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					                     Massachusetts Chapter
                               of the
             American Society for Public Administration
                                                                             71st Annual Meeting
MassASPA, a chapter of the American Society for Public
Administration, is an organization of high-level professionals employed
in federal, state and local government, non-profit organizations and                     of the
professors and students engaged in the field of public affairs.

Through its committees and volunteer activities, MassASPA provides
members opportunities for networking and developing leadership
                                                                          Massachusetts Chapter
MassASPA sponsors:
 Regular program and training events with prominent presenters                          of the
   addressing critical issues in the field of Public Administration.
 The Distinguished Public Administrator and Distinguished Citizen
 The Paul Keough Award, a scholarship for students enrolled in a
   Master of Public Administration program or a closely related
                                                                           American Society for
   masters program with a specific concentration in public
   management, at Massachusetts’ colleges and universities.                Public Administration
 Networking events.

                        MassASPA offers you:                                       Friday, May 6, 2011
                                Service                                          Social Hour – 6:00 p.m.
                              Affiliation                                          Dinner - 6:30 p.m.
                             Socialization                                Program Immediately Following Dinner
                      Professional Development
                       Awards and Scholarships

For membership information, contact MassASPA President-Elect Michael
E. George at MEGeorge1@comcast.net.                                         Royal East Restaurant - Cambridge
                       MassASPA 2009-2010 Council
Chapter Officers

