETWEEN THE LINES

under adverse conditions to continue to main-              As the morning progressed we were given      assembled witnesses of history.
tain a “Heritage of Excellence.”                     updates by NASA and our ship, based on track-             Although the actual splashdown could
      In contrast, the Apollo 11 recovery mission ing by our ship’s air search radar, on the cap-       not be seen from the ship, the announcement
provided a different intensity level than Vietnam sule’s exact location. The NASA and National          finally came that the capsule was safe and
and also demanded 100% focus. The day of the Broadcast vans, safely tethered to our flight              upright in the 2’ to 3’ swells. This message was
recovery started with the bosons pipe sounding deck, provided the world with ongoing capsule            reassuring to us all. As we practiced in our
reveille for the crew and guests of the Hornet progress. I was extremely proud that my UHF                         aPoLLo 11 continued on page 11
                                                       from page 3     Incarcerated Veteran of the Year. After        The NYSC finally received checks
Front and Center
                            VETERANS INCARCERATED
                            the Veterans’ Incarcerated Committee       being released, he has been attend-       from the state for $90,000 in grant
                            Hearings there.                            ing Wenatchee Valley College where        money. This was a result of the many
                                 We have been in regular contact       he helps other veterans as President      hours President Foote dedicated to
                            with Jeff Langnese of the Vietnam          of Student Transitional Assistance for    lobbying specific legislators to keep
                            Veterans’ Group San Quentin and            Veterans’ Education.                      their promise to the NYSC.
                            we hope he retains his position of              My next column will be from          You can show your pride in VVA with
                            outside coordinator there. They have       the Convention and I will be driving      a personalized license plate. The order
                            an Operation Mom packing date set          there with Kenny Moore. That’s right,     form can be downloaded from the
                            there for June 27 and I believe this       it will take us about five days to get    state web site, www.nyvietnamvets.
                            will be the 7th time they have held this   there, driving his hippie mobile that     org. You must use the 8-1/2 X 11 size
                            event. Congrats to the VVGSQ for           gets Al Gore level gas mileage, but       form or it will be rejected.
                            continuing to reach out from behind        wreaks havoc on my self-esteem. All            North of the border, our Canadian
                            bars to help needy veterans, as well as    of you incarcerated vets keep up the      brother Vietnam Veterans have a “trav-
                            to those in our community.                 good work and you are not alone.          eling wall” available for display. Go to
                                 Gene Edwards has kept us updat-                                                 web site to see a video
                            ed on the new kid on the block,
                            the Oneida Active Veterans at the
                                                                       NY State Council Meeting                  about the wall and to learn more
                                                                                                                 about Canada’s Vietnam Vets.
                            Oneida Correctional Facility. Oneida       of June 2009                                   Diabetes continues to be a real
                            is a medium security facility with         Fred Elliott                              problem among Vietnam Veterans as
                            inmates averaging 2-4 years there,              The State council meeting opened     almost half of the delegates at the
                            so the turnover of veteran inmates         on Saturday morning, June 20th,           meeting were diabetic. Ask your doc-
                            is high. The group is in the process       with Chapter 20 well represented.         tor to check you for this condition the
                            of reorganizing and has proposed a         Besides myself, in attendance were        next time you have a physical. And if
                            Recognition Day for veterans to the        Jerry McDermott, Pat Pudetti, Ron         you don’t have a physical scheduled,
                            administration there with a tentative      Trovato, and of course Nick DeLeo         you should have.
                            date of November 7. We thank the           (State Council Treasurer).                     Past NYSC President, Gordy
                            prison administration for their interest        The first item of business to come   Lane, and Peter Bronstad, a former
                            and support of the veterans there, and     before the delegates was a proposed       Director of Chapter 103, present-
                            we understand that progress will be        change to the State By-Laws. It was       ed a paper titled Onondaga County
                            slow but steady.                           proposed to remove the residency          Veterans Diversion Program. The
                                 VVA Chapter 205 at the Auburn         requirement for a NYSC District           authors had proposed a veterans court
                            Correctional Facility is alive and well    Director so that a District Director      program for Onondaga County simi-
                            and we just received their bi-month-       need only be a resident of New York       lar to the program in Erie County but
                            ly newsletter. It contained a special      State and not the district. After some    were unsuccessful in their efforts. The
                            thank you to Superintendent Harold         spirited discussion, a vote was taken     paper details a program they hope to
                            Graham and his staff for support-          and the change passed, 49 for and 33      start in Onondaga County.
                            ing the veterans’ groups there. It also    against. A recess was then called so           AVVA of NYS presented a check
                            contained columns by Andy Restivo          that the Southern District Chapters       for $500 to the state council to pay
                            (VVA Chapter President) and Dennis         could elect a new director to fill the    for lunch on Saturday and said that all
                            Conway outlining their goals and ways      vacancy created by Connie Steers’ res-    future proceeds from “basket raffles”
                            to achieve them. Terrific newsletter       ignation from the position. Pat Toro,     would be split between AVVA and
                            guys, keep up the good work!               Chapter 32 Pesident, was elected as       VVA. AVVA is also requesting the
                                 Finally, we heard from VVA            the new Southern District Director.       donation of NEW wool hats, scarves,
                            Chapter 745 at the Twin Rivers                  It was reported that….NYS            and mittens to be given to homeless
                            Corrections Center in Monroe,              Department of Veterans Affairs has        veterans.

