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									                              Informal Commentary on Agni Yoga pp 192-195

300. I affirm that the way of Agni Yoga is like a      A light. We then choose how to walk.
light on the path. It is of no consequence how         No consequence: even attacks will reveal a blessing?
travelers make use of this blessing. The way is        We are travellers. Where do we come from, where
indicated to them. Those who discern the signs         are we going?
of fire will come.                                     Signs of fire: These will be personal things. For me
                                                       July 1967, stands out.
        Thus do I wish to strengthen those who         Respond early. Prediction: the crowd will be driven
have realized the momentousness of the                 by terror – this was published in 1929. They may be
Teaching of Agni Yoga. One should not await            driven to this yoga, but the important ones are
the hour when the current drives the crowd to          directed by free consciousness – without coercion.
seek salvation. This will be the recognition of
the scourge of terror. This is not important, but it   Those engaging must know ahead of time and
is necessary to know those who are directed by         understand the battle, not be drawn into it by those
free consciousness. A battle may be undertaken         who do not know the purpose of the battle. The
by him who knows the purpose of the battle.            school is only interested in knowledgeable volunteers,
Slaves driven by force are not needed. I               not slaves. Hence Agni Yoga is not compulsive in
consider it right to defend sincere striving rather    any way.
than to search for the fragments of a broken
vessel.                                                Knowledge produces sincere striving, terror produces
                                                       a broken vessel.

        301. If in the circle of activity there        Heavy with juice is the fruit when the roots are
appears a child drawn thereto with special             strong. – Preparation, foundation, rootedness
reason, smile upon him and develop in him the          produces the result.
consciousness that these activities are his
dwelling. Children sometimes come to this life
at a special call. Give them that which is
prepared by their past. Heavy with juice is the
fruit when the roots are strong.

         302. One should observe certain               Some passages are obscure and strange and difficult
precautions in Agni Yoga. Beyond a certain step        to take seriously and apply. One must realize that the
one may notice pains in the back. One should           messages include those to Urusvati herself. There
then not bend down, because the pillar of energy       are none that are to all people but some could be a
rises like quicksilver in a thermometer.               little bit more to her. Some seem to end up being
Therefore a straight position of the spine is          more personal, with the distinction becoming
advised. Similarly inadvisable is work that            impossible to make. Someone doing equivalent work
demands a sideways position such as wood-              might have similar symptoms and need similar
cutting. The flame is vertical in its structure.       advice.
Thus will each fire act. The assertion of slight
precautions will not detach people from life. One
can quite unnoticeably introduce into life a
method of action that is harmless.

        303. The hands of the enemy are ever           The hands of the enemy are ever ready to destroy the
ready to destroy the works determined by Us.           works determined by Us. The ears of the enemy are
The ears of the enemy are cocked to hear slander       cocked to hear slander useful to him. - this is fairly
useful to him. It is not sufficient to say, "Rejoice   evident all the time.
at the enemy." One must learn to understand his        Rejoice at the enemy – this is found elsewhere in
                            Informal Commentary on Agni Yoga pp 192-195

ways. As the unknown quantity in a problem        Agni Yoga – the uses of the enemy.
stands the enemy. But this unknown is in direct   understand his ways:- we ought to realize that
ratio to the facts known to us. Hence, it is      ignorance of the actual quality of evil works on earth
possible to find a solution for each detected     handicaps our efforts at remedy by distorting thought.
enemy.                                            It is for this reason that all the alternative media
                                                  opportunities ought to be availed of today, gcn, rbn
                                                  also, select radio hosts. Our sincere effort is made for
                                                  less than nothing, for ill, if we fight fiercely for
                                                  something fictitious. Everything that exists is
                                                  contrived, whether by accident or purposely. We talk
                                                  a lot about evil, but the real evil is not this ugly
                                                  immaterial monster, but the acts of men and non-men.
                                                  We must be wary of the struggle to control. We must
                                                  become super well educated. We must know how to
                                                  learn, how to research. If Marciniac and James have
                                                  any truth in them at all, this social information system
                                                  and expanding library could be with us for a while.
                                                  We had a close scrape with the madmen that can take
                                                  it all down, and they‟re of course scott free as well.
        Consider precisely the circumstances of   Learn to remember the circumstances of your
your actions. Learn to remember the               straight-knowledge. We will return to them again. –
circumstances of your straight-knowledge. We      this mysterious saying suggests contemplating the
will return to them again.                        times and conditions that made you a spiritually-
                                                  oriented person. Remember the event and consider it
                                                  to obtain what more it has for you and to facilitate a
                                                  similar condition. In this case it seems like a
                                                  visitation experience. Most often, in beatitudes, there
                                                  is a warm and supportive presence. If these are inner
                                                  imaginal conditions then others can perhaps bring
                                                  some of their visitation of consciousness there. The
                                                  judeo-christian testaments are replete with miraculous
                                                  knowing of judges and prophets and ecstatic
                                                  communion with various presences now slotted into
                                                  the limited pantheon of accepted characters. The very
                                                  magic appeal of the writings is the accounts of all
                                                  these occult occurrences. It is only that they have
                                                  been corralled within ecclesiastical walls and allowed
                                                  to nicely age to where they could be prepared in a
                                                  nice dish. They (the old miracles) lie there dripping
                                                  with antiquity, with a topping of promise and
                                                  fragrance of holiness.
        Everything unknown we term inimical. It   Everything unknown we term inimical – the unknown
must be resolved, conquered, and transformed      is opposite of gnosis. Ignorance is not helpful.
into the familiar--properly speaking, the         Approaching his quarry, the hunter calculates each of
cognized. During the process of such revelation   his actions – One must be extremely careful and wise
one should, primarily, watch oneself.             to engage the enemy profitably.
Approaching his quarry, the hunter calculates
each of his actions.
        You will be told repeatedly about the     We familiarize ourselves with the unknown by
awesome occult mysteries, but you will approach   approaching it. This is precisely what the closed
                              Informal Commentary on Agni Yoga pp 192-195

