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					 Northern Oklahoma College


        Campus Life


         Mavs & Jets
                                                                                      our mission- a multi-
          Letter from the President                                                   Northern Oklahoma College,
                                                                                      campus learning community, provides
                                                                                      high quality, accessible, and affordable
                                                                                      educational opportunities and services
I am pleased to share with you about                                                  to allow citizens to develop to the full
Northern Oklahoma College.                                                            extent of their abilities, to succeed in
                                                                                      a competitive global environment,
Northern helps students reach their                                                   and to be effective lifelong learners.

                                                                                      our history-
educational goals by offering many
choices of two-year associate degrees
designed to prepare you for transfer to                                               Established    in   1901,      Northern
a four-year university and our applied                                                Oklahoma College is rich with
science programs will train you to enter                                              history. NOC is a public, two-year
the career of your choice immediately
                                                                                      community college with campuses in
after earning your associate’s degree.
                                                                                      Tonkawa, Enid and Stillwater. The
Students can select to attend our campuses in Tonkawa, Enid, Stillwater               college is accredited by the North
or take courses online or at the University Center in Ponca City. Our                 Central Association of Colleges and
faculty members are highly prepared and excited to engage students in                 Schools. NOC offers associate degrees
a positive learning environment. Northern seeks to provide access to                  in three general areas: Arts, Science
an affordable quality higher education experience for students desiring               and Applied Science. The associate
to improve their lives through learning. We encourage you to visit our                degree fulfills lower-division course
campuses and choose the site that is best suited to your goals and desires.           work which is applicable towards a
                                                                                      bachelor’s degree. The total enrollment
This year marks NOC’s 110th year of providing higher education in Oklahoma.
                                                                                      at NOC is approximately 5,000.
Our institution has a long tradition of excellence and we have thousands of
successful graduates who have earned associate’s degrees. These individuals
                                                                                      The objective of the associate’s degree
started with a firm foundation built at Northern and went on to become
community, state, and national leaders, business men and women, professionals,        is to offer programs of instruction which
health care providers, media communicators, entertainers, entrepreneurs,              will enable the college transfer student
scientists, educators, agriculture and energy industry leaders, just to name a few.   to fulfill the lower division requirements
                                                                                      toward a bachelor’s degree and offer the
I believe that Northern Oklahoma College can be the right choice for you.             student a general education experience
As the college’s 13th president, it is important to me to continue with the           which is directed towards the general
college’s heritage of supporting and encouraging the many life-enriching              goals of personal development and
cultural, sports, activities, and programs at Northern which provide you with         integration into community life.
a well-rounded education in and out of the classroom.
                                                                                      Agreements with state universities
While at Northern Oklahoma College you may participate in personal
                                                                                      allow NOC’s Associate in Arts and
enrichment, artistic and cultural events, athletic programs and student
                                                                                      Associate in Science degrees to transfer
leadership activities. We seek to be an integral part of your personal and
                                                                                      to most state four-year institutions.
professional development.
                                                                                      The Associate in Applied Science
I wish you much success as you work toward your future and I hope to see              degree represents a career program
you soon at NOC.                                                                      for those seeking training and job
                                                                                      skills. In addition to traditional degree
Sincerely,                                                                            programs, 18 programs are offered in
Cheryl Evans, Ed.D.                                                                   partnership with technology centers
President, Northern Oklahoma College                                                  and businesses.
Northern Oklahoma College

NOC Divisions                                  2
Agricultural and Life Sciences, Business, Fine Arts,
                                                        Varsity Sports                                14
                                                        At Northern we take pride in how student athletes
Arts & Sciences, Health, Physical Education &           perform in the classroom and in the community as
Recreation, Language Arts, Nursing, Mathematics &       well as how they do on the court or field.

Engineering, and Social Science.

Associate Degrees                              5        Dorm Life
                                                        Living on campus can be one of the most exciting
We offer Associate in Arts degrees, Associate in        and fun parts of college life.

Science degrees & Associate in Applied Science
                                                        Get Involved
NOC/OSU Gateway                               6
Students who attend the Stillwater campus enjoy
                                                        Students who get involved in clubs and activities
                                                        while enrolled in college courses have greater
                                                        success in their studies and in their careers.

small class sizes and flexible scheduling.

