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									12 / / GENERAL INFORMATION • 2005-2006
NMSU-Net, students have access to mainframe and Unix processors that                  rates and private institutions at approximately one-third the standard tuition
support instruction for all NMSU colleges. In addition, computer clusters             cost if they practice in New Mexico for an equal number of years after gradu-
located around campus provide PC’s and Mac’s loaded with typical personal             ation. This program is contingent upon funding by the state legislature. For
computer software as well as course-specific software. Students will find             further information write Certifying Officer for New Mexico, WICHE’s Student
word processing, spreadsheet, statistics, drawing and image processing,               Exchange Program, New Mexico Commission on Higher Education, 1068
presentation, scientific computation, and other tools to assist them in a             Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501-4295.
successful college career. Access to other campus resources such as the
Library, email, bulletin boards, newsgroups, etc. are all readily available.
Remote archives, databases, news, and all of the resources of the World
Wide Web are also easily accessed. Student admissions, registration, and              ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS
grades are provided on the web for easy student use. For further information,
contact ICT, MSC 3AT, NMSU, P. O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001,                     NMSU awards both designated and undesignated associate degrees
(505) 646-1840 or email NMSU’s web homepage is located                 following completion of 66 semester credits (excluding “N” suffix courses).
at                                                                      The last 15 to 30 credits, depending on the requirements of the college in which
National Student Exchange Program                                                     the degree is pursued, must be completed at NMSU or one of its branches.
      Under the National Student Exchange Program (NSE), students may                 (Service personnel enrolled under the two-year Servicemember’s Opportunity
pay NMSU tuition and attend any of 160 colleges or universities across the            College Program may be exempt from this requirement.)
nation. NSE allows students to broaden their academic, social, and cultural                 The designation Meritorious Graduate is awarded to the top 15 percent
awareness through study in different geographical settings. To qualify for            of the students receiving associate degrees within each college in any one
the program, an applicant must be a full-time student with a 2.5 grade-point          academic year; the students must have completed 45 or more credits with
average and must be a sophomore, junior, or senior at the time of exchange.           computable grades at NMSU.
Applications for the program are accepted from October through December               Main Campus
for the following academic year. Late applications may be accepted if space                Detailed information on admission requirements, curricula, and associ-
permits.                                                                              ate degree or certificate requirements will be found in the section of this
      Grades and credit hours earned at the host institution become part of           catalog devoted to the administering department/college.
the official NMSU transcript upon approval of the academic adviser and
                                                                                      Associate of Arts
records officer. Grades are recorded according to the NMSU grading sys-
                                                                                          Administered by the Community Colleges
                                                                                      Associate of Fine Arts
Servicemember’s Opportunity College
                                                                                          Administered by the Community Colleges
       NMSU is a member of the Servicemember’s Opportunity College con-
sortium (SOC). As such, the university has agreed to write contracts with             Associate of Science in Engineering Technology
active-duty military, National Guard servicemembers and their families. This              Administered by the College of Engineering
contract will enable them to continue degree work on an Associate’s degree
                                                                                      Designated Associate Degrees
in the event of transfer from the local area. See “Servicemember’s Opportu-
                                                                                           The following designated associate degrees are granted to students
nity College (SOC)” heading in the “Regulations” section for more informa-
                                                                                      completing the specified requirements of the degree.
tion. For further assistance, the student should contact the SOC coordinator
                                                                                           Associate in Art and Graphic Design, administered by the Community
through Doña Ana Branch Community College.
Student Support Services                                                                   Associate in Criminal Justice, administered by the Department of
       Student Support Services is a program of encouragement and aca-                     Criminal Justice in the College of Arts and Sciences
demic support to ensure that eligible students succeed at NMSU. Services                   Associate in Education, administered by the Community Colleges
include the following:                                                                     Associate in Pre-business, administered by the College of Business
       • Mentoring: Participants meet with a mentor each week for help in                  Administration and Economics
        adjusting to college, learning and using campus resources, developing              Associate in Pre-engineering, administered by the College of Engineering
        effective study skills, accessing financial aid, using academic advising,          Associate of Arts in Heritage Interpretation, administered by the
        staying motivated, and dealing with personal problems.                             Community Colleges
       • Tutoring: Individual tutoring is available by appointment in science,        Community Colleges
        math, engineering, agriculture, social sciences, humanities, business,             Many of the associate degrees offered on main campus, as well as
        and foreign languages.                                                        other programs, are available at NMSU’s four branch campuses. For more
       • Computer Lab: Complete assignments, check email, receive individual          information on branch campus offerings, refer to the “Community Colleges”
        instruction.                                                                  chapter in this catalog and to respective branch catalogs or community col-
       • Cultural Activities:Participants receive tickets to activities attended in   lege admissions offices.
        groups with Student Support Services staff. These activities include
        plays, dance productions, concerts, and symphonies.
       • Exam Files: Exam files are available to assist with test taking.
       To qualify, students must be first generation (neither parent received a
baccalaureate degree), low income, or have a learning or physical disability.
                                                                                      GRADUATE PROGRAMS
Student Support Services is highly competitive with only 350 slots available
for eligible students. Students should apply early in Garcia Annex, Room 143.             Graduate degrees, specializations, and the programs in which they are
Visit our web site at or call (505) 646-1336.                       awarded are:
                                                                                      Master of Accountancy
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
      NMSU collaborates with the Western Interstate Commission for Higher             Master of Agriculture
Education (WICHE) in recommending graduates of the university for pro-                     Specialization in: Agribusiness
grams in dentistry, graduate library studies, occupational therapy, optometry,        Master of Applied Geography
osteopathy, podiatry, public health, and veterinary medicine in universities          Master of Arts
of other western states. The State of New Mexico subsidizes the educa-
                                                                                         Agricultural Extension Education
tion of New Mexico residents when approved for training in these fields in
other states. This subsidy is a loan-for-service program which permits New               Anthropology
Mexico residents to attend state-supported institutions at in-state tuition              Art

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