simply, confident in yourself. We regard as Our        minded religious person does not do. He does not
first condition for battle the knowledge of one's      approach what he declares to be dark and demonic,
own status. We familiarize ourselves with the          and so his distorted frightening phantasm remains.
unknown by approaching it. It is of no use to
speak of it beforehand--even its boundaries are
        Essaying investigation into everything,        the enemy – the author often refers to the enemy or
we must agree on the methods of research. We           enemies. To be non-combative does not mean
will know the direction of the action, but will not    ignorance and self-denial about „enemies‟. Once you
impede ourselves by the enemy's definition. Let        have a premise and capacity to create through
us combine foresight with real action. Each            harmony with beauty and universally sanguine
detected part of the unknown will be a conquest--      principles, there is also a great array of opposing
without astonishment, without a shudder, and           forces. A most adventurous path is the gradual
even without excessive enthusiasm. For each            cooperative erosion of the power and influence of
hour, even the most inactive, may bring us close       those forces. Yes, like light entering darkness. The
to the unknown. The Great Unknown may be               darkness, enemy of light, flees. We must understand
considered a friend, but for the investigator it is    in order to do things correctly.
more useful to consider it an enemy. All signs of      Essaying investigation into everything – this is the
the unknown correspond more closely to the             stance held here, the theosophical one of investigation
signs of the enemy. First of all we speak of           into all things, already set out upon.
fearlessness. But this is not needed against a         we must agree on the methods of research – today
friend. The achievement of a victory also              (and my expertise is on recent multimedia
presumes an enemy.                                     presentations) the public methods of research are
                                                       shoddy. We must agree about motive, include all
                                                       evidence, no skew the facts or conclusions, establish a
                                                       maintain a trustworthy reputation for honesty among
                                                       everyone and remain open to any idea.
                                                       General paragraph: because to us, venturing ignorant
                                                       (by definition) in to the “Great Unknown”, it is hit
                                                       and miss and we could hurt ourselves. We are fearful
                                                       and ignorant and so we must defend ourselves and
                                                       approach this thing gingerly. But there is no strong
                                                       stricture against the idea that it can be thought of as a
        If I bid you be victors, I foresee a battle.
The Great unknown, like the enemy, lures one to

        304. The Teaching of Wisdom is not a           The Teaching of Wisdom is not a textbook with
textbook with numbered pages. The Teaching is          numbered pages – this “Teaching” earns its capital by
the decree of life applied to each necessity. As       actual implementation. Not coercion, experience.
lightning flashes wherever sufficient electricity      Not the written but the living. Not the letter but the
has accumulated, so the command speeds to              spirit. The Teaching is the decree of life applied to
where possibility has gathered.                        each necessity – the decree only makes sense to some
                                                       people. To others is appears as the enemy of god.
                                                       That such an absurd concept is even entertained
                                                       proves its anthropogenesis. The tainted man is
                                                       troubled by insurmountable enemies, others who
                                                       know of the decree of life look to it and rejoice to
                                                       have periodic renewals of direction such as this one,
                            Informal Commentary on Agni Yoga pp 192-195