                            Washington. Sixty-two men were             increased its number of counselors…
                            in attendance at the chapel there
                            when SFC Michael Malm and CSM
                                                                       NYS has increased its support to          Legislation for Veterans
                                                                       county veteran service agencies by        Fred Elliott
                            Jerry McClain visited the chapter.         20%...NYS legislative hearings have
                            We also congratulate former Twin           been postponed to September to allow          I wish I could tell you that the

                            Rivers Inmate Thad Lawson who              us to prepare for the hearings and        NYS Legislature passed some signifi-
                            was previously honored by VVA as           arrange for people to attend.             cant veteran legislation, but as you
hear this: news & notes

                                                                                                                                        Front and Center
                                                                    visit the VA health eligibility website at
   VFW Golf Tournament                                              healtheligibility/ for more information.
   1st Annual VFW Post 8495 Golf Tournament benefiting The
   Wall That Heals – Saturday September 26, 2009 at Eagle Vale
   Golf Course. Scramble Format, $75.00 per golfer. Reservations    Thrift Store News
   must be received by 9/1/09. Submit names of golfers in four-     We made about $250.00 at the Dakota, but the best part is
   some, with check payable to VFW Post 8495 and mail to VFW        that we got our name out there! We had 3 car donations from
   Post 8495, Attn: Dick Grube, 300 Macedon Center Road,            the flyers we handed out and people calling asking directions
   Fairport, NY 14450.                                              to the store, which they had a business card from the Dakota
                                                                    and they weren’t sure where we are located. We hit a record
                                                                    $7000.00 in sales on the 3rd of July sale! We still NEED
   Priority Group 8 Enrollment Relaxation Changes                   SHOPPERS! Thanks! (submitted by Beth)
   VA eligibility rules changed on June 15, 2009, making it
   easier for more Veterans to enroll in VA’s health care system.
   Under this new regulation, VA relaxed income restrictions on     Social Security Payments
   enrollment for health benefits. While this new provision does    Anyone who's had active duty service prior to January 2002
   not remove consideration of income, it does increase income      and planning for retirement, qualifies for higher social security
   thresholds. A web–based calculator is available for Veterans     payments because of military service, for active duty any time
   to enter their income information, dependents, and zip code to   from 1940 to 2001. Veterans have to supply their DD214 to the
   assess if their income would fall within the proposed income     Social Security Office and you must ask for them to receive it.
   threshold adjustments. Veterans are encouraged to contact        More info is available at
   VA’s Health Resource Center at 1–877–222 VETS (8387) or          htm.

probably know, the children in Albany        program specialists (DVOPS) and                    H.R.1513, a bill to increase, effec-
are more interested in power games           local veterans’ employment represen-          tive as of December 1, 2009, the rates
than working for the people who              tatives (LVER) by National Veterans’          of disability compensation for veterans
elected them. Maybe next month.              Employment and Training Services              with service-connected disabilities and
      Fortunately, our federal legisla-      Institute. No companion bill in the           the rates of dependency and indemnity
tors are doing better. The House of          Senate yet.                                   compensation for survivors of certain
Representatives passed the following               H.R.1089, a bill that would             service-connected disabled veterans,
bills and sent them on to the U.S.           amend title 38, USC, to provide for           and for other purposes. The compan-
Senate for debate, amendment, and            the enforcement through the Office            ion bill in the Senate is S.407.
voting.                                      of Special Counsel of the employ-
      H.R.403, a bill that would pro-        ment and reemployment rights of               Passed or agreed to be the House but
vide housing for very low income             veterans and members of the Armed             not yet sent to the Senate are:
veterans. As of this writing, there is no    Forces employed by Federal executive               H.R.1016, a bill to amend title
companion bill in the Senate, but we’ll      agencies, and for other purposes. No          38, USC, to provide advance appro-
keep watching for one.                       companion bill in the Senate yet.             priations authority for certain medical
      H.R.466, a bill that would amend             H.R.1171, a bill to amend title         care accounts of DVA, and for other
title 38, United States Code, to pro-        38, USC, to reauthorize the Homeless          purposes.
hibit discrimination and acts of repri-      Veterans Reintegration Program                     H.R. 1172, a bill to direct the
sal against persons who receive treat-       (HVRP) for fiscal years 2010 through          Secretary of VA to include on the
ment for illnesses, injuries, and dis-       2014, and for other purposes. No              internet website of the DVA a list of
abilities incurred in or aggravated by       companion bill in the Senate yet.             organizations that provide scholarships
                                                                                                                                        BETWEEN THE LINES