Tonkawa Campus
On the Tonkawa campus, students have a wide
                                           10           Things to Know
                                                        Financial aid, scholarship applications, admissions,
                                                        enrollment and campus tour information.

variety of choices when it comes to academic
programs and activities.
                                                        Northern Exposure
Enid Campus                                12
On the Enid campus, students can choose from over
                                                        Come enjoy a day at Northern Oklahoma College...
                                                        and see what we’re all about!

40 degree programs.                                      NOC has a 17:1
                                                                       or Ratio!
                                                    S tudent / Profess               1
                                                                                                                       mission home games
NOC            DIVISIONS                                                                              Free ad t ID to
                                                                                                              Studen                      & more!
                                                                                       business, music theatre, theatre and digital media
Agricultural &                                                                         animation and design. Music students can participate in

Life Sciences:                                                                         a variety of performing ensembles while those interested
                                                                                       in theatre can audition for leading roles in productions

        he Division of Agricultural and Life Sciences
                                                                                       and / or receive hands-on training in aspects of technical
        provides the basic framework for students
                                                                                       theatre. Art Department students display their works in
        pursuing degrees in all areas of Agriculture,
                                                                                       an annual exhibition in the Eleanor Hays Art Gallery.
Biological Science and Pre-Professional Medicine.
The required and elective courses are designed to prepare
students for transfer to four-year institutions. Recently
added courses and programs within the department, such
                                                                                        Arts & Sciences -
as Wildlife Conservation, Entomology, Sheep Production
and Management and the NOC Sheep Production Center,
                                                                                        General Studies:
                                                                                               tudents wanting to explore career options
along with ongoing biological science research projects                                        before choosing a specific field of study can
and data collection, provide students with the opportunity                                     select the Arts and Sciences-General Studies
to gain valuable hands-on experience while building                                     option to earn an Associate in Science degree. The
strong relationships between the students and professors.                               program includes degree requirements and courses
Participation in the division’s campus organization,                                    usually completed in the first two years of a four-year
Northern Aggies, allows students to interact with others in                             curriculum. Graduation advisors and counselors work
common degree areas and develop life-long relationships                                 closely with students to tailor an individual course of
through extracurricular activities.                                                     study to help them choose a major and to transfer to the
                                                                                        four-year institution of their choice.

        he Division of Business is accredited by the
        Accreditation Council for Business Schools and
        Programs (ACBSP), indicating that the division
meets the rigorous educational standards established
by the ACBSP. The division offers degrees designed for
students who intend to transfer and for career-minded
students who are focused on immediate employment.
An exceptional internship program provides students the
opportunity to gain valuable business experience while
earning college credits. Outstanding business students
are invited to join Kappa Beta Delta, the business honor
society recognized by the ACBSP.

Fine Arts:
      roviding one of the most diverse Fine Arts
      educations of any of the state’s two-year colleges,
      the Division of Fine Arts offers an Associate
in Arts degree with emphasis in art, music, music

2      Northern Oklahoma College
NOC            DIVISIONS

Health, Physical        Nursing:
                          he Division of Nursing is located at all three
Education & Recreation:   campuses and admits a total of 120 nursing

         he Division of Health, Physical Education, and                                          students at the three sites. The division is
         Recreation offers an educational foundation                                    accredited by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and
         for an undergraduate program in physical                                       National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
education. This program effectively prepares students                                   (NLNAC). It partners with area hospitals to promote
for physical education programs offered at four-year                                    critical thinking and experience in the health care field
institutions. Students can major in HPER or HPER with                                   and partners with several career technology centers
an Athletic Training option.                                                            for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) to enter into the
                                                                                        program at an advanced level.