President                       Christina Graff Eckenroth                      American Society for Public Administration Code of
                                US Department of Labor
President-Elect                 Michael E. George                                                    Ethics
                                Massachusetts Executive Office of Workforce
Vice-President                  Dr. Michael Ahn
                                University of Massachusetts                   The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) exists
Secretary                       Frank Creedon                                 to advance the science, processes, and art of public
Treasurer                       Angela M. Olszewski                           administration. The Society affirms its responsibility to
                                                                              develop the spirit of professionalism within its membership,
Immediate Past President        Angela M. Olszewski
                                                                              and to increase public awareness of ethical principles in public
                                                                              service by its example. To this end, we, the members of the
National Officers & Representatives
                                                                              Society, commit ourselves to the following principles:
National Council                Ann Hess Braga
Representative – District I     Boston City Council
                                                                                               1. Serve the Public Interest
Chapter Council
Brian Connolly
                                                                                         Serve the public, beyond serving oneself
Ronald Hedlund                  Northeastern University
Frank Holbrook                  City of Boston, Retired
                                                                                        2. Respect the Constitution and the Law
Gail Lerner                     MassHousing
Katrina McCarty                 Mass Budget and Policy                          Respect, support and study government constitutions and
Angela Savannah                 Boston Court Appointed Special Advocate       laws that define responsibilities of public agencies, employees
Gary Wallace                    Lowell Housing Authority
Doug Snow                       Suffolk University
                                                                                                     and all citizens.
Alice Smith                     Clark University
                                                                                         3. Demonstrate Personal Integrity
Past National Presidents
F. Daniel Ahern, Jr.                                                           Demonstrate the highest standards in all activities to inspire
Wendy Haynes                                                                         public confidence and trust in public service.
Robert H. McClain, Jr.
Walter Mode
                                                                                            4. Promote Ethical Organizations
Past Chapter Presidents Serving on Council                                        Strengthen organizational capabilities to apply ethics,
F. Daniel Ahern, Jr.
John F. Bean                    David F. Hoover                                     efficiency and effectiveness in serving the public.
Ann Hess Braga                  Anthony Logalbo
Frances Burke                   Robert S. Lyons
Caroline J. Chang               Henry O. Marcy 4
                                                  th                                      5. Strive for Professional Excellence
Leonard L. Desautelle           Richard T. Moore                                   Strengthen individual capabilities and encourage the
Ryan Ferrara                    Helen Chin Schlichte
James J. Hartnett, Jr.          Dorothy R. Sullivan
                                                                                          professional development of others.
Wendy Haynes                    Jeff Wulfson
           Distinguished Public Administrator                      Distinguished Citizen                                Massachusetts Chapter Awards – Past Recipients
1999    Wayne A. Budd                                  Robert J. Dunfey, Jr.
        Group President, New England –                 Regional Administrator, GSA                                Distinguished Public Administrator                Distinguished Citizen
        Bell Atlantic                                  Diane P. LeBlanc
                                                       Regional Administrator, National Archives         1981   Gregory R, Anrig                       Margaret Merry
                                                       and Records Admin.                                       Commissioner of Education              Past President, Wheelock College
2000   Eileen Simonson, Aleandra D. Dawson,            Richard Middleton Freeland                        1982   Francis J, McGrath                     Rev. Robert F. Quinn
       William Elliot                                  President, Northeastern University                       Worcester City Manager                 Park Street Corporation
       Co-Directors , MDC/MWRA Water Supply                                                              1983   Anthony D. Cortese                     Florence R. Rubin
       Citizens Advisory Commission                                                                             Commissioner, DEQE                     League of Women Voters
2001   Donald R. Marquis                               Thomas S. Durant, M.D.                            1984   Robert I. Abare                        John Larkin Thompson
       Former Town Manager, Arlington,                 Asst. Dir., Mass. General Hosp.                          Regional Director, Interstate          President, Massachusetts Blue Shield
       Massachusetts                                                                                            Commerce Commission
2002   Nancy Achin Sullivan                            William C. Van Faasen                             1985   Eugene Brune                           John P. LaWare
       Executive Director, MA Board of                 President & CEO, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of             Mayor of Somerville                    Chairman, Shawmut Bank
       Registration                                    Massachusetts                                     1986   Frank Keefe                            John B. McElwee
                                                                                                                Secretary of A & F                     Chairman, The New England
2003   Senator Therese Murrary                         Charles D. Baker
                                                                                                         1987   Elizabeth McGuigan                     Edward E. Phillips
       Chairperson, Committee on Ways and              President and Chief Executive Officer                    Area Director, Social Security         Chairman, The New England
       Means                                           Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.                        Administration
2004   Vivien Li                                       Tony Robinson                                     1988   James Segal                            Special Award to the public administration
       Executive Director, Boston Harbor               Assistant Vice President for Community                   Executive Director, MA Municipal       programs at Harvard, Northeastern, Suffolk
       Association                                     Development, Wainwright Bank                             Association                            Universities & UMASS
2005   Joseph Casazza                                  Rev. Dr. Ray Hammond, MD, MA                      1989   Franklyn Jenifer                       James F. O’Leary
       City of Boston, Commissioner of Public          Chairman and Co-Founder of the Ten Point                 Chancellor, Board of Regents           Former General Manager, MBTA
       Works                                           Coalition                                         1990   Elizabeth C. Gordon                    John Gould
2006   Geoffrey Beckwith                               Ron Bersani                                              Area Manager, OPM                      President, Associated Industries of MA
       MMA, Executive Director                         Primary advocate for Melanie’s Law                1991   Dr. Piedad F. Robertson                John P. Hamill
                                                                                                                President, Bunker Hill Community       President, Shawmut Bank
2007   Clementina Chery, President/CEO                 Jake and Sparky Kennedy
       Louis D. Brown Peace Institute                  Founders of Christmas in the City
                                                                                                         1992   Theodore D. Mann                       Alan G. MacDonald
2008   James Rooney, Executive Director,               Angus McQuilken                                          Mayor, City of Newton                  Exec. Dir., MA Business Roundtable
       Massachusetts Convention Center                 Vice President for Public Affairs, Planned        1993   Caroline J. Chang                      Joseph F. Bonavita
       Authority                                       Parenthood League of Massachusetts                       Regional Manager, Office for Civil     Executive Director, AFSCME
2009   Michael J. Widmer                               James T. Brett                                           Rights, USDHHS
       President, Massachusetts Taxpayers              President and CEO, The New England Council        1994   Marvin M. Siflinger                    Marian L. Heard
       Foundation                                                                                               Executive Director, MA Housing         President & CEO
2010   Nancy Grantham, Director of Public              Marcia Crowley and Robert H. (Tex) McClain,              Finance Agency                         United Way of Massachusetts
       Affairs,U. S.Environmental Protection           Jr., ASPA and Mass ASPA                           1995   Samuel R. Tyler                        Robert M. Krim
       Agency, Region 1                                                                                         President, Boston Municipal Research   Executive Director, Boston Management
                                                                                                                Bureau                                 Consortium
                                                                                                         1996   Dr. Richard R. John                    Dr. John Curry
                                                                                                                Director, Volpe National               President, Northeastern University
                                  President’s Award                                                             Transportation Systems Center
1982   Patricia I. Weslowski                    1999       Wendy Haynes                                  1997   Richard T. Moore                       John Wallace-Benjamin
1983   John F. Bean, Jr.                        2000       Dorothy R. Sullivan                                  Massachusetts Senate                   CEO, Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts,
1984   Helen Chin Schlichte                     2001       Kimberly Ainsworth & Ann M. Hess                                                            Inc.
1985   Frances Burke                            2002       Margaret Cameron & Jonathan Daigle            1998   Judith Robbins                         Hubert E. Jones
1986   Walter W. Mode &                         2003       Dorothy R. Sullivan & Vicki K. Carolan Hill          Mayor, City of Attleboro               Spec. Asst. to the Chancellor for Urban Affairs –
       Leonard L. Desautelle                                                                                                                           UMASS-Boston
1987   Maurice A. Donahue                       2004       Marcia P. Crowley                                                                             (continued)
1988   Peter Sullivan                           2005       Ryan Ferrara
1989   Robert H. McClain, Jr. & Helen Chin      2006       Frank Holbrook
1990   Don K. Price                             2007       Angela Olszewski
1995   Elizabeth Sherman                        2008       Frank Creedon
1996   MassASPA Council                         2009       Michael E. George
1997   Vicki K. Carolan Hill                    2010       Katrina McCarty
                           EVENT PROGRAM