service in the uniformed services. As              H.R.1377, a bill to amend title         to veterans and for other purposes.
with HR 403, we’ll be watching for a         38, USC, to expand veteran eligibility             H.R. 1211, a bill to amend title
companion bill in the Senate.                for reimbursement by the Secretary of         38, USC, to expand and improve
      H.R.1088, a bill that would            Veterans Affairs for emergency treat-         health care services available to women
amend title 38, USC, to provide for          ment furnished in a non-Department            veterans, especially those serving in

a one-year period for the training           facility, and for other purposes. S. 404      OEF and OIF, from the DVA, and for
of new disabled veterans’ outreach           is the companion bill in the Senate.          other purposes.

                        Elmira’s Vietnam War Museum
                                                                                                                                                  by Kathy Gleason

                              When Tom and I read in a recent magazine about the open-         interest in the project allowed them to stay, join in and join up.
                        ing of a Vietnam War museum in Elmira, NY we took a trip                     Denny Wolfe, Rusty Drake and Jim Clark were all there to
                        down to check it out. What a great visit it turned out to be! The      visit with Tom and I. They are the primary participants in the
                        museum was easy to find, just down the street from Woodlawn            museum and are there to converse with visitors, educate local school
                        National Cemetery. The exterior of the building had flags for each     groups that plan field trips there. Elmira College students are fre-
                        branch of the military proudly flying, a bombshell by the sidewalk     quent visitors to use their audio-visual resources for assignments for
                        (the military kind, guys – not the blonde kind) and both ramps         their Vietnam War History course and the professor of this course
                        and steps leading to the front door.                                                                  works with museum staff regularly.
                        The American, VVA and POW flags                                                                             The museum is still a work in
                        graced the front deck.                                                                                progress. Monetary donations are
                              As we entered my eyes were                                                                      helpful as there is no funding stream
                        immediately drawn to life-size exhibit,                                                               for the support of the building except
                        complete with sandbags and mortar                                                                     for a small box labeled “Donations” by
                        launcher. We were both impressed with                                                                 the front door. There is an annual let-
                        the overall presentation of this convert-                                                             ter requesting donations sent to those
                        ed house. Three veterans welcomed us,                                                                 on the mailing list and local compa-
                        invited us to look around and then to                                                                 nies. More items for the museum itself
                        sit and chat. What initially was thought                                                              are requested as there is a wish to have
                        to be a 30-minute visit extended into a                                                               enough to rotate exhibits. Navy items
                        couple hours of friendly conversation.                                                                (and Navy uniforms) are especially
                              Chapter 803 of Vietnam Veterans                                                                 sought.
                        of America was chartered in 1997. Almost immediately, the mem-               It’s only a couple hours from Rochester to Elmira and we
                        bers voiced their desire to create a legacy consisting of a Vietnam    encourage you to visit this museum at 1200 Davis Street in Elmira.
                        War museum and plans were started. Funds were raised, but were         The museum is open 7 days a week and you can call for specific
                        never enough to support the purchase of a building to house this       hours at 607-737-2760. It is free to the public.
                        legacy. In December 2007, Bobby Edger (Edger Enterprises,
                        Elmira, NY) informed the Chapter that his family was donat-
                        ing the building at the corner of Grant and Davis Streets to the
                        Chapter for the purpose of fulfilling this dream. The building had

                        previously been a local bar run by his wife’s mother.
                              After ownership was formalized, work began with just a small
                        group. Some donations were made and the building was gutted and
                                                                                                         459 South Avenue, Rochester, New York 14620
                        renovated into the large museum area, rest room and small office/
                        storage space. Decks and handicap-access ramps were added and               

                        donations of items started arriving. New members were brought                               For More Information Email
                        into the Chapter as their curiosity caused them to stop by and their
                                                                                 Vietnam Veterans of America
                                                                               THRIFT STORE, CHAPTER 20, LLC
                                                                                1199 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609

                                                                               Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

 The only store where you can buy
                                                                                      Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm
 America’s Flag
                                                                                   Car Donations 8:30am - 5:00pm
                                                                                    Truck Pick-up: 9am - 4:30pm
    America’s Veterans                                                                        (weather permitting)

