VMMS Citizenship Project Proposal by hcj


									                      VMMS Citizenship Project
Purpose: The purpose of this project is to foster a sense of community, citizenship, and
leadership among all students at VMMS. It is a year long project aimed at involving our
students in Columbus and surrounding areas. The students will be expected to perform
some kind of community service (see acceptable examples below). Our hope is to
establish and build a lifelong love and commitment to helping others. Our students will
travel to all parts of the world and be involved in a multitude of occupations as adults.
Our goal is to send them into the world with a sense of community and willingness to
help and serve those who may be less fortunate than themselves.

Requirements: The student is required to volunteer at least 20 hours during the school
year. The students must also maintain a journal of their experiences and are required to
write a one page written reflection per hour served. Pictures of student in action, location
of service, and other important photos are required for the completion of this project.
There should be at least one photograph for every two pages of reflection. Photos are not
accepted in lieu of writing. Keep in mind, the student would be best utilized in an
environment that truly needs assistance. Volunteering at a private business such a
restaurant or landscaping service would not garner the community service results we are
seeking to inspire within our students completing this project. This is a volunteer only
project and the student must not receive any monetary compensation for their work. The
student must prove their service by obtaining a letter or certificate from the organization
with whom they volunteered. Contact information is required.

Acceptable examples of community service:
    Humane Society or other animal shelter
    Academic tutor at a community center or church
    National Infantry Museum
    Volunteer at a nursing home, hospital, or elderly care facility
    Volunteer at a community shelter as office assistant, food preparer, or server
    Volunteer at youth sporting events (concession stand, referee, or coach)
    Other opportunities exist and may be approved on a case-by-case basis but must
      have merit and applicable reasons for deviation

Materials Needed:
    Composition notebook
    Camera (digital or film)
    Pen (blue or black ink)
    Where do students get ideas for citizenship projects? How do you know what is
                 a good project for you? Here are some suggestions:

      Explore what interests you
      Talk to your parents, friends, and teachers
      Evaluate your interests based upon a project that might benefit you
       through community service
      Start early
      Plan ahead: make sure your project calendar plan takes variables
       such as weather or scheduling conflicts into account

What is a written reflection?
Your written reflection is an on-going, thoughtful, self-evaluation of your work and
growth through your citizenship project. This is a chance for you to stop, step back, and
evaluate yourself. Your written reflection should be legible and devoid of grammar or
spelling mistakes. This may require you to write, proofread, and edit your work several
times before placing your final draft into your portfolio.

Written reflection suggestions:
What did you discover about yourself as a learner from working on this project? Use
examples of your experiences to support your conclusions about problem solving,
personal growth, new skills acquired, and how this fits into your future plans and goals.
Experiences while serving to include interactions with others.

Tentative Project calendar:
August 20, 2010: Submit proposal/plan to Social Studies teacher
August 27, 2010: Students will be notified if plans are approved
August 31, 2010: Students will receive contracts, which must be signed
by parents and students
September 6, 2010: Student and parent agreements are due
December 10, 2010: Project portfolios are due with 10 hours served
May 6, 2010: Completed project portfolios are due with twenty service hours logged

**You may serve more than ten hours per semester but at least ten must be served for
each semester. We envision a project that will encompass the entire year. We do not
want all service hours to be logged in the first semester.

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