                                                   when new characters resuscitate many things
                                                   including the language and provide the necessary
                                                   expression of the scary crossing.
                                                   As lightning … - the universes, inner and outer are far
                                                   more electrical that we thought, the power of polarity
                                                   flashing through the thick soft resistor earth. We are
                                                   capacitors and conductors. We overcome inner
                                                   explosive discharge and deflect the chaos of
                                                   dangerous courses in outer natural events. All this is
                                                   the immensely complex but other-worldly conscious
                                                   planetary environment. We are treating the urine of
                                                   the local universe and for this we should be thanked.
                                                   Meanwhile vast streams of charged plasma rivers
                                                   circulate in the bright clumped curds of space. Upon
                                                   them like waterbugs, the spidery connections of
                                                   speeding eyes propel them with great vitesse.
                                                   … the command speeds to where possibility has
                                                   gathered. – it is up to us to become a radiant magnet.
                                                   The radiation of love, is first as perceived as
                                                   outflowing (this is how heard and heart can
                                                   cooperate). According to purity of conditions it is
                                                   some form of magnetic beauty, a creative attraction, a
                                                   kindler of flame.
         While affirming the common unity, the     While affirming the common unity, the Teaching of
Teaching of Life must respond to each              Life must respond to each individuality. – Consider
individuality. The Teaching provides a solution    the burden of the task of some. All the way to you-
to the daily problems. Sometimes it seems that     know-who. As for world „government‟, human unity
the Teaching returns to former themes.             is impossible to attain without untrammelled absolute
Comparing these directives, you see that they      creative freedom, which alone is needed for the
touch entirely different manifestations of life.   decree of individuality. I can undertake to prove
The outer signs have no import. Men may            myself. I can use the chance I have been given. I can
become pale or blush for different reasons.        help myself to understand.
         Let us broadly foresee the most           Let us broadly foresee the most prominent conditions
prominent conditions of life, but let us leave     of life, but let us leave details to the flow of karma –
details to the flow of karma. One can often        notwithstanding the religious objection to certain
change the main stream, whereas the details will   words, here we see the lofty creative approach. With
carry the mark of a predetermined karma. Such      awareness we do not react but act. We have found
details have no decisive significance, although    what to do and together we have agreed to do it. We
people usually remember just those and judge       ought to consider the breadthte of understanding
accordingly. Similarly, one cannot expect from     required when the ancient and existing planetary
the missions and experiments a uniform             „government‟, (known by all those names) has to
application and flow. Evidence, again, means       consider decisions affecting mass fate. The more
nothing.                                           important, the more brilliant, the more powerful, the
                                                   more beautiful, the more pleasing to everyone
                                                   involved, these centralized negotiations may go well
                                                   for us. But without human cooperation all is lost.
        The command foresees every possibility,    The command- let this command be impugned by
although in manifestation they are quite varied.   vocal 21st century pontificators. Why not support a
The danger is elsewhere. Often a man, mastering    winner? This benign command is against mankind‟s
a possibility, loses concern about it. As          „dweller on the threshold‟ so to speak. Mankind will
                              Informal Commentary on Agni Yoga pp 192-195

something commonplace, he carries the festival        be thankful it had authority.
flower into daily life. Of course flowers are         although in manifestation they are quite varied – the
always pleasing, but it is better to transform life   author is admitting the final manifestations of
into a festival of spirit than to sprinkle the        creation are a challenge to anticipate.
flowers with everyday dust.
         Again we approach life as to the chalice     The chalice here is no hateful power-object of the
of a wondrous remedy. To drink the poison of          enemy of Christians, as some claim.
the world in order to be reborn with full power!
This symbol comes from ancient legends. We            Here it is merely the symbol for the carrying,
see it in Egypt, in Greece; Shiva himself recalls     containing and drinking this gift of grace. That is, the
it; a whole chain of Redeemers bears the chalice      opportunity to serve the ones we love. It is not easy
of poison, transforming it into Amrita.               for people to deal with bad karma. But those who can
                                                      consciously project their energy to endorse all
                                                      strugglers, they can carry extra portions of that
                                                      weight, they can sense the joy of uplifting, often at far
                                                      distances, the spirits of someone precisely responsive
                                                      to that energy quality.

                                                      Those heroes all in fact were great servants who
                                                      offered themselves as sacrifice. They took up what
                                                      was old and dark and transformed it, beautifully
                                                      enacting acts of love, which generate bliss and
        When We say, "Be unusual, and do not          I confirm how much is sent to you - Sometimes the
deprive yourself of the chalice of achievement,"      encouragement is extremely sweet. It was also to
We thereby indicate not to obscure your life and      Urusvati and with her it could truly represent the
not to spill the chalice. I confirm how much is       spectacular possibility of authoring the entirely of the
sent to you. Every particle understood and            volumes.
applied will give new life. Thus, observe the rain
of possibilities and rejoice at the rainbow.       Be unusual – we already spoke of the absolute
                                                   freedom for individuality. This must mean, despite
                                                   the taboos of our culture, that all is permitted except
                                                   that which harms another or interferes with their

                                                      Every particle understood and applied will give new
                                                      life – this of course applies to the documented
                                                      teaching that Urusvati was enabled to accomplish.
                                                      We can more deeply understand the particles today,
                                                      and we have a myriad of bright ideas to discuss.

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