                                                 BETSY LOMBARDO                                        ~ Delivery Available ~
                                                      Veterans Advocate
                                                                                                      Truck Pick-up #482-8016
                                                     DEBRA SLOANE                                      Thrift Store #482-8036
                                                  Retail Office Assistant

                                                                                                      All donations go to the Thrift
A project of the Veterans         455 South Avenue • Rochester, NY 14620
Outreach Center, Inc.               Tel: 585-546-FLAG • Fax: 585-546-5978
                                                                                                      Store at the address above.

 medals, Badges, Patches, ribbons, Caps               C.m.                                  DAVID J. KAUFFMAN POST #41
 Clothing, Boots, gear, Buckles, Flags,
 award Cases, military rings and Watches       gifts and militaria                            JEWISH WAR VETERANS
                                                    est: 1987
                                                                                           THE OLDEST ACTIVE VETERANS
                                                                                           SUPPORTS THE VIETNAM VETS
 Charles rabidoux                                   497 stone road
 UsmC 1957-61                                   rochester, nY 14616
 2nd mar. Div.                                       (585) 865-7370            LARRY SCHULMAN, QUARTERMASTER, 271-6967

NEW YORK                                                                                  TOM DAVIS
  STATE                                                                                    INCOME TAX
 SENATE                                SENATOR
                                   JOSEPH E. ROBACH                               CONSULTATION & PREPARATION
                                                                                  Year-Round. By Appointment Service

                                                     ROOM 902
2300 WEST RIDGE ROAD                      LEGISLATIVE OFFICE BUILDING                        1732 Winton Rd. N.
 ROCHESTER, NY 14626                             ALBANY, NY 12247                Phone (585) 288-8465 • Fax: (585) 288-8465
     (585) 225-3650                      (518) 455-2909 • FAX (518) 426-6938
                    E-MAIL: ROBACH@SENATE.STATE.NY.US

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                                                                                                                                       BETWEEN THE LINES

                      Various topics are offered from military /
                          veteran oriented, patriotic, scenic,
                       landscapes, nature, botanical, animals,
                     fantasy, in a variety of sizes and gift items
                                                                                                                     J Max Lill                                                                                             288-2070
  Gary T. Redlinski          Email:
                        Rochester, New York
                                                                              Vietnam Veterans
                                                                                 of America
                                                                                CHAPTER 20
                     Help Base Greater Rochester
                     ( is an online resource for veter-      Car Donation, LLC
                     ans, service members, and their families in Monroe,
                     Livingston, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne and Yates
                     Counties. The mission of Help Base Greater Rochester
                     is to enhance services by coordinating, mobilizing
                     and educating the community-at-large about the
                     issues facing veterans, service members, and their
                     families and advocating for the necessary services to
                     ensure that these community members can regain
                     and maintain their physical, emotional, and economic
                     well-being.                                              Call 224-8484
                        Greece Memorial Post 206                              WETZEL ASSOCIATES
                              The Newest Post in Monroe County
                                                                              Telecommunications Engineering Consultation
                                                                              Business Continuity Planning
                                           A casual
                     Meeting the 3rd Thursday of the month 6:30 - 7:45 pm
                                              at                              Lawrence R. Wetzel, PE
                      The Legacy at Park Crescent — Mt. Read Blvd.            21 Bridgewood Drive Fairport, New York 14450
                        For details, please call 227-4383 or 225-4228.        (585) 474-4883

                                                                                             U.S.S. LIBERTY (AGTR-5)

                                                                                             JOHN M. HRANKOWSKI

                                                                                             45 Drumcliff Way • Rochester, N.Y. 14612
                                                                                             Web Page:

                                                                                  William H. Wallace
                                                                                   Certified PubliC ACCountAnt

                                                                              636 Middle road
10                                                                            Henrietta, nY 14467                      585-334-5352
aPoLLo 11 continued from page 5                 greeted the veteran ship and her three spe-