         WELCOMING REMARKS & INTRODUCTIONS                                                       ROBERT H.(TEX) McCLAIN, JR.
                                                                                                   DISTINGUISHED PUBLIC
               Christina Graff Eckenroth, Chapter President
                                                                                                  ADMINISTRATOR AWARD

                       PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE                                                          Frederick A. Laskey
                                                                                                    Executive Director
                        PRESIDENT'S AWARD                                                 Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

                       RECIPIENT TO BE ANNOUNCED                                  The Distinguished Public Administrator Award is presented to an
                                                                                  individual who is acknowledged as a results-oriented leader and
                                                                                     whose contributions may encompass individual exemplary
                             Presented by
                                                                                    accomplishment or a long-standing series of achievements in
              MassASPA President, Christina Graff Eckenroth
                                                                                                           public service.
    Presented to the person or persons who have demonstrated outstanding
  commitment, dedication and talent in service to MassASPA and, in so doing,                        MARCIA P. CROWLEY
         made significant contributions to the Massachusetts Chapter.                          DISTINGUISHED CITIZEN AWARD

                                  DINNER                                           The Distinguished Citizen Award is presented to an individual
                                                                                  who is recognized as an outstanding leader/contributor in their
                                                                                   own field, whose contributions have benefited the citizens of
                      AWARD PRESENTATIONS                                         Massachusetts, and who has demonstrated long-term support
                                                                                   for public service in their professional capacity and personal
                   ADMINISTRATION AWARD                                            The Marcia P. Crowley Distinguished Citizen Award will not be
                                                                                                        awarded this year
                             Laura Faulkner
                            Clark University                                           INSTALLATION OF NEW OFFICERS AND COUNCIL
               Master’s of Public Administration (M.P.A.)
                                                                                             Chapter President, Christina Graff Eckenroth
                            Worcester, MA
                                                                                             President-Elect and incoming President, Michael George
Presented to a student who has shown outstanding commitment, enthusiasm and
promise for a career in public administration. This award is named in memory of                      CLOSING REMARKS
Paul G. Keough, Chapter Vice-President and Acting Regional Administrator of the
   United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1 at the time of his
                             passing in January 1994.                                      Chapter President, Christina Graff Eckenroth

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