Language Arts:
             ith degrees offered in English, mass
             communications, and printing technology,
             the Division of Language Arts helps
prepare students to enter the media workforce or to
obtain an advanced degree. Employers consistently
cite strong communication skills among the top qualities
they are looking for in prospective employees, making
the degree options in Language Arts among the most

NOC            DIVISIONS

Mathematics &                                                                           Social Science:
                                                                                                he Division of Social Science awards
Engineering:                                                                                    transferable degrees in social sciences with

         he Division of Mathematics and Engineering                                             an emphasis in history, political science,
         prepares students for a variety of fields,                                      geography, behavioral science, criminal justice and
         including pre-medicine, mathematics, pre-                                      child development. The social sciences provide the
engineering, chemistry and physics. The analytical                                      student with an understanding of the social world in which
and critical thinking skills gained will help students                                  they live. The insight and skills acquired are desired by
throughout their lives regardless of their specific field.                                industry, business, health and educational fields. Training
The division also works with industries and career                                      certification programs and fully transferable degrees are
technology institutions in north central Oklahoma to                                    available in Child Development and Early Childhood
aid technical education efforts. Northern graduates                                     Education. The Associates degree in Criminal Justice
have an outstanding record of performance at four-year                                  prepares police officers and future criminologists for
institutions in the state.                                                              immediate careers in law enforcement, investigation and

4      Northern Oklahoma College
Associate Degree Programs
Associate in Arts Degrees:                        Associate in Applied Science Degrees:
  American Indian Studies (T)                       Applied Technology (T)
  Art (T)                                              - Military Science (T)
  Child Development (T/E/S)                         Business Management (T/E)
     - Administration Management (T/E/S)               - Accounting (T/E)
     - Early Childhood Education (T/E/S)               - Entrepreneurship (T/E)
  Communication                                     Digital Media Animation & Design (T)
     - Mass Communications (T)                      Engineering & Industrial Technology (T)
     - Photography (T)                                 - Die Cast Process Technician (T)
     - Theatre (T)                                     - Engineering Technician (T)
  Criminal Justice Administration (T/E)                - Manufacturing Technology (T)
  Education                                            - Marine Propulsion Technology (T)
     - Elementary (T/E)                                - Power Generation (T)
     - Secondary (T/E)                                 - Quality Technician (T)
  English (T/E)                                     Nursing - Registered Nurse - RN (T/E/S)
     - Creative Writing (T/E)                       Printing Technology (T)
  Enterprise Development (T/E/S)
  Music (T)                                       Associate in Applied Science Degrees
     - Music Business (T)                         (Corporate Agreements):
     - Music Theatre (T)                            Bio-Technology Laboratory Technician (T/E)
  Social Science (T/E)                              Electronics Technology (T/E)
     - Behavioral Science (T)                          - Electrical Engineering Technician (T/E)
     - Law, Pre-Professional (T/E)                     - Wind Energy Technician (T/E)
                                                    Engineering & Industrial Technology
Associate in Science Degrees:                          - Automation Technology (T)
  Agricultural Sciences (T)                            - Drafting & Design (T/E)
  Arts & Sciences - General Studies (T/E/S)            - Mechanical Technology (T/E)
     - Astronomy Option (E)                         Health Services Technology (T/E)
     - International Studies Option (T/E/S)         Information Technology
  Business Administration (T/E/S)                      - Interactive Media (T/E)
     - International Business (T/E)                    - Network Engineering (T/E)
     - Management Information Systems (T)              - Telecommunications (T/E)
  Computer Science, Pre-Professional (T)               - Web Development (T/E)
  Engineering, Pre-Professional (T)                 Office Management (T/E)
  Enterprise Development (T/E/S)                       - Medical Assistant (T/E)
  Health, Physical Education & Recreation (T/E)     Printing Technology (T/E)
     - Athletic Training (T/E)                      Radiography (T/E)
  Mathematics (T/E)                                 Respiratory Care (T/E)
  Medicine, Pre-Professional (T/E)                  Surgical Technology (T/E)

  Nursing, Pre-Baccalaureate (T/E/S)
  Pharmacy, Pre-Professional (T/E)
                                                                            he lo west tui
                                                                    One of t n the state!
  Science                                         T - Tonkawa

                                                                       costs i
     - Biology / Zoology (T/E)                    E - Enid
     - Chemistry / Physics (T)                    S - Stillwater