training sessions, the recovery helo, #66,      cial guests. Mission accomplished!
was on station within less than a minute.              I feel a couple side notes concerning
The broadcast from the helo pilot/air group     the ship’s activities are appropriate. During
commander, through my UHF equipment             the training session for this mission, Hornet
                                                                                                   VVA Chapter 20 Board Meetings
was, “ The recovery helicopter is in position   crossed the equator and the ship came to a         See page 13 for meeting attendance.
and orbiting the capsule.” I was personally     halt after entering the Domain of Neptunus         • August 3              • November 2
relieved and very proud of my team’s part in    Rex, the Ruler of the Raging Main. Navy            • September 8           • November 30 –
this operation.                                 tradition requires that an initiation for all        (Tues.)                 Budget Review Mtg.
      The next phase of the recovery was for    pollywogs be held on the equator. After            • October 5             • December 7
Seal Team One members to exit the helo and      hours of crawling through garbage tubes
use their rubber raft to secure a flotation     on the flight deck, visiting the Royal Barber
                                                                                                   Scheduled Membership Meetings
collar around the capsule, and then assist      for a “trim,” and the Royal Doctor for a taste     2nd Thursday of the Month, beginning at
the three astronauts out of the capsule into    of his famous “medicine,” 600 pollywogs            7:30 pm. All meetings are held at the Ira
the raft. The astronauts were individually      were welcomed into the Royal Order of              Jacobson American Legion Post, 90 St.
lifted by the helo’s rescue basket into the     Shellbacks. Officers and enlisted men par-         John’s Park, unless otherwise noted.
aircraft, which then flew towards Hornet.       ticipated side by side in this very humbling       • August 13 (Annual
                                                                                                                       • October 8
The Seal Team and a Hornet boat crew            and important traditional ceremony. A very           Picnic/Membership
                                                                                                                       • November 12
towed the capsule to Hornet, which was          important document was presented to each             Meeting)
                                                                                                                       • December 10
then hoisted aboard utilizing the starboard     shellback, which is held in safe keeping           • September 10
boat sponson, or crane.                         for the next equator crossing. Failure to
      The recovery helo proceeded to the        present this document usually results in re-       Special Events
ship and. upon landing on the flight deck.      initiation.                                        • Thurs, Aug. 13 – Annual Chapter 20
our motto was complete - “Hornet + 3.” After           An additional side note, Hornet went          Picnic, 6 pm at Ira Jacobson Post
landing, the helo with astronauts dressed in    on a few months later to recovery Apollo             (annual flag burning will commence
isolation suits, was transferred to the hang-   12. Helicopter #66 recovered the Apollo 12           at approximately 5 pm)
er bay. The astronauts then walked from the     astronauts, and was the recovery helo for          • Aug. 20-23 – The Wall that Heals at
helo to the Mobile Quarantine Facility (MQF)    Apollo 13. I continued my “membership”
                                                                                                     Perinton Memorial Post 8495 (see p. 13)
air stream trailer.                             in the Hornet team completing 3½ years of
      In the hanger bay, official greetings     duty, and with this length of time onboard I
and congratulations were completed by           became senior division, “Salt.”
the ship’s captain, President Nixon, Admiral           In conclusion, I am proud to say that I
McCain and other dignitaries. The three         participated in two extremely vital missions
astronauts were presented with “Hornet +        - Vietnam and Apollo. I have always consid-
3” lapel pins, which were visible as they sat   ered both missions equally important to the
at the window of the MQF to participate in      United States and the world. I am also proud
the ship’s celebration.                         that I am a “Plank Owner” of the Hornet
      The last phase of the operation was       having contributed to the ship’s purchase.
transit of the Hornet from the recovery area    The Hornet, “Grey Ghost,” lives on as the
to Pearl Harbor to offload the astronauts       Aircraft Carrier Hornet Museum docked at
housed inside the MQF. Pride billowed           Alameda Point, California. Please visit the
among the entire Hornet crew as the ship        Hornets web site,, to
approached the pier and a broomstick was        view the Apollo exhibits, tour the ship and
hoisted up the mast signifying a mission        hopefully get a feel for how I spent 3½ years     At the July membership meeting, Bugler Fred Elliott
well done. The offload was accomplished         aboard one of the world’s most decorated          was presented with the Purple Bugle Award, the 1st in
                                                                                                  history to have ever received this distinguished honor.
without a hitch as a throng of 2,500 people     ships.

                                                                                                                                                            BETWEEN THE LINES

    DAY        DATE            PARADE                       START TIME             FORMATION AREA
               AUG 21-23       MOVING WALL                  TBA                    Fairport VFW
    SAT        AUG 29          Marching Unit Picnic         2 pm                   Ray & Gail's 151 Curtis Rd. Hilton
    SAT        SEPT. 12        Town of Gaines               10:30 am               TBA
    SAT        OCT. 10         Columbus Day Parade          TBA                    TBA
                                                                                     #66-739, correlates to a C model, the first two numbers
                                                                                     indicating that the aircraft had been made in 1966, and
                                                                                     the H model only had come out a few months before this

                                                                                     time. Although C models were gunships and usually flew
                                                                                     more or less independently, while this aircraft was flying
                                                                                     in tight formation as flight lead which would correlate