                              ST I L LWAT E R CA M PU S

        he NOC/OSU Gateway Program serves                  standard admission requirements, international applicants
        students who have applied to Oklahoma State        are required to provide a financial guarantee and
        University but do not meet the admission           demonstrate English proficiency. Students admitted into
requirements and students who are seeking a Northern       the NOC/OSU Gateway Program must earn twenty-
education. Students who attend Northern enjoy small        four hours to transfer to Oklahoma State of college level
class sizes and flexible scheduling. The NOC/OSU            credit through the program with a 2.25 minimum grade-
Gateway Program admits approximately 550 new               point average. Gateway students are encouraged to work
students each fall and spring semester, serving some       closely with OSU admissions personnel to ensure that
1,900 students. Graduates of accredited high schools       they meet all admission requirements of the university.
or other students whose high school class has graduated
are eligible for admission to this program. The ACT        Current costs for the 2011-2012 academic year are listed
is required for all applicants under 21 years of age.      below. These estimates are based on a student enrolling
                                                           in 15 semester hours in the fall and 15 semester hour in
Applicants over 21 are not required to take the ACT        the spring. Actual costs will vary depending on specific
but will be required to take placement tests in English,   course enrollment and room and meal plan selected.
reading and/or math. In addition to meeting NOC            Contact OSU Residential Life for costs.

                                                                        Oklahoma Residents:
                                                                        Tuition                                 $7,644.50
                                                                        Books & Supplies                           900.00
                                                                        Yearly Cost:                            $8,544.50
                                                                                  (*For room & board on the Stillwater campus
                                                                                         contact OSU Residential Life for cost.)

6   Northern Oklahoma College   7
tonkawa. enid. stillwater


TONKAWA                                                                             erick
                                                                             wa Mav pson,
          n the Tonkawa campus students have a
          wide variety of choices when it comes to                     Tonka     e Sim
          academic programs and activities. Some                          & Wesle C!
                                                                           Miss NO
1,500 students attend class on campus, by ITV, via
online or at technology centers. Over seventy degree
programs and a large number of organizations are
available. The Maverick sport teams, wearing red and
white, include men’s and women’s basketball, baseball,
softball, men’s and women’s soccer and cheerleading.
Housing is available for students to live on campus.

     Oklahoma Residents:
     Tuition                                    $2,670.00
     Books & Supplies                              900.00
     Subtotal                                   $3,570.00
     Room & Board                               $3,970.00
     Yearly Cost:                               $7,540.00

     (* Estimated yearly cost of room & board is based on a standard
     double room; an additional $300 - $350 per semester is charged
     for a private room. Meal plan is figured upon a 5-day plan.)

10      Northern Oklahoma College   11

ENID                                                                                      ilot
O                                                                                the Jet P h,
          n the Enid campus, students can choose from
                                                                       Enid’s J annah Fro
          over 40 degree programs. The campus has
          grown in offering multiple two-year liberal arts
                                                                             Miss NO
degree programs to some 1,100 students each semester.
The campus has a variety of varsity sport teams, including
men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, volleyball, and
cheerleading. The Jets team colors are red, silver, and
black. Students can choose to be a part of multiple clubs and
organizations. Housing on campus is available to students.

     Oklahoma Residents:
     Tuition                                    $3,060.00
     Books & Supplies                              900.00
     Subtotal                                   $3,960.00
     Room & Board                               $4,050.00
     Yearly Cost:                               $8,010.00
     (* Estimated yearly cost of room & board is based on a standard
     double room; an additional $300 - $350 per semester is charged
     for a private room. Meal plan is figured upon a 5-day plan.)

12     Northern Oklahoma College   13
varsity sports:
At Northern, we take pride in how student athletes perform in the classroom and in the community, as well as how they
do on the court or field. Northern is a member of the NJCAA and Oklahoma Collegiate Athletic Conference. It is a
great choice for those who are competitive in a sport and wish to balance teamwork with schoolwork.

For those in the stands, cheering for great teams is a high point of college life. And for those who participate, playing
college sports can open a world of opportunities.