                                                                                     with the H model, it has been confirmed that the ship
                                       n January 10, 1970, Capt. Herbert C.          ion which this crew was flying was definitely a Charlie
                                       Crosby, pilot; WO George A. Howes, co-        model.)
                                       pilot; SP5 Wayne C. Allen, crew chief; and
                                       SP4 Francis G. Graziosi, door gunner were     From the Desk of Gail Bologna-Melens,
                        flying a UH1C helicopter (serial #66-739) as the flight      Chairperson, POW-MIA Committee:
                        lead in a flight of three helicopters returning from Tien        In December 2006, the Department of Defense POW/
                        Phuoc to the unit based at Chu Lai, South Vietnam.           Missing Personnel Office announced that the remains of three
                            At 1300 hours, the three helicopters departed Tien       US servicemen, missing in action from the Vietnam War were
                        Phuoc. Five to ten minutes later, due to instrument          identified and returned to their families for burial with full
                        flight rules, Capt. Crosby directed the flight to change     military honors. In May 2007, Chapter 20’s honor guard was
                        to a different flight heading. When the helicopters          present at the service to give SP4 Francis G. Graziosi a final
                        changed frequencies to contact Chu Lai ground control        Welcome Home.
                        approach, radio contact was lost with Capt. Crosby and
                        was not regained.
                            The other two aircraft reached Chu Lai heliport and
                        at 1400 hours, search efforts were begun for the missing
                        aircraft, although the crew was not found.
                            According to a 1974 National League of Families                                                                                      Chu Lai
                        report, George Howes survived the crash of this helicop-
                        ter. The report further maintains that the loss occurred
                        in Laos, although the coordinates place it some 40-odd
                        miles from that country. A North Vietnamese prisoner                         Tien Phuoc
                        released later reported that he had seen Howes in cap-
                        tivity the same month the helicopter went down. A
                        second sighting by a villager in Phuoc Chouc (or Phouc
                        Chau) village reported Howes and two other POWs
                        stopped for water at his house in February 1970, en
                        route to Laos. Whether these reports also relate to Allen,
                        Crosby and Graziosi is unknown.
                            (Note: Records differ as to the aircraft type on this
                        incident. Some records show the aircraft type this crew
                        was flying as UH1H, and some show it as a UH1C.
                        Herbert Crosby flew Charlie models every day from
                        at least July 1969 to January 1970. The serial number,

                                                                                     NAME:      Francis George Graziosi
                                                                              RANK/BRANCH:      E4/US Army
                                                                                      UNIT:     71st Aviation Company, 14th Aviation Battalion,
                                                                                                16th Aviation Group, 23rd Infantry Division (Americal),

                                                                                                Chu Lai, South Vietnam
                                                                           DATE OF BIRTH:       10 January 1951
                                                                    HOME CITY OF RECORD:        Rochester NY
                                                                            DATE OF LOSS:       10 January 1970
                                                                        COUNTRY OF LOSS:        South Vietnam
                                                                          STATUS (in 1973):     Missing in Action (repatriated in 2006)
                                                             OTHER PERSONNEL IN INCIDENT:       George A. Howes; Wayne C. Allen;

12                                                                                              Herbert C Crosby (all missing)

                                                                                                              Map Circa 1992 • Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin
    The Wall That Heals

                      Is coming to
                                                                                  Picnic                                            The August
                                                                                                                         Membership meeting
     Perinton Memorial Post 8495
                                                                                                                       on the 13th will include
           On “Freedom Hill”                                                                                              a picnic supper and
   300 Macedon Ctr Rd. • Fairport, NY
                                                                                                                           will start at 6:00pm.
   Opening Ceremony Aug. 20 at 7pm                                                                                        There will be a brief
    Closing Ceremony Aug. 23 at 6pm                                                                                     membership meeting.
      The wall will be available for                                                                                   Please bring your flags
     viewing August 20-23, 2009.                                                                                           for proper disposal,
                                                                                                                            which will be done
                                                                                                                         that evening. We will
                                                                                                                      serve hots, hamburgers
                                                                                                                         and salads. Feel free
                                                                                                                            to bring a snack or
                                                                                                                         dessert to share. Call
Notice to Members                                                                                                            585-482-7396 prior
In the best interest of the members of Chapter 20 we no longer                                                                to August 7th for
recommend the use of Barefoot Sportswear in Spencerport,
NY for embroidery or other work on Chapter 20 Gear.

roll call: b.o.d. attendance 2009              NAME                         1/5   2/2   3/2   4/6   5/4   6/1   7/6    8/3   9/8   10/5 11/2 12/7
                                               President: Moore, Ken         X     E     X     X     X     X     X
                                               1st V. Pres: Gleason, Tom     X     X     X     X     E     X     X
                                               2nd V. Pres: Elliot, Fred                             X     E     X
                                               Secretary: Macaluso, Chuck    X     X     X     X     X     X     X
                                               Treasurer: Melens, Ray        X     X     X     X     X     X     X
                                               Corona, Dan                   X     X     E     X     X     X     X
                                               Gatto, Valentino                                      X     X     X
                                               Gleason, Kathy                X     X     X     X     E     X     X
                                               Harkness, Joe                 E     X     X     X     X     X     X
                                               Lill, Max                     E     X     X     X     X     X     X
                                               Madigan, Jack                 X     X     X     X     E     X     X
                                                                                                                                                      BETWEEN THE LINES

                                               McDermott, Jerry              X     X     X     E     X     X     X
                                               Oleksyn, Dick                 X     X     X     X     X     X     X
                                               Peck, Joe                     X     X     X     X     X     X     X
                                               Pudetti, Pat                  E     E     X     X     X     X     X
                                               Trovato, Ron                  X     E     X     X     X     X     X

                                               Wallace, Hank                 X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X=Present E=Excused A=Absent
                     Chapter 20’s

                     New Members Help Build
                      Please give these new members a

                                 Veterans Walk
                      hearty Welcome Home! (l to r): Ronald
                      Fox, Dick Lynch, and Jim Schenkel

                                                                                            at the Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial
                                                                                            Any past or present member of the United
                                                                                            States Armed Services, Active or Reserve,
                                                                                            is eligible for an engraved paver brick. For
                                                                                            information and an order form, please
                                                                                            contact the Chapter 20 office at 482-7396.

                     membership application
                     Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 20
                     Name: ________________________________________                       Date of Birth: _______________________ Sex: q M q F
                     Address: ______________________________________                      Home Phone: ( ___) ______________________________
                     City: _________________________________________                      Work Phone: ( ___) ______________________________
                     Zip: _______________Country: _______ Email Address: _______________________________________ q W q H
                     Chapter # (if known) ______________________________                  Sponsor: _____________________________________

                     I am not a Vietnam Vet, but I want to help Vietnam veterans and their families. Please accept my donation: ______q AVVA Membership
                     q $10 q $20 q $50 q Other ($________)

                     eligibility: Vietnam and Vietnam-era veterans who served on active duty in the U.S. Military (for other than training purposes) between
                     February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975 (in-country Vietnam), or between August 5, 1964 and May 7, 1975 (for Vietnam-era veterans).

                     Term:      q 1 year: $20        q Life Membership: $250 (ages 49 and under), $225 (ages 50-55), $200 (ages 56-60),
                                q 3 years: $50         $175 (ages 61-65), $150 (ages 66 and over)

                     Payment options: q Check q Money Order

                     Return this application, along with a copy of your DD214, to: Vietnam Veterans of America, P.O. Box 12580, Rochester, NY 14612
                             VVA is a non-profit veterans service organization. Programs and services are funded by member dues and public donations.

contact information: vva, chapter 20

                                                                                                                                                                                           Numbers to Know
P. O. Box 12580, Rochester, NY 14612 • • (585) 482-7396 • Fax (585) 482-5513

  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                                                VETERANS ORGANIZATIONS
  Ken Moore ...................... • 392-0269 (h) • 576-9000 (c)                              AND INFORMATION
  Tom Gleason • 978-1995 (c)                     Greater Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial...
  Fred Elliott...................................................... • 288-5756              585-753-7275
                                                                                                                        (enter 9; enter 2 to leave a message)
  Ray Melens • 392-2079 (h)
                                                                                                                     Ira Jacobson American Legion
  Chuck Macaluso • 225-8288 (h)
                                                                                                                        Post #474.............................................663-7030
                                                                                                                     VA Clinic - 465 Westfall Road ................463-2600
  DIRECTORS                                                                                                          Veterans Outreach Center.......................546-1081
  Dan Corona ...................................................... • 406-6108 (c)                 Vet Center ................................................232-5040
  Valentino Gatto...................................................................         Veterans Administration ................. 800-827-1000
  Joe Harkness ................................................ • 889-9728 (h)                   NYS Council .....................................888-678-VETS
  Max Lill • 288-4646 x.18                    Monroe County Veterans Service
  Jack Madigan .................................... • 392-8259 (h)                              Agency.................................................753-6040
  Jerry McDermott ........................... • 313-8188 (c)                                 e-mail:
  Dick Oleksyn • 663-5255 (h)                  Veterans Benefits Hotline ............... 800-827-1000
  Joe Peck.................................................... • 734-9046 (c)                Veterans Bill of Rights..................... 800-342-3358
                                                                                                                     VA Medical Center in Batavia ........ 585-297-1000
  Pat Pudetti ............................................ • 753-6040 (w)
                                                                                                                     VA Hospital in Buffalo..................... 716-834-9200
  Ron Trovato ......................................................... • 544-8470 (h)
                                                                                                                     VA Medical Center in Canandaigua .......394-2000
  Hank Wallace • 334-5352 (h)
                                                                                                                     VA Medical Center in Bath ............. 607-664-4000
                                                                                                                     V.V. of America in Washington .......800-VVA-1316
  ASSOCIATE LIAISON                                                                                                  V.V. Memorial Fund “The Wall” ...... 202-393-0090
  Kathy Gleason ............................................. • 978-1331 (c)                      Nat.’l Lge. of Fam. MIA/POW
                                                                                                                        Updates ....................................... 202-223-6846
  STATE COUNCIL                                                                                                      Richards House........................................506-9060
                                                                                                                     The Resource Center ...............................546-4250
                                                                                                                     Stars & Stripes ........................................546-3524
                                                                                                                     Persian Gulf Vets, Inc. .............................385-4097
  REGION 2 DIRECTOR                                                                                                  Operation Welcome Home .....................234-4694
  Fred Elliott...................................................... • 288-5756