         Mavs: Men’s & Women’s Basketball,
           Baseball, Softball, Cheerleading
              & Men’s & Women’s Soccer.
          Jets: Men’s & Women’s Basketball,
         Baseball, Volleyball & Cheerleading.

living on campus:
                                               Living on campus can be one of the most exciting and fun parts of col-
                                               lege life. You are near your classes, can be involved in late night study
                                               groups, close to all of the events and activities and will form lifelong
                                               friendships. And who knows, you just might discover something new
                                               about who you are and where you’re headed!
                                                                                u re

                                               •   Internet & Cable
                                               •   Dedicated Parking
                                               •   On-Site Laundry
                                               •   Dorm Refrigerators
                                               •   Meal Plans
                                               •   Campus Security
14    Northern Oklahoma College
get involved   a t NO RT H E R N !

             e know that every student brings unique   to get involved, you’ll create a network of friends to last
             skills and talents to our college. At     a lifetime... and learn what you need to know to
             Northern, you can become the person       succeed. Students who get involved in clubs and
you want to be. Instead of blending into the crowd,    activities while enrolled in college courses have
you can be involved in what makes you... you!          greater success in their studies and in their careers.
Take the stage in a musical, get involved in student   Northern provides countless opportunities for
government, or play intramural sports. Lead a class    students to get involved in leadership, decision-
discussion, write for the college newspaper, or go     making and service learning... while meeting new
root on the Varsity sport teams. However you decide    people, making new friends and having fun.

                     Stude nts who greater
                       involved s in their

things to know...
about financial aid:                                         NOC/OSU Gateway Ambassador - Awarded on the
                                                            Stillwater campus this scholarship is based on academic
To begin your financial aid process, complete the            achievements (22 ACT, 3.5 GPA). This scholarship
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA)            includes 18 tuition credit hours, fees and books.
online at NOC’s school code is
03162. Before you can officially file your FASFA for          Presidential Leadership Council - Awarded on the
processing you need to register for your own Personal       Tonkawa and Enid campuses PLC is a scholarship
Identification Number (PIN). To apply for a PIN, go to       based on academic achievements (25 ACT, 3.6 Students may submit their FASFA             GPA). This scholarship includes a full tuition
anytime after January 1 and preferably before April 30.     waiver, room and board and books for two years.

about scholarship                                           about campus tours:
applications:                                               We invite you to visit NOC at any time. Tours are
                                                            given daily Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. We
Fill out the scholarship application located in the         encourage you to contact Northern recruiters prior
application packet or online at           to your visit at (580) 628.6200 for the Tonkawa
scholarships and submit it along with your application      campus or (580) 548.2353 for the Enid campus.
for admission. Priority deadline is February 20th.

about scholarships:                                         about admissions:
                                                            Turn in the completed application for admission, along
Academic - Tuition waiver scholarships are awarded to       with your high school transcript and ACT scores, early.
students based on high school GPA and ACT scores.           Our application is also available at
Foundation - The NOC Foundation offers many
scholarships thanks to generosity of its donors.
Scholarships for students are based on a variety of
                                                            about enrollment:
                                                            Come meet with one of our many graduation advisors
different criteria such as academic performance, need and   and counselors to enroll in your classes for the upcoming
area of study.                                              semester.
     To complete a scholarship application, please visit:
                                Applications are due by February 20th!

16    Northern Oklahoma College   17
                                                     N O R T H E R N O K LA H O M A C O L L E G E
                   TONKAWA                                                                                            ENID                                                                               STILLWATER
  1220 E. Grand - P. O. Box 310                                                        110 S. University - P. O. Box 2300                                                             1118 W. Hall of Fame - P. O. Box 1869
      Tonkawa, OK 74653                                                                         Enid, OK 73702                                                                                Stillwater, OK 74076
          580.628.6220                                                                           580.242.6300                                                                                     580.744.2246
Ryan Paul,                                               Terri Sunderland,                                                             Call for a Campus Tour!
  Northern Oklahoma College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex / gender, age or disability in admission to its programs, services or activities, in access to them, in treatment of individuals or in any aspect of their
operations. Northern Oklahoma College also does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices.
  This notice is provided as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of
1990. Questions, complaints or requests for additional information regarding these laws may be forwarded to the designated compliance coordinator: Anita Simpson, Vice President for Financial Affairs, 1220 East Grand Avenue, P. O. Box 310, Tonkawa,
OK 74653-0310; 580.628.6232, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

This brochure is printed and issued by Northern Oklahoma College. 5000 copies were printed at a cost of $5,555.21 in October 2011.

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