COMMITTEE CONTACTS                                                                                                   WEB SITES/E-MAIL ADDRESSES
                                                                                                                     Veterans Widows international network:
AVVA ....................................... Kathy Gleason • • 978-1331                   
Between The Lines ................. Kathy Gleason • • 978-1331                                    nYs Department health:
Chaplain ................................................. Tom Puff • • 227-3426 (h)          
Chapter Gear .................................................Valentino Gatto •              Vietnam Veterans memorial at highland
Comm. Service/Pub. Affairs........................................................................................     Park:
Constitution ................................. Fred Elliott • • 288-5756                     parks-highland.php
Finance ......................................... Hank Wallace • • 334-5352 (h)                       operation Welcome home:
Health Affairs .........Jerry McDermott • • 313-8188 (c)                          
                                                Sue Oleksyn • • 663-5255                          VVa new York state Council:
Incarcerated Veterans ..........................................................Ron Trovato • 544-8470
Marching Unit ................................... Ray Melens • • 392-2079
Membership ........................................................................Ralph Pascale • 755-2560 (c)      MISCELLANEOUS
                                                                                                                                                                                           BETWEEN THE LINES

POW/MIA ....................... Gail Bologna-Melens • • 392-2079                                    VVA 20 Thrift Store, LLC Mgmt.,
Social Events .................................Dick Oleksyn • • 663-5255                            Beth Affeldt .....................................482-8036
Speakers Bureau ............................. Geno Lenyk • • 423-0206                           Donation Pick-up .................................482-8016
Veterans Affairs/Benefits ........Pat Pudetti • • 753-6040                                    VVA Vehicle Donations .......................224-8484
Veterans Walk.................. Chuck Macaluso • • 225-8288                                     VVA Chapter 20 • 482-7396

 c=cell h=home w=work
                     Vietnam Veterans of America                                                                                                       NON-PROFIT ORG.
                     Chapter 20, Rochester, NY                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                     P.O. Box 12580                                                                                                                           PAID
                                                                                                                                                        ROCHESTER, NY
                     Rochester, NY 14612                                                                                                                 Permit No. 439

Between the Lines is published monthly by Chapter 20, Vietnam Veterans
of America. The views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of
Chapter 20 or the Vietnam Veterans of America, its officers, board of directors
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or the general membership. No subscription fee is charged for this publica-         3 MoN     Board of Directors, 7:00pm
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We welcome letters to the editor, poetry, original articles and suggestions.
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to not use materials we think inappropriate for the publication. Deadline for       20 – 23 • Wall That Heals, Fairport VFW
submissions for each issue is the 5th of the preceding month. Exceptions may
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                                                                                    29 SAT • Marching Unit Annual Picnic

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                                                                                           In an effort to improve its electronic reach to veterans and their
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                                                 Could                                     Please bookmark the new, simplified web address to receive the lat-
                                                                                      est information on veteran’s benefits, services and programs for New York
                                              someone                                 State’s veterans and their families.
                                                                                           Much of the new content is based on feedback from users of the site
                                             you know                                 (available through Google Analytics) and oriented on better information
                                                                                      surrounding veteran’s education benefits and employment issues.
                                          be in crisis?                                    The new site features not only great information about the Post 9/11
                                                                                      GI Bill, but a veterans’ education benefits calculator for New York State
                                                                                      to help veterans decide where their benefit goes the farthest in New York.
                                                                                      Check it out at:

  The VA’s National                                                                        On the employment side, the new site directs users to the New York
                                                                                      Department of Labor’s Resource Center site for veterans, where they

  Suicide Crisis Line                                                                 receive Priority of Service in recognition for their service. Check it out at:
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  Provides professional counseling to veterans, their family members or friends.      Reprinted with permission from the NYSDVA’s electronic newsletter.

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